Favourite vs. Least Favourite K-Pop Songs

Red Velvet

When I was a teenager I loved pretty much any song my favourite artists released but K-Pop is funny as the same group can have many completely different sounding comebacks. When I first got into K-Pop this really surprised me – I remember being a big fan of 2NE1’s ‘I Am the Best’ so I decided to listen to more of their stuff and clicked onto ‘Come Back Home’ which had a completely different vibe.

Anyway, even if I love and stan a group they can sometimes release songs that I’m not a massive fan of so I decided to write a list of my favourite vs least favourite songs by my favourite K-Pop artists!

Girls’ Generation

Favourite Song: I Got a Boy

I Got A Boy gif.gif

Least Favourite Song: Genie

Genie gif.gif

It’s been no secret on this blog that my favourite Girls’ Generation song is ‘I Got a Boy’. It was the first song I listened to by them and I loved everything about it. Even now I don’t think anything will top it. Now I don’t hate Genie but I really don’t like the leg movement (as shown in the gif) and compared to their other songs I just find it a little annoying. Fun fact, I got proper backlash when I responded to a tweet that said ‘Girls’ Generation’s worst title song is Party’ – others were replying with their least favourites so I responded ‘Incorrect, it’s Genie’ and suddenly I was getting messages from angry SONEs who clearly thought I hated the whole group! I deleted the tweet because it was clearly taken the wrong way but gosh, people need to learn to chill.

Crayon Pop

Favourite Song: Uh-Ee

Crayon Pop Uh-Ee gif.gif

Least Favourite Song: HaPaTaKa

Crayon Pop gif 2.gif

My favourite song by Crayon Pop changes quite regularly because I love pretty much all of them. However, I really didn’t like ‘HaPaTaKa’ from the FM album. It only had three songs, I obviously loved ‘FM’ and I thought ‘1,2,3,4’ was sweet but ‘HaPaTaKa’ is just boring and pointless. At least it’s not a title track I suppose but yeah, not particularly a fan of that one!


Favourite Song: Idol

BTS Idol gif 2.gif

Least Favourite Song: Just One Day

BTS Just One Day gif.gif

To be honest my favourite BTS song changes all the time and I don’t doubt that I’ll post it and immediately have a new favourite song but at the moment I do love ‘Idol’. I don’t think I loved it at first listen but after a couple more times it quickly grew on me and seeing it live at Wembley was SO much fun. It’s such an energetic song! There aren’t many songs I dislike but unfortunately I find ‘Just One Day’ a little bit boring. I haven’t listened to it a ton so who knows, it may grow on me one day? I’m not sure I’ll ever be a massive fan of ‘Ma City’ because it’s my friends alarm tone so the start of the song just reminds me of extremely tiring, bad mood mornings from sleepovers haha!


Favourite Song: Bingle Bangle

AOA Bingle Bangle gif 2.gif

Least Favourite Song: Heart Attack

AOA Heart Attack gif.gif

I won’t go on and on about this one because I’ve already mentioned how much I dislike the song ‘Heart Attack’ on this blog before but yeah, I’ve tried several times to like this song and I just can’t. I love pretty much all other AOA songs, especially ‘Bingle Bangle’ – Jimin’s rap absolutely makes the song, you can’t tell me otherwise. But I can’t get into ‘Heart Attack’ no matter how much I want to.

Red Velvet

Favourite Song: Really Bad Boy

Really Bad Boy gif 2.gif

Least Favourite Song: One of These Nights

One of These Nights gif.gif

Everybody proper hyped up ‘Bad Boy’ and although I liked it I can’t say it’s ever been one of my favourite Red Velvet songs because I prefer something a bit more energetic. Like don’t get me wrong, it was good and I liked the vibe but it’s not really my usual type of song. ‘Really Bad Boy’ hooked me right from the start and is definitely more my type of song. As already mentioned I’m not the biggest fan of slow songs so I didn’t really enjoy ‘One of These Nights’. Sure, Red Velvet’s vocals are good but it’s still not their most interesting song.


Favourite Song: Egotistic

Egotistic gif 2

Least Favourite Song: Starry Night

Starry Night gif.gif

After ‘Starry Night’ was released I started to go off Mamamoo a little bit because I didn’t like ‘Egotistic’ either. Until Jess gave me a lift home one night and blasted that song the entire way back. I started listening to it on Spotify and started to appreciate it a lot more until it eventually became my favourite song. I can’t get into ‘Starry Night’, it’s another song that just feels too boring for me. I’m not sure how much I love Mamamoo anymore but I’ll keep an eye on their future releases.

