Favourite Christmas Memories

Christmas Tree.jpg

So my last Christmas related post was a little bit depressing so I wanted to write something much more light hearted! It’ll be easier to write a list of my favourite Christmas memories so here goes nothing.


I was quite young at the time so I don’t particularly remember that well but for a couple of Christmas’ my Mom would take me and my older brother Ian to our sort-of-uncles house because he was a single parent and she was a single parent and neither of them wanted to spend Christmas alone. My Granddad and his wife would come over, I’d get to spend time with my sort-of-uncles two sons who were a similar age to me and it was a lot of fun. My favourite memory is of all of us sitting in the kitchen and playing a game of Bingo, which if we won we’d get a prize for. By the end of the night we’d all won something and I remember having a really nice time.

Christmas 4.jpg

Christmas Lights

In Years 10 and 11 I got to help out with our local Christmas light switch on and it was so much fun both years. I love organising events and stuff so to get to do it properly was a lot of fun. To be honest it was a lot of waiting around for schools to show up and perform but it was also an afternoon off school and getting to hang out with my friends feeling all Christmassy.

Christmas 5.jpg

Christmas Choir

There was no better feeling than when my music teacher Mrs Bradbury would announce “Right, we’re getting the Christmas folders out” at Senior Choir. I loved singing Christmas songs with everyone else even if I never did get a solo. We had our yearly Christmas show but we also got to perform at places like ASDA and B&Q to raise money for our end of year trip. My favourite year though was when Mrs Bradbury took our music class out in the afternoon and we sang first in an old people’s home then again at the Salvation Army. I love singing anyway but it’s so much better when other people enjoy your performance.

My favourite was at the Salvation Army when a man with Down’s Syndrome stood up and started dancing to our rendition of ‘I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday’. He was so pleased that at the end he gave each of us a hug. I wish I still did stuff like that; it was so lovely seeing how happy we’d made him just by coming along and singing for an hour.

Christmas 7.jpg


A couple of years ago I went to my Dad’s for Christmas Day and we all ended up playing a few games. My favourite had to be ‘Pictionary’ simply because my step-mom was absolutely crap at it! She’d draw something, scribble over it and then tap it angrily with her pencil when you didn’t understand what it was! Then I had to attempt to draw ‘hand over fist’ and she kept yelling “It’s fisting! It’s fisting! Hollie, I know it’s fisting!” It was funny to watch my step-sisters get so mad at her and I have really fond memories of that whole Christmas in general.

Taking my nephew to see Santa

Christmas 3.jpg

Last year I finally got to spend the day with my nephew completely by myself and we had a lovely time. I took him to the cinema, then out for lunch, then to the park and then on to see Santa. Santa was actually one of my friends from my old job so we got in for free, it was brilliant. And as he knew I was coming he asked me about my nephew before I went so when we walked in he went “I know your name! It’s Tyler and you’re four years old!” And to my nephew it really did seem like magic! It was a really lovely Christmassy day and I’ll treasure it forever.

Every Christmas meet-up with my friends


I talked about this a bit in my ‘Christmas traditions’ post but I love the Christmas meet-up with my three best friends. I loved the first year when we played ‘YouTube Whispers’ for the first time which has turned into something of a tradition at our Christmas meet-ups, I love giving my friends their presents, I love watching a Christmas film and I love chilling with them. It might be lame but there is nothing better than meeting up with my friends to do fun Christmas stuff.

The “timber” incident

My Mum used to get a real tree each year instead of a fake one and I loved going out to pick one. We usually went somewhere where they were already cut and you picked whichever, they bagged it up and off you went. But one year when I was really young we went somewhere where you could cut down your own. I was really excited because I’d seen films and TV shows where people yelled “timber” as the tree came down and I’d finally be able to do it too! However even though we’d brought my older brother Chris with us cutting down the tree was taking a long time and I was young so my attention wandered so when the tree did eventually come down I completely missed it. So I made them hold it back up so I could yell “timber” as it came down this time.

