Brahms: The Boy 2 – Review

The Boy 2

This review will contain spoilers because boy do I have some thoughts about this film. It came out months ago but I just need to get this off my chest.

I wrote a review about the original film ‘The Boy’ here and I really enjoyed it. I’d seen the trailer on Facebook a few months before the film actually came out and was immediately hyped to see it. It looked interesting and although I was worried it wouldn’t live up to my expectations I was happy to say that it did. Arguably my favourite thing about it was the plot twist.

For those unfamiliar with the original film a nanny named Greta moves into a large British house to look after a child only to discover the child is actually a doll. Through a series of unexplainable events Greta begins to think the doll is possessed by the spirit of Brahms, a child who passed away in a fire years ago. After her abusive ex-boyfriend breaks the doll it’s revealed that the doll was never possessed, the real Brahms (now an adult) has been living within the walls of the house and making it seem like the doll was alive.

The Boy

That’s a quick overview anyway.

What I enjoyed is that we have a number of creepy doll films and this was one of the most original and well thought out, compared to the likes of films like Annabelle and it was actually genuinely scary. A grown man pretending to be a child scuttling around the walls of an old abandoned house is 100% scarier than a small possessed doll.

When this trailer was released I was instantly worried because it looked like they’d gone back on everything the first film had shown us and I saw many other comments from equally worried people. The trailer made it look like a supernatural horror in which the doll genuinely was possessed but some people advised that the trailer for the original film had looked this way – maybe it was to mask the original plot twist for people who hadn’t seen the first film? I kept an open mind and went to see this film with my friends Becca and Jess a couple of days after it was released.

The Boy 2 still

Jesus. The only good thing I can say for it is that it was short. We went to the 6:45PM showing and we were out by 8:30PM. None of us enjoyed it or could find anything positive to say about the film. A lot of time with horror films we have quite differing opinions – for example Becca loved ‘Hereditary’ whereas Jess and I weren’t that keen. This film was unanimous – we all agreed it was dreadful.

It was like they took everything that I’d enjoyed about the first film and crapped on it. Brahms, the actual child/adult from the first film had supposedly been acting under the influence of the possessed doll which makes literally zero sense. The doll was made to look like the Heelshire’s ‘dead’ child and that was the reason he was called Brahms in the first place. To suddenly decide the doll actually dated back thousands of years before ‘The Boy’ even took place was a weird decision.

My main issue is that we’ve seen this film. A family suffer something traumatic together, decide to move somewhere secluded, child finds ‘possessed’ object, creepy things start to occur. My favourite thing about ‘The Boy’ was that it brought something different to the table whereas this took a decent plot and turned it into ‘Generic Horror Movie #58271’. There was nothing new, nothing interesting, it was a film I’ve seen 100 times before. Which for a standalone film would maybe be forgiven but for a sequel to a good film? Unacceptable. I’m shocked to see it’s written and directed by the same people – absolute sell-outs, clearly more interested with a profit for this movie rather than creating something decent.

The Boy 2 still 2

I read a couple of fan plots on iMDB that would’ve literally been a million times more interesting than this generic mess of a film so you’re honestly telling me that this was the best the professionals could come up with? It also sort of ruined the ending of ‘The Boy’ as in this it looks like Brahms has somehow survived and put the smashed doll back together to continue living alone in the house through the doll which was eerie and worked well. Whereas in ‘The Boy 2’ they’re like ‘nah he died, some creepy random old man found the little pieces of the doll and put him back together – and now he’s gonna spend the rest of the film uselessly hanging around, being a little bit creepy but overall not adding much to the plot.’

Parts of it also just made zero sense compared to the first film. The reason adult Brahms reveals himself is because Greta’s abusive ex-boyfriend smashed the doll which just went into pieces (as it would) whereas in this film the Dad smashes the doll to reveal some burnt up little, I don’t even know, demon I guess sitting inside the doll. I just… What was the point in that, huh? What did that even mean, what did that represent?

And then the ending. I’m gonna spoil it for you. The son chucks the doll into the fire, they all leave, go to a new house, it looks like they’ve had a happy ending and then the son gets up, puts the Brahms mask on and says “I think we’ll be happy here.” Does this mean Brahms won? Because throughout the film Brahms wanted the son to go to the mansion and to live with him there alone so I’m not… How did Brahms win? How is he with the son? It made literally zero sense and it wasn’t even scary. Big deal.

I genuinely don’t have a single good thing to say about ‘Brahms the Boy 2’. I will forever love the first film but this… I can’t accept this, it was just plain awful. I’ve never been so disappointed by a film in my entire life.

So overall, I definitely don’t recommend this film for anyone – if you enjoyed the first film you will hate this film, if you didn’t like the first film you will also hate this film, if you haven’t watched either films then definitely watch ‘The Boy’ ‘cos I really recommend it but don’t watch this. It’s an absolute disgrace, honestly.

Top 10 Places I Want to Visit: Updated 2020

Hong Kong 2

This list is ever-changing, so much so that I’ve already written this list twice for this blog – the first one is here and the second one’s here. However I wanted to rewrite it again because I’m really missing my travelling now we’re in lockdown. Luckily I didn’t have too much booked for this year. I managed to go to Florida in February, unfortunately I had to miss my trip to Sweden last month and I have four nights in Disneyland Paris booked for November which I’ll keep my fingers crossed for but I’m not entirely hopeful (I’m hoping that since I booked a package holiday they can just help me rebook for a later week or something).

