10 Favourite Theatre Shows

Wolverhampton Grand.jpg

At the start of last year I wrote a list of my favourite shows on in the West End [x] but that list has slightly changed and I wanted to include shows I’ve seen that aren’t on in the West End because some of those are equally fantastic. So here are my ten favourite theatre shows I’ve seen.

10. Kinky Boots

Kinky Boots 2.jpg

I think this one made the list because I saw it not long ago and I was impressed. I’d never had an interest in seeing it but since I’d seen most shows in the West End by that point I decided I wanted to see something different so I booked a ticket for this on a whim. It was actually really good – however what wasn’t really good were the three teenagers sat next to me who were constantly on their phones and kept talking the entire time. I’d love to see the show again but in a better seat and hopefully away from irritating morons who have paid money to see a show and are just ignoring it for the sake of their phones. You can do that for free at home, why pay money to do it in a theatre?

I’m getting off track. Kinky Boots was an amazing show; it’s about a failing shoe company who try a new angle to save their business. Their new angle is creating a range of high-heeled shoes for drag queens so their shoes last longer and the heels don’t break. Apparently the story’s based on real events which is pretty cool. It’s also a film so I might need to watch that although I’m sure it won’t top the theatre version. If you’re ever in London and looking for a good night out I’d definitely recommend going to see Kinky Boots.

9. The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black.jpg

I’ve seen this show four times. Twice by myself in the West End, once with my friend Jess in the West End and then a fourth time in Wolverhampton with my Mum when it was on tour. It’s no secret that I love horror films and I’d really enjoyed the film. In college we were supposed to see ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time’ in London but when the theatre was undergoing construction we had to get reallocated tickets. Half of us would see ‘Once’ and the other half ‘The Woman in Black’. I desperately wanted to see ‘The Woman in Black’ but typically I got allocated a ticket to ‘Once’ which was generally quite dreadful. So when I went to London for a book signing I decided to make the most of the opportunity and went to see The Woman in Black.

I loved it! So different to the film but still amazing in its own way. It’s simple yet so clever how it’s done – there are only three actors in the entire play, two men and the Woman in Black herself. There’s a brilliant atmosphere and no matter how many times I see it I still manage to jump at every little bump and sometimes just thinking about the show gets me really creeped out. If you haven’t seen it then I really recommend you do, it’s fantastic.

8. The Comedy About a Bank Robbery

The Comedy About a Bank Robbery.jpg

Another show I’ve seen four times, all in the West End! Three times by myself and then once with my Dad and Step-Mum. I’d been trying to convince my Dad to take me to a West End show for ages so in the end we settled on The Comedy about a Bank Robbery because I just knew he’d like it. For the first ten minutes or so he tried to keep a straight face but in the end he weakened and started laughing and was clearly enjoying himself!

This show is by Mischief Theatre who are my favourite theatre company and this is probably my favourite show by them. The show is pretty self-explanatory – it’s a comedy about a bank robbery. My favourite scene is definitely the one at the end of part one, the whole scene in Caprice’s apartment. This show has me in hysterics no matter how many times I see it and I really can’t recommend it enough!

7. Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors

When I first saw the film of this I wasn’t particularly impressed by the storyline. But then we performed the play during our last year of Secondary School and I quickly fell in love with pretty much all of the songs. Most of my class mates complained that we were putting on a depressing show for our final year performance but I loved it. My favourite songs were ‘Feed Me’, ‘Closed for Renovation’ and ‘Finale Ultimo (Don’t Feed the Plants)’.

For anyone who doesn’t know what Little Shop of Horrors is about it’s about a man named Seymour who works at a failing flower shop who finds fortune and fame after discovering a strange and interesting plant he names ‘Audrey Two’. But he soon realises the fortune and fame comes at a terrible cost as the plant only grows when fed human flesh.

Unfortunately this show isn’t on in the West End but luckily it was on in Birmingham the night before my 20th birthday so I went to see it and loved every second of it. If I ever get the opportunity to see it again then I’ll be there in a heartbeat because I loved it.

6. School of Rock

School of Rock.jpg

I’ve been to see this twice in the West End and loved every second of it but I’ve found this show is pretty expensive. For good reason because the show is amazing but still. It took me a while to find an affordable ticket the first time I saw it. I went again as a birthday treat to myself so I spent a bit extra to get a better ticket.