The ‘stockings’ mornings

Me + Big Holly

At my Mom’s house she didn’t really bother with stockings but if I slept at my Dad’s house on Christmas Eve I’d wake up to a full stocking. I only did that twice as a kid and both times are precious to me. The first time my sister woke me up with “Hollie, Santa’s been!” It was super early in the morning and we had to be quiet so as not to wake up my Dad and her Mom and we both spent a long time looking at each other’s stuff. The next time we both went downstairs and opened them in the living room and I remember we both pulled out a flannel – hers was Winnie the Pooh and mine was Tigger. We both paused and she went “I love Tigger” and I went “I love Winnie the Pooh” before we laughed and swapped flannels. It was so nice having someone my own age to wake up with on Christmas morning.

I’m sure I have tons more amazing Christmas memories but these were the first ones I thought of and I cherish each and every one of them! Here’s to making more this year and every year after that!


Sometimes Christmas is Shit

I love Christmas more than any other time of year but I have to admit that yes, sometimes, Christmas is absolutely shit. Although I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’ve ever had a shitty Christmas Day I have had some shit Christmas moments. I don’t want to be an absolute downer or anything but I wanted to write this for anybody who hates Christmas for whatever reason just so you know that you’re not alone in thinking that occasionally Christmas can be an absolute mess.

Some of my shitty Christmas memories are small, petty things. One of them being last Christmas morning when my brother and his girlfriend came over. My step-dad Mark offered to make them, my other brother and my Mom breakfast. I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet either so I waited in the living room in the hopes he would offer to make me one too – I don’t think it’s too selfish of a request to want breakfast with the rest of my family on fucking Christmas morning, right? He didn’t say anything to me. It wasn’t until my eldest brother came in and asked if I’d eaten yet – even then, he gave me his breakfast because he knew my step-dad wouldn’t want to make me anything.

I put up with my step-dad’s bullshit all year round but he really can’t let go of it on fucking Christmas morning? I know it might seem like something small but he is constantly leaving me out of things and putting me down to the point where I’ve decided not to buy him anything for Christmas this year. I made an effort last year and that was the thanks I got. Well he can forget it this year.

That’s not the only time I had to put up with his bullshit actually. Just the year before we had thrown a Christmas party for all our family, an event I am now growing to dread every year because without doubt my family always gets completely pissed. Luckily my Mom just gets slightly annoying but my step-dad can be absolutely vile even when he’s sober and when he’s drunk it’s intensified. He’d already annoyed me with the way he’d been speaking to my Mom all night but it all kicked off when everyone had gone home and I come downstairs for a drink. He made a snide comment, I can’t even remember what it was about but he’d been making them for the majority of the night so I finally snapped “Can you just leave me alone? I’m not even doing anything.”

He made some snide comment along the lines of “Well you never do anything, make yourself useful and actually do something” – I can’t even actually remember what he said but it was along those lines and I was honestly so done that I started yelling “Just leave me alone!” and ran upstairs. I had my headphones on playing music so I didn’t hear what he screamed up the stairs after me but I locked myself in my room and cried. I didn’t want to be there but my best friend was at work and I don’t really have any family close by I could’ve turned to. Eventually my Mom and step-dad went to bed so I did too. The next morning he didn’t even remember the argument.

To be honest this is stuff I put up with all year round but it feels so much worse at Christmas since everyone gets time off work and before you know it you haven’t left the house for five days and you’ve spent so much time with your family that you want to scream.

I have five step-sisters and two brothers and whilst I love them all, by the 27th of December I am sick of the sight of them. To be fair I don’t normally see all of them and I don’t get sick of all of them. It’s generally my step-dad’s two daughters and I mean this is the nicest way possible because I love them both to bits but because they come to stay for a couple of nights I do generally start to feel a bit fed up.

It’s nothing to do with them, honestly! But I am someone who doesn’t like to socialise from the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep, I need some alone time at some point. If I have spent every waking moment with my family on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day then I do generally start to get fed up by the 27th but as my step-sisters are still there the 27th of December is still a family day.