Block B

Favourite Song: Very Good

Very Good gif.gif

Least Favourite Song: Toy

Toy gif.gif

Now I don’t dislike ‘Toy’ but like most songs I’m not a huge fan of it’s just a bit slow and doesn’t really capture my interest. Also was the dab in the choreography necessary? I prefer their other upbeat songs, ‘Very Good’ being one of my favourites. I do love ‘Jackpot’ as well though. Block B have some absolute bangers, I’m just not a massive fan of ‘Toy’.


Favourite Song: Yes or Yes?

Yes or Yes gif 2.gif

Least Favourite Song: Signal

Signal gif.gif

You either love or hate TWICE and I absolutely love them. I’ve loved pretty much all of their comebacks except some have taken a little longer to grow on me. For example everybody was hyping up ‘TT’ but I didn’t see the appeal. Even now that I like the song it’s still not my favourite TWICE song. But my least favourite was quickly replaced with ‘Signal’ – it’s not a bad song and I don’t hate it but God it’s definitely not their best. My favourite TWICE song changes pretty much every comeback and I loved ‘Yes or Yes’ straightaway so that’s currently my favourite.


Favourite Song: Monster

Exo Monster gif.gif

Least Favourite Song: Wolf

EXO Wolf gif.gif

Not many people love Wolf, let’s be fair – I’m not the biggest EXO fan on the planet so I don’t know a ton of their songs but I do like quite a few of them, my favourite being Monster. I’ve only listened to one EXO-CBX song and that was because me and my friends were showing each other the cringiest K-Pop songs we could find and they put on ‘Ka-CHING’ which although cringey I actually really love.

Oh My Girl

Favourite Song: Closer

Closer gif.gif

Least Favourite Song: Secret Garden

Secret Garden gif.gif

I wasn’t really a big fan of Oh My Girl’s releases last year. I liked ‘Banana Allergy Monkey’ but that was a subunit debut so it doesn’t really count. Oh My Girl are one of my favourite groups so I did want to like their comebacks last year but I just… Didn’t? I didn’t really like ‘Remember Me’ either. I love their older stuff like ‘Liar Liar’ and ‘Windy Day’, and especially love ‘Closer’ but I don’t know. Their stuff this year just wasn’t doing it for me.

Black Pink

Favourite Song: Kill This Love

Kill This Love gif.gif

Least Favourite Song: Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire gif

Most new Black Pink songs take a while to grow on me before I decide that yeah, they’re good songs. ‘Kill This Love’ was different because from that first listen I was in love. It was just so… I don’t even know but I couldn’t stop listening to it! I loved absolutely everything about it – even my sister who’s not really a fan of K-Pop was getting hyped about this song. Now I don’t dislike ‘Playing With Fire’ but I think out of all their songs it just doesn’t interest me as much. Weirdly I quite liked ‘Stay’ considering my hatred for slow songs but couldn’t get into ‘Playing With Fire’ as much.

So yeah, those are my favourite vs least favourite K-Pop songs! Feel free to leave a comment with yours and we can compare!


Hella Cute Questions

Kawaii Monster Cafe

I found this on Twitter and decided to turn it into a blog post because why not?

1. Who’s the last person you held hands with?

I think it was Jess. A couple of weekends ago we went ice-skating and neither of us were very good at it. Becca was, she was skating around the rink like no one’s business. I got a bit more confident my only issue was that the skates were hurting my feet. Poor Jess fell over a couple of times, even when she was holding my hand.

2. Are you outgoing or shy?

Shy but I can be outgoing around people I’m comfortable with. Generally with strangers though I tend to be quite shy.

3. Who are you looking forward to seeing?

I’m not really looking forward to seeing anyone at the moment I guess? I don’t have plans to meet up with anyone in the near future so yeah no one at the moment?

4. Are you easy to get along with?

I’m generally nice and polite to everyone I meet but I think a lot of people find me a bit annoying when I stop being shy. I’m quite awkward and don’t always have a filter on what I’m saying, or I’m the opposite and I don’t say an awful lot so I think people tend to dislike me. Not everyone of course, I get on well with most people I meet I’d say – it just depends on whether our personalities blend which I guess is true of everyone?