Surely everyone knows what School of Rock is about since it was an amazing film but if you don’t then it’s about musician Dewey Finn who hasn’t had his big break and is struggling to keep down a job and pay rent. In order to raise a bit of money he pretends to be his friend Ned Schneebly and takes a job as a substitute teacher at a school. When he realises how musically talented the students are he forms a band with them to enter them at the Battle of the Bands concert.

Because I loved the film I knew I had to see the show and I loved the show just as much. There are more songs in the show version and I love them – especially ‘Stick it to the Man’, ‘When I Climb to the Top of Mount Rock’ and ‘You’re in the Band’. If you can get a ticket then I really recommend it, it’s amazing!

5. Matilda


At one point this was my favourite West End show and I do love it. I’ve seen it three times and I love it, especially the songs – my favourites being ‘My House’, ‘Naughty’ and ‘The Smell of Rebellion’. I was always a fan of the film Matilda as a kid so when it became a West End show I knew I had to see it. So my Mom treated me to tickets for my 19th birthday and off we went.

I loved everything about it. I preferred that it focused on Matilda’s cleverness rather than her mind powers; I just preferred that angle on it. It was also interesting to see their spin on Miss Honey’s back story which although was a little unbelievable was also really neat. I think this show went on tour not too long ago and will probably go on tour again so I really recommend going to see it if you can!

4. Hairspray


I had been waiting SO long to see a stage version of this show! I watched the film as a kid and immediately loved it and I love pretty much all of the songs. I sort of saw a stage version of it when I was fifteen because I went with my friend to see her little sister’s school play of it but although it was good it was still just a school version. But eventually I managed to get a ticket to see it in Wolverhampton a couple of weeks ago.

It was a battle to get to Wolverhampton, it decided to absolutely throw it down with snow and I was really worried the train would be cancelled but thank God it wasn’t. I hopped on the train and when my Mom asked how I was getting home I text back to say I didn’t know. I could be stranded in Wolverhampton for all I cared but I had to see that show. Very fortunately my friend Lucy from school was also at the show and very kindly offered me a lift home from the train station which was just as well because I honestly had no idea how I was getting home afterwards.

It was worth the wait – the show was amazing and everything I’d hoped it’d be. My favourite moments included ‘I Know Where I’ve Been’, ‘Run and Tell That’ and ‘You’re Timeless to Me’ (which was a song I absolutely hated in the film version). The only thing I prefer about the film version is that Inez is the one who gets crowned as Miss Teenage Hairspray. This is such a feel good show and another that I’d definitely return to if I got the opportunity.

3. The Lion King

The Lion King.jpg

This was another show I wanted to watch for absolutely ages and eventually I got tickets for my eighteenth birthday. We were right on the front row and it was honestly fantastic. I’ve only been back once more so my friend Jess could see it and I splashed out extra so we could sit on the front row again. I’d love to see it more but I don’t want to sit at the back and have my experience of it ruined.

Surely everyone knows what ‘The Lion King’ is about so I won’t explain it to you but the stage version is truly amazing. When I took Jess to see it we sat through the opening number and she turned to me and said “I know we’ve only seen one song but this is the best show I’ve ever seen” and it is honestly amazing. If you ever get the opportunity to see it you should definitely take it.

2. Anastasia


Unfortunately I’ve only seen this show once because I saw it on Broadway whilst I was in New York. It was my first Broadway show and honestly I couldn’t have asked for a better first Broadway experience. Me and my Mum were in our own box which had a fantastic view of the stage and the show was just truly amazing. I don’t think I’ve actually seen the film the whole way through but it’s quite different to the film as there’s none of the magic from the film it’s a more political version.

Everything about this was amazing – the songs, the costumes, the scenery. Apparently it’s supposed to be coming to Europe and the UK at some point and I am honestly waiting. I know Becca wants to go and see it so it looks like I will be going to see it again at some point. If it comes near you anytime soon then make sure you get a ticket because it’s honestly amazing.

1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One + Two

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child 2

So uh I saw this literally less than a week ago and I honestly fell in love with it. I bought the tickets for me and Becca last January and we finally managed to see it. I’m not going to talk about this one too much because I’ve written a really long post about my experience which I’ll be releasing on Wednesday but all I’ll say is that I loved every second of it and I’ll definitely be going again to see both parts at some point. As I said, I won’t say much more but I’ll post a link when I release my experience post.