One of my step-sister’s is very close to me in age so naturally she wants to hang out with me and we end up having to share a room etc. And this is fine until I start to get fed up. For example last year she slept over on Boxing Day and as everyone was getting into bed she suggested we watch a film together. It was already quite late and I had work the next morning but as I only see her once a year I thought I’d better be nice so I agreed. Now I love her but she is the worst person to watch films with because she can’t keep anything to herself! We were watching a film I hadn’t seen before and she had and towards the end she went “It’s okay, he dies in a second.” I don’t need to know that!

There was also the shitty year that I ended up working at TESCO for a week as a Christmas temp – to be fair the payday I received in January was not shitty but I kind of deserved it for how many hours I was doing for that one week! They asked me to work on Christmas Eve but as I always go to the pantomime with my Mom I had to ask them to change my hours so they put me on a 4AM to 12PM shift. I agreed but then realised afterwards that my shift the day before was from 10AM – 10PM. I would have a six hour break between shifts! You have no idea how tired I was on Christmas Eve. Worth it though to see the pantomime.

All those were shit but they still don’t top the fiasco of 2012. I already mentioned that everyone at our family Christmas parties gets absolutely twatted but the past few years have been nothing compared to 2012. I don’t want to go into too much detail because it was truly a shit night but all I will say is that it resulted in me calling the police, my brother getting arrested and then going to jail for six months shortly after Christmas. It all kicked off on the night before Christmas Eve so luckily Christmas Day was still relatively okay. Also most of the family had already gone home by the time everything kicked off so not many people had to get involved. All I will say is that it’s extremely embarrassing and scary to watch your family screaming at each other in the middle of the street. What a shit year.

I’m kind of debating whether to post this because I love Christmas and I don’t want this blog full of depressing posts so to contrast this I’m going to write a post of my favourite Christmas memories. I just want you all to know that shit does kick off at Christmas and it can be stressful for families to all be together for so long with no respite and you’re not weird or anything if it does all get too much for you. Take care of yourself this Christmas and try not to get too stressed out!

Ten Songs for People Who Hate ‘Cute’ K-Pop Girl Groups

4Minute 2.jpg

As a girl group stan I am sick of reading about how people don’t like girl groups because they don’t like cute concepts. I don’t have an issue with people preferring boy groups to girl groups, everyone has their preference and that’s fine but it goes right through me whenever I have to read it. So to make some kind of stubborn point I’ve made a list of ten girl group songs to listen to if you’re not a fan of the cute concept!

10. CLC – Hobgoblin

CLC Hobgoblin gif.gif

This song blew up a little bit when CLC released it because it was so different to anything else CLC had released up until that point. Hyuna helped to write it and you can definitely hear her influence in the song. It’s honestly an absolute bop and if you haven’t listened to it yet you’re missing out.

9. Bulldok – Why Not

Bulldok Why Not gif.gif

Bulldok have recently been through some line-up changes and there are only two of the original five members left but this song is still really good. I haven’t really been keeping up with Bulldok but I can’t deny that ‘Why Not’ is a good song and Bulldok were completely slept on. I’m pretty sure ‘Why Not’ was their debut song so why not go give it a listen?

8. Dreamcatcher – Fly High

Dreamcatcher Fly High gif.gif

Dreamcatcher are amazing and I can’t rate them highly enough. When I was a teenager I was really into rock music so what I love about Dreamcatcher is that they’re a mixture in my old music taste and my new music taste. Their dancing skills are also amazing. I loved their debut song ‘Chase Me’ but I think ‘Fly High’ has to take the spot of my favourite song. Watch their dance practice videos, they’re so amazingly talented!

7. Matilda – You Bad! Don’t Make Me Cry

Matilda You Bad Don't Make Me Cry gif

I’ve already mentioned this song in a previous post but like, please listen to Matilda. They’re good! I know the song title is a little cringe but the song’s still really good. I also like their song ‘Summer Again’, that’s good too. They’re a good group and I wish people would show them more love.