5. If you were drunk would the person you like take care of you?

If this is referring to the person I have a crush on I’m going to have to disappoint everyone and say I don’t have a crush at the moment. My friends take care of me to an extent. I got quite drunk once and my friends were looking after me at the bowling alley but afterwards I had to walk to the bus station and it wasn’t convenient for them to look after me anymore so they let me get on with it – which was a bit annoying considering they’d been babying me all night but okay.

My other friends, Jess, Hirst and Becca do take care of me even if they’re drunk too and I prefer them when I’m drunk because although they don’t let me do anything too stupid or crazy they don’t treat me like a little kid either. They have a good balance of fun and sensible and we always make sure we all get home safely. So yeah, I prefer drinking with them.

6. What kind of people are you attracted to?

I am quite shallow and tend to fall for looks before personality but I can fall for someone if they’re nice to me too. It’s quite bad actually, a guy that worked at the co-op gave me a discount on my chocolate once and I thought about him for the rest of the day. I accidentally bumped into someone in London and as I opened my mouth to apologise they smiled at me and went “So sorry, Darling!” Usually I hate when strangers give me pet names but this was quite sweet. I’ve kind of lost the point a bit here…

I think it’s a mixture of both, I can be attracted to looks or I can be attracted by personality. Personality is generally better because although someone might be good-looking they might actually be an asshole. A great example is a guy I went to college with – very good-looking. Also a massive dick.

7. Do you think you’ll be in a relationship two months from now?

Uh, no. I don’t really speak to many boys, the only ones I’m friends with are in relationships, and I’m not really interested in any of the girls I know. So I highly doubt it.

8. Who’s on your mind?

My brother but only because I’m a bit nervous I’m gonna bump into him soon. I won’t even get into it at the moment!

9. Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?

No, I don’t really see the big deal. I have a laugh about it but uncomfortable isn’t the word I’d use.

10. Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?

Um I’m not sure, it depends on what you define as deep. I don’t think I have a ton of deep conversations with people but if I had to guess it was probably Becca.

BTS Wembley 3

11. What does the most recent text you sent say?

‘Well hopefully he’ll get arrested then xxx’ – text sent to my Mom. I’m not gonna add context to that haha!

12. What are your 5 favourite songs right now?

So glad I’m allowed to pick five, I could never narrow it down to just one!

BTS (Jin) – Epiphany
BTS – Idol
miss A – Breathe
CLC – Me
Weki Meki – Picky Picky

To be honest there would probably be more BTS songs in there because I saw them live not that long ago and can’t stop listening to their songs but I thought I’d best put a bit more variety.

BTS Wembley 13

13. Do you like it when people play with your hair?

I don’t really know how to answer because my instincts say yes I love that but the other part of me doesn’t really like it. I hate people like plaiting my hair or brushing it or generally doing anything with it. So I’m not really sure.

14. Do you believe in luck and miracles?

Yes, I’m a massive believer in God and I have had times where I’m certain he’s sending me a sign or he’s performed a miracle for me – I would sound crazy if I started describing them but I think you need to look out for the smaller things or you won’t notice them. Like, I don’t believe that God, luck or miracles could fix all my problems but He has done things for me before that I feel pretty certain of.

15. What good thing happened this summer?

We’ve actually only just entered summer so nothing yet although I have a few things to look forward to. I can’t narrow it down to one thing but here are some good things that happened last summer – I went clubbing with my friends for the first time, me and Becca went to Pride in London, I went to Paris to see 24K, I went to Edinburgh with my Mom and brother’s ex-girlfriend, and I had a lot of fun planning our trip to Asia with Becca and Jess.

16. Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

To be honest I can’t remember who the last person I kissed was but probably not.

17. Do you think there is life on other planets?

Yes. If you don’t believe there’s life anywhere other than Earth then that must be a sad existence. There must be something out there, even if it’s not the way we portray it to be in films and media. But there has to be something out there, I refuse to believe there’s nothing out there.

18. Do you still talk to your first crush?

No, but I do occasionally talk to his girlfriend.

19. Do you like bubble baths?

I love the idea of them but my issue is that baths take so long to run and I get impatient and end up with too little water or I end up with too much and suddenly I’ve caused a flood. Also the water either goes freezing cold or for some reason I end up overheating and I have to get out before I’ve really had time to relax. If it could be a good temperature and good height always then yes, I’d love bubble baths.

20. Do you like your neighbours?

Yes but I don’t really talk to them. We’ve had the same ones since I was a kid and my parents get on well with them but I’ve never really had much to do with them. We get on alright, they take in parcels for me and they’re decent people so I think we lucked out really.