There you go, those are my top ten favourite theatre shows I’ve been to! Let me know what your favourite ones are below.

Top Ten Favourite Horror Films

As Halloween is coming up I thought it’d be fun to write a few spooky blog posts – they won’t be particularly spooky but I’ll be reviewing/talking about spooky stuff. As I’ve already reviewed the horror event at Tulley’s I thought I’d move into a list ‘cos you guys know how much I love lists! So here are my top ten favourite horror films!

10. The Babadook (Jennifer Kent, 2014)

The Babadook.jpg

This is the one horror film that absolutely terrifies me and I refuse to watch by myself. I feel like one day I need to overcome that fear because I do love this film but right now I can barely watch the trailer by myself. The basic plot is a widowed mother who is plagued by the violent death of her husband has to battle with her sons fear of a monster lurking in the house but soon realises a sinister presence is all around her.

When I saw this film at the cinema I was too scared to look at the screen during some scenes. However I do remember looking at my friend Jess and watching her yawn so I don’t know if it’s just me or if this film is genuinely terrifying or not? Yes, I do get scared during horror films but this took it to a whole new level. You know how watching a horror film is less scary when you’re watching it at home? Not the case here. I made my Mom watch it with me and I peed myself all over again. It’s a good film with great symbolism but yeah, not a film I’ll be watching alone this Halloween!

9. The Woman in Black (James Watkins, 2012)

The Woman in Black.jpg

You’ve probably at least heard of this film right? The one with Daniel Radcliffe? Who hasn’t at this point? Most people have seen this one because it’s only a 12 therefore meaning more people could see it. I went into the cinema to watch it with my Mom naively thinking that as a 12 it couldn’t be too scary. I was wrong.

My friend Jess argues that this films not scary at all but her opinion doesn’t count because hardly anything scares her. It is scarier because of the amount of jump scares I still think it does a brilliant job of keeping up a creepy atmosphere whilst also having an interesting plot which is something most horror films can’t manage these days. I also think it’s pretty impressive that there are literally long scenes with no dialogue whatsoever yet it still manages to keep my interest. You can choose to agree or disagree but I really like it.

I also really love the stage show and I would argue I love the stage show more because it’s so cleverly done and it’s also more true to the book. Not that I’ve read the book the entire way through but I think the ending in the stage show is sadder than that in the film. Definitely a show I recommend!

8. Hansel & Gretel (Pil-Sung Yim, 2007)

Hansel and Gretel

I first watched this film on holiday in a caravan with my friend when I was maybe fourteen or fifteen. It was late, my parents were bed and we were channel surfing when we came across this film already halfway through. We watched it to the end and although I hated horror films at the time I thought it was really interesting. I kept intending to get a copy and watch it from the beginning but I didn’t bother until I found the DVD in HMV in London last year. Even then it took me almost a year of owning it to finally sit down and watch it and I loved it all over again!

‘Hansel & Gretel’ is a Korean horror film about a man who gets into a car accident and finds himself lost in the woods. He meets a young girl who takes him back to her home and he meets her two siblings and parents. But when the parents leave the next day he starts to wonder if all is as it seems and he soon finds himself desperately trying to find a way out of the forest.

It’s not particularly very scary but it’s such an interesting plot and the house and everything is so pretty. It’s definitely one I’d recommend if you’re just starting to get into horror films because trust me, it’s not that bad. If you’re looking for something new to watch this Halloween I 100% recommend this one!

7. Annabelle: Creation (David F. Sandberg, 2017)

Annabelle Creation.jpg

I absolutely hated the first Annabelle film so I was extremely annoyed to discover they’d made a sequel. It was so bad that I don’t have a single positive thing to say about it. However as a horror movie reviewer I knew I needed to watch the sequel and to be fair the trailer looked kind of okay but then so had the trailer for Ouija 2 and just like the first one, that had been absolute trash as well. The point is I went to watch the film and my expectations were zero. And I ended up being pretty impressed.

This is a prequel to the original Annabelle film and it’s about a doll maker and his wife who welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home twelve years after the death of their young daughter. Soon they all become targets of the doll maker’s possessed creation, Annabelle.

