Unfriended Dark Web Review

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Heads up, this review does contain spoilers so please don’t read if you’re not interested in that!

I’m pretty sure I didn’t know that ‘Unfriended’ was getting a sequel until I got a trailer in front of a YouTube video I was watching to advertise this movie. It caught my attention so instead of skipping it like I do with most YouTube ads I watched it and was immediately intrigued. I liked that this time they weren’t going for the supernatural element but for the whole hacker dark web thing instead. I’d say it was more realistic but I’m not sure that’s the right word – it just wasn’t supernatural like the first one.

I’m not really sure what I thought of the first one, I like the idea of it and how it’s done but I think the overall storyline could’ve been a bit better. I watched it at home with Becca once and she hated every character and only really liked Val (the mean one, typical Becca) which made me realise that actually none of the characters were particularly likeable. I think that was part of the point by the end but it was just also a bit pointless.

This wasn’t really the case with ‘Unfriended Dark Web’. I actually liked the characters, especially Serena and Nari. The only character I wasn’t sure about was Matias which was a bit annoying as he was the main character. All he seemed to do was make stupid decisions and I’m just not sure I liked him that much.

I’m getting ahead of myself – for those who haven’t seen the trailer, ‘Unfriended Dark Web’ is about a young man, Matias, who takes a laptop after he notices it’s been sitting in lost and found in his local web café for a few weeks. He manages to log into the laptop and begins skyping his friends but notices the system keeps crashing so his friend advises him the laptop might be full. Matias investigates and finds a series of sinister videos and messages which creeps him and his friends out. Before long the group notices they’re being watched by the original owner of the laptop who warns them that if they disconnect or contact the authorities they will die.

Tiffany scared gif.gif

Some aspects of the film were a little unrealistic. Matias tries to convince the group that the scary videos and messages were part of a game he was developing in the hopes their lives will be spared but the group are sent a video of one of their friends being pushed off the top of a building. Matias finally finds a way to warn the group that the whole thing is real and the group return to their game night in the hopes of convincing the hackers that they’re unaware of the truth. None of them seem too panicked that their friend is now dead at this point.

Also, I liked the ending and I like the idea but it also seems a bit… Coincidental? How did they know he would take the laptop and go home and skype a group of friends? Sure I skype my friends occasionally but only really when we’re planning something and none of us like doing face cam so we only have the mics on. What if a lonely pensioner had taken the laptop instead of Matias, would they just have stolen it back immediately? It was really very dependent on Matias taking it and I just don’t know how they could’ve predicted that he would. This paragraph probably only makes sense if you’ve watched the film but I didn’t want to spoil the ending.

Equally, Matias was given the opportunity to return the laptop but didn’t because he found a message that intrigued him and that’s how he discovered the videos in the first place. What if the message hadn’t caught his attention though and he’d just shut it down and taken it back? Would the events still have happened or not?

While we’re at it I think logic went a bit out the window at some points. The owner’s email address and password is saved for most websites but Matias deletes this and logs into his own Facebook account – yet he gets pop up Facebook messages for the owners account even though he’s not logged in? Everyone has logged into their own Facebook on a friends computer before and that just doesn’t happen. I suppose it could be argued that the hackers did this to trick Matias in the first place but he didn’t even seem surprised that he was getting notifications for an account he wasn’t logged into.

I’m going off on a tangent here. Regardless of the logic and coincidental unfolding of events I did actually enjoy the movie. It made a lot more sense than the first Unfriended and I’m actually glad they made the sequel this way instead of going for another supernatural movie. This one seemed more like a thriller film than a horror and it worked so much better.

My piece of trivia for this horror review is that in the original plotline the movie was set to follow on from the events of the first movie and revolve around Laura Barns targeting college freshman for their role in her suicide. I’m very glad they didn’t go down that route and instead went with this.

Overall, I did like the movie and I would definitely go and see it again. I recommend it for any horror fan and you don’t need to have seen the original to get this one. In fact, don’t watch the original ‘cos that one pretty much sucked anyway. But go and see this one!


24K in Paris Concert Review

24K Europe Tour.jpg

When 24K announced they were returning to Europe I was over the moon – until I realised that they weren’t coming to England this time. I was desperate to see them again but with my trip to Asia coming up this year I did wonder about giving it a miss. Or… Going to one of the shows and sleeping at the airport to do it on the cheap. Luckily I received quite a good tax return this year meaning I could turn all that into spending money for Asia and book my flights, hotel and ticket for the concert guilt free.

I debated about which show to go to but in the end settled on Paris because wherever I went I wouldn’t have much time to sightsee and I’ve already been to Paris and am going again in October. Plus it was the closest country to England so it seemed like a good idea. I got a bit excited and booked my flights and hotel before the tickets were even released.

Buying the tickets was a bit of a nightmare – they went on sale at 5PM UK time and I was debating staying at work to book them but luckily decided to leave work early to buy them at home. Just as well because the website went extremely slowly causing quite a bit of stress. I was going out with my friends that night and had to be showered and ready to go to Hirst’s for 7:30PM. Becca came to mine at about 7:10PM and as she stressed about her make-up I was still stressing about the tickets – with five minutes to spare before we were meant to leave I managed to secure a gold ticket and headed out to have a good time safe in the knowledge that everything was now sorted.

I decided to fly to Paris the day before the concert so I could get rested and that was good ‘cos it meant I could take three days off work instead of two. I’d asked my friends Becca and Jess if they wanted to come but neither of them had the holiday or the money so I had to set off on my own. On a plane. And I’m an extremely nervous flyer.

I had already flown to Poland by myself earlier on this year but I was still terrified at the thought of another flight alone and didn’t help myself by showing up at the airport way too early. I’d gone through security and had lunch with another two hours left to spare before my flight. I managed to distract myself by watching Friends episodes on my phone until finally it was time! Luckily I was sat next to one of the nicest women I’ve met in my life who told me she was a nervous flyer but actually spent most of her time comforting me on the way over! She kept calling me her little sister and tried to teach me some French but I was a bit useless and don’t remember most of it.