21. What are your bad habits?

I always assume other people are talking and laughing about me behind my back – especially at work. I dig my fingernails or like sharp things into the tops of my fingers, I do really need to stop because it’s made them a bit gross. Last year I started a new thing where I get very paranoid and I analyse every message any one of my friends sends me and I read way too much into them. For example if someone just sends me ‘okay fine’ with no smiley face I assume they’re mad at me even though they’re just saying something’s fine. I really need to snap out of that.

Aha, I shouldn’t have got started on my bad habits. I leave everything to the last minute, I bother people with my problems and I’m way too unhealthy. I’ll just end this here or we’ll be here all day.

22. Where would you like to travel?

I ticked off Japan which was always top of my list so I guess the answer is anywhere and everywhere. The world is so big and I wanna see all of it.

23. Do you have trust issues?

Not sure how to answer that one ‘cos to an extent yes. But I’m also extremely open, like way more open than I should be really. I could meet a stranger and I would start spilling my entire life story with no questions asked – that’s probably why I started a blog in fact, because I just can’t keep anything to myself. Obviously if someone tells me something that they want to keep private I have no issue keeping that to myself, but in relation to my own life I just blab like no one’s business. But I do think my paranoia could be due to trust issues. I’m not sure.

24. Favourite part of your daily routine?

Going to bed. No doubt about it.

25. What part of your body are you must uncomfortable with?

Oh man, where do I start? The first thing that springs to mind is my size because I’m a size 20 but is that really a body part? I could say my stomach but if that magically shrunk I’d still have big thighs and arms so that’d be pointless.

I’m uncomfortable with my eyes which kind of sucks ‘cos I always really liked them as a kid. However in Secondary School I started wearing contact lenses and people kept asking me what was wrong with my eyes. I remember one girl also once told me I had dog eyes. So now I really dislike them.

I also hate my feet. My ex best friend cracked a joke when we went swimming and told me it looked like I had six toes on each foot. My feet are quite wide and I hate going shoe shopping because sometimes even the ‘wide fit’ shoes don’t fit me and honestly just writing this makes me wanna cry ‘cos it’s so embarrassing. My brother also regularly refers to me as ‘platypus feet’ which doesn’t help.

26. What do you do when you wake up?

This is extremely lame but at the moment I’ve been waking up fifteen minutes early recently to play BTS World. I have a good system going. The app only came out last week so I have a feeling I’ll be obsessed with that for a few weeks. On an average morning though I do tend to go straight onto my phone for a minimum of ten minutes, mostly scrolling mindlessly through social media.

BTS World

27. Do you wish your skin was lighter or darker?

Neither, the hell kind of question is this?

28. Who are you most comfortable around?

Lame but my Mom. She knows too much for there to be any awkwardness and I’m always myself around my Mom.

Golden Gate Bridge

29. Have any of your ex’s told you they regret breaking up?

No but to be fair my longest relationship lasted five days so um… There’s not really much emotional baggage I guess.

30. Do you ever want to get married?

I don’t think so, that’s quite a commitment to make to another person and I just feel like I wouldn’t want that.

31. Is your hair long enough for a ponytail?

Yep but I prefer wearing it down ‘cos I think I look like a man when it’s tied up. If I’m chilling at home and I wanna keep my hair out of the way I usually opt for an old lady bun as opposed to a ponytail. I couldn’t cut my hair short, I’d just look like my Dad and I need my long hair.

So there we go, those are my answers to ‘Hella Cute Questions’. Hope you enjoyed!

Ten Non-K-Pop Artists I Love

We Are The In Crowd.jpg

I pretty much only talk about my love for K-Pop on this blog so I wanted to talk about groups or soloists that I love that aren’t K-Pop. So here are some groups I love in no particular order.

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance gif.gif

I’ll start with My Chemical Romance because it’s no secret that I was a massive fan as a teenager. I think I’d still be a big fan now but you know they selfishly went and split up so it’s kind of difficult to continue being an active MCR fan. But they were definitely my favourite band for pretty much all of Secondary School; I was a loyal hoe to My Chemical Romance. I was lucky enough to be able to see them live twice – once in Manchester and then again in Birmingham.

I’ve already talked about all the MCR related stuff I did as a teenager so I won’t harp on about it again in this post because you can read about it in my ‘Fandoms That Low-Key Saved My Life’ post here but yeah, I still have a good jam to My Chemical Romance every so often because I still love them and if they ever did come back one day I would be at their next concert within minutes.

