24K in London Fan Meet Experience

24K Fanmeet.jpg

Okay so this post is going to be an absolute mess because I’m a mess so I’ll try and make sure everything makes sense but no promises! I added the screenshots ‘cos this was quite lengthy so I thought it’d break it up a bit.

So a while back 24K announced they were coming back to Europe but instead of doing concerts they were going to be doing fan meets. I was over the moon and then I found out that my two best friends who also like K-Pop would be in Berlin the week 24K came. So if I wanted to meet them I’d have to go by myself.

24K Screenshot.png

Now I don’t particularly mind doing most things by myself but I was terrified at the thought of going to meet them by myself. I’d met them with Becca in Amsterdam and I’d lost my shit then.

24K Meet and Greet.jpg

Me and Becca are the ones at the end on the left.

There were a few different types of tickets, you could get standard where you didn’t technically meet them (until they announced they’d be giving a hi-five to standard and early bird tickets like baes) or you could get like gold and silver which came with all sorts of stuff. I didn’t know what to go for but my friends convinced me to get a gold ticket which included a fan signing, hi-touch and a photo.

The day arrived and the anxiety was real. It didn’t help that I literally managed to fuck up so many things – I’d planned to wear this one specific t-shirt and I could not find it and I was stressed about that so I ended up having to pick a different one. Got to my hotel in London and I was rushing ‘cos the doors were opening at 3 and it was already past 2 so I was like “Right I’ll leave now” and realised that even though I’d be in the room for about five minutes I’d lost the key (it was under the bed somehow)? I found that and then nearly left without my ticket and I was honestly just generally a mess haha!

24K Screenshot 7.png

I got to the queue and I got given number ‘93’ and joined the back of the Gold queue. I was in that queue for like an hour awkwardly on my phone ‘cos everyone was in their little groups and I’m too shy and awkward to even attempt to make conversation with anyone so I was just chilling by myself in the rain feeling a bit miserable but then the doors opened and we all went inside and the anxiety got even worse oh my god.

So we had to sit in order of your number so it was in rows of 10 and there were 100 gold tickets so I was in the back row which was fine by me, I hate going first. I need to see what everyone else is doing before I can do it myself – I don’t know why; I just need to know what’s happening. So 24K came out and we had the fan signing first and I was really nervous. My friend once posted a tweet about how different people feel anxiety in different places and how she feels hers in her wrists which I thought was strange ‘cos I normally feel it in my stomach but last night I 100% felt it in my legs like I was convinced I wouldn’t be able to stand up when it was my turn.

Eventually after what felt like a lifetime it was our rows turn so we got up and we each got given a poster to get signed and we had a sticky note with our names on. Got to the table and the first person there was Kisu. Now like I’m awkward at the best of times but I don’t know any Korean like at all and I didn’t know how good their English was (except for Cory obviously) so I was convinced I wouldn’t know what to say or do but it was absolutely fine.

I met Kisu and he was so sweet, he pronounced my name like ‘hoe-zie’ and he was like “Hi! I’m Kisu! Nice to meet you!” I’m pretty sure I do this weird thing where I like nod my head awkwardly so I start doing the weird nodding and I’m like “Yes, nice to meet you!” And he smiles and I smile and he pushes the poster onto the next member which was Jeunguk.

He was drinking water when I came over and he put his hand up but like he was holding a marker so I was confused about what he wanted me to do so I waved at him and he raised his eye-brows and I was like “ah I’m supposed to touch his hand” so I did and he laughed. He pronounced my name in the same way Kisu did. I’m pretty sure he talked to me more but like I was already a wreck at this point so I can’t remember so he moved the poster down to the next member which was Cory!

You’d think I’d kind of chill out ‘cos Cory’s fluent in English but he’s my bias so nope still awkward as ever. He was like “Hi! Hozzie! I think you definitely win having the most original name tonight!” so I was like “Ahaha thank you” and he grabbed my hands and was like “Thank you; have a really good time tonight!” So I start doing more awkward nodding and being like “Ah thank you, thank you.”