6. Girls’ Generation – The Boys

Girls Generation The Boys gif

Girls’ Generation have such a wide range of concepts that you must like at least one of them. I was going to recommend ‘I Got A Boy’ but I chose ‘The Boys’ because it has such a good message, the dance practice video is great and the girls all looked absolutely stunning in the music video. Girls’ Generation have other great songs that aren’t too cute like ‘Flower Power’, ‘Run Devil Run’ and ‘You Think’ so you should check them out if you haven’t already, there must be at least one GG song you like!

5. f(x) – Red Light

f(x) Red Light gif.gif

I’m not a massive fan of f(x) but they do have some good songs, including ‘Electric Shock’ and ‘Rum Pum Pum’ but I chose ‘Red Light’ because I’m a big fan of that one. It’s really good; I wish they’d performed it when I saw them at K-Con Paris last year. Another good one is Amber’s solo song ‘Shake That Brass’ I can’t get enough of that song. Listen to f(x), they do have some good songs!

4. D.Holic – Colour Me Rad

DHolic colour me rad gif

There was only one member of D.Holic left and apparently they’re going to re-debut her in a different group but whilst D.Holic were active they had some absolute bangers. I love ‘Colour Me Rad’ so much, it’s so lit I don’t get why more people haven’t listened to it? I will support Rena in whichever group she re-debuts in, it must’ve been hard to debut and watch all the members disappear whilst trying to stay faithful to the group. Check out ‘Colour Me Rad’ though, it’s a good song!

3. EXID – Lie

EXID Lie gif.gif

I’m not gonna lie when I first listened to this song I thought it was a bit all over the place and I wasn’t sure I was a fan. It took a few listens but it eventually grew on me and now it’s my favourite EXID song – and they didn’t perform it at the London Korean Festival earlier this year, how typical. EXID have some amazing songs and luckily are quite popular which they deserve, their songs are good and all the members are so talented. Another song I love is Hyuna and LE’s collab of ‘Blacklist’ so you should give that a listen too.

2. Badkiz – Hothae

Badkiz Hothae gif.gif

Badkiz have been through so many line-up changes as well and have racked up a total of ten past members! Currently there are four members with only one of the original line-up left. Shout-out to their leader Monika for working so hard for Badkiz. I’ve only started listening to them in the past couple of days but they have some good songs, it’s a shame they’ve lost so many members. ‘Hothae’ is a good song but if you’re not a fan then ‘Come Closer’ is good too! Give Badkiz a try!

1. Sol T – Bad Girls

Sol T Bad Girls gif.gif

I’m gonna be 100% honest with you and admit that I only discovered this group and song today. But I’ve had the song on repeat for the last hour and I’m really digging it. I need to listen to more of their songs because this one is actually amazing. If you haven’t heard ‘Bad Girls’ already then you’re missing out, this song is so good and I can’t wait to listen to more Sol T!

There you go, ten girl group songs to listen to! Now stop moaning that all girl groups are doing the cute concept because they’re not, it’s just that the ones trying something new are being slept on.

Christmas Films I’ve Watched/Will Watch This Year

Christmas Tree

It’s no secret that I love pretty much everything about Christmas and that definitely includes movies! Christmas movies can be a bit hit and miss, some are absolutely tragic (Looking at you, Office Christmas Party) but some are amazing. We all know the best ones, the ones we have to watch every year without fail so I thought I’d write a list of the Christmas films I’ve seen so far and those I plan on watching.

Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas gif.gif

Generally I watch the same Christmas films year after year but this year I want to watch some new ones as well. I hadn’t seen ‘Arthur Christmas’ before so the other night I put it on and actually ended up really enjoying it. I think kids Christmas films are always so heart-warming and I actually found myself crying towards the end (I’m such a cry baby at films) – it’s a film I’d like to put on again next Christmas, I really liked it.