Arriving at Charles de Gaulle was just as stressful because the airport was massive and I found it difficult to navigate and then I had the travel ticket stress. The machine wanted me to pay 50 euros for a three day ticket but I wasn’t sure if it was the right type anyway. In the end I found a lady who sold me a week pass for 25 euros but told me I’d need to stick a little photo of myself on the travel card. She seemed genuinely surprised to find out I don’t carry a little photo of myself around with me and told me I’d need to get one. I didn’t bother; I didn’t really use the metro that much anyway.

I’d been worried I’d find the trains a bit difficult on my own but I’d had experience on the French metro with my friends and it was relatively easy to navigate so I got to my hotel quite quickly. It was a nice hotel, it was clean and I felt safe but unfortunately the room was stifling hot so I didn’t get the best night’s sleep. But I was still up bright and early the next day to get to the venue for the first check-in!


I got there at 11:20 and there were already quite a few fans there and I knew I had to get a number but I wasn’t sure who to ask and I felt a bit intimidated so I just sat on my own and waited to see what happened. About five or ten minutes later 24K themselves walked down the steps I’d just been down and headed into the venue. I tweeted about it but shout out to the French 24U who were obviously excited about seeing the boys but kept their distance and didn’t scream at them as they came down. A few people tried to take pictures but put their phones/cameras away when the manager asked them not to.

I eventually saw a family going up to get their numbers so I plucked up the courage to go and get mine and a really nice staff member explained to me in English about the fan projects, when things were happening etc. She was actually amazing, she’d come down the queue every so often and give updates or instructions in French, look at me and remember I spoke English and translated it for me. I didn’t get her name but she had dip-dyed blue hair and she was fab!

At 11:30 we all queued up for ‘check-in’ which took a while and then we waited for the selfie tickets to go on sale at 12. I somehow got adopted by the family who had gotten their numbers just before me – they didn’t speak any English but when they saw I was alone they offered to stay with me and we got by with our limited understanding of each other’s languages and gestures. The Mom even bought me a bottle of water and nothing for her kids – you know like in Harry Potter when Ron’s Mom treats Harry like the favourite child? It was like that. They were with a little kid and 24K gave her a lot of attention, she was really sweet and absolutely deserved it.

My plan had been to grab my selfie tickets at 12 then do a little sightseeing before having to come back for the 2:30 check-in. This was super optimistic as the tickets didn’t go on sale until about 1PM and then it took another hour to actually buy them. I went for Cory, Jeonguk and Hongseob as I couldn’t afford every members. I’m really glad selfie tickets were an option this year but queuing for them was not fun as we had to queue outside and it was boiling hot.

I was so tired and hungry after that that I got some food at the burger stand opposite the venue and was soon joined by the French family who had some food too. The fan sign was supposed to be starting at 3 so I went to rejoin the queue but unfortunately this was delayed too and due to the size of the room that the fan sign was in we had to queue outside again, right by the river with no shade. I wouldn’t have minded too much but I was alone again at this point so I had no one to hold my space while I got myself some water. In the end I had to take the chance and ran over to buy myself two bottles because I was dying. By the time I got back the boys were in the room and we were being sat inside in about groups of 6 – 10.

Luckily I made friends with the three girls next to me in the queue who were all super nice. Their first language was French but they also spoke English so they mainly spoke to each other in French as that was their comfortable language then translated the important parts for me and if there were any announcements they kept me updated.

I was nervous about the fan sign because I was low-key (high-key) hoping the boys would remember me from the London fan meet (which I wrote about here). The night had meant so much to me that I was kind of hoping they’d remember. But unfortunately I realised they didn’t when I handed my album with my name on it to Cory and he asked me if he was pronouncing my name correctly.

I’ll be honest and say I was a little disappointed at the time but I’m kind of over it now ‘cos like to me it meant a lot but to them I guess they were just doing their job. Like when I worked at Blists Hill and people had their weddings and stuff… I don’t remember any of the brides names even though it was their special day or anything? It would’ve been nice to be remembered but they meet a lot of people so I’m not upset that they didn’t. I was in the moment a little bit but not anymore.

Cory signed my album, held my hand and said he hoped I had a good time so I thanked him and moved on to the next member which was Jeonguk. He attempted pronouncing my name, held my hand and then… The person next to me was still talking to Changsun so I couldn’t move over. So Jeonguk just looked at me without saying anything and I got so nervous that I started laughing. He gave me a weird look so I laughed harder ‘cos it was so awkward and I managed to say “It’s nice to meet you… Again” and finally the person next to me had moved on so he smiled at me and pushed my album down to Changsun.

He was really sweet, he made sure he was pronouncing my name correct and then held my hand before pushing it down to Jinhong. Jinhong had intimidated the fuck out of me last time but my interaction with him this year was nicer. I was wearing a t-shirt with two cats sat on a banana and it said ‘banana’ at the bottom so him and Changsun, who was free, both started saying ‘ban-AN-a’ and I didn’t really know what to say so I just laughed. I held his hand too and then he pushed the album down to Kiyong.

Kiyong’s the new member and I’m quite proud of 24U for being so welcoming of him – I love Red Velvet and the fandom but there are still people who bitch about the fact Yeri was added to the group whereas when Kiyong was announced everybody loved him before we even had any photos or information about him. He’s so cute, he checked the pronunciation of my name too (a common theme) and held my hand. It was nice to meet him for the first time and he’s honestly so sweet.

He pushed my album down to Hongseob and it was mostly the same, checking the pronunciation of my name, hand-holding and then he made the ‘ban-AN-a’ comment as I was walking off so I laughed. Then we had to head back outside to queue up again for the hi-touch and group photo.

Although it was torture standing outside in the heat to queue up for things I don’t blame Skey Ace for it. At the last minute there was a venue change and I think they did their best in the circumstances they were given – it was a strange venue but I’d have been fucked if they’d arranged it for a different date or something so I’m glad they got a different venue and made it work. It just sucked going back outside because by the time I got back in my face was tomato red and it just wasn’t an attractive look.