My interactions with Changsun and Hongseob were mostly the same, a lot of “nice to meet you”, hand holding and me just generally being awkward. Then I get to the end and it’s Jinhong and he went “Hi!” so I went “Hi!” And then… He didn’t say anything else. He signed my poster and then kind of looked at me and I didn’t know what to do so in the end I blurted “IT’S NICE TO MEET YOU” and I’m pretty sure he said something but I had no idea what he said and like every other fan has said, he has an intense stare man and I was folding under the pressure so I like took my poster and went “Thank you!” and walked away before I did something stupid.

Then we had the hi-touch which is a lot quicker than the fan sign so you just walk down and hold their hands for a second. Kisu was saying “I love you” to everyone and I could’ve said ‘I love you too’ like a normal person but I decided to go “Aha yes thank you”??? We had the photo taken and when me and Becca had ours taken in Amsterdam we literally plotted and schemed so that we could be in front of Cory and Kisu but I didn’t have her there to scheme with so I just went wherever I ended up. I don’t know where I ended up to be truthful. I wanted to do a heart with one of the members but I don’t have the confidence for that so I went for the peace signs, they’ve never let me down.

24K Fanmeet.jpg

UPDATE: So uh they posted it and I look awkward af but at least I’m in front of my bias?

So that finished and they went backstage and we all went to the barriers then they came back out so they could greet all the early bird and standard ticket holders. A few people had moaned that it was unfair that we had to pay extra to meet them which early bird and standard were essentially getting for free but it was a lot quicker than we’d had and personally I thought it was really sweet 24K had decided to do that. I could only afford a gold ticket because like I’m an adult and I have a job, there was once a time when I was a teenager and I had to go for standard tickets because my parents refused to buy more expensive tickets and I would’ve been over the moon if a group had done that.

After that the event started and I could talk about that but I know tons of people on Twitter have done threads about the Q&A and I remember it being really funny, like 24K are actually hilarious but my memory is absolutely awful so I’d have to refer to everyone’s threads and it would take all night and I’ve already rambled on so much so I’m going to jump straight into what was possibly the best thing that ever happened to me ever.

So they finish the Q&A and Cory and Kisu jump straight into the letter event which I’d heard about last month. Basically fans were asked to write a letter to 24K and at the show 24K would announce like their favourite one and whichever fan wrote it would go on stage with 24K. I’d seen the announcement and had taken a screenshot and sent it to my friends like ‘This sounds awesome but I don’t know if I should do it?’ To which they responded:

24K Screenshot 2.png

24K Screenshot 3

The thought of meeting 24K was enough to make me feel terrified so I really didn’t know if I wanted to be on stage with them but I thought fuck it, I can write a letter right? They’ll never choose me but they’ll still get to read it and know what they mean to me. So I did, I spent like over an hour working on this letter and it was quite personal about something that had happened before I went to their show in Amsterdam and just general things about how amazing I thought they were and other stuff like that.

24K Screenshot 4.png

24K Screenshot 5.png

To be honest I’d mostly forgotten about it until the show when we were doing the fan signing and they were all pronouncing my name and looking at it as if it was the first time they’d seen it so I assumed they hadn’t read the letter and like I was okay with that.

So Cory starts talking about how he wants to dedicate this song to all of us but also one specific fan so I’m like ‘ah cool the letter event’ and he was like “It’s for one girl, she wrote about how we inspire her” and I automatically thought ‘oh okay it’s not me then’. Because like I assumed he meant inspires them musically? To be musical? If that makes any sense at all? And then he said something along of the lines of “She really opened up to us and obviously I won’t go into the details because it was quite personal and can we all be nice about it please” and I was like well I did get personal in my letter but it won’t be me and then he’s like “Her name’s Hozzie.”

