Hong Kong Haul


As the days passed in Hong Kong I realised that a lot of the things I was doing were either free or quite cheap. The most expensive thing when I was there was obviously my trip to Disneyland but I had quite a lot of spending money. I definitely could’ve gone more overboard but I also allowed myself to spend quite a lot extra than I would’ve done normally. I love being able to take a suitcase on holiday, it means way more room for souvenirs. So I decided to write a list of the things I bought whilst in Hong Kong. Enjoy!

I’ve tried to order it correctly but some of it may be incorrect!

Hong Kong Disneyland Tin

Disneyland Tin

I didn’t buy much at Tokyo Disneyland – the shop me and my friends went in at the end of the day was heaving so I felt like I couldn’t have a good browse because everyone was in there and they were getting on my nerves. I bought a plushie, a postcard and a present for our friend Hirst but that was it. At Hong Kong Disneyland I went earlier in the evening when the shop was still quiet and managed to come away with a few goodies.

When in Tokyo Becca had bought a Pokémon tin and I always regretted not getting one similar so when I saw this one in Hong Kong Disneyland I knew I had to have it. I haven’t tried the cookies inside yet because to be honest I don’t imagine they’ll taste amazing and anyway I was more interested in having the cute tin so I could store whatever I wanted inside of it. I’m glad I bought it because it’s so sweet!

Winnie the Pooh Key Ring

Winnie the Pooh Keyring

I think Winnie the Pooh is my favourite Disney character – it changes all the time but he was when I visited the Tokyo park too and he was the character I was most excited about meeting at Hong Kong Disneyland (don’t care how lame that makes me sound, I love him!). When I saw this cute Key Ring of Winnie wearing a raincoat I just knew I had to have it. He’s now on my back pack. I also saw a larger plushie wearing the raincoat and I was so close to caving in but decided not to because I doubt I would’ve done much with it but God it was difficult because it was so cute!

Disney Key Rings

Disney Keyring

I knew I had to get my friends a present from Disneyland; it wasn’t even up for debate. I was having a good look around with no idea what to get when I spotted these key rings. I wanted one for myself and realised I could grab my friends favourite characters. The one pictured above is the one I chose for myself – I don’t think Winnie the Pooh was an option with these ones and I also absolutely love the Toy Story films.

Disney Keyrings

These are the ones I bought for my friends – Mulan for Becca, Belle for Hirst and Alice for Jess. Then at the airport there was a Disney store – a small one in the airport and a bigger one once you’re into the departures lounge. I had a good browse in there and then decided to also get a couple of key rings for my friends Sorcha and Emma – Ariel for Sorcha and Spider-Man for Emma. I think they’re so cute, if there’s any at the Florida one I might get a couple more!

Disneyland Fridge Magnet

Disneyland Magnet

I normally give magnets away as a gift – normally to my Mom or my brother’s ex-girlfriend but never really bother with any for myself because like, the fridge isn’t mine, it’s my parents. But when I saw this magnet I just couldn’t resist. It’s gone so many cute characters on, including my fave Winnie the Pooh so I decided to get it. When I eventually get my own place it’ll come with me and be the first magnet on my fridge!

Disneyland Stickers

Disneyland Stickers

As the Halloween event was on when I visited Disneyland the cast members were giving out different things. When I was queuing to meet Mickey and Minnie there was a cast member giving out candy to children and he eventually offered me some too so I accepted because like free candy, why not? Unfortunately once I had them I realised they were marshmallows of which I’m not a fan but hey it was still free candy! Other cast members were also giving out stickers – I’m not sure if this was just for the Halloween event or if they always do this but it was a nice touch. I was too shy to specifically ask cast members for the stickers but I managed to get these two – one from the woman in the shop who cashed up my items and another from the woman at the front of the Mystic Manor ride who handed one to me. They’re so cute and they’ll look good in my scrapbook!

Disneyland Travel Tag

Disneyland Travel

Something else I picked up from the airport on my way home. I do already have a luggage tag, its Harry Potter themed but when I spotted this I couldn’t resist. It’s gone straight onto my suitcase, I love it so much – I hope my Mom doesn’t bloody lose it when she borrows my case!

Toy Story Pen

Toy Story Pen

This was the last thing I picked up from the airport store. As previously mentioned, I really love the Toy Story movies so when I saw this pen I decided to get it. The idea was I’d take it to work with me to write messages but I tried it out at home and it’s bloody heavy and difficult to write with! So I’m not sure if it’ll end up at work.

Hong Kong Snow Globe

Hong Kong Snowglobe

Since me and my friends visited Luxembourg I decided to start collecting snow globes for all the places I visit. The only one missing from my collection at the moment is Amsterdam – I was meant to look for one actually on my stopover on the way to Hong Kong but the plane had been delayed and I was so fucking stressed about missing my flight that I sprinted straight to the gate and sat there without moving until we are all called onto the plane.