It was nice making friends with the three girls as they offered to go and get two of us some water while we watched their spaces so it made the queue a lot better especially since we were all freaking out about the fan sign. It felt like we waited a bit less this time and we were soon heading in for the hi-touch. I ended up being second in the line which I wasn’t a fan of and nearly ended up going first because I thought the girl in front of me wasn’t going to.

Maybe it was because of the delays or number of things going on but things felt a bit more rushed this year than at the London Fan Meet and this time at the hi-touch the boys just went for hi-fives instead of holding hands. Which like is fine, it was still good! The girl in front of me ended up apologising to Jinhong so I had to stand awkwardly behind her for a while which was weird.

Then we went around for the group photo and two people could stand at the ends and one girl ran in front of us to stand by Cory and I’m so awkward that I just kneeled anywhere on the floor ‘cos I didn’t wanna be a nuisance. The photos won’t be released until after the tour but I probably look a right mess and I have no idea who I was in front of – I have a feeling it was Jeonguk but I won’t know until they’re released.

After the group photo we queued up outside again to wait for the selfie event. One of the girls I was with told me that at the other venues the selfie event had been held in private rooms so it was just you, the member and some of the staff obviously. She asked one of the staff if this was the case here and we were told no all the members would be in the same room.

It was a bit weird to be honest, the members were just dotted around the room and you handed in your selfie ticket at the desk, they shouted out who you had a selfie with and this woman held onto my arm for a moment and then kind of just left me without doing anything. There were obviously other fans in the room but Cory had just finished up a selfie so I went over and handed him my phone and he was like “Hey! Let’s do this!” I like the selfie but as it was my first one I’m at my most red and I don’t like my face in it.


It was awkward to navigate the room because it wasn’t very big and you were kind of just left to find the members by yourself. Jeonguk was next to Cory so I headed over to him and he was drinking some water and I felt bad ‘cos the moment I approached him he tried to quickly finish up. I think I liked this selfie the best and I set it as my phone background.


Then I headed over to Hongseob who was just finishing up with somebody else and that selfie came out good too. I thanked him and turned around and bumped into Kiyong and I feel awful because he smiled and was like “Hi!” To be honest I’m not sure the staff would’ve known whether I’d had a ticket for him or not so I could’ve just gone for it but that would’ve been rude and unfair so I awkwardly smiled back and headed out of the room because that was all my selfies that I’d paid for.


Luckily after that we didn’t have to go back outside we could head downstairs into the venue and we had to sit down whilst waiting for them which was a bit awkward but also a blessing as we got downstairs at about 6:45 and the concert didn’t start until 8. Most of the safety announcements were in French but I was still nearby one of the girls from the queue so she very kindly translated everything for me. She was fab but I didn’t get anybody’s names so if the girl in the yellow top who hung around with the awkward British girl is reading this, you were fab and thank you for being so nice! Unfortunately we had to move so we got split up a bit and I ended up by a group of girls who said something to me and when I replied they were like “Oh My God, you’re British too!” and I ended up chilling with them most of the night. It turned out we’d been to the exact same 24K concerts last year – both London shows and the Amsterdam one!

Eventually the boys came out and were full of energy as per usual. I can’t remember the entire set-list but I’m pretty sure they opened with ‘Superfly’. They performed a few songs then went off stage to change while a video played. We were told that in order for all fans to see we had to sit down while the videos were playing which you can imagine was a bit awkward but the videos were worth it. Kisu had prepared a video of him singing ‘To for You’ as a surprise as he couldn’t attend the concert himself.


After the video 24K came back and performed a couple of songs before starting the Q&A. At first Jinhong read the questions out in English and the members would reply in Korean or some English and this was then translated to French by one of the staff. Cory told us he was losing his voice so he didn’t take as much part in the Q&A as he usually would do. Hongseob was hilarious and kept saying “Next Question! Fast Q&A!” Then Jinhong gave the piece of paper with the questions to the translator so at this point I didn’t understand much as the questions were in French and their Korean answers were translated to French. Me and the other Brits I was with tried to understand the questions but it was a bit hopeless, however the cheers from the French 24U’s suggested that the answers were good.

There were more songs and units – vocal unit, dance unit, hip-hop unit. I remember Jeonguk dancing to Black Pink’s ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’ which was lit as fuck. They sang my favourites ‘Hey You’ and ‘Only You’. During ‘Blue’ we all put a yellow post-it note over our phone torches and waved them in the air then when they came out for the encore and performed the Bonnie n Clyde remix we all had banners to wave. I love fan projects like that.


I was sad when the concert ended but was also low-key relieved ‘cos I could grab some water and I was eager to get back to my hotel and put my pyjamas on. I swear my legs were just pure sweat and denim at this point, it had been such a hot day. I literally sat in front of the hotel rooms’ air con drinking water for like half-an-hour when I got back, it was such a relief.

Also I managed to completely destroy my handbag. I’d popped some chocolate bars into the bottom of the bag in case I got hungry during the day but unfortunately my bag was so full of stuff that I couldn’t reach them. I do remember giving one a feel in the queue and they were very squishy so I decided to deal with them when I got back. They had melted so badly out of the packet that they were all over my stuff. Luckily my book had been at the bottom and that took the most damage because I had slipped my signed Bonnie n Clyde album in there but as it was at the top it didn’t get any chocolate on it. I managed to save everything except for the charger for my battery pack and the bag itself. It was brand new and when I got back to the UK I had to go back to Primark to buy one of the exact same kind. I was honestly gutted.

I’m so glad I went, it was definitely worth the money and I’m already counting down the days until their next Europe tour so I can see them again. Should hopefully be after me and my friends go to Asia and assuming I’m still in employment I should be able to travel again if necessary. Here’s hoping that’s not necessary and they come to the UK next time but I’ll still travel if they don’t!

What I loved the most about this tour the most was probably the fans – when I went to the London Fan Meet I found that nobody really spoke to me in the queue or inside and I felt pretty lonely even though I’d obviously loved the actual Fan Meet itself. But this time tons of people went out of their way to stop me from feeling lonely, even if they didn’t speak my language. It was worth it just for that I think.