For a second I like blacked out like I’m pretty sure he carried on talking and I have like no recollection of what was said or what was happening. Now I’m a pretty quiet person unless I’m around people I’m comfortable with so like it’s pretty rare for me to think ‘ok I’ll be loud’ like I don’t even like yelling “I’ve finished all the notices” to my colleague who is one bank of desks away from me at work, I will email her ‘cos I don’t wanna be too loud. But my friends will vouch for me, when the panic sets in, I will become loud. About a month ago my friend won a game of Bingo but was too scared to call it and when I figured out she’d won I screamed “JESS!” at the top of my lungs across a silent bingo hall. I panic, I become loud.

So of course I was like ‘shit it’s me, it’s me’ so I legit yelled “THAT’S ME!” and threw both my hands in the air ‘cos like fuck being scared, I was not gonna miss this opportunity. I was losing my shit, everyone around me was losing their shit all cheering and Cory’s like “Oh cool, can you join us on stage?” and I had this like moment of ‘what the fuck is happening’ where I couldn’t figure out where to go or what to do but everyone pointed me in the right direction. I remember Cory being like “We didn’t even have to reveal your last name because your name’s so unusual”.

I got onto the stage and one of the members was there to walk with me to the centre but I’m like losing it at this point, I’m shaking so bad I don’t even know which member it was. And there was this chair facing away from the crowd so I sat down and Cory’s like “Is it okay facing this way or do you want it the other way?” I was so nervous already I knew looking at the crowd would be a bad idea so I was like “This ways fine” and they like all walked off and the lights went down and I’m just sat there like ‘well shit, things got very real very fast.’

The music for ‘Honestly?’ starts and I’m just sat there not knowing what to do ‘cos like what the hell do you do? And I just oh my god, here is what I do remember:

– I remember seeing Cory, Kisu and Jinhong a lot like way more than the other three members
– I had no idea where to look or what the hell to do, I’d be looking at the members then I couldn’t handle it and I’d have to look away haha!
– Cory had the cutest smile when he was singing to me I just I can’t
– They all held my hand at some point and I just what
– One member, I couldn’t even see which one put his arm around me and I was just sat there being an awkward bean
– Another member played with my hair for a second like yes boy
– One member was already holding my hand and Cory came up behind him and started holding it too and I just, Cory’s smile was so beautiful oh my god
– It got to like the middle eight of the song and Kisu gave me a flower and I just I don’t even know how I was still alive at this point
– Hongseob is so cute I just
– The song ended and they’re all in front of me doing these cute poses and I’m like oh my fucking god
– One of them hugged me, I was so like starstruck that I don’t know who it was but I was over the moon – UPDATE: According to a girl on Facebook it was Hongseob ^_^
– What the hell do you say to that? I was sat there and they like all looked at me and I was like “well thanks” like an awkward person
– The song ended and one of the members was like “cheer up” and I don’t know if that was in reference to my letter or the look I had on my face but I’ll get to that in a second
– They were like “Thank you!” And I was still sat there so Cory like held his arm up like ‘you need to leave’ so I was like ‘ah here’s my cue’ and I left
– One of the members walked with me off stage but I was too shy to make eye contact

Me on stage 24K 4.jpg

So basically what was happening with my face was a big concern because a couple of years ago I met Pierce The Veil and I went over and Vic Fuentes was like “Hi! What’s your name?” and I was like “It’s Hozzie!” and he was like “Hozzie? Well, we’ve been waiting for you Hozzie.” And I legit died on the spot so the guy with my phone took the picture and well…

Pierce The Veil M&G.jpg

I WAS SO HAPPY IN THAT PHOTO. DO I LOOK IT? NO. I LOOK LIKE I WANNA BLOODY CRY. IT LOOKS LIKE THEY’RE HOLDING ME RANSOM OR SOMETHING? Clearly I develop sad face in situations like this so I cannot even begin to imagine my damn face when all this was going on ‘cos like it was intense, I’m just gonna put it out there. So rest assured that it was the best moment of my life and if I looked sad, it’s because my face is weird.

