Hereditary Review


I haven’t written a horror or book review in a while because I just don’t have as much motivation anymore – for a while I was churning out posts about my personal life and other interests so I just didn’t have the time anyway. Unfortunately lately I seem to have hit a brick wall and have a bit of writer’s block so I decided to return to my reviews and what better movie to review than one I had been absolutely desperate to see.

I was shocked to get to the cinema and find out my friend had not seen a single trailer for this movie. I have no idea how she managed to avoid it since it’s been everywhere. At the cinema, all over Facebook, it popped up before every YouTube video I watched. And I didn’t mind because it looked really good and I was counting down the days until it was finally released.

As a basic plot overview the main character is Annie whose Mother has just died and the film begins with the family attending her funeral. Before long the family start noticing strange occurrences and Annie believes they are being haunted by something their Mother left behind.

Harry Potter scared gif.gif

I was ready to like this film but unfortunately… I don’t think I did. I don’t particularly want to give away any spoilers but the trailer was extremely misleading and the film was almost completely different. In a way I sort of respect that because it did add shock value and didn’t completely give away the plot of the movie like some trailers do. As my friend hadn’t seen the trailer I advised her to go home and watch it because it shows a completely different movie.

Maybe I would’ve enjoyed it because the first twenty minutes or so were quite interesting and really got the plot going but then it completely slowed down and although things were happening I don’t think it was enough to keep me invested in the plot. I do appreciate that they didn’t rely on cheap jump scares because although those are scary in the moment they don’t particularly leave a lasting impression whereas I must admit some parts of this will stick with me (Annie banging her head manically against the ceiling sticks out as one). It didn’t necessarily have to be full of spooky moments though, I just felt like the story was very slow to get going.

Also I take issue with the ending. Becca swears down that she understands it and I think my issue with it is that I can’t accept it at face value. I have my own theory about what the ending meant but I can’t quite make sense of it in my head. I think I’m so desperate to have this theory because otherwise I just really didn’t like the ending. I’m not sure if it was meant to mean something else or if I was seriously supposed to accept what happened but I don’t know what to think.

2NE1 confused gif.gif

I’ll be honest and say I was a bit disappointed in this film. The start is really good and I won’t fault that but it sort of goes downhill from there with nothing really happening until the final ten minutes when it suddenly all kicks off. I feel quite bad writing this review because I honestly really wanted to enjoy it… But I didn’t.

On the bright side I think the acting was amazing, especially from Toni Collette who played Annie and Milly Shapiro did a good job as Charlie. Alex Wolff was good but he needs to stop with that awful, ugly crying it sounds absolutely horrendous and out of place with the tone of the film.

Time for a fun piece of horror trivia – according to Alex Wolff the original cut of the film could have easily been over three hours with mostly more family dialogue. I feel bad but like thank god, am I right?

Let me know if you saw this film and what you thought, whether you have any theories, whether you loved it or hated it, or whatever you wanna do!

Bill Bailey: Larks in Transit Review

Bill Bailey Larks in Transit

Back in 2015 I had a ticket to go and see Bill Bailey which I was over the moon about but unfortunately in the end I couldn’t go and see him. I had a ticket for his London show because at the time I lived in London, attending university and what not, but I dropped out and didn’t have the money to travel from Telford to London for the night. I was disappointed and for a while there was no more talk of him going on tour again.

Then last year I saw the announcement for the Larks in Transit tour and as soon as pay day came around I bought a ticket for his Birmingham show. I really wanted to see Bill because I’m a big fan of ‘Black Books’ and I’d already seen Dylan Moran so I wanted to see Bill as well. Originally I was going to go by myself but in the end my Mom bought a ticket so we could go together – we weren’t sat together but it didn’t matter too much.