But yeah, the lockdown’s got me thinking about where I want to go once this is over. This list will probably change by this time next year and is in no particular order.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok 2

Me, Becca and Jess wanted to go on another trip like our big trip to Asia back in 2018 and we all agreed we wanted to go to Bangkok. We decided to also slot in a week in Vietnam and then maybe a few days in Cambodia. Before we even had chance to plan properly everything went into lockdown but I suppose at least we hadn’t booked anything as the chances of us getting our money back would’ve been slim.

I’d say I’ve been interested in Thailand ever since we got back from Japan and I know how much my friends want to go too so it’s not somewhere I’d go on my own. But it’s definitely towards the top of my list.

Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles

The two major places I wanted to visit in America were New York & Florida and I’ve been lucky enough to visit both. Next on my list is Los Angeles because think of how iconic it would be. It’s also my mission to visit all the Disney parks across the world and the only ones I’m missing now are California and Shanghai and I don’t think it’s too difficult to visit the California park from Los Angeles. And they also have a Universal Studios which is really cool.

I do like America because it’s nice to visit a foreign country without worrying about the language barrier and I just know there’d be a ton of stuff to see in Los Angeles. It’s the next place in America that I want to tick off my list.

Oslo, Norway


I’m a nervous flyer and after my flight back from Orlando earlier this year my confidence is at an all time low so instead of hopping straight onto a long-haul flight to a different continent I might be better building up my confidence again by having a few short trips to countries within Europe. When booking my trip to Sweden I did nearly settle on Norway but Becca once pointed out that the more places we see alone for the first time the less places we have to experience together (if that makes sense) so I settled on Stockholm as Becca had already been there and my friends would no doubt come to Norway with me.

I’m pretty sure two girls I went to university with were from Norway and I thought they were lovely, and the country just looks interesting. I’d definitely love to go one day – unfortunately at the moment there aren’t any direct flights from my local airport so I may have to look at going from a different one.

Hiroshima, Japan


To be honest, I think I’m just desperate to return to Japan. Me and my friends had a full week in Tokyo in 2018, then a few nights in Kyoto, then a few more nights in Osaka before heading to South Korea and honestly Japan was just amazing. My Dad, who has no interest in visiting anywhere in Asia, did once say that if he ever visited Japan he’d want to visit Hiroshima.

It’s on my bucket list to return to Tokyo one day and I’d love to explore some other parts of Japan as well at the same time – Hiroshima would definitely be included on my list of destinations.

Nairobi, Kenya


I really want to visit Africa some day as it’s on my bucket list to visit every continent but the thought does make me nervous as I feel whenever I check the ‘’ website almost everywhere in Africa comes with a few travel warnings. I suppose there are risks with anywhere you visit but I think this is somewhere I’d have to visit with friends – I think my Dad would probably have a heart attack if I told him I was going to Kenya solo, he panicked enough when I went to Poland.

At the moment me and my friends are happy to continue ticking off countries in Asia but Becca did joke that we will eventually need to pick a different continent and I’d love for us to plan a trip to Africa – hopefully specifically Kenya. We’ll have to see!

Prague, Czech Republic


I’ve wanted to go to Prague for quite a while now but for whatever reason just haven’t got round to it yet (and obviously won’t at the moment due to the virus) but I would love to visit one day. I really want to take my Mum on a trip abroad that I’ve entirely paid for and although I know she’d love to visit Chicago one day I’m thinking Prague will be more affordable and she has mentioned she’d like to go.

When I was a teenager the thought of travelling appealed to me but I wasn’t too interested in Europe, I was more interested in visiting further places like Asia or America but through travelling with my friends I’ve begun to appreciate our continent a lot more. Europe is so pretty and I want to see as much of it as possible.

Beijing, China


I’d also love to visit Shanghai but going to China does worry me. Not only does the visa process look extremely difficult but I’ve heard from people that visiting China is difficult as not many people speak English and no signs are translated to English. Which is fine, I think it’s kind of bullshit that countries like Japan & Hong Kong have English translations on their public transport systems whereas here in the UK we don’t offer the luxury of a translation to any tourists. But it does worry me.

Therefore I wouldn’t go to China alone but would prefer to go with friends. A guided tour might be an option but I don’t like being limited – I don’t mind daytrips for example my trip in Romania to Dracula’s castle or our day trip in Japan to Mt Fuji but for the entire holiday it seems a bit much. It’s probably easier yeah but my favourite part of travelling is being able to take my time to do the things I care about whilst spending minimal times on the things I’m not enjoying. I’d have to speak to my friends I guess because I know they wanna go too – if you’ve been to China then let me know how you got on, the best way to do it etc. There’s just so much there that I want to see and do!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


To be honest I’d never really considered visiting Dubai but my manager at work has been a few times as her sister is living over there for a limited amount of time. So now actually it’s grown on me and I think it would be interesting to visit. From photos I’ve seen Dubai looks absolutely incredible and it looks like there’s a lot to do. Apparently they’re quite strict in terms of unmarried couples or drinking alcohol but I’m most likely to go with my friends anyway and we don’t really drink on our holidays – we’re too busy sightseeing from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed.

