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I’m Hollie Bareham and I write pretty much everything about my life on this blog. Mostly about my travels, my love for K-Pop, my reviews, but pretty much everything goes on here! Feel free to leave a comment or send me a message.

Contact: You can reach me at

Social Media: You can find me on Twitter or Instagram.

Disclaimer: None of my reviews contain spoilers unless I specifically advise so.

2 thoughts on “Contact + About Me

  1. Hi! I was reading your review on the Dan and Phil show! They just released tour dates and they’re actually coming to my city!!!! I was on the verge of tears… But one question I have is should I splurge and buy the VIP tickets or buy just a regular seat ticket? I wanna meet them sooo bad, but I don’t want it to just be a hi bye kind of thing. Do you think we could actually have a small conversation? Is this just wishful thinking of having a conversation with them?

    • Hi! If you are brave enough I think you could start a small convo but obviously it would have to be quick. I would recommend it though because it gurantees you’ll meet Dan and Phil in a way that theyre comfortable with if that makes sense? And you also get good seats when you watch the show so thats a plus 😉

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