To be honest with you I haven’t seen many comedians, I’d seen Dylan Moran… And that was about it. I’d really enjoyed him though and I was certain I would enjoy Bill Bailey just as much. He had quite a good turnout, managing to fill most of the Birmingham Arena (formally known as the Barclaycard Arena, formally formally known as the NIA). My view was okay, I was close to the front but very far on the left side of the stage whereas my Mom was more central but towards the back of the arena. I’d bought my ticket a year ago whereas she’d only bought hers a couple of weeks ago because I didn’t want to catch the last train home by myself.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect because I hadn’t seen any of Bill’s stand-up before, hadn’t read any reviews, watched any clips on YouTube, I pretty much only knew of him from Black Books.  But I had faith that since I’d enjoyed the show so much I would be sure to love his stand-up. And by the way if you haven’t seen Black Books then you definitely should, it’s so funny.

Black Books gif.gif

The first thing that I automatically liked is Bill’s energy – to be truthful the first few jokes sort of went over my head a little bit but to me it didn’t even matter, I was still having a good time. When I got into it, maybe ten minutes later I was gone. The first half was good and I was sold on Bill’s jokes.

I think my favourite part is that Bill is like massively intelligent, he can play all these instruments, speak God knows how many languages and this is what he chooses to do for a living and honestly I’m living for it. All the musical elements were my favourite. Also Bill accidentally standing on the disco button had to be one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my life.

Before I knew it the first half was over and I went looking for my Mom who told me she was at the bar but she was chilling at the upstairs bar whilst I hunted around in the downstairs bar so in the end the pair of us gave up and returned to our seats. I’d also ran straight to the bathroom the moment the lights had come on which was lucky as when I came out the queue for the ladies was suddenly a mile long.

Although I’d enjoyed the first half I definitely preferred the second half. The whole ‘major and minor’ key bit was absolutely hilarious, I couldn’t stop laughing and I don’t think I will ever be sat down and tested on my knowledge of bird noises again. And the Teresa May dance track… The second half just honestly had me crying with laughter from start to finish and I’m really glad I decided to go. It was worth waiting an entire year.

After the show I had some difficulty finding my Mom but luckily she’d bumped into my old manager who managed to help us find each other and we headed back to the train station together agreeing it had been good. From there things kind of sucked because when we got back to Telford my Mom insisted that the pair of us had to walk home even though it was midnight and made us walk down pitch black alley even though I told her it was a bad idea. But it was worth it for such an amazing night.

My review has by no means done the show justice but basically, go and see Bill Bailey if you have the opportunity to. And watch Black Books, that show is absolutely hilarious!

Top 10 AOA Songs

AOA 2.jpg

There’s nothing I love more than a good list so I figured since I’ve written my top ten favourite songs for most groups at this point I might as well make one for AOA as well! Here goes nothing.

10. Short Hair

AOA Short Hair gif.gif

It’s definitely not AOA’s best song but ‘Short Hair’ is still catchy and a good song. To be honest with you I’ve only listened to it a handful of times but it’s a good song, just not very high on my list of favourites.

9. Oh Boy

AOA Oh Boy gif.jpg

I’m not sure whether I’ve been listening to the Korean or Japanese version but this song is awesome. The girls all look amazing in the music video and it’s definitely one you can jam to. If you haven’t heard this song then I definitely recommend giving it a listen.

8. Bing Bing

AOA Bing Bing gif.gif

This song was released at the same time as ‘Excuse Me’ and most people seemed to prefer this one. I can see why, it’s a good song and I really liked it – I loved the whole magic concept and the whole thing was just brilliant. The girls looked amazing and the song was good. Definitely a good AOA comeback!

7. Like a Cat

AOA Like a Cat gif.gif

This used to be my favourite song but unfortunately I listened to it one too many times so I don’t love it as much as I used to but it’s still a good song. Does this song count as iconic yet? I definitely think it should do. The girls looked so good, especially Jimin, and the whole music video was amazing. The choreography is also really cool and it’s just a good song.

6. Ai Wo Choudai

AOA Please Give Me Your Love gif.gif

The title sort of translates to ‘Give Me Your Love’ and it’s a really good song. The music video is very simplistic as it’s just the choreography but the girls pull it off well and they all look amazing, especially Hyejeong who looks like Harley Quinn. I’m so glad I came across this song because it’s really good and I can’t recommend it enough.