The rest of the fan meet happened but like I was a mess. I was thirsty before I went up but I came off and it was like I’d been in the Sahara desert for three weeks so I like walked over to the bar and asked for a tap water and the woman was like “Yeah, I bet you need one now” and I was like “aha yes”. I was just stood at the back messaging my friends because in that moment I just really needed some moral support from my main hoes.

24K Screenshot 6.png

Also, I’m just gonna put this out there, 24K fans are so nice and chill. Like I went back over to the crowd at the end for ‘Bingo’ and ‘Superfly’ ‘cos I’d kind of calmed down by this point and I was stood by this group of girls and they started talking to me and they were all like “Oh how was it? I bet it was awesome.” So I was like “I’m dead inside now, I can’t believe it.” And this girl smiled and went “Aw, you really deserved it.” And like the way everyone around me lost their shit and cheered for me when they found out it was me even though none of them had spoken to me before that moment? Like they all had every right to be salty but they weren’t – I found one girls thread and she said her and her friends even started chanting my name and I just? 24K fans are honestly the best.

We weren’t supposed to take photos or videos but I hope someone sneakily did ‘cos like I went there by myself and I’m messaging everyone like ‘I WENT ON STAGE WITH 24K OMG’ and luckily my friends know that I wouldn’t bullshit about something like that but it would be nice to have some proof. If I find any I’ll update this post and add them.

Me on stage 24K 3.jpg

Me on stage 24K 5.jpg

Also, I was nervous about meeting 24K because of like general anxiety but there was another thing. I’m so insecure about the way I look. And like I’ve seen the Korean beauty standards and I’m a size 20 and most days I think I’m ugly as fuck. I didn’t for one second think they’d say anything about it but I don’t know, it made me ten times more nervous but the fact that they were all so sweet has made me feel so much better.

I’ve been feeling so down this year, like you would not believe how much of a shit year I have had. But like I feel like I can put all that behind me after last night. I have to go back to work tomorrow and it’s gonna be such a downer because I had the best time ever and I will never get to relive that.

But yes if you ever get the chance to see 24K, 10/10 I do recommend! Apparently they’re preparing for their next comeback so let’s all emotionally prepare ourselves for that.

I’m just going to apologise for the sheer length of this post and how my basic grasp of English disappeared (fuck knows how many times I used the word ‘like’ in this post) but I just really needed to write it out. Since I was by myself last night there was no one I could fan girl with and I got maybe four hours sleep last night ‘cos I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’m shook like honestly.


Review: Flawed by Cecelia Ahern


I actually picked up the sequel to this book ‘Perfect ‘in ASDA because it caught my eye. The moment I realised it was a sequel I put it back down and found ‘Flawed’ on a different shelf. I read the blurb and it sounded fairly interesting. Read the first page and it didn’t put me off. So I bought it. It was top of my ‘to be read’ list and for some reason I was really reluctant to start reading it? I was really worried I wouldn’t like it and that it’d be dull even though the idea sounded really good.

The story is about Celestine North who lives a perfect life. She’s a model daughter, she’s well-liked by her friends and teachers, and she’s dating perfect Art Crevan – son of Judge Crevan. She stays out of trouble. Until an impulsive decision where she breaks a rule and now faces life-changing consequences. She could be imprisoned, she could be branded, she could be found flawed. Will Celestine back down or could she change everything?

Taeyeon shocked gif

As I said, I was reluctant to start it… But once I started I really got into it! The book doesn’t waste any time and we’re pulled straight into the action and we quickly learn more about the world Celestine lives in, where you can’t do anything wrong in case you’re branded as ‘flawed’.  To be honest Celestine was a bit annoying to begin with but I grew to like her. I couldn’t stand her boyfriend Art though right from the beginning.

This paragraph contains slight spoilers so beware! One thing that slightly annoys me is that Celestine is so desperate not to be branded flawed yet she still did what she did? She was too afraid to talk to her friend because her Mother had been branded flawed yet ten minutes later she’s doing something that gets her branded flawed herself? And her sister didn’t say anything because she was too afraid yet she’d been dead cheeky to Judge Crevan just the night before? I understand it had to happen to get the story moving but it just seemed really out of character?