To be honest I think I was more impressed because the first film had been so bad, had this been a standalone film I’m not sure I would’ve enjoyed it as much. But I ended up really liking it, I thought it was cleverly done and slotted in well with the first film. It was also really creepy and it’s a film I want to see again.

6. Paranormal Activity Series

Paranormal Activity.jpg

Listen, you either love or hate the Paranormal Activity series and I am one of the sad people who actually really enjoyed it. Except for ‘Ghost Dimension’, that film can literally rot in Hell. I know that ultimately if you look at it, the series is complete trash that just doesn’t make sense but I still really like them. Here are my favourites in the series in order:

Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones (Christopher Landon, 2014)
Paranormal Activity 4 (Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman, 2012)
Paranormal Activity (Oren Peli, 2009)
Paranormal Activity 2 (Tod Williams, 2010)
Paranormal Activity 3 (Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman, 2011)

‘Ghost Dimension’ doesn’t even deserve to be on the list, I hated it that much.

Yes they’re bad but I think they’re scary and they’re fun to watch when you’re just looking for a few cheap scares. I think the trouble is that because these films were so cheap to make the producers just kept firing them out to make money without thinking too much about the plot because with each new film they bend the plot to fit the new film and I kind of accepted this until the release of ‘Ghost Dimension’ which was honestly the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

Even though they’re bad and everything I hate about horror films, I still really like them and I might re-watch a couple of the movies for Halloween. I’m feeling ‘The Marked Ones’, I love that film so much.

5. The Conjuring (James Wan, 2013)

The Conjuring.jpg

This is another horror film that literally just blew up upon its release. I was only just becoming a fan of horror and I didn’t go see it at the cinema because it looked way too scary for me. So I waited until one night when my friends Becca and Hirst slept over and we watched it in the living room. We all peed ourselves, it was honestly hilarious.

For those who haven’t heard anything about ‘The Conjuring’, and I doubt there are many, it’s about a family who move into a new house who are soon terrorised by an evil presence haunting the house. They contact the ‘Warrens’, a couple who have dedicated their lives to helping people who believe they are being haunted. It’s based on a real life case as both the ‘Perron’ family and the Warrens are all real people.

People were really hyping this movie, like there was talk of people going in with bottles of holy water, priests you could speak to after the film and people even reported supernatural occurrences happening to them after seeing the film. It’s not that bad people. Like it’s a good film and it is scary but it’s not that bad. It’s scarier when you think about how it’s based on a true story but how much of it is true, who knows?

I really like this film and the sequel. It’s made me want to visit the Warrens museum but I’m from England so it’s doubtful that will ever happen. This is one I would recommend watching on Halloween if you haven’t already seen it because it is scary and it’s just generally a good film. Definitely recommend!

4. Mama (Andy Muschietti, 2013)


I can already tell that any horror fans reading this are going to disagree with my top four choices.

I love the film Mama. It’s got a special place in my heart as one of the first horror films I saw at the cinema and I have great memories of watching it and peeing myself with Becca while Jess was sat there completely calm. The film is about a man who spends four years looking for his missing nieces and brother. Although his brother is not found they do find his nieces who have been living alone in a house in the woods all these years. They are brought back home with to live with their uncle Lucas and his girlfriend Annabelle who soon believe that a supernatural spirit named Mama has latched itself to their family.

I don’t know specifically what it is about this film that I love I just know that I do love it. It’s probably just because I loved it upon first seeing it. To be honest at the time I loved almost any horror movie I watched just because I’d only just become a fan of them. I have a feeling if ‘Mama’ had been released this year I wouldn’t have been as big of a fan of it. But I really like it, I’ve watched it tons and tons of times and I’m not sick of it. I’ve heard there’s a sequel in the works and although I don’t really understand where they’re going to go with it I’m still looking forward to it!

3. The Boy (William Brent Bell, 2016)

The Boy

I saw a trailer for this film on Facebook and ended up counting down the days until it was finally released. I was so excited for it. I tend to get excited for horror movie releases but this was something else completely. The trailer did look really good though. ‘The Boy’ is about a young woman who takes a job in a large house in England as a nanny but is surprised to find when she arrives that the child she’ll be looking after is actually a doll. Before long she starts to feel a presence in the house and believes maybe the doll is alive after all.