My friend Hirst really wants to visit Australia (it’s her number one destination and has been for years) so me, Becca and Jess had a look at doing stopovers on the way there and on the way back and we had originally settled on Dubai and Singapore – however Becca and Jess have since visited Singapore and Hirst said she didn’t to visit Dubai so I guess that’s thrown a spanner in the works. But I would really like to visit someday – preferably not in their summer though because I can barely handle the UK version of summer let alone the Dubai version.

Moscow, Russia


I’d love to visit Russia one day and I know my friend Becca would love to visit as well. The only thing putting me off is the visa process – visa’s really stress me out, I’m so sad Brexit went ahead, it’d better not make travelling more complicated. I’d also be a little worried as Russia are another quite strict country but I don’t think we’d be too at risk.

Russia looks like an absolutely fascinating country and to visit Moscow would be an honest dream come true. I’m sure Becca will eventually put her foot down and decide to go in which case I’m tagging along, whether she likes it or not.

Hanoi, Vietnam


On New Year’s Eve me, Becca and Jess were talking about our trip to Thailand and how we wanted to visit another country while we were over there when I suggested we each put three countries in Asia into a bowl and then pick one out. There was a discussion on which countries we’d put in the bowl and we realised that each of us would put Vietnam in there so we decided we might as well skip the bowl and just visit Vietnam as we all wanted to go.

When planning my 2019 birthday trip I had considered Vietnam but it put me off that they don’t have much public transport so I settled on Hong Kong instead. However, Becca and Jess managed to navigate Indonesia together last year where there was little to no public transport so if we all went to Vietnam together I’m sure we’d do fine. I’m hoping this crisis doesn’t last too long and that travel goes back to normal before we know it so we can have another out-of-continent trip together.

So there we have it, my top ten countries at the moment which will probably change by this time next year. Honourable mentions go to Krakow in Poland, Taipei in Taiwan, Rome in Italy and anywhere in Egypt as I would love to visit those as well. Although there aren’t many places I wouldn’t want to visit at this point.

Let me know where you’re most desperate to travel!

My Life in 20 Questions – Tag

Me + Buzz

Back at it with the tags but like I mentioned in a previous blog post, it’s not like anything exciting is happening to me recently. So you’re going to have to put up with a few tags from me. Please enjoy!

1. Favourite colour?

Pink although if you knew me you probably wouldn’t guess that since I don’t own much in pink but it is my favourite colour. A lot of people guess purple is my favourite colour because of my hair and it is a close second.

2. Lucky number?

21 because for some reason I just love that it can be divided by 7 and 3 even though I don’t particularly like those numbers? It stems from a weird thing I do where I’ll count the letters in words and try to divide them and to make ‘pleasing numbers’ I’ll count punctuation and the dots on letters etc. as one of the numbers. I can’t explain properly but that’s where my love for the number 21 stems from.

3. Dream job?

My realistic dream job is to be a writer – I’m learning towards writing a YA novel. My unrealistic dream job would be to get paid to travel the world with my best friends.


4. Where do you see yourself living on your own?

It was always my dream to live in London and if I had unlimited money I don’t think I’d say no. I’d love to live in Tokyo one day (not gonna happen) but if I went alone I might struggle to make friends and it may get lonely considering I can’t speak the language. But I do love Tokyo. If I had to pick somewhere in Europe that excluded the UK I think I’d pick Amsterdam.

Tokyo 2

5. Favourite way to travel?

By train I think, you can’t get stuck in a traffic jam and I’m scared of planes whereas on the train I can chill out more easily and just stick my headphones in. And unlike a car at least you can get up and stretch out if needed. Obviously the train isn’t perfect as sometimes it’s overcrowded or dirty etc. but if given the choice I’d mostly pick the train.

6. What do you like to do in your free time?

Um pre-lockdown I loved going to the cinema, going out for meals and hanging out with my friends. Now that we’re in lockdown my new favourite thing to do is online shop for clothes (it’s becoming a bit of a problem actually). I also love the games nights I’m having with my friends, playing wordscapes on my phone, playing Animal Crossing on my Nintendo Switch Lite, reading and eating haha.

New Horizons Marina

7. Favourite clothing store?

If I’m buying clothes online my favourite place to start is Killstar, their clothes are a bit expensive but they’re worth it. I’ve ordered a few things and have always been thrilled with them. In real-life it’s a toss-up between Yours and PRIMARK. PRIMARK obviously because there’s a lot of choice and the prices are fair. I love the way the majority of my Yours clothes look (it’s a plus size store) but I’m not thrilled with the price on most of their stuff. I have managed to get some bargains from them in their sales though.

8. From what band would you like to attend a concert?

Although I’ve already seen them at the top of my list at the moment is My Chemical Romance. I had tickets for their June show which got postponed to next June and although it’ll be painful waiting over a year I’m so grateful it was postponed and not cancelled because getting those tickets was an absolute nightmare. Not a band but I’d low-key love to go to a Lizzo concert, I bet she’d put on an amazing show.


9. Favourite tea?

Presumably the drink and not my favourite evening meal? I don’t actually like tea unfortunately.

10. Do you collect something?

I collect snow globes from all the different countries I’ve visited – the only one I’m missing is Amsterdam. My Mom was due to go in April so I asked her to pick me one up but obviously her trip has been postponed but I’ll remind her to get one for me so that my collection will be complete until I go to the next place!

11. I can’t sleep without…

My doors, windows and wardrobe all need to be closed – those are really the only circumstances in which I wouldn’t be able to sleep, I’d be so uncomfortable if I knew they were open. I prefer two pillows but can sleep with one. I also prefer lights off but can sleep with the lights on. When I last looked after my brother he kept getting out of bed and I had to keep going in to resettle him so in the end I just slept with the lights on for convenience.

