Weekend in London 8th June – 9th June 2019

London 2

A few months ago my Mom announced she was going on holiday to Spain for a few nights. People that know me know that I don’t get on well with my step-dad and the thought of spending five nights alone with him was not appealing in the slightest. I like going to the theatre so decided to book one of my usual trips to London for one night to escape for a little bit.

On the Saturday I caught the train early-ish, around 10AM and made it to London around 12PM. I don’t normally bother with a suitcase when I go to London for the night as I can fit my things into a backpack but I hadn’t stayed at home for two nights prior to going to London and hadn’t had chance to pop home so I had no choice but to take a suitcase with me. Luckily Euston do store bags for people but Jesus wept at what cost? It was a lot more complicated than it had been when I’d stored my bags in Japan because my bag had to go through a scanner like you get at the airport but I suppose you can’t argue with safety precautions. At least my suitcase was safe and I didn’t have to lug it into the theatre with me (though I think they’d have denied me entry anyway).

My first show was ‘Betrayal’, a show I didn’t know much about and had only booked because Tom Hiddleston was in it. I went straight to the theatre and joined the complicated queue system – luckily there was a member of staff outside who pointed people in the right direction and made sure people were in the correct queue. There were people lurking near the stage door who I guess were there on the off chance they’d meet Tom – me and Becca had been planning to do this the week before when we were in London but unfortunately didn’t have enough time.


Picking up my ticket was easy enough and I went off in search of the bathroom. I ended up at the top of the theatre and stood in a ridiculously long line and when I got to the front I was annoyed to discover there was literally one toilet. Whoever designed that needs to re-evaluate their life.

My seat was good, I was down in the stalls, a few rows back and on the aisle. This ticket hadn’t been cheap and I’d forked out £140 to see this show. There were signs everywhere advising that if you needed the loo mid-show that was a shame because you wouldn’t be allowed back into the auditorium. You literally couldn’t miss them yet it didn’t stop one bloke getting up mid-show – the attendant literally sprinted down the aisle to tell him he couldn’t go back in if he left so he reluctantly went back to his seat.

The show began and it wasn’t a long show, only 90 minutes without an interval and relied heavily on the three main actors which were Tom Hiddleston, Zawe Ashton and Charlie Cox. I’ll be 100% truthful and admit that whilst I was happy to see the show as I would’ve been gutted to miss it, it definitely wasn’t my cup of tea. It was just three characters talking, lots of long dialogue and not much action. Which like is fine. Just not particularly my cup of tea. The play was non-linear as the further into the story we got the further back in time we went, and the basic plot was that Zawe was married to Tom Hiddleston but was having an affair with Charlie – I can’t remember the characters names, sorry!

I’m also very ashamed to admit this after how much I spent on the ticket but once or twice I did nearly fall asleep. No disrespect to the actors who did an amazing job, or the story itself, it’s just I’d had a lot of late nights that week and there were a lot of long, dramatic silences in this show. When the show finished I had wanted to try and meet Tom but I was so relieved to walk around and wake up a bit that I decided to just collect my luggage and go find my hotel. A lot of people did try and meet Tom, the girl sitting next to me literally climbed over me to leave the theatre so she could go and join the queue by the stage door outside. I would’ve loved to have met him but I was pretty much a walking zombie by the time the show was over.

In the end it was quite lucky I didn’t join the queue as the trip to my hotel was actually quite long. I’d booked a Premier Inn in Chiswick, an area I’m relatively familiar with as I used to stay regularly in a budget hotel in that area. This meant it was quite out of the way of central London which is a both a pro and a con. A pro because the general area is quieter and a con because it takes longer to get there.  I caught the tube to Turnham Green and then went off on the fifteen minute walk to find the hotel.

I’ve discovered that generally you can’t go wrong with Premier Inn and if you get the right deal they can actually be cheaper than most ‘budget’ hotels. After a few naff hotel rooms I’m comfortable just sticking with Premier Inn for the moment. Check-in was easy and my room was a decent size.