10 Favourite Supernatural Characters

Supernatural 2.jpg

When I was in college I was all about Supernatural, there was nothing I loved more than that show. I’ve written about my love for it in other posts, about how I would binge watch the show for like 10 hours at a time and my heart ache when I finally caught up and had to wait for new episodes like everybody else. Recently I’ve fallen behind and I would love to catch back up and get back into it. To help motivate me to do that I thought I’d write a list of my ten favourite characters in no particular order!

Please excuse me if anything I say about a character isn’t in line with the show’s current point, I think I made it to the Season 10 finale (I might be wrong) so I might be a bit behind on character’s current situations!


Castiel gif.gif

I’ve gone with Castiel first because he was my favourite character when I was a fan of the show. I don’t think I liked him at first but like the majority of the fandom I quickly began to love him and soon I was basically Castiel’s bitch. I had so much Castiel related merch – I wasn’t hard to buy gifts for because you just needed to buy me something Castiel related and I would love it.

My love for Castiel made me love Misha Collins too which meant that like most fans I ended up taking part in a crazy event called GISHWHES which stands for Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. It’s a week-long event and I participated two years in a row and boy did I do some stuff. There is genuinely a picture of me wearing toast underwear in some far corner of the internet. But I did it because I loved Misha and Supernatural.

I was fortunate enough to meet Misha several times, my favourite was when I was called into the photo op and for some reason although there was a queue in the corridor the actual room itself was practically empty and Misha smiled at me and was quietly like “Hi, how are you?” It was only a small exchange but there was something really sweet about it that I loved. I met him a few more times over the next couple of years but nothing will beat that one.

I’m going off on a tangent here. Basically, I loved Castiel when I was an active fan. He was definitely my favourite regardless of the mistakes he made and I just love him so much.


Garth gif.jpg

Come on, who didn’t love Garth and Mr Fizzles to be fair? I absolutely loved him and was always happy whenever he reoccurred. I’m not sure I liked the werewolf storyline (neither did DJ) because it just didn’t feel right somehow. It didn’t really feel like Garth. I love the story though that the producers rang up DJ, pitched the idea and he was so drunk that he was like “Yeah, sounds great!” even though when he’d sobered up he hated it!

I was also lucky enough to meet DJ Qualls, I won’t post the photo op ‘cos it looks horrendous but his coffee lounge and panel talk were the funniest of the weekend. That story of him getting so high that he thought he was Mary Pickford reincarnated still cracks me up every so often, I think it’s hilarious.


Crowley gif.gif

I’m so far behind on the show that I dunno if Crowley is still the King of Hell or if he’s even still alive but like he’s fabulous, I don’t care what anybody says. For the King of Hell I’d say he’s a pretty decent guy, full of sass and just generally amazing. “Hello Darling” how iconic. We love an iconic King of Hell.

I’ve also met Mark Sheppard a couple of times (I feel like this is turning into a brag post about how I’ve met the actors, it wasn’t meant to be this way!) and to be honest I was a bit nervous about meeting him but he was always lovely. The first time I asked him for a hi-five and he trolled me by doing the ‘down low, too slow’ thing and then laughed at me. The second time I was worried because he’d wanted to leave but the staff insisted he had to stay and he was going “I’m not happy!” to the staff so when I gave him my thing to sign I was like ‘omg he’s gonna get mad’ but he was just like “I’m sorry about that, how are you?” I like him, what a decent guy.


Bobby gif.gif

We all make fun of Hirst because me, Becca and Jess became fans of Supernatural whereas she wasn’t particularly interested. When she overheard yet another conversation between the three of us she piped up and asked “Is Bobby cute?” which we all found absolutely hilarious at the time. We then had a running joke that Bobby was her favourite and that the two of them were perfect for each other.

For real though I loved Bobby. What an amazing father figure for the boys like he didn’t have to go as hard as he did but he did anyway. He was also damn amazing at his job and the episode where he stands up to his own Father is absolutely amazing and gives you more of an insight to what Bobby was really going through. But he was so strong regardless and was genuinely just a massive hero. Let’s be real, without Bobby the brothers would’ve died ages ago. Well, you know, permanently died.

I did meet Jim Beaver but to be honest I can’t really remember much, I loved his panels though. Especially the man who told him the story of how his wife had agoraphobia but really wanted to see him so she came to the convention anyway. He looked so genuinely touched and he just seems like a lovely guy.


Meg gif.gif

I didn’t really like original blonde Meg because like she was a demon and was just generally a bit annoying but I dunno, when Meg 2.0 came back I ended up really liking her. I’m not even really sure what it is but I just loved her and was super disappointed when she was killed off because I just feel like it was a bit unnecessary. To be fair it may have been because Rachel Miner was going through some difficulties but I’m still upset about it.

Rachel Minor is another one who’s just so lovely, when we joined the photo op queue we were told to try not to talk to her too much because she’s so nice and tries to make as much time as possible for every single fan but unfortunately the staff have deadlines to get people in and out so no one misses out on what they’ve paid for. She is honestly so lovely though.


Dean gif.gif

Obvious one but who didn’t love Dean? It’s funny watching the first season and thinking ‘Jeez his voice is deep’ because now that’s his baby voice! It’s so much deeper now, I can’t believe it! I love pretty much everything about Dean – his sarcasm, how protective he is of his family, his love for pie. He’s just a great character even if he has made some mistakes.

I remember at these conventions I used to attend we all believed that Jensen Ackles would never come back so we were all shocked one year when he was finally announced. I knew I had to get a photo with him so I sent in my pre-order as soon as it opened and was lucky enough to get one in the first batch. I was so nervous when the day came but as predicted Jensen was absolutely lovely and was happy to oblige when I asked if I could have a hug. He was lovely and I’m so glad I got to meet him.


Claire gif.gif

Okay I didn’t think much of Claire when she was first introduced to the series but she was a bit of a badass even in that one episode. She was willing to let Castiel possess her so that her Dad wouldn’t have to and like that is love right there. When it was announced she was returning I was ecstatic, especially when I found out she was going to be played by Kathryn Newton. I’d loved her in Paranormal Activity 4 and I knew she’d be amazing as Claire. I was right, she was fantastic and I loved everything about her character. It sucks that her life was pretty much torn apart by Castiel but she’s stayed strong throughout and I love her.