12. If you got 1 million all to yourself, what would you spend it on?

Me and my friends would be on a plane within minutes. Fly first class over to America, road trip through there before moving onto the next continent. We wouldn’t come back until the million was gone.


13. Favourite make-up brand?

At the moment I don’t really wear make-up – on the odd occasions that I do I get my friends or Mom to apply it for me so they just use whatever they have. I do want to start using it just so I can do it myself on our nights out without inconveniencing my friends to do it for me but we’ll see. I don’t have much patience.

14. Favourite snack?

Mine changes all the time, I’m such a snack girl. I like the Dairy Milk trifle pots (layers of joy I think they’re called?) at the moment, I can’t get enough of them. I’m also having a lot of Ben & Jerry’s but I’m not sure they’re really a snack, I only have them at the weekend whereas I have the trifle pot when I’m taking a break from work.

15. Favourite season?

Autumn without a doubt. You still get the odd sunny day but it’s not boiling anymore but it’s not as cold as winter. I do like winter but once Christmas is gone it’s a bit depressing.


16. Do you sleep with your door closed or open?

I already answered this one whoops! I don’t know how people sleep with their doors open, anyone or anything could sneak in. A couple of times someone’s come into my room in the middle of the night (not in a creepy way luckily) and it sort of comforts me to know that it does wake me up so I’d be prepared. I don’t need anyone sneaking up on me when I’m vulnerable and asleep.

17. Why did you start blogging?

I wanted to review the books I was reading and now suddenly my blogs become a bit of an ‘everything’ blog. Now I’ve been blogging for years and I continue because I like reading back my posts, I like that my friends read them and I just enjoy writing them. I’m not too fussed about how many people are reading, because I like reading them.

18. Do you have a subscription to a magazine?

No, I like reading the true life magazines but they’re only like 80p each and I don’t think they have subscriptions. I’ve been asking my Mom what she wants for her birthday and the only thing she could come up with was a ‘Woman & Home’ subscription for crying out loud.

19. What did you do last night at 0:00?

When I originally wrote this it was a Friday morning so it was a Thursday night so I was asleep. And actually managed to stay asleep until 4:25AM which actually was a miracle within itself. Today it’s Sunday and last at midnight I was just getting into bed – I played games with my friends until about 11PM (via social media before anyone assumes we broke the social distancing rules) and then browsed shein before finally going to bed.

20. Favourite perfume?

Whatever I can afford and smells nice when I pop into Boot’s before a night out.

There we have it, my life in 20 questions! I hope you enjoyed this tag, feel free to answer and send me a link to your blog!

What I Miss About ‘Normal’ Life

Shelley's Party

I know I was aiming for more ‘light-hearted’ content but I wanted to write a quick post about the things I’m missing today. Although overall I’m doing okay I am having moments or days where I’m completely fed-up and instead of focusing on what I can do I’m focusing on what I can’t do. I don’t want to take that attitude ‘cos that’ll just make things more difficult but maybe writing a list will help as it’ll show me what I have to look forward to when we eventually get out of lockdown (and I think it’ll be a while before we’re completely out of it). But here we go, some things that in no particular order, I miss about ‘normal life’.

Nights Out

50th Birthday

I literally only went clubbing once for the entirety of last year (although I did go to a few parties) but I weirdly miss it now that I can’t do it. I went earlier this year with my friend Sorcha and we had a good time and we had been planning to go again the week the country went into proper lockdown. I was looking forward to it but if I’d been asked to compile a list of my favourite things to do clubbing wouldn’t have been very high. I prefer parties and getting drunk whilst dancing to cheesy music with friends and their family (who I trust) rather than being surrounded by strangers listening to tunes that I don’t know.

And yet, here I am, wanting to get dressed up and go for a night out on the town with my best friends. When the clubs open up again I think it’ll be one of the first things I do, I already have my outfit picked out so I’m bloody ready for a night out.

Drunk Conversations with my Friends


After Hirst’s Halloween party last year me, Jess and Becca stumbled back to my house, ordered takeout and just talked until stupid o’clock in the morning. On New Year’s Eve we met up again to get drunk and although we mostly played games my favourite moments were our drunken conversations about life, politics and everything in between. One of my favourite parts of being drunk is the stupid conversations me and my friends have.

Okay, so I could get drunk and FaceTime my friends but God it’s not the same. Alcohol goes one of two ways for me, I’ll either be super happy or super sad so if I end up super sad I don’t think it’ll help my lockdown life at all. So I’d rather wait until I can see them in person. I want a night in at one of their houses playing stupid drinking games or something, or maybe just a drunk conversation and takeout session after our night out at the club. I just miss them so much!

Long Car Rides

Weirdly specific but obviously I haven’t left my hometown since this all kicked off. Once a week me, my Mum and brother would drive to visit my Nan in West Bromwich and the journey would take about 40 minutes in the car to get there and then another 40 minutes to get home and I loved sitting back and listening to music whilst staring out the window. My Mum’s still driving over to my Nan’s, not for a visit but to drop off supplies and I did think about volunteering to go with her as company for the car ride but she generally pops over before work and also maybe she appreciates just having some alone time in the car.