Other than that though, I really did enjoy it. It was so much better than I expected it to be and I got sucked into Celestine’s world. In fact I enjoyed it so much that I wasn’t even sad to find out there was a sequel. In my previous review of ‘Songs about a Girl’ I criticised it for setting up a sequel instead of being a standalone book. Now I’m a bit of a hypocrite because ‘Flawed’ did the exact same thing except I didn’t mind at all.

Overall, I really do recommend this book because I thought it was brilliant. Go and give it a read!

Review: Songs About a Girl by Chris Russell

Songs About A Girl by Chris Russell

I found out about this book through a Booktuber I’ve been watching for a while. She praised the book highly and it sounded interesting so I bought myself a cheap copy from Amazon.

The story is about Charlie Bloom who’s an ordinary girl who never wanted to be ‘with the band’. She’s happiest out of sight, unnoticed. But then she’s asked to take backstage photographs for popular band ‘Fire & Lights’ and she can’t pass up the chance. Soon Charlie finds herself caught up in drama between the group’s front man Gabriel West and his band mate Olly Samson. And soon Charlie discovers a hidden meaning behind their lyrics that could change her life…

Jimin and Jungkook shocked gif

It starts off well. Charlie’s an okay character to read about and the story’s relatively interesting. I’ll admit it had me hooked. Slight spoiler alert but Charlie discovers that the lyrics in their songs are lyrics her Mother wrote down in a notebook years ago and she tries to find out how this can be when everyone knows that Gabriel writes his own songs. I wanted to find out too and it was enough to keep me hooked throughout the book.

Although it didn’t annoy me too much while I was reading it, upon reflection the love triangle was really annoying. Olly went to Charlie’s school so he knew her and invited her to take photos because he knew how good of a photographer she was. Upon meeting the band Gabriel decides he has a crush on her and so does Olly, and so the love triangle begins.

West Collins eye roll gif

As I said, I wasn’t particularly annoyed whilst reading it but upon reflection it’s just a bit stupid. Gabriel had known the girl for all of five minutes before having a crush on her. And it seems stupid that Olly waited until after school when he was in a famous band to go back and decide he had a crush on a random girl from the year below him who he’d only spoken to once. He might’ve liked her photographs but that’s not enough of a reason to have a crush on someone. Tim Burton makes some good films but I don’t have a crush on him. Also I understand there was some unresolved beef between Gabriel and Olly before Charlie showed up but really? They had to argue and fight every twenty seconds over some girl neither of them barely knew?

I’m just about learning to tolerate romance in books but the one thing I can’t stand is a stupid, pointless love triangle.

To be honest, I still think I really could’ve enjoyed this if it had been a standalone novel; I was a bit annoyed to get to the end and find it had been deliberately left unresolved to set up a sequel. We find out the truth about the song’s lyrics, the only reason we need a sequel is to keep reading about some stupid love triangle which was not what I had signed up for. Sure it was interesting but I don’t want to read a whole other book about Olly and Gabriel’s tantrums. No thank you.

Overall I don’t know what to think about this book, I enjoyed it while I was reading it but it’s not a book I’m likely to return to or recommend to a friend. And I won’t be buying the sequel.

Review: Not That Kind of Girl by Siobhan Vivian

Not That Kind of Girl

So I kind of fell in love with Siobhan Vivian’s books when I finished reading ‘The List’ and decided to buy more of her work. I asked for ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ for Christmas but for some reason when my Mom went to buy it they told her it wasn’t available until May for some reason? So she didn’t get it so I went to Waterstones myself to buy it.

‘Not That Kind of Girl’ is about Natalie Stirling who prides herself on always making the right choices. She avoids the jock types, always top honour roll and plans to become the first female student council president in years. If only the other girls could be like her. But being strong isn’t easy. Not when Natalie nearly gets expelled anyway, when her advice hurts more than it helps, not when she can’t stop thinking about a boy she knows she should ignore… What will Natalie do?