Favourite Song: I Never Told You What I Do For a Living


Anastacia gif

Anyone I talk to about Anastacia is always like ‘oh yeah I loved her as a kid’ but honestly I still love her. I haven’t really listened to much of her recent stuff but I still blast her oldies from when I was younger and I just think she’s an amazing singer. I’m really sad that I haven’t seen her live, pretty much everyone from work recently went to a Lionel Richie concert in Shrewsbury and Anastacia was the supporting act and I was gutted to not have gone because everyone said she was amazing.

I would definitely love to see Anastacia live one day, my Mom’s seen her a couple of times and I’m infinitely jealous. I really want to see her!

Favourite Song: Paid My Dues

All Time Low

All Time Low gif.gif

All Time Low are the band I’ve seen live the most amount of times as I’m pretty sure I’ve now seen them seven times. Let me try and recall each time:

– Birmingham, O2 Academy
– Slam Dunk Festival, Wolverhampton
– London, O2 Arena
– London, O2 Academy Brixton
– Birmingham, O2 Academy (again)
– Birmingham, Genting Arena (with You Me At Six)
– Birmingham, Genting Arena (meant to be with Pierce the Veil but they couldn’t come)

To be honest there may be more times but I can’t remember. I’ve also managed to meet them twice – the first time was at a signing in Birmingham that lasted about ten seconds and I barely said one word to them because I was so nervous and it went so quickly. The second time was in London because Penina was a member of the Hustler’s club and I got to go in as her carer. This was better because we all got a selfie with each member – my photos didn’t turn out as good as I could’ve hoped… I also dropped my phone when handing it to Jack Barakat and he went “Don’t tell anyone I screamed like a girl” and I was like “… What?” like a complete moron.

All Time Low are one of those bands that I always buy a ticket for and say ‘this will be me last All Time Low concert’ whilst knowing that it won’t be. I know for a fact the next time they come to Birmingham I will be there in a heartbeat and have an amazing time. They’re such a fun band to see live, the first time I saw them was probably one of my favourite concerts ever. I even got given the day off school by my head teacher so I could go and queue all day. So yeah, I love All Time Low.

Favourite Song: Remembering Sunday


BabyMetal gif.gif

I have talked about BabyMetal on this blog because I wrote a post of my top ten favourite songs and I mentioned their concert was one of my favourites I’ve been to. As mentioned before this group were recommended to me a couple of times by my friend Cheyenne but I always insisted I wasn’t going to listen to a group called BabyMetal but then Kerrang posted one of their songs, I gave it a listen and suddenly really liked them. Sorry Cheyenne!

I’m really happy I got to see BabyMetal too. It was such a fun concert and BabyMetal are so energetic and are generally amazing performers. Definitely one of my favourite concerts I’ve been to. They’re coming back again in July I believe but performing on a Tuesday which is a bit of a shit day to perform. I’m also not sure it would be the same since Yui’s left the group and they’re being a bit vague about this whole ‘seven new members’ thing so maybe it’s just as well.

Favourite Song: The One

The Used

The Used gif.gif

I’ve seen The Used twice, the first time was when they supported Evanescence which really seemed an odd support act for Evanescence but there you go. Then I got to see them again at their own show in the O2 Academy. That was amazing because Bert kept calling out my friend Jess for not knowing the lyrics to certain songs – she knew some but was more of a casual fan who came because I really wanted to go.

I’ve loved The Used for a few years and I recently went through all their songs on spotify and just fell in love with them again.

My favourite album is definitely ‘Lies for the Liars’ there isn’t a single song on there that I don’t love and it’s just such a perfect album. If you listen to any of their albums I definitely recommend that one.

Favourite Song: Empty With You

The Pretty Reckless

The Pretty Reckless gif.gif

I’ve only seen The Pretty Reckless twice but they were good both times! The first time was when they supported Fall Out Boy and the second time was their own show on the ‘Going to Hell’ tour, it was perfection. Except for the ninety year drum solo during ‘It’s a Fucked up World’ like honestly I thought it would never end. But other than that it was a banging concert, one of the few I’ve been to where I knew all the songs that were played. Also, have you seen Taylor Momsen? The woman is absolute goals. Also their ‘Going to Hell’ album is another one that’s just absolute perfection, every song is amazing and honestly they’re just such a good band. I’d love to see them live again soon.

