Pros and Cons of Travelling Solo

Poland 3.jpg

I’ve travelled solo a few times, mostly around the UK but I have been abroad on my own too. I do love going by myself but equally there are things I miss about going within a group. So I figured I’d write a list of the pros and cons I personally found when travelling alone. Here we go!

Pro: Setting your own budget


Me and my friends all earn different amounts of money and we all have our own commitments to pay for like rent, petrol, car insurance, vet bills, transport and a ton of other stuff so we can often have different expectations for budget. This can cause stress when I know I’m getting a bad payday that month and my friends are telling me I’ll need £100 for a hotel, £300 for spending money and at least £50 for transport. The benefit of travelling solo is that you can set your own budget!

This doesn’t necessarily mean going for the cheapest options which I did when booking my first solo trip abroad to Poland. For my solo birthday trip to London I wanted to stay in a decent hotel so I spent more than I usually ever would on a hotel room and travelled first class on the train, something my friends wouldn’t necessarily have wanted to do or been able to afford to do. I also saw five west end shows that weekend, another factor that my friends might not have been able to afford.

Setting your own budget makes the trip way less stressful as you can sort the budget out yourself without having to worry whether your friends can afford it or whether you can afford it!

Con: No candid photos

Lithuania 8.jpg

I’m pretty sure this began because Hirst took a photo of me, Becca and Jess looking out across Telford that we weren’t aware of. We all loved the photo so since then we always try to get cute candid photos of each other whenever we’re on a trip.

But when travelling solo there’s no one to capture those candid moments for you and the only photos you can take are selfies or if you’re truly feeling brave you can ask someone to take a posed photo of yourself. And these are amazing photos, don’t get me wrong, but there’s something I love about the effort my friends go to so that we all get cute unposed photos. Even though a lot of the time it’s just the back of our heads I still love them so much because usually you can tell we were happy in those moments or in some occasions that we were irritated which can be funny to look back on.

Pro: Planning your own itinerary


I mentioned earlier about seeing five west end shows across the weekend – for some people this would’ve been too much and they’d have no interest in that whereas it was my idea of a perfect weekend!

When travelling with friends you often have to make compromises which should work both ways, you should see stuff they’re interested in that you don’t care about and they should visit things you care about that they don’t. However, sometimes this can be an advantage because you can enjoy things you wouldn’t have visited had your friends not suggested it. For example in Amsterdam Hirst insisted we visit the ice bar which I was a bit salty about because I didn’t want to but it was actually one of my highlights from the trip.

Amsterdam 9.jpg

Going by yourself though means you can focus on the things you’re definitely interested in seeing and you don’t have to run it past anyone else. You can also take as long as you want or as little as you want. If you visit a particularly boring museum you can make the executive decision to just leave instead of asking your friends politely if they want to go. If you have time to kill before the next item on your list you can choose where you want to kill that time.

Con: If you’re stuck there’s only you

Amsterdam 10.jpg

There have been a few times I’ve been with my friends on a trip and we’ve gone into a complete panic because we thought we’d messed something up or we’re lost or whatever else that sends us into a bit of a panic. At least when we’re together we can all try and sort the problem out together, or in some circumstances you can just let yourself get stressed until your friend comes up with a solution. When you travel alone though there’s only you to sort yourself out.

I was coming home from London one evening and as I sat on the train they announced they’d cancelled it. I had maybe £20 in my bank account and Telford is three hours away. No one was going to come and collect me so I needed to sort the problem out myself. Very luckily anyone travelling towards Birmingham could get the train from Marylebone with their ticket – I hadn’t heard this announcement but a man had heard me stressing to my Mom on the phone and very kindly told me where to go.

This must be a lot worse when travelling abroad. Like if my plane got cancelled and I was by myself with little to no money I’m not sure what I’d do. I did have a bit of a panic where I thought I wasn’t going to catch a bus in time and potentially miss my flight but luckily I got to the airport in plenty of time and I was fine.