5. With Elvis

AOA gif 3.gif

This is a song written for AOA’s fans and oh my god it’s so sweet. Their fans are called ‘Elvis’ which is a reference to their debut song, hence the song title name. I’m not normally a fan of slow songs but this one is perfect and so sweet, I could listen to it over and over again. I just love it so much! It really shows how much AOA care about their fans and it makes me love them even more so it’s definitely one of my favourites.

4. Good Luck

AOA Good Luck gif.gif

I’ve talked about this a bit before but this is the song that turned me into an AOA fan. I listened to their song ‘Heart Attack’ and absolutely hated it so I assumed I wasn’t an AOA fan but I saw a few people talking about their ‘Good Luck’ comeback so I decided to give it a listen – and quickly became a fan of it. I’m so glad I decided to give it a chance because now I love AOA!

3. Excuse Me

AOA Excuse Me gif.gif

I don’t understand everyone who hated this song or called it a flop because I honestly loved it from first listen. Whilst most people preferred ‘Bing Bing’ I was bopping to ‘Excuse Me’. It did well on my ‘best K-Pop songs of 2017’ list because I honestly just really liked it. All of it – the concept, the outfits, the choreography, the song itself. What a good comeback, I don’t care what anybody says.

2. Bingle Bangle

AOA Bingle Bangle gif.gif

This song actually started at number eight on the list because I didn’t love it upon first listen but after listening to it on repeat I’ve decided that I actually love it so much. ‘Bingle Bangle’ is AOA’s latest comeback, their first one without Choa and honestly it was amazing. The music video was so cute and is now probably one of my favourites, I love the dance and the song is super catchy. Check it out if you haven’t already!

1. Mini Skirt

AOA Mini Skirt gif.gif

I used to like this song but I didn’t particularly ‘love’ it or anything until I saw the choreography for it – I’m not sure what I loved about it, I just did. It’s a really good song and there’s nothing I don’t love about it. Well, I wasn’t a fan of Jimin’s black bob but like I can let that go. Their outfits were awesome and it was definitely their best comeback.

So there are my ten favourites AOA songs, feel free to tell me yours!

Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before Starting Secondary School


The other day my friend Becca shared a Facebook post that shocked the lot of us – we’d officially left school five years ago. A whole five years of our lives have passed since we were sat at school believing it’d never end. That means that I started Secondary School ten years ago this September! That’s absolutely crazy – at the time it felt never ending but now it feels like it’s been about five minutes since I put on my brand new uniform and caught the mini bus to my brand new school.

A lot of young people will be starting Secondary School this September and I wanted to pass on a bit of my wisdom to those people. There’s also some advice in here for people already at Secondary School. So here I present, five things I wish I’d known before starting Secondary School.

1. Friendships Will Naturally Form

School 4.jpg

It’s quite sad to leave most of your primary school friends behind and head to Secondary – in Telford we have way less Secondary’s than Primary’s so I started Secondary with about three other girls who had been to my primary school. I got on well with them but in my last year of Primary I’d been best friends with two year five girls and had grown apart from my friends in the same year as me. And anyway, I wanted to make some new friends. Because that was the point, wasn’t it?

This meant I was friendly to absolutely everybody – which I absolutely advise because what’s the point in being mean – but it also meant I tried to force myself into being best friends with people that I had little in common with. Be nice to everyone and you’ll soon find the people that you share similar interests with and that you naturally click with.

Also remember that your friendship group won’t necessarily stay the same the entire time you’re at Secondary School. My best friend in Year 7 wasn’t my best friend in Year 11 and that’s fine! People change over time, especially when you’re teenagers and sort of figuring out who you are and what you’re interested in and people naturally gravitate away from each other. I had several different friendship groups over my years at Secondary and I value all of them – but I’m in the right group for me now.

So my advice is to be nice to everybody – some people won’t be nice back but try not to focus on them. Focus on your friends and having a good time (whilst studying and working hard too obviously).

2. Boys Aren’t That Important

School 5.jpg

I’m sorry to all the boys reading this but as I’m a girl most of this advice is tailored towards girls.