J-Hope excited gif.gif

I don’t really know what to think of this book. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it because I definitely did but I wasn’t over the moon about it or anything. Like I said in my review of ‘The Last Boy and Girl in the World’ I think I would’ve enjoyed it more if I hadn’t read ‘The List’ first. I feel like that set my expectations really high and this book was a bit of a letdown. It was good; don’t get me wrong, but not as great as I hoped.

Natalie was okay but I didn’t really grow too attached to her or anything. However, I really loved Spencer who was a girl that Natalie had previously babysat for when she was younger but had just started at High School. I loved how honest and open she was. Sure, she made some questionable decisions but she’s confident and a lot wiser than I was at her age. Mike, however, can literally suck a cock.

Suga middle finger gif.gif

I thought Natalie’s relationship with Connor was a bit cringe, not gonna lie. The chapters of Natalie sneaking out in the middle of the night to meet up with him were really boring and I just couldn’t get into it. I was glad when they eventually got together but the build up to it really made me cringe and I’m not sure why. I know I’m not a fan of romance but this was something else.

Overall, I did enjoy the book. I wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend it to my friends but if they asked if they should read it I’d say yes. If you’re a fan of Siobhan Vivian’s other books then I’d definitely recommend getting a copy.

Review: Girlhood by Cat Clarke

Girlhood by Cat Clarke.jpg

So this book is officially released on Thursday 4th May but Cat tweeted to say a few copies had been released early, as she had done when ‘The Lost and the Found’ was released. I didn’t know if there’d be any in Telford but I ended up going up town and decided to take a quick look in Waterstones and was lucky enough to find one copy of it sitting on the shelf. So of course I had to buy it.

‘Girlhood’ is about a girl named Harper who asks to attend boarding school so she can escape her parents and the guilt of the death of her twin sister Jenna. But Harper can’t escape the memories of her sister and the part she played in it. Then she meets new girl Kirsty who lost a sister too. Harper’s finally found someone who understands her. But as the two become closer Kirsty’s behaviour becomes more erratic. Why is her life so similar to Harpers? Soon, Harper’s close relationship with Kirsty threatens her relationships with her best friends and her own identity.

BTS excited gif.gif

It’s no secret that Cat is my favourite author of all time so it’s no surprise that I finished the entire book within the space of a few hours. As usual the moment I started I couldn’t put it down. Cat’s writing is so easy to get into and I love the mystery element in all her books that keeps me hooked until the very end.

In my review of ‘The Lost and the Found’ I praised Cat for her brilliant LGBT representation in her books and this book is probably even better. Early on we learn that Rowan’s a lesbian and Harper’s bi-sexual and it doesn’t massively affect the plot? Obviously it’s brought up but it’s so refreshing to read about lesbian and bi characters were the central plot isn’t about their sexuality and I honestly love it so much.

Suga heart gif.gif

Character-wise, this book was bloody amazing. I loved Harper’s best friends Rowan, Lily and Ama. Especially Rowan who is without a doubt my favourite character, not just within this book but in general. I’m not sure what I thought of Kirsty after everything, I was pretty certain I didn’t like her but now I don’t know what to think. I don’t like her but I don’t dislike her.

Also, exciting news… I was a character in the book! A while ago I made a bid on an auction to appear in one of Cat’s books, something I talked about in a blog earlier this year, and I won! So I got a signed copy of ‘The Lost and the Found’ (which I gave to my friend ‘cos I’d already met Cat at a signing prior to winning the auction) and I was named after one of the characters. I also made it to the acknowledgements page.

However, I can’t help feeling a little bit salty… The character I was named after wasn’t in it very much and didn’t say a single line. And that was fine by me until I read the acknowledgements and saw another girl had donated to a charity like me and had been named after one of the main characters. Obviously I don’t know the ins and outs of the auction, how much she donated, whether she received a signed book like I did etc. etc. But I still can’t help feeling a little salty about it.