Luckily I did manage to find one for Hong Kong. I had been worrying I wouldn’t find any as I hadn’t seen many tacky gift shops in Japan or South Korea but when I visited the Big Buddha statue there were a couple of stalls that sold water, fruit and souvenirs. The cold water was a saviour and I spotted this cute snow glove which was the perfect size for my collection and also contained Big Buddha, one of the things that had drawn me to the country in the first place. It’s now taken pride and place on my travel memories shelf.

Little Buddha Figure

Buddha Figure

I hadn’t realised how much stuff was at the top of Victoria Peak when I visited, I just figured it would be like the top of a hill – I hadn’t realised Madame Tussauds was up there along with a bunch of places to eat and souvenir stalls the moment you entered. I had a good browse through all of them and although there was a lot of stuff not all of it was incredible. I decided to get this little Buddha figure though because as mentioned, the Big Buddha had drawn me to Hong Kong when I’d been looking at things to do and it was one of my favourite things I saw whilst there. It’s also been added to my travel memories shelf.

Lucky Cat

Lucky Cat

When me and my friends visited Amsterdam I’d bought a lucky cat figurine that I’d put on my desk at work. I thought I was leaving my job so I brought the cat home and then when I realised I wasn’t going I never took the cat back, it stayed on my travel memories shelf. My cat from Japan is also on the shelf but I wanted one for my desk at work again. So I bought this one from Victoria Peak and I’ve put it on my desk – hopefully it will bring me some luck! God knows I need it.



I really like scrapbooking my adventures so postcards are always a good idea as you can stick them in and they’re a good reminder of where you’ve been. The photos also generally look better than the ones I take so it’s just a bonus all around really!

Hong Kong Magnet

Hong Kong Magnet

I’m never really sure what to buy my Mom as a present so I’ve settled on fridge magnets now as she’s collecting them from places she visits as well and she always buys one for my brothers fridge so I’ve started doing the same. This one was the best one I found and I really like it.

Jackie Chan Photo

Me + Jackie Chan

I don’t know, okay? You weren’t allowed to take photos on your phone with Jackie Chan and I figured I’d never likely go back and get my photo taken with him again so like why not?

Ocean Park Key Rings

Ocean Park Key Rings.jpg

I didn’t get much from Ocean Park but I absolutely love sea lions/seals, they’re my favourite animals and after visiting their enclosure I decided to buy myself the little key ring with a seal wearing pyjamas. I decided to grab my friends one each too – the Whale for Becca as I know she loves orcas, the penguin for Jess and the turtle for Hirst. It wasn’t until I got home that I realised although I’d got my friends some cute gifts I hadn’t really got them anything that screamed ‘Hong Kong’ – whoops!

Wooden Fork

Wooden Fork

I spent so much money on those key rings that I got given this free fork at Ocean Park. I don’t imagine I’ll ever use it but like hey, who doesn’t love a freebie?

BT21 Chimmy Key Ring


I wasn’t all that fussed about BT21 when it was first announced, it wasn’t until earlier this year when me and Becca saw BTS at Wembley and visited the BT21 pop-up shop that I actually decided I liked it. When I saw someone with a Line Friends bag with the BT21 characters on I knew I had to visit the store. I was a bit nervous about visiting Causeway Bay as a lot of protests had taken place there but I figured if I went first thing in the morning it might be okay. As I was planning this very spookily my sister popped up to me saying ‘Don’t visit Causeway Bay’ – she has colleagues in Hong Kong who had been advising her where the worst of the protests are happening. Desperate to visit the Line Friends store I very badly ignored her advice.

Although J-Hope is my bias I still think the ‘Chimmy’ figure is my favourite so I went for this little key ring. It’s now on my backpack right next to my Winnie the Pooh figure. It looks so cute!

BT21 Tata Pen

BT21 Pen.jpg

I can’t really remember what made me pick Tata but I guess the pen must’ve been the cutest one. This was another one where I wanted a cute pen to take to work so I settled on this one. I did take this one to work earlier this week, used it for one day and then it bloody ran out of ink. Ripoff. A friend on Twitter has advised me of a way to potentially get it working again but I haven’t had chance to give it a go yet. We’ll see I guess!

BT21 Notebooks

BT21 Notebooks

The notebooks were all so cute – I was only going to get one but I narrowed it down to these two and in the end I just couldn’t pick. My original plan had been to also take these to work and use them for note taking etc as I use notebooks the most when I’m at work but mine is the bog standard one that comes with the stationery orders, other people have ones they’ve bought themselves and they look much cuter. But these look a bit TOO cute for work, I’m not sure I want to use them to scribble people’s phone messages inside. Ah, I don’t know!