Travelling solo means having to sort out your problems alone which isn’t necessarily always a bad thing because it gives you a bit of independence and proves that you can do pretty much anything if you put your mind to it. But it can be quite scary not to have someone to lean on and help you sort out the problem.

Pro: No arguments!

Greece 9.jpg

Me and my friends go on a lot of sightseeing holidays and although I love the lot of them to pieces it’s safe to say that after a day of walking around my legs hurt, I’m tired and usually hungry, and often feeling a bit grumpy. So if one of my friends starts getting on my nerves I will snap at them. And they will snap at me. And that’s fine because we all know we’re just tired and grumpy but these ‘snaps’ could lead into more serious arguments.

Luckily we’re all used to each other now so we kind of know when to leave each other alone but there have been times we’ve gotten into proper arguments and spent a while sulking before eventually making it up with each other. The benefit of travelling solo is that even if you’re tired, grumpy and hungry there’s no one to snap at so you can just spend time recharging and you’ll feel better again with no harm done.

Con: Less confident days


I have days where I either feel quite confident and can talk to anyone, or I’ll have a day where I have no confidence at all and I get terrified at the thought of just ordering dinner. When travelling with my friends if I’m having a less confident day I can rely on them for a while until I feel okay again and vice versa. But when travelling solo there’s only me and I have to suck it up and get on with it.

Usually in England I kind of get over myself and get on with it but in Poland I did struggle because I found my anxiety was a lot worse because I worried no one would be able to understand me. Because of this I found I didn’t eat as much as I should’ve because I was worried about attempting to order food. It helps having my friends around because I know they’re in the same awkward boat as me but alone it’s completely different.

Pro: Continuing with your routine

Luxembourg 6.jpg

It’s safe to say that me and my friends have fairly different routines. For example they get up super early to do their make-up whereas I would prefer to sleep in until the last available second. Becca pretty much never eats whereas me and Jess will eat breakfast and then an hour later be hungry for something else. And that’s fine, it’s not the end of the world having to plan your schedule around other people but let’s face it, it can be nice to just continue with your own routine.

Even if it’s something as simple as being able to shower as soon as you get back to your hotel room. In Greece it was so hot we’d all feel a bit gross by the time we got back to the hotel but since there were four of us we had to take it in turns to have the shower. Since I take the longest I generally go in last. Not when I travel solo though, I can hop in the shower without worrying that I’m being selfish for using it for too long.

Con: Everyone assumes you’re going to die


When I booked my first trip abroad I went to my Dad’s house with two pieces of news. I was getting a tattoo and also I was going to Poland by myself. He freaked out so badly about Poland that I was terrified to tell him about my tattoo – when I eventually did he didn’t even care. It was bizarre.

Even those who had reacted calmly to my news were not chill while I was away. Apparently Sue, who sits next to me at work, asked several times if I was okay whilst I was away in Poland and Shirley had to yell “It’s okay, she’s put pictures on Facebook so she’s not dead!” I was literally not put in any danger throughout the entire trip yet you would’ve thought I was being held at gun point each night. However the moment you’re with a friend everyone assumes that everything is absolutely fine.

So there we have it, my cons and pros of travelling solo. Feel free to comment any pros or cons you’ve found!

I Woke Up Before 6AM Every Day For Two Weeks


If anyone saw my Bucket List post, which you can read here if not, it was on my list to wake up every day before 6AM for two weeks. For some people this wouldn’t really be a challenge but I’m someone who really enjoys sleep and long lie-ins at the weekend. On a weekday I often skip breakfast just so I can get more sleep so I knew this would be a bit of a challenge. I’m not really sure why I wanted to do it, I had ideas that my mornings would be really productive and I’d feel at one with the world. It didn’t quite work out like that.

The first morning was sort of productive. I almost gave up on day one because I switched off my alarm, reset it for 7:30 and tried to go back to sleep. But I felt such a pang of guilt that it got me out of bed and I got ready to go for a walk. To be fair it was a nice walk, the air is always nice and fresh in the morning which is welcome during the summer months but unfortunately I ended up with a massive blister even though I hadn’t walked any further than usual and I had to put up with that for the rest of the week which put a stop to my morning walks.