Home Alone

Home Alone gif.gif

This has got to be one of my favourite Christmas films ever. I don’t think a single Christmas has gone by where I haven’t seen this film. I haven’t watched it yet this year but it’s definitely on the list along with its sequel ‘Lost in New York’. I doubt there are many that haven’t seen this film because it’s truly a classic by this point. I love it so much I even bought myself some ‘Home Alone’ themed Christmas pyjamas from PRIMARK so I’ll be wearing them for the majority of December.

The Snowman

The Snowman gif.gif

Right, I love this film but oh my god it hurts my heart. Every year it’s played on Christmas Day and I have to sit there trying my best not to try in front of my entire family at the ending. This year I’ve watched it by myself so I could weep absolute buckets at the ending just because I could! I love it so much that I made my Mom come with me to see the stage version last year and it was actually fantastic, I probably won’t get to see it this year but I’ll definitely make sure I go next year. I’m almost crying just writing this, I honestly love the film so much and I don’t care what anybody says!

I also want to watch the sequel about the snow dog, it’s nowhere near as good as the original but at the least the ending isn’t quite as sad as the original!


Elf gif.gif

I haven’t seen this film for years and it’s a shame because I did really like it so this year I bought it on DVD so I can rewatch it. I can only remember little snippets of the film and I can’t wait to watch the entire thing again. There are ‘Elf’ pyjamas in PRIMARK and I’m tempted to get some of them too – the Christmas pyjamas in PRIMARK are so cute and I need to stop spending all my money in there!

The Grinch

The Grinch gif.gif

I only saw this film for the first time last year and I’ve really been missing out! My friends were amazed when they found out I’d never seen it so at our Christmas present exchange we put it on and I loved it. I’d like to rewatch it this year as I was busy sorting out food and stuff last year so I missed parts of it and I can’t wait. I’ve legit booked a day off work so I can spend the whole day sat at home in my PJs watching Christmas films and this film will definitely be on the list!

Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street gif.gif

I hate to admit it but I’ve never seen this one. I’ve heard it’s brilliant but I’ve just never sat down to watch it. However I’ve noticed it’s on Netflix this year so I’ve added it to my list and I will finally get round to watching it this year! I’ve heard there’s also a black and white version but I think I’ll go for the Mara Wilson version personally. My Mom watched it and told me it’s fantastic so I can’t wait to see it for myself.

Those are all I can think of for now, if you have any recommendations then please feel free to leave them in the comments and let me know what you’ll be watching this Christmas!

Christmas Traditions


I stated around Halloween that I wanted to write more holiday themed posts and my favourite holiday has to be Christmas. Christmas is great because for the whole of December you get a lovely build-up until the actual day. Every December I have some traditions which can be with family, friends or just by myself and I thought I’d share them!

Going to Church

Although I believe in God and I’d say I’m a Christian I’m not particularly very religious so I don’t go to church regularly. However me and my Mom go once a year in December for the carol service. It makes me feel so Christmassy and I love going so much. Last year they didn’t have the carol service so we went on Christmas Eve instead but this year they’re bringing it back and I can’t wait! I love our little church and the way it’s decorated each year and I’m really excited to go back.

Christmas Pyjamas

This one is a new tradition because we only started it last year but on Christmas Eve last year my Mom came into my room and said “Here’s an early Christmas present!” I unwrapped them and found a pair of Christmas pyjamas. My Mom headed into her room whilst I put mine in and when I came out I found she was wearing the same pair!

Christmas 2

We asked my step-dad to take a photo of the two of us but he’s an asshole and wouldn’t so we had to take a selfie in the mirror. She’s asked if I want to keep the tradition going and I do, it’s really fun and sweet!

Friends Present Exchange


I absolutely love the present exchange with my friends, we all meet up and have a sleepover a few days before Christmas and I love it so much. We usually meet up at someone’s house and exchange the presents first before having dinner together whilst watching a Christmas movie then we stay up for ages playing games. I love just being able to spend time doing Christmas things with my favourite losers and I can’t wait for this years. I feel like I could be fifty years old and I’ll still be messaging my friends like “WHEN WE MEETING UP FOR CHRISTMAS LADS?”