After being so excited for the release I was convinced the actual film would let me down completely but it didn’t! I thought it was so good and had such an interesting plot twist that I hadn’t seen coming. I really couldn’t recommend this film enough. It’s not too scary, I made my friend sit down and watch it at my house and she agreed that it wasn’t that scary. I’d quite like a sequel to this film but equally it might ruin it. It’s so good though, I recommend watching it if you haven’t already.

2. The Visit (M. Night Shyamalan, 2015)

The Visit.jpg

I think this is another one that you either love or you hate and I just happen to love it. When the trailer was first released I thought it looked interesting so when the film came out I saw it at the earliest opportunity. It’s about two siblings Becca and Tyler who go to stay with their grandparents whom they’ve never met. However they soon become frightened by their grandparents’ increasingly disturbed behaviour throughout the visit.

I feel like whenever I watch a film I turn into a bit of an idiot because I never know what’s going to happen in most cases and this film was one of those occasions. I sat down to watch this film with my Mom and within minutes she’d guessed the plot twist which I was really annoyed about. Luckily for me I just did not see it coming and it makes the film more enjoyable.

Everyone has their opinion on this film, some people hate the comedy aspect whereas I really enjoyed it and thought it made the film a lot better. A lot of people seemed to dislike Tyler as well but like his rapping is the best part of the film, I don’t? I might re watch this one soon actually because I think it’s brilliant.

1. Orphan (Jaume Collet-Serra, 2009)


Okay I used to be obsessed with this film. If I made a new friend and they hadn’t watched this film I would sit down and force them into it. I once watched this film three and a half times in one day. I know more about this film than any other film in existence. I wrote a report on it in my film studies class. Although I haven’t watched it in a while this film will forever be my favourite horror.

Orphan is basically about a couple who adopt a nine year old girl and welcome her into their family. However before long their newly adopted daughter Esther starts showing disturbing behaviours and her new mother, Kate, looks to find out more about Esther’s past before it’s too late.

I don’t care what anyone says, I love this film and I think it’s brilliant. Anyone who is friends with me knows how much I love it. I actually haven’t seen it for a while now, I need to re watch it even though I know the whole thing word for word now. If you haven’t seen ‘Orphan’ then you’re honestly missing it, it’s brilliant and I highly recommend it!

So that’s my top ten favourite horror films, feel free to leave a comment if you agree, disagree or if you wanna tell me your top ten! I’d love some recommendations because I feel like I’m running out of horrors to watch now. Or let me know what you’re planning to watch/do on Halloween because I still haven’t decided and there’s less than a week left now!

Best West End Shows

If you follow me on Twitter then you probably know that I go and see quite a few West End Shows. At this point, there aren’t many that I haven’t seen because I go so often. I thought I’d let you know my top ten west end recommendations. I also want to apologise in advance for my excessive use of the word ‘brilliant’.

10. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time


My Mom read this book and then gave me her copy to see what I thought of it and I found myself really enjoying it. They announced they were turning it into a show and even better, my college was going on a trip to see it! I signed up straightaway but unfortunately, the theatre it was showing in suffered an incident and a few of the upcoming performances were cancelled and I ended up going to see Once while all my friends saw The Woman in Black, something I’m still salty about.

Anyway, during the summer of 2014 I was earning quite a bit of money at my part-time job and I decided to take a daytrip to London (there was supposed to be a thunder storm in Telford but not in London so I decided to go). Now, I don’t go to London to sightsee. I go to London to see shows and because I’d missed out on seeing this one I decided to book it and see it by myself.

For those who didn’t read the book, ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’ is told from the point of view of a young lad called Christopher who is on the autism spectrum. His next door neighbour’s dog Wellington dies and Christopher takes it upon himself to find out who the murderer was. That description doesn’t do it justice because it’s about so much more than that but I’d hate to spoil it for anyone!

This was my first trip to London by myself and it was my first West End show by myself and I loved it. It’s done so cleverly and doesn’t love out anything important from the books. It’s been a while since I saw it but I loved every second of it and thought it was absolutely brilliant. If you prefer plays to musicals then I’d definitely recommend this one, it’s amazing. And the acting was brilliant, especially from the guy who played Christopher.

  1. Wicked


Wicked is probably one of the most popular west end shows and I doubt many people haven’t heard of it. I nagged my Mom to take me to the West End to see it for absolutely ages until finally she surprised me with tickets for my sixteenth birthday. It was the first show I ever saw on the West End and I loved every second of it.