BT21 Eye Masks

BT21 eyemasks

As my friends Becca and Jess are also BTS fans I decided to get them both something from the BT21 store. I have no idea why but I settled on these eye masks. I got Koya for Becca because she chose Koya back in June when we visited the BT21 store and chose Shooky for Jess as Suga is her bias. Hopefully they like them and find some use for them?

Line Friends Gift

Line Friends Gift

I spent so much at the Line Friends store that I got given this free gift. Looks like a key ring and a lip balm. I’ll probably use the key ring, I bloody love key rings.

Toy Story Plushies

Toy Story Plushies

One evening I decided to visit a shopping centre as I’d heard there was a K-Pop store. It wasn’t a ‘store’ as such, there was some K-Pop merch but you couldn’t take them off their little hooks without getting the member of staff to do it for you and I wasn’t feeling very confident. I didn’t want the things THAT badly, I’d have bought them if it was easier but like I wasn’t desperate you know?

However, I came across a little arcade with claw machines and couldn’t resist having a go. I’d had a go on a machine in Tai O Fishing Village the day before but had been unsuccessful – I partly blame the two little kids that stopped to watch me and were going “Ooooooh – AHHHHH!” as I played, it was a bit off putting but bless them they were cute haha. I had a go on the machines here and managed to win on the Toy Story machine before heading off to have dinner. After dinner I decided to have one more go and for some reason ended up back on the same machine… And won all over again. As I didn’t get Hirst anything from the BT21 store I’ve decided to give her the spare plushie.

So there we go, that’s what I bought from Hong Kong! I splurged a little but definitely could’ve spent a lot more I think!

20 Favourite BTS Songs


About a year ago I wrote a list of my favourite BTS songs, narrowing it down to ten. I wanted to write an updated list but up it to twenty so that I could include more of their solo songs because some of them are just as good if not better than the group songs and I wanted a chance to include them all. So here we go, enjoy my updated list!

20. Danger

BTS Danger gif.gif

My favourite choreography video will probably forever be the ‘Danger’ one. It’s just amazing and let’s be real, it was definitely J-Hope’s era because he looked amazing. I’ve always wanted to see BTS perform this live but unfortunately I don’t think they ever will because it’s quite an old song and not really one of their ‘popular’ ones which is a shame because I’d love to see the choreography live for this. So whilst it’s not in the top ten for my favourite songs I’d say the choreography would be number one.

19. I’m Fine

BTS I'm Fine gif.gif

I low-key wish they’d played this at the Wembley concerts instead of ‘So What’ but at least I got to see it live at the Paris concert last year. This song is amazing, the best bit definitely being when Suga comes in absolutely spitting fire. I really like it, I’d love to see them perform it live again someday when I’m not too tired to appreciate it.

18. I Need U

BTS I Need U gif.gif

This song always reminds me of the first time I saw them at K-Con Paris. They didn’t play many songs because obviously there were a lot of groups to fit in so they had a limited set list but they performed this one and I’m so glad they did. Becca says ‘Run’ always reminds her of our trip to Paris but for me I can’t listen to ‘I Need U’ without remembering that trip. It was our first trip abroad together and to be able to see BTS was an amazing bonus (and also the purpose of the trip haha). I think I’d love this song regardless though as it’s one of the first songs I listened to when becoming a fan.

17. Fun Boys

BTS Fun Boys gif.gif

This used to be my favourite song but unfortunately I think I listened to it one too many times. It’s still one of those songs though that I always want played at a BTS concert because it’s so much fun! Unfortunately I haven’t seen them perform it at one of their own shows but luckily did get to see it at K-Con Paris. I was certain they wouldn’t play it and when they announced their last song I thought it would be ‘War of Hormone’ or something so when the music for Fun Boys started I literally turned to my friends in shock and made sure I had a lit time watching it. So although it’s gone down a few places, it’s still a fun song!

16. First Love (Suga Solo)

BTS First Love gif.gif

This was Suga’s solo song from the Wings album and I remember listening to it because Jess was telling me about the solo songs from the album and described Suga’s as ‘intense’. I gave it a listen and quickly saw what she meant. It goes quite hard considering he’s rapping about piano but like it’s still a good song and I don’t care what anyone says, it’s one of my favourites from the Wings album.

15. Mikrokosmos

BTS Mikrokosmos.gif

This is a song I’d normally skip because I’m not really into slow songs but after hearing them perform it live at their Wembley shows I actually quite liked it. When I was listening to it before the show I was kind of like ‘yeah this is okay’ but I wasn’t blown away by it or anything. However them performing it to close the Sunday show after we’d all made them cry by singing ‘Forever Young’ was a touching moment, it made me feel closer to the members somehow and this song is just associated with a good memory now so it’s one of my favourites.

14. Answer: Love Myself

BTS Love Myself gif.gif

Everybody needs this song in their life. I’m serious. Another song that became better after seeing them perform live and one that I can always rely on when I’m feeling down. The message is just so important and I love everything about it. If you only listen to one BTS song from this list I definitely recommend it be this one.