I was then met with a dilemma. I had a ticket for ‘Mamma Mia’ at 7:30 and I’d been hoping to get to the hotel, have a power nap and head back out. Due to how long it had taken me to get to the hotel I literally had ten minutes in the room before I needed to head back out to get to the theatre in time. It was just as well I wasn’t hungry because there definitely wasn’t enough time to get dinner. I was honestly so tired that I wondered about losing my money and just getting an early night. If I’d nearly fallen asleep at ‘Betrayal’ would I last for an evening show?

In the end I knew I’d regret not going so I put my shoes back on and headed out. It did take a while to get to the theatre but I got there in plenty of time to use the loo, grab a drink etc. It was nicer as I’d been able to dump my backpack in the hotel and only had my handbag with me now. My seat was good, I was on the top balcony at the end of the aisle but on the front row and the stage didn’t seem very far away at all. There was a bar to stop people toppling over the edge of the balcony but if I leant forward it didn’t obscure my view.

Mamma Mia

The show began and I’m so happy I decided to just go for it as the energetic music and general atmosphere of the theatre kept me awake and I loved every second of it. At the end the actress playing Donna announced this was the last night for a lot of the cast including herself and it was a bit emotional, and I’m truly glad I didn’t miss out on it. I had seen ‘Mamma Mia’ in London previously with my Mom but at the time I wasn’t a fan of the film. I am now and was glad to see it now that I’m a bigger fan of the story and the songs. I also didn’t remember the atmosphere being as fun as it was but maybe that’s because it was the casts last night or maybe that’s always the atmosphere? I’m not sure!

The journey back was long and unfortunately I believe I picked up a bug on the underground. The journey was convenient actually as I didn’t have to change but I remember sitting in a seat, listening to my iPod and holding onto the bar for some reason and I think that’s where I picked something up. I made it back to the hotel feeling a tiny bit under the weather but I shrugged it off, had a shower and settled down into Premier Inn’s comfortable bed and went to sleep.

One of the most convenient things about Premier Inn is that in the lift they advise what breakfast times are the busiest, which are quieter etc. I’d paid extra for a Premier Inn breakfast so I didn’t have to faff around finding anywhere to eat and when I went down it was a bit busy but they managed to find me a table straightaway. Everyone milling around was doing my head in so I didn’t spend long down there before heading back up to my room.

I’ve been to London so many times now that I feel like I’ve ‘been there and done that’ with all the tourist spots so I chilled in my room until it was time to check out and then headed back to Euston so they could store my suitcase for me again. I don’t understand their prices though because three hours and under is only £6 something, anything between three and twenty-four hours is £12. Where is the logic? Surely between six hours and twenty-four hours would be a bit more fair than three?

I spent some time chilling at Euston before hopping back on the tube to go and see ‘School of Rock’. I’ve seen this show a couple of times and hadn’t intended on going to see it. For Christmas my Dad got me some ‘theatre tokens’ which were a thoughtful gift but unfortunately are only redeemable either over the phone or in person. I hate talking over the phone so had originally been planning to bring them with me then shop around until I found a show. I accidentally left them at home when I set off a couple of days previously so on a whim just paid for a ticket to see ‘School of Rock’ again as I do love that show and it had been a while.

It was when I reached the theatre that I began to feel under the weather again, I could feel my throat was a bit funny so I decided to treat myself to a cookies and cream ice cream which didn’t help very much but did taste really nice. My seat was good, just a few rows from the stage and the view wasn’t blocked. It’s a decent theatre, not massive and quite modern so I enjoy my visits there.

As usual the show was amazing, if you’re a fan of the film then I think you’ll definitely enjoy the stage version. It’s essentially the same storyline as the film but with more songs. My favourites include ‘Stick it to the Man’ and ‘When I Climb to the Top of Mount Rock’. When I first saw the show they were giving out badges but they’ve stopped doing that which is a shame but I’m glad I got one!

School of Rock 2

After that it was back on the tube to Euston, quick dinner at Burger King and then time to catch my train back to Telford. I’m glad I went but gutted I picked that bug up on the tube as it lasted a week and I haven’t felt that ill in a LONG time – it was actually horrendous. But overall it was a good weekend in London and I’m looking forward to my next theatre weekend – I just need to book it!