Favourite Song: Sweet Things

Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling gif.gif

I can’t remember when or how I discovered Lindsey Stirling but I love her. Lindsey’s a violin player but not in a classical sense, I’m not really sure how to describe her. I had a ticket to her show a while ago but unfortunately couldn’t go because I didn’t have enough holiday at work or enough money so I had to sell my ticket. I’d have loved to have seen her when she toured with Evanescence but they didn’t come to Birmingham and I couldn’t afford to go to London.

Either way, I love Lindsey Stirling’s music and I could listen to it for hours. She’s so talented and I wish I could be like her to be honest.

Favourite Song: Roundtable Rival


Evanescence gif.gif

I think Amy Lee is one of the prettiest people I’ve ever laid eyes on and she is an absolutely amazing vocalist. I love Evanescence and their latest album ‘Synthesis’ is perfection. As mentioned I’d have loved to have seen them at their latest tour but as they didn’t come to Birmingham I couldn’t. I did see them with my friend Sam a few years ago though and they were brilliant. I think they’re a band I’ll never get sick of because they have such amazing songs and honestly they’re just great.

Favourite Song: The Change

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu gif 2.gif

Kyary’s another one I’ve talked about because I’ve written a list of my favourite songs by her and I wrote a post about going to London to attend her concert so it’s no secret that I’m a big Kyary fan. I was a fan of Kyary before I became a fan of K-Pop, I just loved her songs so much. Kyary is one of those people that I will always make an effort to go and see if she comes to the UK ‘cos her shows are a ton of fun and Kyary’s outfits are always amazing. I was gutted there was no seating at her last concert as I want to be able to appreciate her aesthetics instead of having to crane my head over thousands of tall people to get a glimpse of her.

I’m not sure if I like the direction Kyary’s heading with her music, it just seems very different to her early stuff but I think if she announced she was coming back to the UK I’d definitely go and see her again.

Favourite Song: Candy Candy

Tonight Alive

Tonight Alive gif.gif

I started listening to Tonight Alive because they were supporting All Time Low at one of their shows and I wanted to know at least a couple of the songs before I went. In the end the queue to get into the fucking concert was so long that I missed half of Tonight Alive’s set but a few months later they came back to do a solo show in Birmingham and by this point I was hooked so I had to get a ticket.

Since then I’ve seen them twice more and both times have been fab. They’re such an amazing band to see live and most of their songs have a special place in my heart because they’re so meaningful. Especially ‘Hell and Back’ like oh my god, what a song. I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of Tonight Alive.

Favourite Song: Lonely Girl

So there you have it, ten of my favourite non K-Pop artists. If you have any recommendations then feel free to hit me up!

BTS at Wembley 2019: Review

BTS Wembley

You have no idea the relief I felt when BTS announced they were coming back to Europe and I saw I’d actually be around for their London show. Even better, they were coming on a Saturday (1st June 2019). I wouldn’t need to book any time off work and travelling to London would be much better than travelling back to Paris yet again – I’d seen BTS twice and both times had had no choice but to travel to Paris if I wanted to see them. I wrote a review of their Paris show at their last tour here if you want to read that.

I’d thought buying tickets for the Paris was a nightmare, which it was, but this took it to a whole new level. I was more prepared this time and told work I’d be in two hours late instead of one and sat at my computer ready to battle it out for tickets. Ticketmaster had other plans though and kept being a dick and kicking me, Becca and a ton of other fans on Twitter out of the virtual queue. Fans on Twitter were advising people to use the app so I downloaded it and gave it a go – it showed me some tickets and I swear I clicked straightaway only for it to be like ‘lol, sorry no’. We tried for ages until eventually the website wasn’t even trying anymore and was just telling me it was now sold out.

This was a first for me – no matter how difficult it’s been I’ve always managed to get tickets to a concert I’ve been desperate to go to. As they were only doing one night me and Becca decided we’d try and get some resale tickets. This also turned out to be a nightmare as a couple of times I went through the whole process on getmein only for it to tell me at the last second it was sold out. Luckily eventually Becca secured us two tickets and we both went to work. Our tickets were worth about £70 each and we’d spent £180 each on them. We spent more to sit towards the back than we would’ve had to if we’d sat at the front.

Now I HATE scalpers, I hate the whole principal and a lot of fans on Twitter were like ‘don’t buy them as it just feeds the fire’ and whilst I agree I was just so desperate to go that I had to pay it. My cut off for ticket prices had been £200 each so this was technically still in my budget. To be truthful though I wasn’t like thrilled we were going, just relieved and annoyed that I’d had to spend so much more ‘cos of some asshole trying to make some extra cash.