Sorry to keep bringing up my experience of meeting the actors but I was lucky enough to meet Kathryn Newton at one of the Asylum’s and she is so pretty in real life like I was honestly shook by how pretty she is. My photo op with her is one of my favourites, she was so lovely and seems to genuinely care about every fan. She’s just amazing.


Gabriel gif.gif

You’re lying if you say you didn’t love Gabriel. Even when he was introduced as just a trickster he was still amazing. Pretty much any episode with Gabriel is a good episode let’s be real, my favourite though definitely has to be ‘Changing Channels’ that episode was honestly amazing. He was hilarious and I just loved everything about his character. Again I’m not caught up so I don’t know if Gabriel comes back or anything, I really need to catch up with the seasons I haven’t watched.

Richard Speight is another person who’s hilarious in person, I’ve been lucky enough to see Richard and Matt host karaoke twice now and it was super fun both times. He’s also really nice in person, he asked my name so I told him ‘Hozzie’ and he responded “So O-Z-Z-Y?” I had to correct him and he laughed and went “Well none of that was right, was it?” He was really nice and I’m glad I got to meet him.


Benny gif.gif

I dunno why but I just really loved Benny. To be honest it’s been so long since I saw his episodes that I can’t remember what happened that well. I know they all went to Purgatory but I can’t really remember much more than that. But Benny was sweet and I really liked him.

One of my favourite convention moments was when Ty Olson asked everyone to prank Mark Sheppard by only asking him Benny related questions at his panel and seeing Mark react to this was truly hilarious. I thought Ty was really nice when I met him and seemed like a decent guy.


Sam gif.gif

I mentioned that when I was an active fan my favourite character was Castiel but now it’s probably Sam. I shared a room with a girl at one of the Asylum conventions who loved Jared Padalecki and I feel like she brought out the Sam fangirl in me. I just love him and how he tries to do the right thing even if he doesn’t always get it right (like that time he accidentally started the apocalypse but like easy mistake to make). I just love everything about Sam AND I REALLY NEED TO CATCH UP WITH THE SERIES, I SWEAR TO GOD.

I was also lucky enough to meet Jared a couple of times, I had a solo photo op with him and then one with him, Jensen and Misha as a group. Jared’s really nice and his panels were some of my favourites, especially the story about how he stopped all the trains in Europe. I also loved the convention where Genevieve came and she went on stage with him, the way he looks at her you can just tell how in love they are and it’s so beautiful.

There we go, those are my top ten favourite Supernatural characters – feel free to let me know your favourite characters and leave me some motivation to catch up with the episodes I’ve missed!

Thoughts On This Year’s Love Island Contestants

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For the first time ever I gave into the social pressure and watched ‘Love Island’ – and ended up enjoying it a hell of a lot more than I thought I would. I was a bit behind when I started as the show had been running a few weeks so I don’t have opinions on every single contestant as some of them had left before I really got into the show. But I wanted to write my thoughts on the contestants because why not, right? So here goes nothing!

There were so many that I’ve only pulled out people I genuinely cared about whether I liked them or not!


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We’re gonna start with Alex because I hated him by the time the show ended. I’ll admit that he made me cringe for the first few weeks I watched it but in a kind of sweet way where I got over it because I still liked him and I was hoping that Alexandra would choose him over Kieran and Idris. But watching him with Alexandra honestly made me want to fight him. Fair play if he wasn’t attracted to Alexandra (even though she’s a literal 10/10 so what the hell?) but why play her like that? Don’t act like you’re interested then keep turning around and saying ‘actually you’re moving too fast’.

Also he banged on about them going too fast for ages when all Alexandra wanted to do was have a kiss and a cuddle, that doesn’t seem like much? And it was him that took her hand and shoved it down his pants, but that wasn’t moving too fast? And he always turned his behaviour back around on her, she’d say she was upset and he’d respond “I’m sorry that you feel that way” instead of taking responsibility and saying “I’m sorry I made you feel that way”. Absolutely pathetic and by the end I was practically begging for him to go. I can’t believe him and Alexandra were kept in whilst New Jack and New Laura were voted out, ridiculous. I definitely think the producers got involved to keep him in for as long as they did. Honestly couldn’t stand him by the end.


Love Island Alexandra.jpg

I honestly loved Alexandra. I wasn’t too sure what to think when she first came in even though she was obviously very pretty but as the weeks went by I really began to like her. I’m annoyed that Alex screwed her over so bad and I really hope she didn’t take it personally, he’s just a dick. She was so lovely, funny and beautiful – definitely the kind of girl that you’d want as a best friend. I loved her and I wish she’d made it to the final with someone that actually deserved her.


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Okay I’ll be honest I didn’t really have many thoughts on Josh before he went into Casa Amor. I hadn’t really been a fan for long but I thought his relationship with Georgia was sweet. And then he met Kaz in Casa Amor and ditched Georgia and for a while I hated him. It was annoying how he’d pull Georgia for chats and then make faces behind her back as if he were getting lectured by his Mum when he had upset her so he should have at least listened to what she had to say.

But as I watched his relationship with Kaz I realised that actually she was definitely a better fit for him. They were always so unbothered by pretty much everything that was thrown at their relationship and I can’t stand the people that called them smug because they were just happy, there’s nothing wrong with that? I voted for him and Kaz to win and was disappointed when they came third because like, what is wrong with the nation?

Josh was also absolutely hilarious and when he accidentally pulled out his babies arm in the baby episode I was crying with laughter, especially at Wes’ reaction. He seemed pretty genuine and I think I believed in Josh and Kaz’s relationship the most.


Love Island Kaz.jpg

I never particularly took issue with Kaz even when Josh left Georgia for her because like, that’s not her fault is it really? It’s called ‘Love’ Island and she fancied Josh so she went for it and it just so happened that he felt the same way. Right from the start I thought she was one of the prettiest girls in there and honestly I’m happy for her that she made it to the final. She was someone else who was just ace and always unbothered by whatever drama came her way. I thought she was fab, I don’t care what anybody else says!