13. Fake Love

BTS Fake Love gif.gif

I don’t think I was certain about this song when I first heard it but I think it was released during my phase of ‘oh dear, do I still like BTS?’ before they grabbed me by the heels and pulled me back in again. This is probably one of my favourite ones to see live just because I love the fan chant during the chorus because it’s so easy, they sing ‘Fake Love’ and we yell ‘FAKE LOVE’ back at them, doesn’t get much easier than that. This is another one with amazing choreography, my favourite being when they all line up and like take it in turns to dance, I’m not sure how else to describe it – I tried to describe it to Becca at Wembley and just couldn’t but it’s the best bit of the choreography!

12. Anpanman

BTS Anpanman gif.gif

The first time I heard of this song was on my way to a K-Pop Night in Birmingham when my friend Jess was like “HAVE YOU HEARD ANPANMAN BY BTS, I LOVE IT SO MUCH” – I didn’t think much of it but they performed it at their concert and I realised that it actually is a fun song. I feel like I love their songs more after seeing them live? I don’t know, there must be something about seeing a group live that makes the songs more enjoyable. But this song is fun and I loved seeing it at Wembley when they had all the inflatables on stage, it looked like so much fun.

11. Airplane Pt.2

BTS Airplane Pt 2 gif.gif

I like listening to this song at the airport or on a plane for relatively obvious reasons. I’m a nervous flyer so having some catchy songs to listen to is always a good idea. I also love listening to it when I’m out and about, I can’t describe how it makes me feel but it’s one of those songs where I feel like you can pretend you’re in a music video whilst walking around while you’re listening to it. It’s just one of those songs.

10. Dionysus

BTS Dionysus gif.gif

This song is so lit, let’s be real. They opened both Wembley shows with it and it was the perfect song to kick off the shows as it got everyone pumped and kick started the evening. This is another one that I loved the choreography for, I need to watch the video for it. Ever since the concert I can’t stop listening to it and it’s an amazing song.

9. Serendipity (Jimin Solo)

BTS Serendipity gif.gif

This is another one that for ages was my favourite song but again, I think I listened to it one too many times but it hasn’t fallen too many places because I still love it. I don’t understand people who say Jimin can’t sing, I think the boys got an amazing voice and I could listen to this song on repeat for hours without getting tired of it. I loved seeing it performed live and I hope if they tour again they do their solo songs again (I doubt they will but a girl can dream) so I can see this all over again.

8. Singularity (V Solo)

BTS Singularity gif.gif

Yet another song that hadn’t impressed me too much when I listened to it on the album but impressed me a lot seeing it live. In France V’s solo performance was one of my favourites and after watching the BTS Movie I’m shocked to realise how sick he was and how much it upset him afterwards that he felt like he hadn’t put his all in. I genuinely couldn’t even tell at the time of the concert that he wasn’t well and it definitely didn’t affect his solo performance which was one of the best. I love the hazy feel to this song, it reminds me of being drunk and I just really enjoy it. Definitely one of my favourite solo songs.

7. The Truth Untold (Vocal Line)

BTS Vocal Line.gif

(I couldn’t find a gif for the song so enjoy this gif of the Vocal Line)

I really didn’t appreciate this song enough in Paris. Me and my friends Becca and Jess had literally gotten back from Asia a couple of days beforehand so were jetlagged enough but we then had to get up on Friday at 2AM to catch our flight to Paris, queue all day and honestly we were exhausted so whenever BTS performed a slow song I unfortunately zoned out a little bit. I’m so glad they performed it at Wembley because after the concert it quickly became one of my favourite songs and it was nice to be able to fully appreciate it this time. It’s an amazing song and I love it so much.

6. Epiphany (Jin Solo)

BTS Epiphany gif.gif

I actually LOVE this song which surprised me as I normally really hate slow songs (I say as I add like a million of BTS’ slow songs to this list). It’s just beautiful and an amazing song to see live, the venue always looks so pretty with all the light sticks lit up. When he performed it after the first Wembley show Becca turned to me and went “MAN’S GOT PIPES” and she ain’t wrong. She definitely ain’t wrong.

5. Just Dance (J-Hope solo)

BTS Just Dance gif.gif

The best solo song from the Love Yourself album, let’s be real. Also one of the best solo songs to see live because J-Hope is just so full of energy and never gives a bad performance. I loved seeing it at the Wembley show because we started up a ‘J-Hope’ chant and you could tell how much it meant to him. This song never disappoints and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it.

4. Lie (Jimin Solo)

BTS Lie gif.gif

My absolute favourite solo song, loved it from the moment I first listened to it. And now I love the song even more because it’s associated with a happy memory. Unfortunately I never got to see it live but this song always reminds me of our trip to South Korea. We went to karaoke one night, sang this song and it was an absolute mess especially the high note. I think it was my favourite song that we sang because it was so bloody funny. The song itself is just amazing and again, Jimin has an amazing voice. This is definitely one of the best solo songs.