Buying new Christmas decorations

This is a long tradition, we’ve been doing this ever since I was a kid. When I was younger my Mom used to get us a real tree so when we went to choose it we’d always go somewhere Christmassy with like a shop and stuff so we could have a good look around before choosing the tree. Every year me and my brother were allowed to pick out one new decoration for the tree. Now that I’m earning my own wage I do cheat a bit because I pick out one that Mom buys and then I’ll go and buy another one with my own money. I wish I could include ‘going out to pick out a real tree’ as one of our traditions but unfortunately due to money and convenience we’ve started using a fake tree. But I do love picking out a new decoration each year, I tend to go for things that look sweet like last year I chose a hedgehog decoration. I also went out and bought a Mulan decoration and I accidentally snapped the leg off before she made it onto the tree. Whoops.

Pantomime on Christmas Eve

This is probably my favourite tradition. For a few years every Christmas Eve me and my Mom would always go to our local theatre to watch the pantomime on Christmas Eve. For the first time we took my nephew last year and he’s coming again next year so it looks like he’ll be involved in the tradition too! I love the pantomime so much, I don’t care how old I am and it makes Christmas Eve so much more fun to have this to look forward to.

If you have any Christmas traditions then leave me a comment, I love hearing what everyone’s up to around the holidays!

Top Ten Favourite Songs from Musicals

West End.jpg

It’s no secret that I love going to the theatre more than anything. I’ll see pretty much anything but I have ended up seeing quite a few musicals. I have a ton of show songs on my iPod and I thought I’d make a quick list of my top ten favourites since I’ve been doing that so much with K-Pop songs. Some of the songs are going to be obvious whilst others less obvious so let’s get going.

10. Chicago – Cell Block Tango

Cell Block Tango gif.gif

This song would be higher up because I think it’s absolutely amazing but I’m not a big fan of the show. I absolutely love the film but I find the stage show to be quite underwhelming. I first saw it when it toured the UK so I assumed it was underwhelming because it was on tour but after seeing it on Broadway I just think it’s generally not a great show. After seeing it twice I won’t be in a hurry to see it again but I do love ‘Cell Block Tango’, it’s such a good song.

9. Dream Girls – And I Am Telling You

Amber Riley gif.gif

I went into this show completely blind, I’ve never seen the film even though I’d like to one day so I had no idea what to expect. To be honest I wasn’t a massive fan of the plot but luckily Amber Riley saved the show for me. I was a big Glee fan while I was in school and one of my favourite songs performed on the show was definitely Amber Riley’s ‘And I Am Telling You’ so to see her perform it live was honestly astonishing. She is so talented and I’d go and see the show all over again just to hear her sing again. If I had half her talent maybe I could achieve something with my life.

8. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – More of Him to Love

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory gif.gif

I’m really sad that this show isn’t on in the West End anymore, I saw it twice and I thought it was great both times. My favourite songs from the show are the ones that introduce the kids who won the golden tickets but the best one is ‘More of Him to Love’. This is making me miss this show so much, did we have to get rid of it?

7. Little Shop of Horrors – Feed Me

Little Shop of Horrors gif.gif

This show has a place in my heart because it was the last show I performed in at Secondary School before I left. So when it went on a tour of the UK last year I made sure I got myself tickets and saw it the night before my 20th birthday. I loved it so much, I wish this was on in the West End so I could see it again. I love the majority of the songs from this song but ‘Feed Me’ is probably my favourite. If this goes on tour again I need to get tickets, it feels like ages since I saw it.

6. School of Rock – Stick It to the Man

School of Rock gif.gif

This is one of my favourite films and the stage show, although different, is just as good. There are more songs in the stage version and I love the majority of them but my favourite is ‘Stick It to the Man’ I think it’s actually brilliant. If you haven’t seen this show then you’re really missing out, it’s one of my absolute favourites it’s a shame that the tickets are so expensive! I’ve seen it twice this year and I am tempted to go back next year.