Love Island Megan.jpg

At first I didn’t really mind Megan – I started watching when Megan first took Wes. And I didn’t mind too much because I hadn’t been a fan of Laura and Wes, it felt like Laura was moaning about every little thing that he did so I wasn’t too disappointed when he said he was going to spend more time with Megan (and fair play to Laura for standing up for herself and saying she wasn’t going to be treated as an option). So yeah, I didn’t take issue with Megan. It was just as the weeks passed she started to get on my nerves.

The second that Wes was in Casa Amor she jumped ship and then when he walked back in alone she was suddenly whining about the difficult decision she had to make. It wasn’t difficult when her and Alex were faced with elimination and Wes chose to save her – she went to him without a backwards glance at Alex.

I think she tried to turn it around when instead of being voted as couples they were voted as individuals and she found that she was in the bottom three and Wes wasn’t. I think she was only saved then because nobody liked Grace as she didn’t get enough screen time and after that Wes carried both of them. She still tried to turn it around by talking more about her insecurities and asking Wes to be her boyfriend – I definitely think this whole bit was a kind of act when she realised people didn’t like her but fair play, she made it to fourth and although I think it was an act I don’t dislike her anymore. I’ve started following her and Wes on instagram and they seem quite happy so fair play!


Love Island Wes.jpg

Okay, I loved Wes. I thought he was hilarious. I did think he was a bit foolish to pick Megan instead of Darylle but ultimately it paid off in the end I guess. Whenever couples were up for elimination I found it difficult because I really wanted Megan to go but I wanted Wes to stay because he seemed so funny and genuine. He’s the kind of guy you’d definitely want as your friend because he’d just know how to cheer you up when you’re down. I’m glad he got fourth place, he deserved it!


Love Island Dani.png

Okay but how could you not love Dani? I loved everything about her from her personality, her looks to the way that she talked! She seemed like such a genuine girl and she’s definitely the kind I’d want as my best friend – she stood up for Georgia when the majority of the villa turned on her but also wasn’t afraid to tell her when she was being an idiot. I really liked her but I think she could get a bit paranoid sometimes, especially after the lie detector test. But ultimately she did say that the question Jack failed was the one that was most important to her so it must have hurt for that to come up as a lie.

It was a bit obvious that Jack and Dani were going to win weeks ago but I’m still really glad that they did! They deserved it, they’d been the longest standing couple and seemed like a good match for each other. Everybody loved Jani, let’s be real!


Love Island Jack.png

I liked Jack but my Mom threw me off by saying that she didn’t think he was genuine. She thought that Dani definitely was but not Jack. I’ll be honest and say that I can see where she’s coming from, I just don’t want it to be true. I want Jani to be real and committed! I hope they do move in together and are very happy.

I hope Jack is being truthful because I think he’s lovely, it’s a shame about his dodgy past but other than that I thought he was a top bloke. He seemed like the kind of guy who was everyone’s best friend in the villa and seemed like a decent guy.


Love Island Georgia.jpg

How could you forget the most ‘loyal’ girl in the villa? I liked Georgia from the get go and was really upset that Josh left her for Kaz. I thought she was brave to stand there and not cry in front of everybody and I really liked her. Her reaction and Josh dumping her really boosted her popularity – but unfortunately I feel like she tore it all down herself.

I don’t even really wanna talk about the Georgia and New Jack kiss because it went on and on for so long that I started to get bored – the kiss was filmed twice and I believe both of them were telling the truth. But after that pretty much every word out of Georgia’s mouth was ‘loyal’ and it was almost all she seemed to talk about. Was it edited to make it look like she said it more than she actually did? Maybe. But it got to a point where I was embarrassed to watch her because ultimately I still liked her but she was really shooting herself in the foot.

Because of all the loyalty talk her and Sam were given the option of staying in the villa as singles or leaving as a couple and I was disappointed when they both chose to stay ‘to prove everyone wrong’ because I feel like their point would’ve been better if they’d just gone there and then. I was disappointed to see Georgia leave but I think it was the right time before everyone started to truly dislike her. I wish her and Sam all the best for the future!


Love Island Sam.jpg

When I first watched Sam was with Samira and I feel like really they didn’t have an awful lot in common so it wasn’t a surprise when the two of them coupled up with different people. I was disappointed that Sam chose to bring Jack’s ex into the villa but he was probably asked to so that things would be a bit more dramatic. I didn’t really think much of him to be honest until he coupled up with Georgia.

I really liked him at that point! I feel like he was brilliant for Georgia, he defended and comforted her right from the start and seemed to be really genuine. I also applaud Georgia for being honest and telling Sam she was a difficult person to be with and Sam just took it in his stride because he liked her and honestly, we all need a boy like that don’t we?


Love Island Adam.jpg

I didn’t see Adam with Kendal or Rosie, I only became a fan when he was with Zara. I definitely need to go back and watch the episodes I missed! I’d heard a bit about his reputation through social media but you can’t deny the boy’s good-looking. It was disappointing to see Zara go because it looked like he genuinely did care about her – until he coupled up with Darylle and kind of ruined the whole thing. While he was in there I tried not to have an opinion of him – but in the end was really disappointed when he had to leave. He was a bit of an asshole let’s be real, but we were all disappointed to see him leave. It was sweet that he reunited with Zara – I’m not sure I’d have been able to forgive him personally.


Love Island Laura.png

I didn’t like her at first. I liked Wes and it just felt like every time he did anything she was on his back about it. And then Wes called it off in favour of Megan and I actually started to really like her. I have a lot of respect for the fact that she ended it with Wes instead of waiting around to see who he chose. Like fair play! I think in the long-run actually that was better for her because I think if they had stuck together Wes’ head would’ve been turned at Casa Amor whereas she would’ve stayed loyal to him instead of going with New Jack.

It was a shame that New Jack broke up with her but to be fair she broke it off first – I can understand her paranoia though after what happened with Wes, and everybody getting involved in the kiss drama. It can’t have been fun to be dumped twice so I’m glad she found Paul – I think Paul was a good match for Laura even though I’m not sure I like him. He didn’t seem like a lot of fun, I’ll be honest.