3. Tear (Rap Line)

BTS Tear gif.gif

This song goes HARD and I love it. It’s one of the songs that if I’d have listened to when I first became a K-Pop song I’d have thought ‘oh God this is intense’ but now that I’m more used to K-Pop it’s one of my favourite songs. This was another great one to see live, the black and white filter on the screens made it seem really edgy and I just loved it. The rap line are so energetic I swear to God, I couldn’t rap like that whilst dancing around the stage I’d be absolutely floored before the chorus even hit. I like whacking this song on when I wanna listen to something ‘angsty’ and it never fails.

2. Mic Drop

BTS Mic Drop gif.gif

This song is LIT, I don’t even care what anybody says, if you don’t like it then fine but you can’t deny it’s lit. I wasn’t a big fan of the Steve Aoki remix at first but now I think I prefer it, it’s easier to sing at concerts as well as there’s more English lines. This song came out when I was going through that ‘do I still like BTS’ phase and it definitely put my faith back in them as this song was amazing upon first listen and I couldn’t get enough of it. I think it’ll forever be one of my favourite songs.

1. Idol

BTS Idol gif.gif

I did love this song upon first listen but I think it became solidified as my favourite after seeing it live at Wembley because it was definitely the most fun song of the night. The music videos a bit weird yeah but I still like it and I definitely love the song more than anything. If this song came on during a night out you’d best believe I’d be tearing up the dance floor and I hope BTS don’t remove it from their set-list anytime soon because it’s amazing.

There you have it, my twenty favourite BTS songs. Feel free to leave a comment with your favourites!

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland

This year I decided that I wanted to do something fun for my birthday. I wrote down a list of things that I could do and then an idea struck. Could I go on a solo ‘out-of-continent’ trip for my birthday? Could I afford it? Would I even dare to go that far on my own? My research began and I narrowed it down to two destinations – Taipei in Taiwan or Hong Kong.

I ended up settling on Hong Kong for one reason – Disneyland. Okay, hear me out before you jump down my throat! I was obviously interested in visiting other parts of Hong Kong and all the cultural sites but it’s on my bucket list to visit every Disneyland across the globe and I also figured that meant I could spend my birthday doing something fun. I hadn’t found many theme parks or anything similar in Taipei so it was settled. I was going to spend my birthday at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Before I even made it to the airport I began watching vlogs and making plans. I only had one day at Disneyland and I wanted to make the most of it. I downloaded the app onto my phone so I could check the wait times for the rides each day. I went on the website and wrote a list of rides I thought I’d be okay on and highlighted any that I definitely wanted to check out – I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to rides but I still love going to theme parks!

One of the main things I was looking forward to was queuing only for things that I actually intended to ride. My friends are more ‘big thrill seekers’ so they like going on big rides so I often end up joining them in the queue and then not going on the ride. And don’t get me wrong, I definitely don’t mind queuing for things they want to ride as it’s their day just as much as it is mine but I was still excited to only queue for things I wanted.

In the end I had a loose plan on what I definitely wanted to ride and the order I intended to do things and soon I’d arrived in Hong Kong. I arrived the day before my birthday on the 29th of September and had an extremely early night so that I’d have some energy for the next day. I woke up early on the 30th of September, grabbed breakfast at the hotel and set off nice and early for Disneyland.

I was really pleased with the dress I’d bought. For Tokyo Disneyland I’d really wanted a cute Disney themed outfit to wear but unfortunately hadn’t found anything. This time I was more determined and had a quick look on etsy when I found a cute shop that had tons of Disney themed dresses along with other designs. Although they weren’t cheap they also weren’t unreasonable, and they had sizes up to 5XL. I was still worried it would be too small but after ages I settled on a Buzz Light-year themed dress and prayed it would fit. When it arrived it was actually slightly too big but I was pleased because you can work with too big, there’s not a lot to be done about too small.

Hong Kong Disneyland has slightly weird opening times as it doesn’t officially open until 10:30AM and closes at 8PM. I was so keen to make the most of every second of the opening times since they were so limited that I arrived at the park at 9:30AM. A stranger very kindly took a photo of me in front of the Mickey fountain (that I’d seen in so many vlogs and was really excited to see in person), bought my ticket quickly and then joined the queue at the closed gates. At around 10AM a family were let into the park and they got to take photos with Mickey and Minnie in front of the flowerbed before Mickey and Minnie hopped into a vehicle and were driven off. Then the gates opened at about 10:15AM.