Favourite vs. Least Favourite K-Pop Songs

Red Velvet

When I was a teenager I loved pretty much any song my favourite artists released but K-Pop is funny as the same group can have many completely different sounding comebacks. When I first got into K-Pop this really surprised me – I remember being a big fan of 2NE1’s ‘I Am the Best’ so I decided to listen to more of their stuff and clicked onto ‘Come Back Home’ which had a completely different vibe.

Anyway, even if I love and stan a group they can sometimes release songs that I’m not a massive fan of so I decided to write a list of my favourite vs least favourite songs by my favourite K-Pop artists!

Girls’ Generation

Favourite Song: I Got a Boy

I Got A Boy gif.gif

Least Favourite Song: Genie

Genie gif.gif

It’s been no secret on this blog that my favourite Girls’ Generation song is ‘I Got a Boy’. It was the first song I listened to by them and I loved everything about it. Even now I don’t think anything will top it. Now I don’t hate Genie but I really don’t like the leg movement (as shown in the gif) and compared to their other songs I just find it a little annoying. Fun fact, I got proper backlash when I responded to a tweet that said ‘Girls’ Generation’s worst title song is Party’ – others were replying with their least favourites so I responded ‘Incorrect, it’s Genie’ and suddenly I was getting messages from angry SONEs who clearly thought I hated the whole group! I deleted the tweet because it was clearly taken the wrong way but gosh, people need to learn to chill.

Crayon Pop

Favourite Song: Uh-Ee

Crayon Pop Uh-Ee gif.gif

Least Favourite Song: HaPaTaKa

Crayon Pop gif 2.gif

My favourite song by Crayon Pop changes quite regularly because I love pretty much all of them. However, I really didn’t like ‘HaPaTaKa’ from the FM album. It only had three songs, I obviously loved ‘FM’ and I thought ‘1,2,3,4’ was sweet but ‘HaPaTaKa’ is just boring and pointless. At least it’s not a title track I suppose but yeah, not particularly a fan of that one!


Favourite Song: Idol

BTS Idol gif 2.gif

Least Favourite Song: Just One Day

BTS Just One Day gif.gif

To be honest my favourite BTS song changes all the time and I don’t doubt that I’ll post it and immediately have a new favourite song but at the moment I do love ‘Idol’. I don’t think I loved it at first listen but after a couple more times it quickly grew on me and seeing it live at Wembley was SO much fun. It’s such an energetic song! There aren’t many songs I dislike but unfortunately I find ‘Just One Day’ a little bit boring. I haven’t listened to it a ton so who knows, it may grow on me one day? I’m not sure I’ll ever be a massive fan of ‘Ma City’ because it’s my friends alarm tone so the start of the song just reminds me of extremely tiring, bad mood mornings from sleepovers haha!


Favourite Song: Bingle Bangle

AOA Bingle Bangle gif 2.gif

Least Favourite Song: Heart Attack

AOA Heart Attack gif.gif

I won’t go on and on about this one because I’ve already mentioned how much I dislike the song ‘Heart Attack’ on this blog before but yeah, I’ve tried several times to like this song and I just can’t. I love pretty much all other AOA songs, especially ‘Bingle Bangle’ – Jimin’s rap absolutely makes the song, you can’t tell me otherwise. But I can’t get into ‘Heart Attack’ no matter how much I want to.

Red Velvet

Favourite Song: Really Bad Boy

Really Bad Boy gif 2.gif

Least Favourite Song: One of These Nights

One of These Nights gif.gif

Everybody proper hyped up ‘Bad Boy’ and although I liked it I can’t say it’s ever been one of my favourite Red Velvet songs because I prefer something a bit more energetic. Like don’t get me wrong, it was good and I liked the vibe but it’s not really my usual type of song. ‘Really Bad Boy’ hooked me right from the start and is definitely more my type of song. As already mentioned I’m not the biggest fan of slow songs so I didn’t really enjoy ‘One of These Nights’. Sure, Red Velvet’s vocals are good but it’s still not their most interesting song.


Favourite Song: Egotistic

Egotistic gif 2

Least Favourite Song: Starry Night

Starry Night gif.gif

After ‘Starry Night’ was released I started to go off Mamamoo a little bit because I didn’t like ‘Egotistic’ either. Until Jess gave me a lift home one night and blasted that song the entire way back. I started listening to it on Spotify and started to appreciate it a lot more until it eventually became my favourite song. I can’t get into ‘Starry Night’, it’s another song that just feels too boring for me. I’m not sure how much I love Mamamoo anymore but I’ll keep an eye on their future releases.