After that the mornings slipped away into doing… Pretty much nothing productive. I’d been planning to use that time to work on my novel but I didn’t look at it once. Instead I started watching ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ and Achievement Hunter videos. The only productive thing I would do was write in my journal because I’d usually been too tired the night before.

Brooklyn Nine Nine gif.jpg

On the bright side my 5AM wake-ups meant that I generally got ready for work quicker and got in a little bit earlier. I could’ve been a lot earlier but since me and my Mom work in the same building she drives me in and she wasn’t doing 5AM wake-ups so I had to wait for her. One morning my Mom was looking after my brother at 8AM so I ended up at work at 7:50AM. I was the first one in the office and I’ve never been there so early in my life ever. Usually I only just make it for 9AM.

As the weekend started approaching I had a massive internal debate about whether or not the weekend should count and in the end I decided that it did. Not only did my list specifically say ‘every day’ I also knew that I’d completely fuck up my sleeping schedule if I had a massive lie-in at the weekend.

Weekends were the worst because for those weekends I didn’t really have any plans so it was a case of sitting at home by myself and it felt endless with the 5 o’clock wake-ups. Usually at the weekend I wake up late, start to feel a bit bored but then regain my energy and enthusiasm at night time but since I was barely making it to 9PM without wanting to collapse I just felt bored and drained.

On the last weekend I did cheat a bit – I went out to see a movie with my friends on Friday and I got back at about 11:30PM so by the time I’d nodded off and my alarm went off at 5AM I really hadn’t had much sleep. I tried to push through it but by 7:30AM I was back in bed until 10:30AM. And then the next day I only made it until 6AM. So technically I cheated a little but God I was so tired!

I don’t think my lifestyle really suited the 5AM wake-ups. I felt like I couldn’t truly relax because obviously I had to get ready and go to work so I couldn’t truly chill out like I do in the evenings because I knew there was a time limit. It also meant I was getting burnt out at work because I was getting tired a lot quicker – not convenient because I was covering a colleague’s work that week and she is always extremely busy meaning I was extremely busy and exhausted pretty much all the time.

It also meant that my evening plans were cut. Let’s face it, no one wants to hang out at 5AM do they? You wanna hang out in the evenings. I don’t think I attempted much in the evenings, I went out for dinner with some friends but had to leave before long so I could get into bed and not feel exhausted the next morning. It was a bit of an inconvenience.

Also in our house we have a routine and I feel like me getting up at 5AM kind of disrupted that. My step-dad gets up early and is out the house before 7AM which me and my Mum like because he’s not in the way when we’re getting ready for work so getting up at 5AM meant avoiding my step-dad as he tried to get ready for work. I then had to try and cram in having dinner and a little free time before forcing myself to go to bed early. It just wouldn’t have worked in the long run.

I’m glad I did it and I can officially tick it off my bucket list but I think if I could go back I would try to be a bit more productive with my time. Work on my novel, go for more walks/runs, take up yoga or something. The issue was that more often than not I was too tired to motivate myself to do anything productive. Although to be fair I have that issue after a full day at work so I’m not really sure how to work around that.

Ultimately I’d be open to the 5AM wake-up’s again to see if I could be more productive but I’m not in an absolute hurry at the moment.

Do’s and Don’ts of Concerts


I got the inspiration for this post when scrolling through a ‘concert unpopular opinions’ threated on Twitter and there were a lot of divided opinions in the thread. It made me want to write a post about my own general do’s and don’ts of concerts because at this point I’ve been to a fair few and sometimes the people in the crowd can make or break the concert. Feel free to disagree with any of my points and I’ll happily have a friendly debate in the comments or you can take my advice – it’s up to you!

