Review: The Accident Season by Moira Fowley-Doyle


I have about a million reviews to write but I haven’t been writing any lately, whoops! This one is actually long overdue because I received it for my birthday and finished it ages ago but I haven’t got round to writing it until now. So here we go!

‘The Accident Season’ is about seventeen-year-old Cara, who can remember the accident season happening every year for as long as she can remember. A month of mysterious injuries and tragedies, which casts a constant shadow over Cara and her family. This year, Cara is starting to ask questions and all her family’s secrets will rise to the surface.


I have never been so bloody confused when reading a book before. First of all I couldn’t tell if the Accident Season was a thing that happened to absolutely everyone or whether it just affected Cara and her family. It took me a few chapters to figure out it was just Cara and her family. From then on it only went downhill…

So this review is possibly going to contain spoilers. I will try to write it in the least-spoiler way possible but I might let one slip, sorry!

First of all, the whole Elsie storyline is weird. With everyone typing out their secrets to this girl and then every single one of them forgetting she exists? Well, they didn’t forget but no one had any idea who she was and didn’t notice when she disappeared. I find that unlikely considering so many people must’ve approached her in the day, even if they didn’t talk to her. I suppose it makes a bit of sense to fill in with her complete storyline but I don’t know…

Speaking of which, I found the truth about Elsie to just be unsatisfying as well as confusing. I don’t know if I’m an idiot or what but it just didn’t make a lot of sense. I’m going to reveal a spoiler in this paragraph so skip to the next one if you’re not interested. I don’t understand why the accident season occurs when Elsie’s not around to look after them but their step-dad murdered someone during the accident season and how would they have so many accidents crammed into one month anyway just because some ghost wasn’t around to watch over them? Am I just stupid or does it not make sense?


Also, another spoiler alert, did Cara really have to get with her step-brother? Was that really a thing that needed to happen? I know they’re not related by blood or anything but there’s still something creepy and weird about that. They’re still technically brother and sister and it’s weird, it just wasn’t necessary.

I feel like there was just too much going on and there wasn’t a big enough reveal for the Accident Season itself. We had the truth about Elsie and about Cara’s sister Alice but I still don’t fully understand why the Accident Season happened once a year? Also I don’t understand why Alice even had that subplot, it didn’t add much to the story and was a bit pointless other than to prove the step-dad was a dick… Which we kind of already knew.

I genuinely don’t know if I’m just stupid but this whole book just left me a confused wreck so I wouldn’t really recommend it.

Review: Hate List by Jennifer Brown


I got a ton of books for my birthday but unfortunately this wasn’t one of them. However, my Dad and step-mom gave me a £50 Waterstones gift card (the best thing I’ve ever received to be honest) and I’d seen ‘Hate List’ on Amazon and it sounded interesting so I decided to take a look for it. There was one copy left so I nabbed it!

Five months ago Valerie Leftman’s boyfriend opened fire on the school cafeteria, killing five students and one teacher before killing himself. Valerie is shell-shocked and even though she herself got shot trying to stop him the police believe she may have had a part in the shooting because of the hate list she and her boyfriend created. The list her boyfriend used to pick the targets. Valerie decides to go back to school and becomes more of an outsider than she ever thought she was before, she is forced to deal with her feelings of guilt and loneliness. Valerie must come to grips with the tragedy that took place and her role in it to make amends to her own life.

Suga shocked gif.gif

The first half of the book is told from two different time point of views. We start with Valeria in the present day and then the next chapter is Valeria on the morning of the shooting. This keeps alternating until the shooting is over. I think this worked really well instead of having Valeria tell us what happened all at once because it kept the suspense going for longer and kept you intrigued.

I’m not entirely sure whether I liked Valeria or not. I didn’t blame her for what happened or anything I just thought she was a bit boring. Most of the characters were to be honest, although I did like Jessica. However, I’m glad that Nick wasn’t just shown as some horrible monster. We got to see him through Valeria’s point of view which made it more interesting rather than just seeing him as the bad guy. That’s when Valeria’s most interesting, when she’s talking about her confusing feelings for Nick who she still loves but hates at the same time.

Also, Nick had a friend, that Valeria hated, who was mentioned a lot at the beginning but towards the end he has little to no relevance so I’m not 100% sure why he was included? It would’ve been better if he’d been a bigger part of the story.

To be honest ‘Hate List’ is one of those books where I’m glad I read it but I won’t be in a rush to read it again soon. I suppose I’d recommend it but don’t expect to be amazed or anything. It just is what it is.