I don’t mean my point as in ‘ignore all the boys, they’re worthless’ – if you end up making friends with a ton of boys then great, that’s cool! What I mean is that you shouldn’t put your value on whether you have a boyfriend or not, like I did for the majority of my time in Secondary School.

You will probably develop a crush on someone there – you’re there every single day and it just kind of happens. Me and my friends regularly discuss who we had crushes on in Secondary School and have a good laugh about it now because we would just never go there now. We honestly can’t believe some of the people we used to have crushes on back then.

In fact there was one guy that me, Jess and Hirst all dated at one point who we wouldn’t even want to talk to nowadays let alone date them. I remember he broke up with his current girlfriend to be with me which at the time I thought was like a massive romantic gesture but now raises complete alarm bells – if he could do that to her, what would stop him doing that to me?

My honest advice would be to try and forget about boyfriends and just focus on having a good time with your mates. I hate the fact I spent so much time at school hating myself because the boys at my school didn’t find me attractive – big deal! Who cares what they think? Enjoy the time you have now with your mates before you all get jobs and only hang out once a month – you can tell yourself it won’t happen to you but the moment you all get different schedules you’ll find once a month is actually a blessing.

3. If You Don’t Understand Then Just Say So

School 3.jpg

Okay this is bad to admit but in Year 9 we were doing a Science test and we were sat two to a table with instructions not to cheat. My friend kept glancing at my paper and whispering “Are you thick? That’s not the answer, this is the answer!” So obviously I put what she told me and passed the exam. During my GCSE year I was put into the higher Science class – and didn’t understand a word of it. By the end of the year I failed my first GCSE exam and had to be put down into BTECH where I had a year to complete a two year course.

For a while I felt like I was extremely stupid – never mind that I was in top class for every other subject, I was failing one class so I was an idiot. But I wasn’t. I just didn’t get science – still don’t in fact. And that’s fine. I should’ve been more honest at the time that it was my weaker point and maybe someone could’ve helped me.

This bad habit has kind of followed me throughout my academic life. In school I was very much ‘I don’t get it but I just won’t say anything’ – I kept this attitude in college and university and it’s such a bad habit! If you don’t understand then put your hand up and say “Hey, I don’t get this, can you explain it in a different way?” Everyone learns differently and no one should expect everyone to understand from just one explanation.

I had a friend who regularly talked to teachers and they went through what she didn’t understand until she did, and when it came to exams she knew how to revise and always did really well. I never knew how to revise and ended up ‘winging it’ more than half the time and trust me, it’s not a good habit to get into because it’s difficult to break it. Ask as many questions as possible – if you’re embarrassed to do it in front of the whole class then either call the teacher over when everyone’s started working, speak to them after class or even send them an email and tell them you were too embarrassed to say so in class but you really didn’t get it. You’re not thick or stupid for not understanding, it just needs to be explained in a different way.

4. Just Sit Down and Do Your Homework

School 6

At the start of every academic year I was full of good intentions – I’d do my homework the same day it was set as soon as I got in so I didn’t have to worry about it anymore. And within a couple of weeks it had slipped and soon I was only completing homework for the teachers that I knew would give me detention if I didn’t complete it. And even then most of the time I was completing it the lunch time before the lesson itself. This is another bad habit to have!

I’ll be honest with you, homework feels like a massive pain and even now I sometimes sit back and think about how happy I am that I no longer need to do any. But it’s set for a reason so do your best to always complete it. If you don’t understand then either ask your parents for help or do your best and then go back to school and explain you tried but didn’t really understand.

Also, terrible advice here, but if you do your homework regularly then on the odd occasions you do forget the teachers are more likely to forgive you and give you an extension. I remember my friend lying to the teacher and saying she’d done her homework but had left it at home. Because she regularly did her homework and never really got into any trouble the teacher went “Okay, I believe you”.

But honestly, just do it! Preferably on the day it’s set and as soon as you get in so that you don’t have to worry about it after that.