Block B

Favourite Song: Very Good

Very Good gif.gif

Least Favourite Song: Toy

Toy gif.gif

Now I don’t dislike ‘Toy’ but like most songs I’m not a huge fan of it’s just a bit slow and doesn’t really capture my interest. Also was the dab in the choreography necessary? I prefer their other upbeat songs, ‘Very Good’ being one of my favourites. I do love ‘Jackpot’ as well though. Block B have some absolute bangers, I’m just not a massive fan of ‘Toy’.


Favourite Song: Yes or Yes?

Yes or Yes gif 2.gif

Least Favourite Song: Signal

Signal gif.gif

You either love or hate TWICE and I absolutely love them. I’ve loved pretty much all of their comebacks except some have taken a little longer to grow on me. For example everybody was hyping up ‘TT’ but I didn’t see the appeal. Even now that I like the song it’s still not my favourite TWICE song. But my least favourite was quickly replaced with ‘Signal’ – it’s not a bad song and I don’t hate it but God it’s definitely not their best. My favourite TWICE song changes pretty much every comeback and I loved ‘Yes or Yes’ straightaway so that’s currently my favourite.


Favourite Song: Monster

Exo Monster gif.gif

Least Favourite Song: Wolf

EXO Wolf gif.gif

Not many people love Wolf, let’s be fair – I’m not the biggest EXO fan on the planet so I don’t know a ton of their songs but I do like quite a few of them, my favourite being Monster. I’ve only listened to one EXO-CBX song and that was because me and my friends were showing each other the cringiest K-Pop songs we could find and they put on ‘Ka-CHING’ which although cringey I actually really love.

Oh My Girl

Favourite Song: Closer

Closer gif.gif

Least Favourite Song: Secret Garden

Secret Garden gif.gif

I wasn’t really a big fan of Oh My Girl’s releases last year. I liked ‘Banana Allergy Monkey’ but that was a subunit debut so it doesn’t really count. Oh My Girl are one of my favourite groups so I did want to like their comebacks last year but I just… Didn’t? I didn’t really like ‘Remember Me’ either. I love their older stuff like ‘Liar Liar’ and ‘Windy Day’, and especially love ‘Closer’ but I don’t know. Their stuff this year just wasn’t doing it for me.

Black Pink

Favourite Song: Kill This Love

Kill This Love gif.gif

Least Favourite Song: Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire gif

Most new Black Pink songs take a while to grow on me before I decide that yeah, they’re good songs. ‘Kill This Love’ was different because from that first listen I was in love. It was just so… I don’t even know but I couldn’t stop listening to it! I loved absolutely everything about it – even my sister who’s not really a fan of K-Pop was getting hyped about this song. Now I don’t dislike ‘Playing With Fire’ but I think out of all their songs it just doesn’t interest me as much. Weirdly I quite liked ‘Stay’ considering my hatred for slow songs but couldn’t get into ‘Playing With Fire’ as much.

So yeah, those are my favourite vs least favourite K-Pop songs! Feel free to leave a comment with yours and we can compare!

Hella Cute Questions

Kawaii Monster Cafe

I found this on Twitter and decided to turn it into a blog post because why not?

1. Who’s the last person you held hands with?

I think it was Jess. A couple of weekends ago we went ice-skating and neither of us were very good at it. Becca was, she was skating around the rink like no one’s business. I got a bit more confident my only issue was that the skates were hurting my feet. Poor Jess fell over a couple of times, even when she was holding my hand.

2. Are you outgoing or shy?

Shy but I can be outgoing around people I’m comfortable with. Generally with strangers though I tend to be quite shy.

3. Who are you looking forward to seeing?

I’m not really looking forward to seeing anyone at the moment I guess? I don’t have plans to meet up with anyone in the near future so yeah no one at the moment?