Love Island Ellie.jpg

I’m not really sure what I thought of Ellie to be honest. She’s pretty with a nice accent but I’m not sure. I think she was a decent girl to be friends with but she was a bit mean to Charlie, like when he told her she’d been rude to him and she kept trying to deny it. Also the way she got involved with the argument between Georgia and Laura, supposedly to stick up for Laura – it was a bit of an excuse to call Georgia an ugly c*nt I think. So I’m not really sure that I like her.

New Jack

Love Island New Jack

I wasn’t sure about New Jack at first but I was happy that Laura had gotten with somebody else. As the show went on though I started to really like him. He was absolutely hilarious and seeing him in the baby episode was so sweet. I’m still annoyed that him and New Laura got kicked out before Alex and Alexandra, that’s an absolute joke – they were a much better couple and I thought they were pretty genuine. I liked New Laura too even if I was upset for old Laura.


Love Island Stephanie.jpg

Jesus wept, I couldn’t stand her. I don’t think I’ve ever seen somebody so overemotional in my entire life. She got proper mad at New Jack just for kissing New Laura and then started crying because Alexandra was upset even though she’d only known her a couple of days? I don’t blame Alexandra for walking away, I would hate some girl to start crying and hogging the attention if I was upset about something. And then the same night going “I want to sleep next to Alexandra, bless her!” Like calm down Love. When she was introduced with the other new islanders I voted her as a prettiest because she is genuinely very pretty but I just couldn’t get into her personality at all.


Love Island Samira.jpg

I really liked Samira! She seemed like the kind of girl that had everyone’s back and just seemed really lovely. It sucked seeing her so upset after Frankie had left, it was annoying that the two of them got virtually no screen time together so we barely saw them. It was sad that she chose to go home but I think she made the right decision in the end and I hope she’s happy with Frankie!

There we have it, I’m not sure I have strong opinions on anyone else that went on the show.

Mischief Movie Night in Birmingham Review

Mischief Movie Night 2.jpg

It’s no secret that I’m a Mischief Theatre fan. I’ve seen both of their current shows in the West End more than once, I saw Peter Pan Goes Wrong while it was on and I travelled to London to see Mischief Movie Night. So when I knew they were coming to Birmingham I knew I had to get myself a ticket. For a while it looked unlikely that I’d be able to go due to being broke as fuck but in the end I managed to get myself a ticket for the Sunday matinee.

On the day I was so worried about being late to the venue that I showed up 45 minutes early. I’ve already mentioned that I am someone who cannot stand coming to the theatre late, I would rather be super early than be two minutes late. I’d been a bit stressed that they wouldn’t let me in because I’d forgotten to print out my ticket but luckily I was reassured that as long as I had it on my phone then it was fine.

The show was at the Birmingham Hippodrome which I’ve visited a few times before but it wasn’t actually on the main stage it was in the Patrick Studio which is a bit smaller and feels a lot more intimate due to its size. The seats are tiered well so wherever you sit you’re guaranteed a good view. I was sat about 2-3 rows from the back but the view was still perfect.

Although I’d enjoyed both ‘Mischief Movie Night’ shows I’d seen in London since it’s an improv show I was a bit worried at the start that I wouldn’t find it as funny as the first couple of times or it’d be awkward or this or whatever else. However once it had started my worries disappeared because it was just as good as the first two times.

At the start the audience are asked to shout out what type of film they’d like to see, the actors take suggestions and then let the audience decide by cheers which they’d most like to see. One suggestion was met with complete silence by the audience which was honestly pretty funny. In the end we decided it was a disaster movie set on Mars which would include a cute puppy and relaxed kissing. I can’t remember which title was chosen it was either ‘Martian Meltdown’ or ‘Everyone is Melting’.

One of the actors doesn’t take part but sits to one side and sort of ‘directs’ the movie (this time it was Henry Lewis who did this) and adds to the humour by pausing, rewinding, fast-forwarding, showing bonus footage and just generally helping to progress the movie. This honestly works so well, I was crying with laughter at some points because it was just so funny.

I had a lot of favourite parts but the ones I can remember are:

– Jonathan Sayer entering the scene as an old man character, looking at Dave Hearn for a second then going “Don’t mind me” and just trying to exit the scene

– Literally anytime they made up a song, especially Henry Shields and Bryony Corrigan’s welsh couple song at the end

– The advert for Robo-Bear

– Relaxed kissing

– “I often wondered in this scene why the child picked up the puppy by the balls?”

– The debate about who should stay behind on the planet and face certain death and Henry Lewis constantly screaming “ONE OF THEM’S A ROBOT! THEY’RE REALLY GOING TO LEAVE THE CHILD BEHIND AND NOT THE ROBOT!?”

There were so many more moments but I won’t list them all because honestly just the whole thing was fantastic from start to finish, I was legit crying throughout the entire thing. I know I probably haven’t done a very good job at describing it, it’s one of those things that you have to be there to appreciate how funny it is.

I’m so glad I went because I’ve been having a bit of an off year so far and that hour or so watching that show was probably the hardest I’ve laughed and the happiest I’ve felt in ages. I just completely forgot about everything and got 100% invested in the show. I asked afterwards if there were any tickets left for the evening performance but unfortunately it was sold out so I had to head home but I’m so glad I got to see that one. I’m considering travelling to Cheltenham to see it again but I’m not 100% sure yet.

Basically, if you ever get chance to see a Mischief Theatre show (especially this one) I’d definitely recommend it because they’re absolutely hilarious. Apparently ‘The Comedy About A Bank Robbery’ is coming to Birmingham in August so I’ve decided I’m going to drag my Mom to come and see it with me. I made my Dad go to London to see it and I’ve now seen it four times so I definitely need to make it a fifth.

And shout out to Mischief Theatre for a fantastic show, I loved every second and I’m so glad I went.