Wicked is kind of like a prequel to the Wizard of Oz but it shows the story from Elphaba and Glinda’s point of view and is about their unlikely but close friendship and how things aren’t always as they seem.

Like I said, my Mom took me when I was sixteen four years ago and since then I’ve been every year to see it again, except last year when I broke the streak. I love everything about it. The storyline, the songs, the characters, the set, the costumes, absolutely everything! My favourite, as is probably most people’s favourite, is Defying Gravity but I also love Thank Goodness, The Wizard and I, and What Is This Feeling. I imagine most musical fans have seen this show but if you haven’t then you’re really missing out. It’s on my bucket list to see it on Broadway one day so if I ever go to New York, it’s the first thing I’ll book.

8. Aladdin


If I’d written this review a couple of years ago I’d have probably put Wicked after Aladdin but I’ve seen Wicked tons of times and Aladdin only once so it’s more new to me. I saw this show last November because I was in London for a Melanie Martinez concert and I decided to stay an extra night to watch it.
I’d describe what it’s about but I’m sure the majority of you know what Aladdin’s about. If not then wow.

It’s definitely not one of the best shows I’ve ever seen but it was good. It includes the traditional Disney songs but also a few original songs which are just as brilliant. It’s funny, it’s entertaining and I would probably recommend it to any Disney fans. The guy who played the Genie absolutely stole the show but everyone else was brilliant too. I was on the very back row of the balcony but still had a good view. I think it’s a good show for both adults and children. But don’t bring young children. I mean it. There is nothing more annoying than sitting by a child who keeps asking “Is it over yet?” after every song.

7. The Woman in Black


Regular readers of my blog will know that I’m a big fan of horror. One girl I follow on Tumblr went to see the show and said it was one of the best shows she’d ever seen so I was intrigued. And then, like I mentioned earlier, all my friends in my English Language class got to see it except for me and they all said it was brilliant. So I decided to take another daytrip to London to see for myself.

The stage show is similar to the film but is cleverly done. It only features three actors. It’s about Arthur Kipps who wishes to tell the story of what happened at Eel Marsh House so that hopefully it can be put to rest. He is helped by a young director who is trying to get him to ‘perform’ the piece, rather than mumble his way through a monologue. I won’t say anymore because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone.

When I first went I was sat on the very top balcony and at the end of the first half I was convinced that it wasn’t actually that scary. I’d jumped a few times but I figured if that was as scary as it got then it wasn’t too bad. Then the second half happened and I was wrong, it got a lot scarier a lot quicker. I love this show because it’s just so clever how they’ve done it. I took my friend to see it for her birthday and she didn’t get that scared because she never does, but the woman next to her jumped very often and kept accidentally whacking her because she was so scared.

I really recommend this play so much because it’s just so clever and really builds a scary atmosphere. I’ve seen it three times now and it’s still scary. It doesn’t just rely on jump scares either. Please trust me and go see this play if you get the chance!

6. The Play That Goes Wrong


I’ve seen this play advertised a lot but I never really thought much about it. Then last year I worked seven days a week for all of August so my Mom suggested I go away for a couple of nights so I did. I went to London and saw three shows. I was seeing two I’d already seen so I decided to book ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ so I could see one I hadn’t seen yet. I’m so glad I did.

The Play That Goes Wrong is quite self-explanatory – it’s a murder-mystery play that goes wrong. Basically.

As I said, I first went to see this play last September so that was only four months ago… I saw it two more times since then. I dragged my friend to see it with me her birthday and then I booked to see it again last Saturday. I’m not a big fan of comedy films, they don’t really tend to make me laugh and the jokes are normally tacky and overdone. I laughed so hard at this play. If you think of something that could go wrong during a performance it probably happens in this show and so much more. It’s brilliantly done, so clever and one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time. I recommend this to everyone ‘cos who doesn’t like a good laugh?

5. School of Rock


I had wanted to see this for quite a while and planned on booking for a couple of my trips last year – but the ticket prices were absolutely through the roof and I simply couldn’t afford it. Until I went to London last weekend and I managed to get a Sunday matinee restricted view ticket for about £30. I’ve just had a look at their current ticket prices and I’m not actually sure how I managed it!

The show has the same storyline as the film. Struggling musician Dewey Finn ends up impersonating his friend Ned Schneebly as a substitute teacher to earn enough money to pay his rent. When he finds out how talented the children are he trains them and enters them into Battle of the Bands. Can he get them there without their parents or the headmistress finding out?