DO plan your outfit accordingly


Concert outfits can be difficult because we all know the moment we step inside we’re all going to turn into sweaty mess’ but if you’re queuing outside all day for a concert in January it can get a bit cold so you need to dress accordingly. If you’re gonna be in the pit at the concert it can be annoying having to hold onto your jacket but the moment you get back outside you will appreciate that jacket because within minutes the heat from the concert will be gone and you’ll be shivering.

If it’s a summer concert I’d really recommend like shorts and a vest top but to be fair even I don’t normally follow that advice. My usual concert outfit is just a pair of jeans and usually one of the band’s t-shirts if I own it. Just always remember that even if you’re seated, it’s going to get hot in there and it will probably be freezing when you come back out so prepare for that.

I remember going to a concert and there was a girl wearing a bumblebee costume (I don’t know why) and since the pit was so crazy she passed out and had to get dragged out while her friends followed her crying. There’s always one person at a concert in a onesie and I mean like, hey you do you do what you want, but I will never forget that guy that pushed past me at Slam Dunk in a teletubbies onesie. Boy absolutely stank and it can’t be comfortable wearing a onesie at a concert so why?

DON’T be worried to go on your own


I think the first concert I went to solo was Melanie Martinez and although standing outside for over an hour in November to queue up to get inside wasn’t my idea of fun I still had a good time at the actual concert itself. Since then I’ve been to a few by myself including 24K and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and you can have a good time on your own. If your friends don’t want to go then certainly don’t let it stop you.

I understand that safety can be an aspect – I don’t get scared walking around London at night but I would feel a bit worried if I was in Birmingham. Figure something out beforehand – maybe get a hotel near the venue or ask your parents if they’d be willing to pick you up afterwards. But if what you’re worried about is people judging you for being alone then trust me when I say they won’t, nobody will care.

DO accept that you get what you pay/wait for

5SOS Selfie.jpg

When I went to see Melanie Martinez I was sat just one row from the back and when Mel came on stage everybody stood up as they often do so I stood up too, and so did a girl who was sat one seat away from me. She was maybe fourteen/fifteen years old and suddenly the woman behind her started screaming at her to sit back down. Timidly she sat back down but obviously then couldn’t see anything so her Mom encouraged her to stand back up to which these women who were there with their extremely young daughters (like maybe eight or younger) started yelling that she was ‘selfish’. Luckily everyone else came to the teenager’s defence but I’m still not over their sense of entitlement and how rude they were? Mate, you have a seat on the back row – yes it’s frustrating not being able to see but you get what you pay and why should this girl ruin her view to improve yours?

Recently at concerts where I’ve had no choice but to stand I’ve found myself behind several tall people, to which I usually take a pic and post to my Instagram story with the caption ‘tall people have no mercy’. However these tall people have waited in the queue longer than me, nabbed their spot before me and have no reason to worry about me or my view whatsoever. Fair is fair. If I wanted a perfect view I should’ve queued up long before the doors opened instead of 10 minutes beforehand (I used to queue all day but now I really can’t be bothered).

I’ll admit that yes in the heat of the moment it can be frustrating to be that short person at the back. I remember when I saw Kyary Pamyu Pamyu I didn’t even know if she was on the stage because I couldn’t see past the sea of tall men in front of me. But that’s not their issue and I’m not about to start having a go at them just because I couldn’t be bothered to queue up earlier for a better spot.

The real issue is bad venues. I’ve decided now that I really like 229 The Venue, maybe it’s ‘cos it’s not as crowded there but I can stand towards the back and still have a good view of the group whereas at ULU Live I had absolutely no chance.

DON’T make fun of others

Me + Jordan.jpg

We’ve all been there, there’s that group of people in the queue or in the venue who are making you cringe to the point where you want to die a little bit. But is it really worth ruining their night just because it makes you cringe, especially if the stuff they’re doing or saying is just a little bit of innocent fun? When queuing for K-Con some girls started dancing to TWICE’s ‘Cheer Up’ and I’m not gonna lie, it was really cringe but ultimately they were having fun and who the hell am I to ruin their good time?