In fact, this doesn’t just apply to cars. I also miss long train journeys. I’m used to visiting London quite regularly and I appreciate the long train journey. It’s just a nice bit of time to sit and relax. Obviously I’m still listening to music and chilling at home but it’s not the same.

Meals Out

Me + Ian

I’ve been lucky enough to not have any specific cravings for fast food or my favourite foods from particular restaurants but that doesn’t mean that I don’t miss them. Having to think what to make myself for dinner every single bloody night is grating on me, I don’t like spending too much time in ASDA anymore so I feel like I can’t go up and down looking for ingredients so I’m grabbing whatever’s convenient. I can’t wait to go back to a restaurant, have someone cook my food for me and then do the washing up for me like yes please.

The places I miss the most are probably Wetherspoons (controversial but it’s cheap and quick) and TGI Friday’s (which is weird ‘cos I never even ate there that often). I’ve not had many cravings for fast food like McDonalds or KFC but no doubt once those open I’ll go and grab some. Weirdly I’m also missing my Boots meal deals that I’d grab at lunchtime which is very irritating as I was getting bored of them when I was still working in the office.

I know we can still get takeout from certain places but my parents are being absolute snakes and keep ordering it without telling me so I haven’t even been able to enjoy that at the moment, I just keep having to cook for myself and it’s stressful. Every time I go to the shop I forget every food I’ve ever enjoyed so I’m finding myself eating a lot of the same lately.



I love going to the cinema. I love going to my local Cineworld, ordering myself a large milkshake and then settling into my seat to pay attention to a film for a couple of hours. I can watch films at home but my attention wavers a lot at home whereas at the cinema I’m able to focus solely on the film even if I’m not 100% enjoying it. I’m way fussier about films at home, I don’t know why, I think it’s because I’m surrounded by too much temptation. Plus I’m one of those people who won’t even take their phone out for a split second to check the time in the cinema ‘cos I think it’s really rude so it’s almost impossible to get distracted.

There were some cracking films coming out this year as well that have been pushed back, the one I was looking forward to most was definitely ‘A Quiet Place 2’. I can’t wait for the cinemas to be open again, honestly.

Browsing in Stores

I’ve managed to perfect my food shop so that I only need to go to ASDA once every two weeks now and whilst I used to really enjoy shopping I actually low-key dread it now. Okay, that’s not entirely true – I like getting out of the house to actually do something but God being in the store stresses me out. I feel the first few aisles are okay, everyone’s respectful and I wonder why I got so worried. Then the middle and end aisles are horrendous, people just don’t give a damn about social distancing and can’t follow the arrows on the floor. By the time I’m done I’m absolutely exhausted from shoving round my full trolley whilst trying to avoid getting too close to anybody else.

Before lockdown I was a ‘shop as and when’ girl so I’d put enough food for the next couple of days into a basket and then just go out when I needed. I also liked to take my time, weigh up my options in my mind, did I really fancy that etc. Now it’s basically grab and go. Nowadays I sort out a mental list of everything I need a couple of days before I go and try my best to stick to that. It’s also more annoying now if I forget anything non-essential. Last Monday I forgot to grab custard but obviously won’t be popping out to buy any. I miss being able to take my time and also not worrying that all the other shoppers were gonna infect me with a deadly disease because they don’t understand the concept of bloody social distancing.

It’s not just grocery stores either, I used to pop to my local shopping centre every lunchtime at work and I’d love to have a browse in PRIMARK and other stores but that’s obviously not an option at the moment.

Visiting Family and Friends

Me + Little Nan

This is obvious and I’d imagine probably applies to most people. Obviously I’m still talking to my friends but it’s not the same as when we’re all sat in a room together chatting shit. Or out and about doing something. My Dad’s phoning me once a week but it’s not the same as going to his house for dinner. I used to see my Nan weekly which I obviously can’t anymore so I’ve been writing her letters and putting them in with the food deliveries my Mum takes. But it’s obviously never going to be the same as seeing your loved ones in person.

Unfortunately I think my grandparents will be some of the last people I see because even once the restrictions are lifted we’re still going to be a risk to our elderly relatives. I know my brother’s missing my Nan (he keeps throwing tantrums whenever I look after him the little shit) so it’s a shame it’s going to take so long to get back to ‘normal’. But we’ll all have to be patient.

Having the House to Myself

I love having the house to myself. As many of you may know I really don’t get on well with my step-dad and even if I did I’d still appreciate having some alone time to roam around the house. Sometimes it’s just for an evening or sometimes it’s for a bit longer if my parents are on holiday. I like it because I have full access to the kitchen to make whatever I want without worrying I’m taking too long and I can also sit in the living room which apparently is a privilege in our house.

To be fair I imagined we’d have all reached boiling point by now since none of us can go anywhere but we’re ticking by okay. But I’m still looking forward to when they can go out again so I can have the house to myself again. At the moment I’m sort of just stuck in my room and although it could be worse it could also be better.


Tokyo 2

I was due to go to Sweden over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend but that obviously didn’t go ahead. To be fair I already knew before we went into full lockdown that I wouldn’t be able to go but in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t the end of the world. As I’ve pointed out a couple of times I managed to have my big trip to Florida in February so I could give up my weekend in Sweden. I’m due to go to Disneyland Paris for four nights in November but obviously that’s not a certainty anymore but I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I think that since I’ve booked it all through a travel company they’ll be able to rebook for me so it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Last year I did tons of travelling, probably the most I’ve ever done in a year (6 countries) and I really miss it. I think it’s hard not being able to book anything to look forward to because we don’t know when everything’s going to be back to normal. Yeah, I am struggling with the lack of travel. I can’t even explore the UK at the moment let alone other countries.