Overall, I really loved this book and couldn’t recommend it highly enough. In terms of plot I think I preferred ‘The Lost and the Found’ but in terms of characters it’s so good and so interesting. Check in your local bookstore to see if an early copy has been released and if not then definitely buy one on Thursday, you won’t regret it!

Review: Silence is Goldfish by Annabel Pitcher

Silence is Goldfish

I can’t really remember what drew me to buy this book. I do remember I was shopping for a birthday present for my best friend and ended up buying myself this book… I think the title caught my eye, the blurb sounded interesting and after having a quick read of the first page I thought I’d be able to get into it quite easily. Turns out I was right.

‘Silence is Goldfish’ is told from the point of view of Tess who has just found out some pretty shocking news. She didn’t mean to become mute, it just kind of happened. But discovering your Dad isn’t your real father is a pretty big deal. Tess decides to find out the truth of her identity but she uncovers a secret that could ruin multiple lives… But how can she ask for help when she’s forgotten how to use her voice?

Mamamoo happy gif.gif

My friend read the blurb of the book and said “Really, she stops talking just because she found out her Dad wasn’t her real Dad? Really?” All I will say is that it’s much more than that and I really feel awful for Tess, I can see why she didn’t want to talk. The blurb doesn’t do the book justice; you need to give it a go to understand what I mean.

I loved Tess so much. One of the reviews on the front of the book says ‘like a book and best friend all in one’ and that’s what it felt like. It felt like I really knew Tess, like she was my friend and a real person. I felt everything she felt and she’d fill my thoughts when I wasn’t reading. I’ve never had that with any other book before. I was really sad to finish it; it felt like I’d lost a friend.

The one person I can’t stand and will never be able to stand is Jack, Tess’ ‘Dad’. I feel like there was a kind of redemption ark at the end but I really can’t stand him and some of the decisions he made. I can forgive what made Tess hate him but there were so many little things he did that made me hate him so much and if I were Tess then I don’t think I’d have been able to forgive him.

J-Hope disgusted gif.gif

Do you know who was great though? Mr Goldfish. Because Tess can’t speak out loud she starts having conversations with a goldfish torch that she’s named Mr Goldfish who gives her general life advice and is there for her. This is really sad but I actually checked on Amazon and eBay to see if they had a torch like Mr Goldfish. They didn’t have any and I was absolutely gutted! I’m going to keep an eye out for one.

I really can’t put into words how much I loved this book and how much I recommend it. It’s one of the best books I’ve read in a while and I can’t wait to read more of Annabel Pitcher’s work. If you find a copy of it then buy it, you honestly won’t regret it!

The ‘I Never’ Book Tag

I’ve decided to do a book tag, I know they’re probably more of a YouTube thing but I figured it couldn’t hurt to post one on my blog! I decided to do the ‘I Never Book Tag’ created by LizziefayeLovesBooks on YouTube, so I hope you guys enjoy it!

“I never read that!” Name a book that you’ve never read, that everyone else has.


The Twilight Saga. When Twilight became really popular and the films were coming out I kind of lied and told everyone I loved it even though I found it kind of boring? I have no idea why I did that, I really wanted to enjoy it but I just couldn’t get into it. Still, I decided to give the first book a try and I don’t even think I made it through the first chapter. I don’t know whether it’s worth giving the book another try now or not? Let me know if you read it and what you thought of it and I’ll consider it!

“I never read anything so awesome!” Name your favourite book.

I’m between two and that’s ‘The List’ by Siobhan Vivian and ‘The Lost and the Found’ by Cat Clarke. I loved ‘The List’ because I loved reading about eight girls with different, well-written personalities and I found the storyline way more interesting than I thought I would. But equally, I’m a massive Cat Clarke fan and this book has such a good plot twist and is interesting from start to finish. I could never pick between them!

“I never thought I would get through that.” Name a book that you didn’t like, but powered through it anyway.