4. Are you easy to get along with?

I’m generally nice and polite to everyone I meet but I think a lot of people find me a bit annoying when I stop being shy. I’m quite awkward and don’t always have a filter on what I’m saying, or I’m the opposite and I don’t say an awful lot so I think people tend to dislike me. Not everyone of course, I get on well with most people I meet I’d say – it just depends on whether our personalities blend which I guess is true of everyone?

5. If you were drunk would the person you like take care of you?

If this is referring to the person I have a crush on I’m going to have to disappoint everyone and say I don’t have a crush at the moment. My friends take care of me to an extent. I got quite drunk once and my friends were looking after me at the bowling alley but afterwards I had to walk to the bus station and it wasn’t convenient for them to look after me anymore so they let me get on with it – which was a bit annoying considering they’d been babying me all night but okay.

My other friends, Jess, Hirst and Becca do take care of me even if they’re drunk too and I prefer them when I’m drunk because although they don’t let me do anything too stupid or crazy they don’t treat me like a little kid either. They have a good balance of fun and sensible and we always make sure we all get home safely. So yeah, I prefer drinking with them.

6. What kind of people are you attracted to?

I am quite shallow and tend to fall for looks before personality but I can fall for someone if they’re nice to me too. It’s quite bad actually, a guy that worked at the co-op gave me a discount on my chocolate once and I thought about him for the rest of the day. I accidentally bumped into someone in London and as I opened my mouth to apologise they smiled at me and went “So sorry, Darling!” Usually I hate when strangers give me pet names but this was quite sweet. I’ve kind of lost the point a bit here…

I think it’s a mixture of both, I can be attracted to looks or I can be attracted by personality. Personality is generally better because although someone might be good-looking they might actually be an asshole. A great example is a guy I went to college with – very good-looking. Also a massive dick.

7. Do you think you’ll be in a relationship two months from now?

Uh, no. I don’t really speak to many boys, the only ones I’m friends with are in relationships, and I’m not really interested in any of the girls I know. So I highly doubt it.

8. Who’s on your mind?

My brother but only because I’m a bit nervous I’m gonna bump into him soon. I won’t even get into it at the moment!

9. Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?

No, I don’t really see the big deal. I have a laugh about it but uncomfortable isn’t the word I’d use.

10. Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?

Um I’m not sure, it depends on what you define as deep. I don’t think I have a ton of deep conversations with people but if I had to guess it was probably Becca.

BTS Wembley 3

11. What does the most recent text you sent say?

‘Well hopefully he’ll get arrested then xxx’ – text sent to my Mom. I’m not gonna add context to that haha!

12. What are your 5 favourite songs right now?

So glad I’m allowed to pick five, I could never narrow it down to just one!

BTS (Jin) – Epiphany
BTS – Idol
miss A – Breathe
CLC – Me
Weki Meki – Picky Picky

To be honest there would probably be more BTS songs in there because I saw them live not that long ago and can’t stop listening to their songs but I thought I’d best put a bit more variety.

BTS Wembley 13

13. Do you like it when people play with your hair?

I don’t really know how to answer because my instincts say yes I love that but the other part of me doesn’t really like it. I hate people like plaiting my hair or brushing it or generally doing anything with it. So I’m not really sure.

14. Do you believe in luck and miracles?

Yes, I’m a massive believer in God and I have had times where I’m certain he’s sending me a sign or he’s performed a miracle for me – I would sound crazy if I started describing them but I think you need to look out for the smaller things or you won’t notice them. Like, I don’t believe that God, luck or miracles could fix all my problems but He has done things for me before that I feel pretty certain of.

15. What good thing happened this summer?

We’ve actually only just entered summer so nothing yet although I have a few things to look forward to. I can’t narrow it down to one thing but here are some good things that happened last summer – I went clubbing with my friends for the first time, me and Becca went to Pride in London, I went to Paris to see 24K, I went to Edinburgh with my Mom and brother’s ex-girlfriend, and I had a lot of fun planning our trip to Asia with Becca and Jess.

16. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

To be honest I can’t remember who the last person I kissed was but probably not.

17. Do you think there is life on other planets?

Yes. If you don’t believe there’s life anywhere other than Earth then that must be a sad existence. There must be something out there, even if it’s not the way we portray it to be in films and media. But there has to be something out there, I refuse to believe there’s nothing out there.