Me + Hirst

I bloody love going to the theatre and to be fair, before we went into lockdown I’d already been a fair few times. Shortly beforehand I managed to see Six two nights in a row, the first with my Mum and then the second time with Hirst. I’d also had a few weekends in London watching various different shows. I am missing it though. In April I was meant to see ‘Friends – The Musical Parody’ which unfortunately was cancelled. Me and Mum were due to see ‘Mary Poppins’ for the first weekend in June but I’m certain that will be postponed which is a shame as it was my Christmas present. I’m definitely missing my theatre trips.

I’m sure there are plenty of other things that I miss if I thought about it for a while longer but these are the main ones. Feel free to let me know what you guys are missing but for now stay home and stay safe.

Animal Crossing New Horizons: Tag

New Horizons

It’s safe to say that I’ve played an awful lot of Animal Crossing ever since the game was released. I received my Nintendo Switch Lite and the game on the same day and although I have another Switch game I haven’t even opened it yet because I’ve been so busy playing Animal Crossing. My last couple of posts were about social distancing and this lockdown so I wanted something more light-hearted and decided to look for an Animal Crossing tag. I couldn’t find one so decided to make my own. Feel free to borrow if you want to give it a go, I’d love to read your answers!

Who were you starter villagers?

As I’ve only played ‘Wild World’ I didn’t really have any favourite islanders (I’m not sure if my favourite from back then are even still around) so I didn’t go into this game with any hopes for who my villagers would be. As luck would have it I think I got two pretty decent ones because I got Poncho and Agnes. Although Agnes is probably my least favourite villager so far I still like her, as I like all my residents. And I actually love Poncho.

New Horizons Bridge

I’ve just Googled it and apparently my old favourite villager is part of New Horizons. For some reason I really loved Opal even though she was a ‘snooty’ villager so if she came to my island I’d ask her to stay.

Which other villagers have joined your island?

Sherb, Marina and Peanut. My favourite is definitely Marina, I think she’s so cute and I’m so glad I’ve got her on my island. I asked them all very quickly to move in not realising there was going to be a limit, I did say no to one villager but I can’t remember who it was. I’ve only recently got the campsite up and running and Huck is in there at the moment and the game forced me to ask him to move in but I really don’t want him to ‘cos he’ll spoil my aesthetic haha. Luckily I don’t think he will because he asked me to ask Tom Nook if it was okay and I haven’t asked because I don’t want him. I didn’t realise if I talked to him the game would force me to invite him to my island! Hopefully tomorrow he’ll buggar off and I can pick someone else.

New Horizons Resident Services

What is your island fruit and are you happy with it?

Mine’s apples and I was thrilled because someone on Twitter did a poll to see what fruit people wanted and I did choose apples. I know everyone likes the peaches but I’m not as keen. The only fruit I would’ve been annoyed with is the pears. I do have pear (and cherry) trees on my island now but for it to be the resident fruit would’ve been so annoying. The ones in Wild World made me feel a bit sick because they reminded me of a horrible jellybean I ate as a kid that made me feel sick. Eugh!

What did you name your island and does it have a meaning?

The one thing that I suck at is naming my island. I was looking at what other people were calling theirs but it had meaning to them so I didn’t want to steal them. I can’t remember what site I ended up on but it showed me what small words meant (I’m not explaining this right but I can’t remember how I found this site) and so I strung two together and came up with the island name of ‘Redfae’. I’m actually not mad keen on it now but there’s no going back. I wish I’d spent a bit longer thinking of a name but I don’t think I’d have come up with much to be honest.

New Horizons Marina

Do you time skip?

I used to when I played it on the Nintendo DS because I’d do all the cheats of how to get thousands of bells of interest from the bank but that came with consequences (the amount of bloody weeds that would appear over town). I also skipped to my birthday a couple of times to see what would happen. But in New Horizons I’m enjoying taking it day by day so I don’t think I’ll time skip. I’m finding it much easier to get bells in this game than I did in Wild World so I don’t really see the need. I’m not too impatient whilst waiting for stuff to be built; I just get on with other things that need doing on the island.

Did you stick with your first island or did you reset?

I stuck with my first island because like I said, I didn’t really have any expectations. I was also happy with my starter fruit and my villagers seemed okay. Maybe if I’d got pears and an ugly villager I’d have felt differently though haha! I used to reset all the time when I played Wild World but I don’t particularly want to reset all my hard work.

New Horizons Aquarium

Do you have a favourite K. K. Slider song?

When I was a kid I ended up having Antonio as one of my villagers in one town I had and I loved the song he played in his house which was ‘K. K. Faire’ and I found it on YouTube and although the ‘live’ version of K. K. singing it is good the song that played in his house sounds so weird. I still think it’s my favourite for nostalgia purposes though.

New Horizons Sherb

Those are all the questions I have for now! Please send me a link if you complete this tag, I’d love to read your answers. Stay safe!

Quarantine Tag Game

Social Distancing

So I found this tag on Tumblr and although no one tagged me in it I’m gonna give it a go. There’s not many questions but I have little else to write about in this lockdown so please enjoy!

Are you staying home from work/school?