Quicksilver by R J Anderson. It was a sequel to Ultraviolet which I absolutely loved but oh my god, the sequel was so hard to get through. It took me well over a year to finally finish the book. I remember sitting on my bed and trying to read it as fast as possible, I was getting no enjoyment out of it and I was just reading it to say I’d done it. I don’t think I understood a word of it to be honest and I really didn’t enjoy it at all. Still, I finished it!

“I will never finish that!” Name a book or series that you don’t plan on finishing.

Jane Eyre.jpg

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. When I was on holiday in Bognor Regis I found this really cute bookstore and picked up a bunch of classics because they were cheap and a lot of people say how good the classic books are. I struggled through the first few chapters until I had to accept defeat. I can’t get into classics. I started reading Little Women by Louisa M.Alcott and that’s not great either. Now I’m stuck with a bunch of classics that I don’t want to read.

“I will never regret reading that.” Name a book you read solely on a recommendation that you ended up really liking.

A Series of Unfortunate Events.jpg

A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snickett. My friend recommended them to me when I was a kid and I kept saying no but eventually she convinced me to borrow her copy of the first book and I took it home with me. The next day I came back and told her I’d finished it and asked to borrow the next one. I love that series so much even now and I always will.

“I would never do that!” Name a relatable book character who made choices you didn’t agree with, or did things you would never do.


Probably Maddie from ‘Awaken’ by Katie Kacvinsky, I would’ve had no issue with her but she just suddenly became obsessed with this boy named Justin and it was all a bit unnecessary? She’s rebelling against her parents and the government and putting her life in danger yet every twenty seconds I was forced to read about her relationship with Justin and how she couldn’t stop thinking about it and it was like come on Maddie, we’ve got bigger issues here. I honestly rolled my eyes every time his name was mentioned, I nearly rolled them out of my head the amount of times he’s mentioned.

“I never wanted to admit it.” Name a book that you were embarrassed to say you read or were embarrassed to carry around with you.

Love Lessons.jpg

I don’t generally get embarrassed about my books but I do feel a bit embarrassed when I read the latest Jacqueline Wilson book out in public. Look, I might be twenty years old but the woman’s a bloody genius and I will never grow out of her books. I wasn’t all that embarrassed about it until I read one of her books during form at school and my form tutor said to me “That’s for primary school children babes.” (My Mom went mental about that, “How dare she encourage you not to read??”) I’ve grown up with her books and the thought of not reading them anymore is ridiculous – I just tend to do it at home. In private.

“I never read anything so heartwarming.” Name a book or a series that really touched your heart.

Am I Normal Yet by Holly Bourne.jpg

The ‘Normal’ series by Holly Bourne. There’s something about how all the girls had their own issues but they overcame them and supported each other that I just love so much. I recommend this series so hard, if you haven’t read it then you’re really missing out. I’m so sad the series is over but I love Holly Bourne’s work so I’m looking forward to seeing what else she has in store!

“I never laughed so hard!” Name a book that made you laugh out loud.

Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging.jpg

The only books that have ever managed to make me laugh out loud are the ‘Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging’ books by Louise Rennison. I watched the film when I was a teenager and I enjoyed it but I hadn’t read the books, until my brother’s now ex-girlfriend gave me some of her old books and the first book in the series happened to be one of them. I bought the rest of them and I ended up loving them all. I don’t like the film as much as I used to because I don’t think it’s a patch on the books. If you haven’t read them then give them a chance, they’re really funny!

“I never could’ve made it through childhood without it.” Name a favourite childhood book or series.

My Naughty Little Sister.jpg

Although I love Jacqueline Wilson, my favourite books as a kid were the ‘My Naughty Little Sister’ series by Dorothy Edwards. I loved those books so much, especially the one where she goes to stay with her next door neighbours. My Mom used to get so sick of rereading that one to me but I loved it so much. I still have those books; I’ll never get rid of them because they were my absolute favourites. I actually really want to reread them now.

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