Another tip – make sure you accurately write down what you’re supposed to be doing. Once I wrote down ‘RE poem things’, sat down to my homework a week later and had no idea what it meant. I did the work wrong, because I genuinely forgot what I was meant to do, and the teacher accused me of being lazy. Which was fair enough but I wasn’t lazy for doing the wrong homework, I was lazy for not recording down what I was actually meant to do in the first place.

Start as you mean to go on and do your best to complete all of your homework!

5. You Don’t Have to Decide Your Career Right Now

School 7

I know the pressure will feel like a lot because suddenly your teachers are banging on about how important it is that you pick the right GCSEs that will define your entire career and whatever but trust me, you don’t have to pick at age fourteen what you want to do with the rest of your life. I’m twenty-one and I still don’t really know what I’m doing and I’m currently working a job I wouldn’t have dreamed of having in school.

Picking my GCSEs was a bit different because at the time we were told if we picked certain subjects we’d get a qualification called the ‘English Baccalaureate’ – I had to Google it and according to Google it’s still a thing but after I’d picked my GCSEs I was told this qualification had been dropped, something I was absolutely livid about. To get this qualification you had to have English, Maths, a humanities subject and a language subject.

Ultimately I don’t think this would’ve drastically changed my GCSE choices – I chose History, Spanish, Music and Performing Arts. The only thing different would’ve been that I definitely would not have picked Spanish because although I’m desperate to learn a new language there’s just not enough emphasis on language for British children in public schools to completely pick up a new language. The only phrase I remember from Spanish class now is ‘tengo barba y me lamo’ which literally translates to “I have a beard and I lick myself.”

When picking your GCSE choices don’t stress yourself out – pick subjects you’ll enjoy and that you’ll feel motivated to study for. Obviously there are some subjects you have no choice whether you do or not like English, Maths etc. But at our school we had two full days dedicated to whichever GCSE options you’d picked. For example once every two weeks I had triple Spanish on a Tuesday morning. Not exactly my idea of fun but it wasn’t the worst thing ever. Now if I’d had to do three hours of Geography or three hours of Art I might have genuinely jumped out of a window, that would’ve been Hell for me.

If you have an idea of what you want to do then pick subjects that relate to that. If you want to study History at university then it might be a good idea to pick that for a GCSE. But don’t worry about ‘picking the wrong ones’, it’s not worth getting stressed about.

Also make an appointment with the careers advisor in Year Eleven, I remember going to the library with my friends and all of us begging for an appointment soon because we were stressed and didn’t know what to do. She was nice, she didn’t scoff at me wanting to become a writer one day, she actually found some useful things for me to look through and talked about how I could achieve that. I wish I could speak to a careers advisor now, god knows I need one.

My point is that at the time I didn’t know what I wanted to do and that’s fine, if I don’t know now at twenty-one then I certainly had no clue back when I was fourteen. And if you do have an idea then that’s awesome, work towards it and do your best to achieve it! But don’t stress if you don’t have a plan.

School 2

There we go, that’s enough wisdom for one day. Feel free to leave a comment, if you have your own advice, if you’re after advice, if you wanna tell me a story, just comment if you want to!

Top 10 Favourite Crayon Pop Songs

Crayon Pop.jpg

Crayon Pop were the group that officially got me into K-Pop and I still love them today. However they’re officially ‘on hiatus’ as Soyul left the group, got married and had a child whilst the other members are currently working on solo activities. I’m still hoping for a comeback one day even if Soyul’s not there but I guess we’ll have to see. Anyway, I thought I’d write a list of my ten favourite Crayon Pop songs!

10. 1, 2, 3, 4

Crayon Pop 1 2 3 4 gif.gif

Usually with K-Pop I just tend to like the title tracks and not really any of the other songs on the album – I don’t know why, I just can’t get as interested. I bought Crayon Pop’s ‘FM’ mini album and listened to all three of the songs. While I didn’t really like ‘HaPaTaKa’ I did really like ‘1, 2, 3, 4’. It’s just a sweet song that never gets boring to me so it’s definitely on my list of favourites.