A lot of the time I prefer the groups of people that make me cringe to those that are unnecessarily rude. At 24K a group of girls were chanting “24K AYE 24K AYE 24K AYE” and they were a lot nicer to stand next to than the girls on the other side of me who were saying “God, I hate people like that.” You know what love, I hate miserable cows with bad attitudes but I’m not calling you out am I?

Similarly people that spend the whole time being judgemental. I once read a girl’s opinion in a band forum that said ‘I would never the band’s t-shirt to their show, that’s so cringe. I’d wear a different band’s shirt.’ Which I thought was weird but whatever. So I went to see Block B and as I don’t own a Block B shirt I wore a BTS one then literally got called out for it on a Facebook group by a girl I’d spoken to quite politely who said she’d wanted to scream at me when she saw what shirt I was wearing. If I was meeting the group then sure whatever maybe I should’ve been a bit more sensitive but trust me when I say that I nor anybody else there dropped £110 on a ticket to disrespect Block B.

Also it’s important to point out that I’d had an amazing time at this concert whereas this girl had moaned she’d had a terrible time. I even got a wave off Kyung, one of the members, who clearly didn’t give a damn what t-shirt I was wearing. So honestly stop focusing on everybody else and just focus on you and whether you’re having a good time.

DO hand out water if you get to the barrier

Everyone in standing is dying but nobody can go to the bar to get a drink otherwise they’re gonna lose their spot. I’ve never understood people who squeeze themselves through the crowd to the front, there’s already no room and you’re just gonna barge right on through?

Anyway, if you are lucky enough to get to the barrier and they’re passing out water then pass it back man there are people dying back there. Obviously drink some yourself if you need it but don’t forget about other people. I remember at my first All Time Low concert we all stopped caring about who had already drunk from the cup, I passed it to a girl, she had a drink then gave it back to me half full and I chugged the rest. It’s super important to stay hydrated but remember there are other people you need to look out for too!

DON’T be rude to the staff

Me + Alex.jpg

I remember me, Penina and her friend got to meet All Time Low before their concert once so we were let into the arena early but I decided I needed to pee so we came out to a very confused security guard who didn’t understand how we’d already gotten into the hall – we explained to him about the meet and greet but he still didn’t understand so he made us stand there while he called over a colleague who luckily knew about the meet and greet and explained it to him. He apologised, we went to the bathroom and he let us back into the hall with no issues.

This guy was literally just doing his job and I would never dream of making him feel bad for not understanding what we were doing in the hall. This applies to all members of staff – if someone tells you to stop doing something it’s not to kill your good time, it’s probably for your safety so shut up and do what they tell you instead of being a baby about it.

DO take as many pictures and videos as you want


Controversial topic – taking photos and videos at concerts. We all see that argument of ‘if you wanted to watch through a screen then stay at home, enjoy the moment at the concert’. But here’s the thing, I enjoy taking videos and updating my Instagram story throughout the concert so why the hell shouldn’t I? I’ve paid money to be there and I’ll do whatever I want with my time whilst I’m there.

I don’t really film the whole song anymore or every song, I like to record the first verse and chorus of my favourites and then spend the rest of the song ‘in the moment’ having a good time. But don’t let anyone else tell you how you should be doing it, if you want to record every moment then go for it!

DON’T sell your tickets on for 5x the price

I understand that the temptation is there. I found I couldn’t go to a Lindsey Stirling concert, something I was gutted about, so I had to sell my ticket on getmein. For face value because I’m not an absolute as*hole. There is nothing worse for a fan than desperately wanting to go to a concert only to discover the only tickets left are on sites like getmein for five times the price.

Also by jacking up the price you’re putting a lot of people off so what if you don’t sell out? Now you’re out of pocket AND you’re an as*hole. If you find you can’t go then sell it for face value or maybe like £20 or so extra because to be fair those sites do charge an admin fee. But it should never be more than double the price, it’s honestly ridiculous.

That’s all I can think of for the moment, if you have any more then please feel free to leave a comment!