5. Wicked – Defying Gravity

Defying Gravity gif.gif

I don’t care what anyone says about this song, it is iconic and I love it! Most songs from that show are amazing including ‘Thank Goodness’, ‘The Wizard and I’ and ‘Dancing Through Life’ but come on, ‘Defying Gravity’ has to take it. I’ve seen this show four times and every time ‘Defying Gravity’ starts I get goose bumps. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it actually and now I really want to go back! This post is going to bankrupt me because now I’m desperate to go back to London to rewatch all my favourite shows.

4. Anastasia – Once Upon A December

Once Upon A December gif.gif

Earlier this year I went to New York and finally saw my first Broadway show. I picked ‘Anastasia’ because it’s not on in the UK yet and I love the film. I was not disappointed, me and my Mom had really good seats in a private box and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Everything about it was perfect and I finally got to see my favourite song from the film performed live. Apparently ‘Anastasia’ will eventually be coming to Europe and the UK and I would love to see it again and I know my friend Becca is dying to as well so I’ll definitely be taking another trip to see it. I can’t wait!

3. Aladdin – High Adventure

Aladdin gif.gif

I’m not sure why but this show is slowly climbing its way up to being one of my favourites. I love the soundtrack, the comedy, the costumes, the scenery, pretty much everything about this show! I’ve seen it twice and both times I was sat in the back in the exact same seat, next time I see it I’d like to spend extra to get a better ticket. My only problem is that obviously it’s always full of children and I’m worried about paying extra for a good ticket and having it ruined by an annoying child. I’m willing to take the risk though.

‘High Adventure’ is probably my favourite song, I downloaded the entire soundtrack from iTunes simply because I couldn’t find this song on YouTube and I really wanted to listen to it again. Although my favourite character has to be the Genie I still love Babkak, Omar and Kasim. If you haven’t seen the stage version then I really recommend it, it’s fantastic.

2. The Lion King – Circle of Life

Circle of Life gif.gif

This show is honestly amazing, I love the film and the show is probably even better. It’s so clever how it’s done. I remember taking my friend to see it and straight after ‘The Circle of Life’ she turned to me and said “I know we’re only two minutes in but this is the best show I’ve ever seen” and it is really good! I haven’t met anyone who said they didn’t like it.

I love all the songs from the show but ‘The Circle of Life’ has to take it because the opening number really shows the hard work, the thought and the talent that went into making this show.

1. Matilda – Naughty

Matilda gif.gif

For a while ‘Matilda’ was my favourite stage show. I’m not sure if it still is but I think it’s brilliant. It’s quite different to the film but in a good way, it focuses more on how smart Matilda is rather then her powers. I love the majority of the songs, my favourites include ‘The Smell of Rebellion’, ‘My House’ and ‘Bruce’ but I think ‘Naughty’ has to take it. I just love the message, it’s a song I wish I’d listened to and understood as a kid. The whole show is just brilliant and I can’t recommend it enough.

There you go! Feel free to leave me a comment with your favourite songs from musicals whether that’s from shows or from films. If you have any recommendations then do let me know!

Top Ten Underrated K-Pop Songs

Dal Shabet.jpg

Unfortunately not every artist is super successful and that applies to K-Pop too. There are so many good groups and idols who although are extremely talented just haven’t had the luck or the chance to make it big. However a lot of the time they still have an extremely loyal fan base and some really decent songs if people would give them the chance! So I thought I’d write a list of my top ten favourite underrated songs.

10. Momoland – Freeze!

Momoland Freeze gif.gif

This is another song that I wasn’t particularly fond of at first listen but after a few tries it eventually grew on me. Momoland are a nine member girl group and ‘Freeze!’ is their most recent comeback. I haven’t listened to any of their other songs but I will definitely check out more of them. ‘Freeze!’ is a really fun song and I recommend giving it a listen.