9. We Are Pirates

Crayon Pop We Are Pirates gif.gif

I’m incredibly salty that they didn’t film a music video for this because it’s such a good song and I’d have loved to have seen an MV of the girls dressed up as pirates. But unfortunately we didn’t get one, maybe there wasn’t the budget for it but either way I really loved the song. Pretty sure this song was a Japanese release like ‘RaRiRuRe’ which was another good song but ‘We Are Pirates’ was just a lot better.

8. Bing Bing

Crayon Pop Bing Bing gif.gif

Although ‘Saturday Night’ is Crayon Pop’s official debut song, ‘Bing Bing’ was actually released first when they debuted as ‘Hurricane Pop’ (before Way joined the group). There are a few different versions of this song, I love it when they have the dance break in the middle with the sun glasses – that’s personally my favourite version although I do love the version where Soyul raps as well. It’s a really fun and upbeat song which I will probably always love!

7. Dancing Queen

Crayon Pop Dancing Queen gif.gif

I love watching the dance practice video for this song because the girls are just so full of energy and honestly I wish I had some of that. I’m not sure about the music video for this one, it’s a bit random but the song is still amazing. I wish I could’ve seen them perform it live.

6. Bar Bar Bar

Crayon Pop Bar Bar Bar gif 2.gif

I don’t care what anybody says this song is iconic and amazing. Yes it’s a bit repetitive but it’s a lot of fun with a cool dance. I know the whole routine but can’t make it to the end without wanting to collapse so honestly for anyone that claims this dance is ‘easy’, do you wanna try doing it whilst looking as flawless as Crayon Pop? The song brought them a bit of fame but unfortunately not a lot which is sad but at least they had a hit song which turned into something pretty iconic.

5. Uh-ee

Crayon Pop Uh-Ee gif.gif

This is another song where the choreography looks relatively easy but the moment you try to do it you find it’s actually more difficult than it looks. Crayon Pop are so full of energy and I wish they got more recognition for that. ‘Uh-ee’ is one of the first songs I liked by them and I used to watch the same fancam of the song on repeat which is how I picked up the choreography. The song may seem a little childish but it’s a lot of fun and I love it.

4. Doo Doom Chit

Crayon Pop Doo Doom Chit gif.gif

The last comeback they had as a full group before Soyul left and they all went on indefinite hiatus. I loved everything about this comeback – the MV was great, the choreography is a lot of fun and the song itself is just great. I don’t care what anybody says, I loved this comeback and wish they could’ve released more after it.

3. OK (Strawberry Milk)

Strawberry Milk OK gif.gif

‘OK’ was the debut song of Crayon Pop’s sub-unit ‘Strawberry Milk’, made up of the twins Choa and Way. This was one of those songs that I immediately loved upon hearing and had it on repeat for the next couple of weeks. The MV was really cute and I love the choreography for this one as well. This is one of the best sub-unit songs I’ve heard and in Korea it was pretty popular, a lot of idols sang and danced to the song. This song is another one that’s iconic, let’s be real.

2. FM

Crayon Pop FM gif 2.gif

My first comeback as a fan! I remember they dropped the MV whilst I was at college in Film Studies so I stuck my headphones in and watched the MV in the middle of class, praying my teacher wouldn’t look over and ask what I was doing. I loved it. The song was awesome and I loved the whole super hero concept. I also loved Gummi’s hair and went into the hairdressers to see if they could do something similar (they could’ve done but it would’ve cost a fortune and I’d have been in there all day apparently so uh I gave that a miss). This comeback was one of their best and I loved it so much.

1. Saturday Night

Crayon Pop Saturday Night gif.gif

I don’t know what it is but at the moment I’m in love with Crayon Pop’s debut song, ‘Saturday Night’. Their outfits were funky, they were upbeat and I love Way’s rap. This song wasn’t commercially successful so Crayon Pop had to take to the streets to promote their music as no music shows would let them promote, which is why I won’t stand for anyone saying Crayon Pop got famous by ‘luck’. Yes, it was lucky that ‘Bar Bar Bar’ was a success but they worked hard to get to that point!

So there we have it, my favourite Crayon Pop songs. Let me know yours and if you haven’t heard any of these then be sure to give them a listen!