10 Favourite 2NE1 Songs


I’m still infinitely sad that I wasn’t a 2NE1 fan whilst they were active, the only comeback I was a fan for was ‘Goodbye’ which you know is great. But it doesn’t stop me loving a lot of 2NE1’s older songs so I figured I’d write a list of my favourites!

10. Can’t Nobody

2NE1 Can't Nobody gif.gif

I really like this song once I get into it but unfortunately the start of the song really irritates me for some reason so it can sometimes put me off a little bit. If I push past it though I can really get into this song because it is good, it’s just the first few seconds that are super irritating.

9. Clap Your Hands

2NE1 Clap Your Hands gif.gif

This was one of the first 2NE1 songs that I heard and liked almost instantly. Obviously ‘I Am The Best’ was first but when I tried to listen to more of their stuff I was a bit put off because I feel like their sound was so different for each comeback. But I instantly liked this one and it turned me into a 2NE1 fan. It’s just a good song and CL’s rap parts are definitely the best bit.

8. I Am The Best

2NE1 I Am The Best gif.gif

I do love this song but it’s one of them that I’ve listened to so many times that I kind of don’t love it as much as I used to. It still went hard though and I do like it. The music video is badass and I love the choreography and the stage outfits they wore and just most things about it to be honest. Bom looked absolutely amazing for this comeback, she really suited it.

7. Come Back Home

2NE1 Come Back Home gif.gif

After listening to ‘I Am The Best’ and instantly loving it I decided to give ‘Come Back Home’ a try. Except I hated it. I was relatively new to K-Pop at the time and when you’re not used to K-Pop it can sound a bit all over the place and since I wasn’t used to it I didn’t like it. However after becoming a bigger K-Pop fan and listening to the song a couple more times I did eventually start to love it.

6. Falling in Love

2NE1 Falling in Love gif.gif

I don’t think I liked this one at first listen either but I think the choreography sold me on it. I don’t know what it is about it, I just really love the choreography video even if the girls’ outfits were a bit tragic. However I do think it’s an absolute bop and definitely one I’ll always love.

5. Fire

2NE1 Fire gif.gif

What an iconic debut song, let’s be real! “I go by the name of CL of 2NE1” what an absolute queen. I’m pretty sure I liked this one pretty much instantly and honestly it was a perfect debut song for these girls, I love it so much!

4. Goodbye

2NE1 Goodbye gif 2.gif

I’m not normally a fan of slow songs but I loved this one straightaway even though it was sad to say goodbye to such an iconic girl group. Also, it was sad that for their last song Dara still got screwed out of lines like come on? There were only three members left by that point and she barely got any? Either way I still loved it and I look forward to the girls’ future projects!

3. Crush

2NE1 Crush gif.gif

I love this song so much. I didn’t discover it until this year I think but now I’m all about it. If I had heard this when I was a new K-Pop fan I think I would’ve hated it but now I’m definitely on board with it. It’s another song that’s a bit of a mess but in a good way.

2. Ugly

2NE1 Ugly gif 2.gif

I feel like the chorus to this song, which I’m pretty sure is all in English, accurately describes how I feel about myself “I think I’m ugly and nobody wants to love me, just like her I wanna be pretty, don’t lie to my face ‘cos I know I’m ugly”. It’s nice to see the 2NE1 girls sing it because although they’re each pretty they’re not pretty in like the traditional sense and I have some respect for that. It’s an amazing song and I love everything about it.

1. Go Away

2NE1 Go Away gif.gif

What a fantastic song for if you’re going through a break-up. Which I have pretty much never had but still love this song regardless. I don’t know what it is about this song that I love but it’s definitely my favourite and I doubt it’ll ever change. I’m not sure I really get the music video but the song is still an absolute bop. I wish I’d been able to go to a 2NE1 concert ‘cos I’d have been screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs without a care in the world like honestly, it’s such a good song.

Feel free to leave your recommendations or favourites in the comments, I’d love to hear them!