Hereditary Review


I haven’t written a horror or book review in a while because I just don’t have as much motivation anymore – for a while I was churning out posts about my personal life and other interests so I just didn’t have the time anyway. Unfortunately lately I seem to have hit a brick wall and have a bit of writer’s block so I decided to return to my reviews and what better movie to review than one I had been absolutely desperate to see.

I was shocked to get to the cinema and find out my friend had not seen a single trailer for this movie. I have no idea how she managed to avoid it since it’s been everywhere. At the cinema, all over Facebook, it popped up before every YouTube video I watched. And I didn’t mind because it looked really good and I was counting down the days until it was finally released.

As a basic plot overview the main character is Annie whose Mother has just died and the film begins with the family attending her funeral. Before long the family start noticing strange occurrences and Annie believes they are being haunted by something their Mother left behind.

Harry Potter scared gif.gif

I was ready to like this film but unfortunately… I don’t think I did. I don’t particularly want to give away any spoilers but the trailer was extremely misleading and the film was almost completely different. In a way I sort of respect that because it did add shock value and didn’t completely give away the plot of the movie like some trailers do. As my friend hadn’t seen the trailer I advised her to go home and watch it because it shows a completely different movie.

Maybe I would’ve enjoyed it because the first twenty minutes or so were quite interesting and really got the plot going but then it completely slowed down and although things were happening I don’t think it was enough to keep me invested in the plot. I do appreciate that they didn’t rely on cheap jump scares because although those are scary in the moment they don’t particularly leave a lasting impression whereas I must admit some parts of this will stick with me (Annie banging her head manically against the ceiling sticks out as one). It didn’t necessarily have to be full of spooky moments though, I just felt like the story was very slow to get going.

Also I take issue with the ending. Becca swears down that she understands it and I think my issue with it is that I can’t accept it at face value. I have my own theory about what the ending meant but I can’t quite make sense of it in my head. I think I’m so desperate to have this theory because otherwise I just really didn’t like the ending. I’m not sure if it was meant to mean something else or if I was seriously supposed to accept what happened but I don’t know what to think.

2NE1 confused gif.gif

I’ll be honest and say I was a bit disappointed in this film. The start is really good and I won’t fault that but it sort of goes downhill from there with nothing really happening until the final ten minutes when it suddenly all kicks off. I feel quite bad writing this review because I honestly really wanted to enjoy it… But I didn’t.

On the bright side I think the acting was amazing, especially from Toni Collette who played Annie and Milly Shapiro did a good job as Charlie. Alex Wolff was good but he needs to stop with that awful, ugly crying it sounds absolutely horrendous and out of place with the tone of the film.

Time for a fun piece of horror trivia – according to Alex Wolff the original cut of the film could have easily been over three hours with mostly more family dialogue. I feel bad but like thank god, am I right?

Let me know if you saw this film and what you thought, whether you have any theories, whether you loved it or hated it, or whatever you wanna do!

Bill Bailey: Larks in Transit Review

Bill Bailey Larks in Transit

Back in 2015 I had a ticket to go and see Bill Bailey which I was over the moon about but unfortunately in the end I couldn’t go and see him. I had a ticket for his London show because at the time I lived in London, attending university and what not, but I dropped out and didn’t have the money to travel from Telford to London for the night. I was disappointed and for a while there was no more talk of him going on tour again.

Then last year I saw the announcement for the Larks in Transit tour and as soon as pay day came around I bought a ticket for his Birmingham show. I really wanted to see Bill because I’m a big fan of ‘Black Books’ and I’d already seen Dylan Moran so I wanted to see Bill as well. Originally I was going to go by myself but in the end my Mom bought a ticket so we could go together – we weren’t sat together but it didn’t matter too much.

To be honest with you I haven’t seen many comedians, I’d seen Dylan Moran… And that was about it. I’d really enjoyed him though and I was certain I would enjoy Bill Bailey just as much. He had quite a good turnout, managing to fill most of the Birmingham Arena (formally known as the Barclaycard Arena, formally formally known as the NIA). My view was okay, I was close to the front but very far on the left side of the stage whereas my Mom was more central but towards the back of the arena. I’d bought my ticket a year ago whereas she’d only bought hers a couple of weeks ago because I didn’t want to catch the last train home by myself.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect because I hadn’t seen any of Bill’s stand-up before, hadn’t read any reviews, watched any clips on YouTube, I pretty much only knew of him from Black Books.  But I had faith that since I’d enjoyed the show so much I would be sure to love his stand-up. And by the way if you haven’t seen Black Books then you definitely should, it’s so funny.

Black Books gif.gif

The first thing that I automatically liked is Bill’s energy – to be truthful the first few jokes sort of went over my head a little bit but to me it didn’t even matter, I was still having a good time. When I got into it, maybe ten minutes later I was gone. The first half was good and I was sold on Bill’s jokes.

I think my favourite part is that Bill is like massively intelligent, he can play all these instruments, speak God knows how many languages and this is what he chooses to do for a living and honestly I’m living for it. All the musical elements were my favourite. Also Bill accidentally standing on the disco button had to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life.

Before I knew it the first half was over and I went looking for my Mom who told me she was at the bar but she was chilling at the upstairs bar whilst I hunted around in the downstairs bar so in the end the pair of us gave up and returned to our seats. I’d also ran straight to the bathroom the moment the lights had come on which was lucky as when I came out the queue for the ladies was suddenly a mile long.

Although I’d enjoyed the first half I definitely preferred the second half. The whole ‘major and minor’ key bit was absolutely hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing and I don’t think I will ever be sat down and tested on my knowledge of bird noises again. And the Teresa May dance track… The second half just honestly had me crying with laughter from start to finish and I’m really glad I decided to go. It was worth waiting an entire year.

After the show I had some difficulty finding my Mom but luckily she’d bumped into my old manager who managed to help us find each other and we headed back to the train station together agreeing it had been good. From there things kind of sucked because when we got back to Telford my Mom insisted that the pair of us had to walk home even though it was midnight and made us walk down pitch black alley even though I told her it was a bad idea. But it was worth it for such an amazing night.

My review has by no means done the show justice but basically, go and see Bill Bailey if you have the opportunity to. And watch Black Books, that show is absolutely hilarious!