Yes, we were all moved to work from home. When this originally started we were going to move onto a rota so half the team would be in the office whilst the other half worked from home and we’d keep alternating but it reached a point where they couldn’t open the office full stop. I last went in for half a day and we couldn’t leave until we’d sorted an automated voice for the phones and since I was in the office I got nominated by my colleagues to record the voice because I have a ‘posh voice’ apparently. It’s a bit cringe but my friends rang the number and said I sounded very professional so there’s that!

I’m low-key enjoying working from home whilst also missing my colleagues and being out and about. I miss walking over town during my lunch break whilst listening to music. I am saving money on Boots meal deals though.

If you’re staying home, who is there with you?

My Mum and Step-Dad. At first my step-dad still had to go to work whilst me and my Mum worked from home and that worked well but now my step-dad is home fulltime and it’s uh… Not perfect but working better than I thought. Luckily I think my Mum knows he’d drive us insane so she told him to keep himself busy whilst we’re working and he has been so far. We’ll see what it’s like in a few weeks I guess.

Me + Mum 3

Are you a homebody?

Uh yes and no. Whilst I always enjoyed having the odd day in the house I was generally out most nights of the week. I’d go out for meals, go to the cinema, meet my friends, go to the theatre etc. I also travel a lot. So whilst I can manage staying inside there are a lot of things I do miss.

Has an event that you were looking forward to been cancelled?

The first one isn’t an event but I was due to go to Sweden over the bank holiday weekend which obviously isn’t happening now. I am gutted because I wanted to see Sweden but after my horrible flight back from Orlando I was really dreading getting on a plane again. Also at the moment I’m just counting my blessings that I managed my big trip to Florida in February, I’d have been more devastated to miss that one so I can let go of Sweden.


I was due to go to the theatre to see ‘Friends – The Musical Parody’ which is now cancelled. I am disappointed but I got to see ‘Six – The Musical’ just before all this kicked off and that was fantastic.

Then I have nothing until June when I have a ticket to see Mary Poppins and a ticket to see My Chemical Romance and to be honest I’d be most gutted if those two were cancelled or I couldn’t go. I have a horrible feeling they will be but for now I’ll just cross my fingers.

What movies have you watched recently?

Me and my friends have discovered and are utilizing Netflix Party. We recently re-watched the Twilight series which I’d hated as a teenager but must confess I really enjoyed watching with my friends. Now we’ve moved onto The Hunger Games – we originally couldn’t watch it because it’s not available on the UK Netflix but Jess managed to find a way around the system and now we only have Mockingjay Part Two left.

Mockingjay Still

By myself I re-watched ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Brave’ on Disney+ and I have much more in my watch list to get through. I also have a few films on Netflix that I want to watch.

What shows are you watching?

At the moment I’m working my way through ‘The Simpsons’ on Disney+ because it’s comforting and familiar, like I don’t have to think too much and it’s just light-hearted. I want to start a series but my attention span is so low that I’m not sure what I’m feeling. I want to rewatch all the old Disney shows, maybe that’s what I need during these trying times – old and familiar lmao.

The Simpsons

What music are you listening to?

I’ve literally had the ‘Six’ soundtrack on repeat ever since I saw the show, I immediately loved every song and I can’t stop listening to it. Between that I’m also listening to my usual K-Pop mixed with some My Chemical Romance and other various bands. Right this second I’m listening to Hands Up by Cherry Bullet (which you should definitely check out, it’s their best song yet). I’m also listening to the ‘Birds of Prey’ soundtrack fairly regularly.

Six The Musical

What are you reading?

After watching the ‘Twilight’ saga with my friends I decided to give the book a try because I really didn’t get to grips with it when I was a teenager, I tried and just really couldn’t get into it. So I ordered the first book and have finally managed to read it – so I’ve ordered the rest of the series to give a try.

Twilight 2

I am reading a fair amount; this is the perfect time to up my total for my reading challenge. I recently read ‘The Love Hypothesis’ by Laura Steven who is quickly turning into one of my favourite authors. I’ve also read ‘A Dark Secret’ by Casey Watson, she’s a foster carer who writes books about the children she’s looked after – I personally prefer Cathy Glass but I’m up to date with all of Cathy’s so decided to read more by Casey. Then I read ‘Are You Watching’ by Vincent Ralph which wasn’t incredible but did keep my attention sufficiently I suppose.

I’ve got a good amount of books to keep me going for the foreseeable future I think!

What are you doing for self-care?

Not a lot because I’ve actually been weirdly busy to be honest. I’m playing a lot of Animal Crossing which I think is good because it’s calm and is a good bit of escapism. I’m also trying to go for more walks as I’ve found I’m struggling to sleep at night recently and I think it’s because I’m obviously moving around far less than I normally would if I was still going out to work. Unfortunately though the walks aren’t that calming as I’m doing my best to social distance from everyone and some people just honestly don’t care and it really stresses me out but I think they do help with my sleep pattern so I’ll have to carry on.

There we have it, my quarantine tag! I hope you enjoyed, feel free to link me to your own answers.

My Social Distancing Plans

Social Distancing

Within the past couple of weeks the world has changed quite a lot. It seems crazy that just two weeks ago I was able to visit the theatre with my friend Hirst and my Mum and now everything’s closed – including the office I work in! I am taking the social distancing measures seriously but haven’t got cabin fever yet because I’ve actually been quite busy for the past week or so. Therefore I’ve decided to share my social distancing plans and what I’ll be up to during this isolation.