A few hours later ticketmaster started tweeting some teasing stuff to BTS fans and I just knew they were gonna announce another date and I was fed up by this point. Me and Becca discussed it and because we’re such trash bags we decided if they did announce another date we’d try again for tickets. If we got official ones then great but if not we wouldn’t buy off scalpers this time. And of course the very next morning they announced there was gonna be a Sunday (2nd June 2019) concert too.

I didn’t dare go into work and ask to come in late yet again so I had to try and buy them whilst AT work which proved to be yet another nightmare of ticketmaster not working. After about an hour I decided to try on the app again and it loaded for ages before finally showing me two tickets. I clicked, thinking what would happen before would happen again, but I started entering my info. I was shaking so much and my heart was beating fast but soon I’d hit check out and the tickets were ours! They were better seats than our Saturday ones and they’d cost a little bit less, about £140 each. That was settled, we were going for both nights.

BTS Wembley 2

It came around a lot quicker than I thought it would and before I knew it we were on the train on our way to London. The journey went quite quickly and we went straight to check into our hotel at Kings Cross. Not the best hotel we’ve ever stayed in but we didn’t intend on spending much time in the hotel anyway. Unfortunately it was super hot that weekend in London and our room didn’t have any air con or even a window we could open (just a door leading outside which was stressful) but as mentioned, we weren’t planning on spending much time in the hotel anyway. We dumped our heavy bag in the room before heading to Kings Cross to get some lunch.

BTS Wembley 3

We had a quick lunch at Giraffe, withdrew some cash and then started off on the 30 minute underground journey to Wembley Stadium. It was still quite early at this point but we wanted enough time to arrive, have a look around, find the right entrance, wait in line, get a drink etc. before finding our seat. I’d moaned in the Paris review about having to stand at the back and that I prayed we’d get seated tickets next time so I was relieved when they announced every ticket was seated. It’s honestly just so much easier and more enjoyable.

To be fair if you hadn’t been able to get a ticket online it might be worth just turning up and hoping for the best as a few people were selling tickets right outside the tube station when we arrived. The walk to Wembley Stadium was packed full of people walking and taking photos as there were lots of banners up with the members faces on them. Me and Becca took a couple as well but with so many people around it was hard to get decent ones.

We’d both agreed beforehand that we wanted a light stick each. Neither of us were sure how much they cost but we took out £50 each and hoped that would be enough. The queue for light sticks was long but not too long as luckily there were several different stands to buy light sticks so we joined this straightaway. It was hot out and we were both dying but the queue moved quite quickly. When we got to the front I had no idea what the guy was saying but luckily Becca understood and it turned out to be £94 for two light sticks so about £47 each including batteries. Quite expensive but apparently when Becca looked on Amazon there were some going for about £60 each so in the grand scheme of things not too bad.

BTS Wembley 4

We both sat down to figure them out which is when my phone decided to be an asshole and just wouldn’t connect to any internet so I couldn’t download the bloody app to sync up the light stick even though Becca managed to download it in like twenty seconds. We went off to find the queue whilst I stressed about my phone not connecting for no reason whatsoever. I was probably doing Becca’s head in but I hadn’t just spent £47 for it not to sync up. There were pairing booths dotted around the arena so if worst came to worst I’d have to use one of those.

Finding our entrance was a NIGHTMARE, we were entrance A and the first person we asked told us to go right so we walked up but the signs were telling us to go left so we did, then we got directed downstairs, then we got directed to the back of a long queue which we joined only when we got to the front the guy told us we’d been in the wrong queue all along. We were getting a bit annoyed by this point so Becca was like “but we just waited all that time?” and the guy was like “well yeah but it was the wrong one, you should’ve checked” and she was like “We did? Four times?” After what felt like forever though we finally managed to go through our actual entrance.

By this point my phone had finally gained some signal and I’d been able to download the app. We both grabbed a drink then headed to our seats which weren’t actually as bad as I’d been anticipating. We were quite far up but over to the left instead of right at the back of the arena. Our view was clear and to be honest I appreciate that at K-Pop concerts so you can see the amazing choreography.

BTS Wembley 5

We decided to sync up our light sticks and I dunno what the fuck is wrong with my phone but no matter how hard I try (I’ve even tried at home) it just won’t pick up my light stick. Becca’s connected almost instantly and I didn’t really know what to do until the light stick instructions played on the screen (this happened regularly before the show started) and luckily advised that you can sync up more than one light stick to one phone so Becca kindly synced mine up on her phone so they were both ready. For anyone not sure what I mean by syncing it up – you put in your ticket information and then throughout the concert the light sticks change colours to match the songs and they can change by sections and stuff, like for example during ‘Anpanman’ the whole place was rainbow themed and it looks amazing as someone controls all the light sticks. It does look incredible.