Mischief Movie Night in Birmingham Review

Mischief Movie Night 2.jpg

It’s no secret that I’m a Mischief Theatre fan. I’ve seen both of their current shows in the West End more than once, I saw Peter Pan Goes Wrong while it was on and I travelled to London to see Mischief Movie Night. So when I knew they were coming to Birmingham I knew I had to get myself a ticket. For a while it looked unlikely that I’d be able to go due to being broke as fuck but in the end I managed to get myself a ticket for the Sunday matinee.

On the day I was so worried about being late to the venue that I showed up 45 minutes early. I’ve already mentioned that I am someone who cannot stand coming to the theatre late, I would rather be super early than be two minutes late. I’d been a bit stressed that they wouldn’t let me in because I’d forgotten to print out my ticket but luckily I was reassured that as long as I had it on my phone then it was fine.

The show was at the Birmingham Hippodrome which I’ve visited a few times before but it wasn’t actually on the main stage it was in the Patrick Studio which is a bit smaller and feels a lot more intimate due to its size. The seats are tiered well so wherever you sit you’re guaranteed a good view. I was sat about 2-3 rows from the back but the view was still perfect.

Although I’d enjoyed both ‘Mischief Movie Night’ shows I’d seen in London since it’s an improv show I was a bit worried at the start that I wouldn’t find it as funny as the first couple of times or it’d be awkward or this or whatever else. However once it had started my worries disappeared because it was just as good as the first two times.

At the start the audience are asked to shout out what type of film they’d like to see, the actors take suggestions and then let the audience decide by cheers which they’d most like to see. One suggestion was met with complete silence by the audience which was honestly pretty funny. In the end we decided it was a disaster movie set on Mars which would include a cute puppy and relaxed kissing. I can’t remember which title was chosen it was either ‘Martian Meltdown’ or ‘Everyone is Melting’.

One of the actors doesn’t take part but sits to one side and sort of ‘directs’ the movie (this time it was Henry Lewis who did this) and adds to the humour by pausing, rewinding, fast-forwarding, showing bonus footage and just generally helping to progress the movie. This honestly works so well, I was crying with laughter at some points because it was just so funny.

I had a lot of favourite parts but the ones I can remember are:

– Jonathan Sayer entering the scene as an old man character, looking at Dave Hearn for a second then going “Don’t mind me” and just trying to exit the scene

– Literally anytime they made up a song, especially Henry Shields and Bryony Corrigan’s welsh couple song at the end

– The advert for Robo-Bear

– Relaxed kissing

– “I often wondered in this scene why the child picked up the puppy by the balls?”

– The debate about who should stay behind on the planet and face certain death and Henry Lewis constantly screaming “ONE OF THEM’S A ROBOT! THEY’RE REALLY GOING TO LEAVE THE CHILD BEHIND AND NOT THE ROBOT!?”

There were so many more moments but I won’t list them all because honestly just the whole thing was fantastic from start to finish, I was legit crying throughout the entire thing. I know I probably haven’t done a very good job at describing it, it’s one of those things that you have to be there to appreciate how funny it is.

I’m so glad I went because I’ve been having a bit of an off year so far and that hour or so watching that show was probably the hardest I’ve laughed and the happiest I’ve felt in ages. I just completely forgot about everything and got 100% invested in the show. I asked afterwards if there were any tickets left for the evening performance but unfortunately it was sold out so I had to head home but I’m so glad I got to see that one. I’m considering travelling to Cheltenham to see it again but I’m not 100% sure yet.

Basically, if you ever get chance to see a Mischief Theatre show (especially this one) I’d definitely recommend it because they’re absolutely hilarious. Apparently ‘The Comedy About A Bank Robbery’ is coming to Birmingham in August so I’ve decided I’m going to drag my Mom to come and see it with me. I made my Dad go to London to see it and I’ve now seen it four times so I definitely need to make it a fifth.

And shout out to Mischief Theatre for a fantastic show, I loved every second and I’m so glad I went.