9. Marmello – Puppet

Marmello Puppet gif.gif

Marmello are a five member girl band who debuted earlier this year with ‘Puppet’. This is one of those songs that I really liked at first listen and I was glad to have found out about Marmello. They’re really good and I don’t particularly listen to many K-Pop bands so they’re quite interesting to me. This song is so good and you should definitely listen to it.

8. HALO – Here I Am


I listened to HALO because I heard they were coming to London and I figured that maybe if I liked them then I could go and see them. Unfortunately I really doubt I’m going to be able to because I’m super broke whilst trying to afford Japan and South Korea next year but I’m still a fan of this song. I didn’t really know what to expect but I was impressed and now I’m really disappointed that I won’t be seeing them! If you live in Europe and you can see them then give them a listen, they’re pretty good!

7. D.Holic – Colour Me Rad

DHolic colour me rad gif.gif

Unfortunately D.Holic disbanded earlier this year when they were down to literally just one member which sucks because they have some really good songs. ‘Colour Me Rad’ is definitely my favourite because it’s just so good! It gets me so lit every time I listen to it and I’m surprised it’s not more popular. D.Holic are another example of people claiming they don’t listen to girl groups because they don’t like ‘cute songs’ yet D.Holic were constantly slept on!

6. Sonamoo – I Like U Too Much

Sonamoo I Like U Too Much gif.gif

My favourite Sonamoo song is actually ‘Déjà vu’ but that doesn’t really reflect their sound anymore. They changed concepts and whilst I still enjoy them I kind of wish they’d carried on with songs similar to Déjà vu. Either way, ‘Like U Too Much’ is still a really great, catchy song! Sonamoo are so good and I’m sad that they’re slept on, please give them a try.

5. Matilda – You Bad! Don’t Make Me Cry

Matilda You Bad Don't Make Me Cry gif.gif

Matilda are another group that don’t bother with the ‘cute’ concept but people still don’t care. Although the title ‘You Bad! Don’t Make Me Cry’ is a little cringe it’s a brilliant song and probably one of my favourites. At first listen I wasn’t a big fan but now it’s grown on me it’s actually really catchy and I listened to it a lot when I first got into it.

4. Crayon Pop – Doo Doom Chit

Crayon Pop Doo Doom Chit gif.gif

I know that Crayon Pop’s songs can be a little weird but they’re so fun and catchy! I don’t see why so many people have an issue with them. I love ‘Doo Doom Chit’, it’s so cheery and the choreography always manages to cheer me up. It’s so different to ‘Bar Bar Bar’ and unfortunately that’s the only song people want to remember them by. They have so many good songs but everyone just lost interest and it’s sad.

3. COCOSORI – Dark Circle

CocoSori Dark Circle 2 gif.gif

People need to stop sleeping on COCOSORI! Their songs are so much fun and they’re so catchy. Yes, the music videos are weird but what’s wrong with that? Personally I think ‘Dark Circle’ is one of my favourite music videos because it’s just so random. I really can’t rate this song high enough and I’m sad they’ve only got two. Apparently they raised enough money with their gofundme so hopefully they’ll be having a comeback soon! Listen to ‘Dark Circle’, it’s good!

2. 24K – Only You

24K Only You gif.gif

Again, 24K are another group that are slept on and it makes no sense. 24K have really good songs and they are so, so lovely to their fans. ‘Only You’ is their most recent comeback and I really like it, it has a different sound compared to their previous songs like ‘Bingo’ or ‘Superfly’. To be honest pretty much all of their songs are great so just listen to any of them and stan 24K because they’re amazing!

1. Good Day – Rolly

Good Day Rolly gif.gif

I don’t know what it is about this song but I actually really love it, I’ve had it on repeat for the last few days. I don’t particularly know much about Good Day other than they’re a ten member girl group who debuted earlier this year with ‘Rolly’. This is another upbeat, cute and fun song and I just can’t stop listening to it. If you haven’t already listened to it then give it a chance because it’s really good and the girls are obviously extremely talented.

So those are my top ten favourite underrated songs, let me know below which songs you love that you think are overrated!