Hong Kong Disneyland 2

The gates are opened early as Main Street USA is open before the park officially opens. I went round the corner and spotted the queue to meet Mickey and Minnie. I hadn’t intended to meet them, it wasn’t on my list but the queue wasn’t long and I suddenly decided that I was GOING to meet Mickey and Minnie on my birthday. So I joined the back of the queue.

I knew Hong Kong was going to be warm when I visited but I didn’t realise how humid it would be and I quickly realised that in the dress I was wearing I was most likely going to burn. I’d intended to pack sun cream but hadn’t been able to find any in my local Boots so I’d given up – it was out of season in the UK but definitely not in Hong Kong! They’d put up some umbrellas so parts of the queue were shaded but unfortunately not enough of it.

Mickey and Minnie went off a couple of times during the queue which is fair enough ‘cos it was 30 degrees or more so they were probably dying but even so I was only in the queue for about 40 – 45 minutes before it was my turn. I’m always worried it’ll be awkward meeting the characters but the ones who can’t talk are easier. I gave them both a hug, got my photo taken and then got a hug off each of them again. Shout-out to the photographer who got some fab photos and then I left to officially start the day as the park was now open.

Me, Mickey + Minnie

My first stop was the ‘Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh’ ride because I’d seen this generated longer queues as the day went on. When I got round the queue was pretty much non-existent and I was let straight onto the ride. In fact as it was so quiet I got a honey pot all to myself. I was feeling a bit nervous, as I always do on rides I haven’t been on but reassured myself it was the bloody Winnie-the-Pooh ride – nothing was going to happen. Unfortunately, being me, I did get creeped out because the honey pot went into each section on its own and just as I began to relax the thought of ‘what if the ride breaks down and all the lights go out and you’re stuck in here on your own’ jumped into my head. When I was a kid I’d been at a place with singing animatronics, think ‘Chuck E Cheese’ but like a British version and I’d peeped behind the curtain to look at them and ever since then there’s something that really creeps me out about animatronics in the dark. Luckily the ride did not breakdown and it was a good ride – not as good as the Winnie-the-Pooh one from the Japan Park but I think that’s a Tokyo exclusive ride. The only downside was you get your photo taken mid-ride and I was so busy stressing about a potential breakdown that I completely missed it!

Hong Kong Disneyland 3

Since I was already in ‘Fantasyland’ I decided to hop onto the ‘It’s A Small World’ ride. We’d ridden it in Tokyo and it’s one of those classic rides that you just can’t miss. Again there was pretty much no queue and I was let straight into the front row of the boat – I had the row to myself but the other rows in the boat were filled, however the people before us had had the entire boat to themselves. It was a relaxing ride and it was so nice to be inside, Hong Kong know what they’re about when it comes to air conditioning so being on the rides was a great way to escape the heat.

Hong Kong Disneyland 4

I decided to go on ‘Cinderella’s Carousel’ next as it was in ‘Fantasyland’. Cinderella herself was next to the carousel and there was a short queue to meet her but I decided not to as it wasn’t shaded and I worried it might be a bit awkward. The carousel was good fun though, I absolutely love carousels.

The carousel ride was quick and I set off to visit ‘Toy Story Land’ – I’d been intending to go on ‘Slinky Dog Spin’ since my friends had ridden this in Paris and I hadn’t because I was sulking (I have no idea why because nothing had happened to put me in a mood but there you go?) but I suddenly didn’t feel confident enough to go on it. I imagine I would’ve been fine but decided not to. I love the Toy Story films but unfortunately other than that ride the others were a bit too big for me so I carried on walking until I’d made it to ‘Mystic Point’.

Hong Kong Disneyland 5

The one ride I knew I definitely had to ride was ‘Mystic Manor’. I’d chickened out of the ‘Haunted Mansion’ in Paris simply because the first room is an elevator and I was afraid of them at the time. ‘Mystic Manor’ is a Hong Kong exclusive ride – I read online they changed the theme of the ‘Haunted Mansion’ ride because China have cultural beliefs about ghosts or something. The general storyline for ‘Mystic Manor’ is that it’s the home of an eccentric explorer and his monkey companion. In the first room the explorer mentions a music box they’ve found that supposedly brings inanimate objects to life and the ride itself shows the monkey, Albert, turn it on and the adventures of all the objects coming to life.

I was a bit nervous about riding but I’d seen brief clips on YouTube and the app advised that although there was spinning and darkness it wasn’t anything too scary so even though I was apprehensive I joined the queue and got put in the front of the first cart. I’m so glad I went on it because that ride quickly became my favourite, it was just so much fun. It’s a trackless ride like the ‘Winnie-the-Pooh’ ride in Tokyo which made it even better and it was just so much fun!