10 Prettiest Female K-Pop Idols

Girls Generation 3.png

I’m not here to throw shade at other idols, this is literally just my opinion. Pretty much every K-Pop idol is beautiful but everyone has their own taste and I wanted to write a list of who I think are the ten prettiest female K-Pop idols. I may do a male version too. So here goes nothing!

10. Yeonjung (Cosmic Girls)

Yeonjung gif.gif

In Cosmic Girls it was definitely Yeonjung who caught my eye and as I’m more of a casual fan of Cosmic Girls she’s the only member I can pick out. She looked stunning in the ‘Secret’ music video and is genuinely just a really pretty girl.

9. Solar (Mamamoo)

Solar gif 2.gif

Although my bias in Mamamoo is Moonbyul I think Solar is absolutely stunning. She looks amazing in pretty much all of their music videos, especially ‘Um Oh Ah Yeh’, and always looks so good during their live performances. And to top it off she has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. Can you imagine being as pretty and talented as Solar?

8. Ellin (Crayon Pop)

Ellin gif.gif

My Crayon Pop bias is Gummi who I also think is pretty but I think Ellin managed to pull off pretty much every comeback completely flawlessly, even if they had to wear weird outfits (for example ‘RaRiRuRe’). One of my favourite videos is the ‘Lonely Christmas’ dance practice because Ellin looks amazing and has the cutest smile I’ve ever seen. She’s honestly beautiful.

7. Hyorin


When I first saw a SISTAR music video my eyes instantly went to Hyorin. I honestly loved her dark skin tone and was really glad that she didn’t whitewash herself because it made her look stunning. In every comeback she looks amazing and her ‘Dally’ dance is just fantastic to watch. I think she honestly looks so good.

6. SinB (G-Friend)

Sinb gif.gif

Pretty much every member of G-Friend is stunning but there’s something I really like about SinB. She’s suited every comeback so far and I don’t doubt she’ll suit all their future comebacks. She’s also an amazing dancer and one of my favourite members. There’s nothing I don’t love about her.

5. Sunny (Girls’ Generation)

Sunny gif 2.gif

One year for Christmas my friend bought me the ‘I Got A Boy’ album for Christmas – there were ten different types, 9 member versions and 1 group version. She ordered a random one and was lucky enough to get Sunny’s for me who is my bias. I went through the photobook and honestly the girl is just absolutely stunning, especially during the ‘I Got A Boy’ era. I’m not usually a fan of short hair but Sunny pulls it off so well, she also looks amazing during ‘The Boys’ era. She’s honestly beautiful.

4. Irene (Red Velvet)

Irene gif.gif

My Red Velvet bias feels all over the place lately. Although I think my favourite is still Seulgi, Irene has definitely caught my eye. Weirdly the video that made me start noticing her was on that show where the Red Velvet girls had to eat their lunch without getting caught by the teacher. She just looked really good and continues to for every comeback.

3. Hyuna

Hyuna gif.gif

Is there a person alive on this planet that doesn’t think Hyuna is an absolute queen? Because if so I just don’t understand. Hyuna is amazing, extremely talented and insanely beautiful. She looks amazing in her solo MVs and also in all of 4Minute’s MVs. I would love to look like Hyuna, she looks fantastic.

2. Yooa (Oh My Girl)

Yooa gif 3.gif

What an absolute visual legend. Yooa is so beautiful I almost can’t believe she’s real. I’ve always said that if I could look like any idol I would probably pick Yooa because honestly she just looks so good? I want to know her secrets.

1. Nancy (MOMOLAND)

Nancy gif.gif

Yes I’ve heard all the negative things about Nancy’s personality and whatever comments she’s made but you can’t deny that the girl is insanely beautiful. Every so often I find myself wondering if I genuinely am pansexual or not but girls like Nancy remind me that yes, I definitely am. She’s honestly so pretty, especially in the ‘Freeze!’ music video. I don’t understand how one person can look so good.

So there we go, those are my top ten prettiest female K-Pop idols, feel free to leave a comment if you agree or disagree or whichever!