To be honest, I think it was completely worth the money. I loved the film and the stage show was even better. We’re told at the beginning that the children do play their instruments live and every last one of them was amazingly talented. If you can get tickets for it I really recommend it, it’s one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. It’s so funny and the songs are brilliant. There’s the original two songs from the film but then they’ve also included more to make it a musical and they’re all great. Also there’s more emphasis on the kids feeling they’re not being listened to and their problems and emotions and it’s just honestly amazing.

4. Peter Pan Goes Wrong


At the end of ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ one of the actors tells us the same company, Mischief Theatre, have two more plays on in London one of them being ‘The Comedy About a Bank Robbery’ and this one, ‘Peter Pan Goes Wrong’. Just like The Play That Goes Wrong, Peter Pan Goes Wrong is pretty self-explanatory; it’s Peter Pan, but it goes wrong.

After finding out that there more plays I dragged my friend to London in December to see Peter Pan Goes Wrong (we even vlogged the trip [x]) and although our view wasn’t brilliant I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I thought they’d use a lot of the jokes from ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ but they didn’t and I think it was even funnier. There’s an hour long version of it on BBC iPlayer at the moment which I’d recommend if you can’t get down to the West End to see it in person.

It’s definitely a show I want to see again but as far as I can tell it’s a seasonal show. If it’s on again this December I’ll definitely be going back to see it but hopefully in a better seat this time! I’d spend more money to get a better seat; this isn’t a show where you want to miss anything.

3. The Lion King


This is another popular show in the West End and rightfully so. It is truly amazing. This is another show I took my friend to see for her birthday, it was the last one we saw before we went home. At the end of the opening song she turned to me and said “I know we’re only two minutes in but this is already the best show I’ve ever seen.”

If you are in the West End this is definitely one of those shows you just have to see. The way it’s done is absolutely amazing and looks so stunning. I know the show did a tour a while ago so if it does again make sure you get a ticket for it, words cannot describe how brilliant this show is. The tickets aren’t too expensive either so definitely go and see it if you have the chance, you won’t regret it. Everyone I’ve spoken to who saw the show thought it was just as brilliant as I do.

2. The Comedy About A Bank Robbery


This was the other show I heard about at the end of ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ and I didn’t really consider going to see it. Not sure why, I just didn’t think about it. Until I went to London last weekend and decided to book it simply because not many shows run on Sunday and this one did. I’m so glad it did otherwise I might’ve missed out on it.

It’s not a ‘gone wrong’ play like the other two currently running are, it’s (believe it or not) a comedy about a bank robbery so although it’s different to the gone wrong plays it’s just as funny. In fact, this is probably my favourite one; I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I didn’t really know what to expect and I wasn’t sure I liked it during the first scene but as it went on I really got into it.

Definitely a play I want to go and see again. I’d like to go and see it again before the cast changeover but due to lack of money I doubt that’ll happen. If you’re in London and looking for a decent play I’d recommend this one, the tickets aren’t too expensive either, this was the cheapest play I saw while I was there.

1. Matilda


I wanted to see Matilda when it first came to the West End but when me and my Mum went to the theatre to inquire about tickets we were told it was sold out for the next few months (we ended up going to see Wicked for a second time). A couple of years went by and I still really wanted to see it so my Mom booked the tickets for my nineteenth birthday and I finally got to see it. It was well worth the wait.

It’s a lot like the film but there’s more emphasis on how smart Matilda is as opposed to her mind powers. The show is more about family, both Matilda’s and Miss Honey’s and I think it’s brilliantly done. It’s also a musical and I think all the songs are amazing; my favourites are ‘Naughty’, ‘My House’ and ‘The Smell of Rebellion’.

I’ve seen this show three times and I’ll probably see it plenty more times because I think it’s amazing. I did love the film Matilda when I was younger but the show is so different it’s like they’re two completely different stories and I love it. This shows on Broadway as well so if I ever get the opportunity to go I’d really like to see this too.

This list was only supposed to be five shows long but I love so many that I had to make it ten! Let me know what your favourite shows are and if there’s any you think I’d like then give me some recommendations. My friends at work say London is like my second home, I’m nearly always there watching shows so recommendations are highly welcomed.