Hong Kong Disneyland 6

By this point it was around lunch time and I was starting to feel hungry so I had a look at what was available and ended up in the ‘Starliner Diner’ in Tomorrowland because most of the places to eat offered local cuisine and ‘Starliner Diner’ offered international. I’m not very adventurous with food when I go abroad, I’ll be honest. I had chicken on the bone with chips and an orange juice. This came with plastic gloves to eat the chicken with but it was so hot that I didn’t wanna squeeze them onto my hands and make them all sweaty so I didn’t bother. The chicken wasn’t amazing and I was really keen to get back out and go on more rides so once it had filled a hole I was off out.

Since I was in Tomorrowland my next ride was the ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ ride. The website and app had advised that these were slow rides but I hadn’t 100% believed them so I’d watched the first ten seconds of a YouTube video of the ride and quickly discovered this was true. If you’ve ever been to Madame Tussauds in London it was very much like that ride where the carts don’t stop and you just hop on and it slowly takes you through. You have a blaster gun and the aim is to earn as many points as possible. A lot of people in the comments had complained the theming wasn’t very good but to be fair you’re so busy trying to points that I didn’t even pay much attention to the actual ‘ride’.

Hong Kong Disneyland 7

It was fun but for the first few minutes I hadn’t realised I was pointing my blaster the wrong way. Someone had left it the wrong way so I’d just picked it up and I was wondering why everyone else could see their light and sort of ‘aim’ whilst I was shooting and having no idea where it was landing. Weirdly, I was still getting SOME points before I realised it was backwards. Once it was the right way I started to do a lot better unsurprisingly.

Hong Kong Disneyland 8

I came off and went straight over to the Iron Man Tech Showcase – it was closing soon and reopening later and since I was in the area I decided to go straight in. The app advised the wait was 40 minutes but I definitely didn’t wait that long, I’d say it was probably 20 minutes max and it may not have been that long. This is where you meet Iron Man and it was really cool, they make it look like he flew down behind some closed doors and then he walks in and everyone can take their picture with him.

Hong Kong Disneyland 9

As I was heading off to find the next thing to do I saw the streets were blocked off for the parade so I stopped to watch. It was difficult as all the spots in the shade were nabbed and the only decent spots left were right in the direct sunlight and it was BOILING. The parade itself was quite short and definitely didn’t compare to the Halloween one I’d seen in Tokyo. Like the floats were good but it just didn’t last long enough. Never mind.

Hong Kong Disneyland 10

By this point I hadn’t expected to have completed as much as I had so I was now in my sort of ‘overflow’ of rides and decided to go on the ‘Jungle River Cruise’. This was okay but wasn’t as good as I’d thought it would be and didn’t last as long as I’d thought it would. Still, the boat was shaded so that was the good thing. I’d spent so much time in the sun my breathing was starting to go a bit funny so I think it was making me a bit ill but I was determined to do as much as possible by the end of the day!

They’d added a temporary attraction which was Halloween themed and there were several different lines for different things. I think one was for a scary walkthrough and I sort of regret not going through it but since I was alone I didn’t feel confident enough to. I did however join the queue to meet Jack and Sally from ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’ – I was at the front of that queue and by the time we got sent inside there were only about three people behind me.

This one was a bit awkward as Sally could speak although Jack couldn’t and to be honest Jack was creeping me out a bit, it was really odd! Sally noticed my birthday badge and wished me a Happy Birthday and said she hoped ‘Birthday Town’ were planning a huge celebration for me. Then she noticed I was wearing a Jack choker so she was like “Look Jack, she’s got your face on a pendant! The Pumpkin King is honoured! Would you like to hold his arm for a photo?” which I won’t lie did make me cringe a bit but I had my photo taken and it came out looking pretty good.

Hong Kong Disneyland 11

I was in desperate need of some water at this point and decided to get a snack as well so I headed back to Main Street USA because in vlogs I’d seen some really cute doughnuts in the theme of Disney characters but unfortunately there was a queue to enter the café where they were sold and I needed water like now. I found a cart selling water and also the Mickey waffles that I’d also seen in vlogs so I decided to order one of them too. It was tasty but also extremely sickly – I appreciated having a few minutes to just sit in the shade though to be honest.

I checked the app to see what else was available in the park and saw that there were character meet and greets going on in ‘Fantasyland’ for the Winnie-the-Pooh characters. I absolutely love Winnie-the-Pooh so I decided to go and take a look. There was a short queue for Piglet but people weren’t being allowed to join, however they were being directed to what looked like a short ‘overflow’ queue so I stood with everyone else. After a few minutes Piglet left and we were let into the proper queue. I was low-key hoping that since Piglet had left Winnie-the-Pooh would come out instead now and he did! It may be childish but I was super excited to meet him. When it was my turn the photographer pointed out that it was my birthday and started singing while Winnie-the-Pooh danced to the tune. It was really sweet and the photo came out looking cute.

Hong Kong Disneyland 12

By this point it was absolutely boiling so I decided to hop onto ‘It’s a Small World’ again to escape the heat. By this point the lines were getting a bit longer but again, nothing too long. I was in the queue maybe 10 minutes if that before getting into the back row of the boat. It was nice to just relax in the air-con for a bit.