18. Do you still talk to your first crush?

No, but I do occasionally talk to his girlfriend.

19. Do you like bubble baths?

I love the idea of them but my issue is that baths take so long to run and I get impatient and end up with too little water or I end up with too much and suddenly I’ve caused a flood. Also the water either goes freezing cold or for some reason I end up overheating and I have to get out before I’ve really had time to relax. If it could be a good temperature and good height always then yes, I’d love bubble baths.

20. Do you like your neighbours?

Yes but I don’t really talk to them. We’ve had the same ones since I was a kid and my parents get on well with them but I’ve never really had much to do with them. We get on alright, they take in parcels for me and they’re decent people so I think we lucked out really.

21. What are your bad habits?

I always assume other people are talking and laughing about me behind my back – especially at work. I dig my fingernails or like sharp things into the tops of my fingers, I do really need to stop because it’s made them a bit gross. Last year I started a new thing where I get very paranoid and I analyse every message any one of my friends sends me and I read way too much into them. For example if someone just sends me ‘okay fine’ with no smiley face I assume they’re mad at me even though they’re just saying something’s fine. I really need to snap out of that.

Aha, I shouldn’t have got started on my bad habits. I leave everything to the last minute, I bother people with my problems and I’m way too unhealthy. I’ll just end this here or we’ll be here all day.

22. Where would you like to travel?

I ticked off Japan which was always top of my list so I guess the answer is anywhere and everywhere. The world is so big and I wanna see all of it.

23. Do you have trust issues?

Not sure how to answer that one ‘cos to an extent yes. But I’m also extremely open, like way more open than I should be really. I could meet a stranger and I would start spilling my entire life story with no questions asked – that’s probably why I started a blog in fact, because I just can’t keep anything to myself. Obviously if someone tells me something that they want to keep private I have no issue keeping that to myself, but in relation to my own life I just blab like no one’s business. But I do think my paranoia could be due to trust issues. I’m not sure.

24. Favourite part of your daily routine?

Going to bed. No doubt about it.

25. What part of your body are you must uncomfortable with?

Oh man, where do I start? The first thing that springs to mind is my size because I’m a size 20 but is that really a body part? I could say my stomach but if that magically shrunk I’d still have big thighs and arms so that’d be pointless.

I’m uncomfortable with my eyes which kind of sucks ‘cos I always really liked them as a kid. However in Secondary School I started wearing contact lenses and people kept asking me what was wrong with my eyes. I remember one girl also once told me I had dog eyes. So now I really dislike them.

I also hate my feet. My ex best friend cracked a joke when we went swimming and told me it looked like I had six toes on each foot. My feet are quite wide and I hate going shoe shopping because sometimes even the ‘wide fit’ shoes don’t fit me and honestly just writing this makes me wanna cry ‘cos it’s so embarrassing. My brother also regularly refers to me as ‘platypus feet’ which doesn’t help.

26. What do you do when you wake up?

This is extremely lame but at the moment I’ve been waking up fifteen minutes early recently to play BTS World. I have a good system going. The app only came out last week so I have a feeling I’ll be obsessed with that for a few weeks. On an average morning though I do tend to go straight onto my phone for a minimum of ten minutes, mostly scrolling mindlessly through social media.

BTS World

27. Do you wish your skin was lighter or darker?

Neither, the hell kind of question is this?

28. Who are you most comfortable around?

Lame but my Mom. She knows too much for there to be any awkwardness and I’m always myself around my Mom.

Golden Gate Bridge

29. Have any of your ex’s told you they regret breaking up?

No but to be fair my longest relationship lasted five days so um… There’s not really much emotional baggage I guess.

30. Do you ever want to get married?

I don’t think so, that’s quite a commitment to make to another person and I just feel like I wouldn’t want that.

31. Is your hair long enough for a ponytail?

Yep but I prefer wearing it down ‘cos I think I look like a man when it’s tied up. If I’m chilling at home and I wanna keep my hair out of the way I usually opt for an old lady bun as opposed to a ponytail. I couldn’t cut my hair short, I’d just look like my Dad and I need my long hair.

So there we go, those are my answers to ‘Hella Cute Questions’. Hope you enjoyed!