Working From Home

Social Distancing Work

I am extremely fortunate to have a job that 1) accepted that we will all need to adapt to home-working and 2) have a manager who is determined that none of us will be left without work and go on sick or no pay. It took a bit of time and we haven’t ironed out every bump yet but our entire team is now working from home and it’s going okay. I’m in a work group chat with the other admin and we finally managed to have a successful video chat so although it’ll be weird not to see them properly I shouldn’t have time to miss them.

One of the benefits of working from home is that for the foreseeable future we don’t have to answer phones, we’re taking any queries as emails and answering the phones was my least favourite part of my job so I’m ecstatic about that. The only downside is that I’ve been added to a volunteer list to potentially help out in the community as we’re not going to get be getting tons of work coming our way – a nice idea in theory but I’m not sure I get paid enough to put myself at risk. But we’ll see. Either way, I’m glad I still have a job during these times as I know many people weren’t as fortunate and one that will keep me relatively busy.

Movie Nights with my Girls


Somebody on Twitter very helpfully tweeted about how Netflix Party might be a saviour during the next few weeks so me and my best friends Becca, Hirst and Jess decided to put the system to the test. We normally spend forever picking a film but to be fair we settled on ‘Twilight’ very quickly on our first Netflix Party night and then over the course of a week we completed the entire series. The system wasn’t flawless, one night I’d estimate it took us about 40 – 45 minutes to all successfully get into the party and then during Breaking Dawn Part Two it kept saying people had left even though they hadn’t? But although the system isn’t perfect it’s nice to still be able to watch a film with my favourite people.


Now that we’ve finished the Twilight saga we’re going to need something else to watch but I’m sure we’ll find something – if anyone has any suggestions then please feel free to leave them! The trouble we have is that our tastes are all quite different, I’m surprised we settled on the Twilight films so quickly.

Playing Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing

I’d been moaning about wanting a Nintendo Switch for a while but couldn’t really afford it until eventually I decided to settle for a Nintendo Switch Lite which I actually kind of prefer – I don’t have a TV in my room so wouldn’t really get the most out of a proper Switch and I think my Switch Lite is cute. I’ve bought two games, a Mario Game and Animal Crossing. And so far, the only game I’ve played is Animal Crossing.

The only Animal Crossing game I’ve played is ‘Wild World’ on my Nintendo DS which I’ve had since I was in primary school but I loved it and never really grew out of it. The games have obviously come on a long way since then and I love it. Being able to pick where I wanted my house to be in ‘New Horizons’ was such a treat. I always wanted a house near the beach in ‘Wild World’ but even if you selected ‘beach’ you were bloody miles away from it so I plopped my house is ‘New Horizons’ right next to the beach (as you can see from my screensheet). I can never go back to ‘Wild World’ after this, I’m enjoying ‘New Horizons’ too much. I definitely made the right decision to buy it on release day, I think it’ll keep me entertained throughout this disaster.



The second Disney+ was launched in the UK I signed up, I’d been absolutely counting down the days until it’s release. I bloody love Disney and since my trip to Florida I’ve wanted to re-watch a lot of the films. I have a few DVD’s but as mentioned I don’t own a TV and unfortunately my laptop won’t let me play DVD’s so they were no use and I didn’t mind buying digital copies but they were quite expensive for just one movie. But finally, they’re all in one place and I only have to pay like £5 a month to watch them. Absolute bargain.

I haven’t even had time to properly dive into it but I’m sure I’ll set aside a day to binge all of my old favourite Disney movies and shows – so far all I’ve watched is ‘The Little Mermaid’ and several episodes of ‘The Simpsons’. I’m honestly so excited!

Playing The Sims

The Sims 3

I’ve recently re-found my love for the Sims (although truthfully I have abandoned it recently to play Animal Crossing) which couldn’t have come at a better time to be honest. I’m a sucker for the Sims 3 (I never really got on with Sims 4) and recently downloaded a couple more of my expansion packs and honestly I’m at a stage where I could play all day and probably not get bored. I bloody love the Sims. So I’ll definitely be occupying some of my time with that.

Games with my Friends

On Thursday night me and the girls took part in a Virtual Pub Quiz and although it was absolutely chaotic it was a lot of fun. Then we did a YouTube Disney quiz, answered some riddles and then a Twilight quiz. So we’ve decided that some evenings we’ll also play games somehow so that we’re not always just watching movies. It’s going to be a lot of fun!


Just before everything went pear-shaped I ordered three new books in case we had to fully isolate and since then I’ve finished two of them and am halfway through the third. I have a couple more that have been floating round my ‘to be read’ shelf for a while so I should probably get started on them but if possible I’m also gonna order a few more. My reading goal for this year was 30 books and this lockdown will be a great excuse to get through as many as possible. If anyone has any book recommendations please leave them in the comments and I might give them a go!


We’ll see if I actually do this because unfortunately although I was doing okay with this at the start of the year it seems to have gone down the pan. But I want to get back into writing and now seems like a perfect opportunity to do so. So I will try harder! It might also give me an opportunity to write some more blog posts although I’m not sure what about considering I won’t be able to go anywhere or do anything but I might think of something. We’ll soon see!

For now those are the only plans I have and to be honest I’ve been quite busy for the week or so… So hopefully I’ll get through these difficult times. Let me know your social distancing plans and how you’re finding it. Stay safe everyone!