Next up I decided to go on ‘Mystic Manor’ again. I’d heard there were slightly different variations of the ride depending on which cart you ended up in. I don’t think the differences were major but I wanted to see. I joined the queue which again was longer but still wasn’t ‘long’ in the grand scheme of things and unfortunately ended up in the very same cart I’d been on originally. Oh well, the ride was a lot of fun and as before I’d managed to escape the heat.

Since I was repeating rides I wanted to go on ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ again – it would be more fun having my blaster pointed the right way round for the whole ride! I headed over but unfortunately it was temporarily closed so I ended up sitting in the shade for a bit before seeing another small ‘parade’. Again, this didn’t last very long but I had only caught the end of it – it was mostly the Mickey characters on various floats but it was still cute.

I’d wanted to see ‘Mickey and the Wondrous Book’ – not desperately but I had heard it was a good show but the next show time wasn’t for ages yet so I headed to ‘Mickey’s Philhar Magic’ first in ‘Fantasyland’. It was essentially a small cinema where you got 3D glasses and it was a short film about Donald trying to perform with Mickey’s magic hat and then getting sucked into several Disney films and trying to get the hat back. It was cute but it unfortunately meant that when I came out ‘Mickey and the Wondrous Book’ was now full. There was another one later but I decided not to bother.

I headed back to ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp’ and luckily it had reopened so I jumped into the queue and rode again. As predicted it was definitely more fun with your blaster pointed the right way the entire time. The ride does stop every so often, presumably if someone is having difficulty getting in or out of their cart as the ride doesn’t stop it just keeps going.

By now the sun was starting to set and I made the decision to go on ‘Mystic Manor’ again. I was absolutely determined to get on a different cart at least once but as luck would have it I ended up in the exact same cart. Again. As mentioned though that ride was definitely my favourite so although I would’ve like a different cart I’m just glad I got to ride it at all. It’s definitely the one ride I’d recommend if you’re at Hong Kong Disneyland.

When I got off I realised I was hungry again so I had a look on the app at places available to eat. As I already mentioned I’m not very adventurous with places to eat so I’m ashamed to say I went back to the ‘Starliner Diner’ and got some fish nuggets with chips and a water this time. At least in theme parks I’m more likely to eat an actual meal, I often make do with snacks when out and about sightseeing because I’m too nervous to order actual foods.

Once dinner was done the sun had completely set and I wanted to watch ‘Jack’s Villainous Gathering’ at 8PM so I decided it was time to start doing some shopping. At the Tokyo theme park we’d left our shopping until after the fireworks display but unfortunately so had 75% of the park so I wanted to get it done now before it was too busy. I headed back to a shop in ‘Fantasyland’ and stocked up on things for myself and also a present each for my friends Becca, Jess and Hirst.

I was going to head to Main Street USA and do some shopping there but on my way I noticed people were already sitting in front of the stage for ‘Jack’s Villainous Gathering’ and I wanted to nab a good spot so I sat down too. I ended up in the second row and hoped we’d be able to sit down throughout the show but a Cast Member told us all to stand up closer to the time. This low-key annoys me because sitting down I had such a clear view but when we stood up the guy in front of me was much taller and therefore blocking my view. And if my view was ruined then God knows how all the kids’ views were affected. But whatever.

The show began and although it was good, again, it wasn’t very long and there wasn’t much of a story to it. Jack and Sally were hosting a gathering of villains and it was cool to see a lot of villain characters as I hadn’t really seen any in the other parks I’d visited, only the heroes and princesses of the story. The villains I remember were Captain Hook, Oogie-Boogie, the Queen of Hearts, Maleficent, the Queen from ‘Snow White’ and Jafar. I’m glad I stayed to watch it but disappointed there were no fireworks.

Hong Kong Disneyland 13

I haven’t previously mentioned but I’m also slightly disappointed the castle was still under renovation. It was when I booked the trip but had been predicted to be finished by ‘Fall 2019’ but I think it’s been pushed back to early 2020 now. It does look like it’s going to be incredible, definitely an improvement on the little one that was there before so I’ll have to go back someday to see it when it’s finished.

After the show I decided to call it a night. I didn’t want to cram into the shops with tons of other people so I headed back to the MTR and headed back to the hotel. Overall it was an incredible day and I’m glad I got to visit. I saw many people saying that the Hong Kong park is a bit of a let-down since it’s quite small but I think it was fabulous – it may have been small but there was still plenty to see and do. I managed to do more at this park than any of the others I’ve visited, I think the Florida park will come as a bit of a shock now!

I definitely recommend a visit to Hong Kong Disneyland, it was so much fun and definitely ride ‘Mystic Manor’ if you get the chance.