There was a long wait until the start of the show but at least we were sat down so it wasn’t too bad. They played BTS music videos whilst we were waiting, and me and Becca tried to learn the name fan chant. Well we know their names but we wanted to get the order right. We kept fucking it up and it was pretty useless as although we eventually learnt the chant we weren’t sure when they came in. Whenever the crowd started chanting I never picked it up until they got to Kim Taehyung anyway. The one time I did manage to get it on Jung Hoseok and nearly knocked Becca out with my light stick ‘cos I was so excited about it.

After about an hour and forty five minutes I’d guess a video started playing on screen and there had been some cloths on stage which were pulled back so that’s how we knew the concert was starting – they couldn’t dim the lights as it was an open arena so it was quite bright for most of it. We all stood up and the concert began!

BTS Wembley 6

They opened with ‘Dionysus’ which was lit as hell. To be honest I hadn’t been overly keen on ‘Boy with Love’ when I first heard it so I’d sort of put off listening to the album but had listened to it a few days before going to the concert. That’s probably my favourite song off the album as its so much fun and seeing it live was awesome. Then they moved onto ‘Not Today’ which is one of the most motivational songs ever – I listen to it at the gym and it always keeps me moving. They didn’t perform ‘Not Today’ when we saw them in Paris so it was amazing to finally see it live. The next song was ‘Outro: Wings’ before they all went backstage and the first solo stage started.

My favourite solo song off their album is definitely J-Hope’s ‘Just Dance’ as it’s just such a fun song! It was nice to actually be able to see it this time instead of having to look over hundreds of people’s heads in Paris. In the middle of the song we all started up a chant of “J-HOPE! J-HOPE! J-HOPE!” and you could just see how much fun he was having with it. I love that song so much that I was sad when it finished but at least I knew I’d be seeing it again the following night.

Next up was Jungkook with ‘Euphoria’. To be honest ‘Euphoria’ is probably my least favourite solo song but the performance was still good. Before we’d gone Becca had been telling me about clips she’d seen of the tour on Twitter and had told me “Oh yeah and Jungkook swings round the stage, you know like that girl that pretends to be dead? Just like that” then after a pause said “Well you know, not exactly like that”. I’d pissed myself imagining Jungkook pretending to be dead as he swung around the arena singing ‘Euphoria’. He did glide over the crowd but it was much more graceful than Becca had originally described!

The boys came back on stage and performed ‘Best of Me’. I hadn’t listened to that song much before the concert but it was good and as usual the boys were full of energy that it was just impossible to have a bad time. I was really glad me and Becca had the light sticks as to be honest sometimes at concerts I’m not really sure what to do with my arms so at least I had this to wave around.

BTS Wembley 9

It was time for another couple of solo stages and next up were Jimin and RM. Jimin entered the stage from below inside of a bubble and I couldn’t resist quipping to Becca “HE CAME UP IN A BUBBLE DAWG” (if you saw that Wicked Witch of the East meme you’ll know what I was referencing). I wasn’t sure about this song upon first listening to it but it quickly climbed the list and became one of my favourite songs. It’s one of those I listen to when I’m pissed off about something and it calms me down. I love the song so much that if I wasn’t such a J-Hope stan I think Jimin would be my bias. The performance was incredible as usual, Jimin is so talented.

BTS Wembley 8

Next up was RM with ‘Trivia: Love’ which is another song I love. This one was good because towards the end of the song they were adding special effects to the screen to make it look like RM was drawing hearts and stuff like that. It just looked really incredible!

The boys came back out and there was a group performance of ‘Boy with Luv’ which is their new title track. To be honest I wasn’t 100% sure if I liked it when I first heard it – I love the music video, the aesthetic and the choreography but I wasn’t sure about the song itself. Whilst it’s still not of my favourites it has definitely grown on me and it was a fun performance. Next up was a medley of ‘Dope’, ‘Bapsae’ and ‘Fire’. ‘Dope’ and ‘Fire’ are two of my favourite songs and while I wish they’d performed both songs in a full version I appreciate that with all the solo songs there are only so many full songs they can sing. At least they were included although I do wish they’d add ‘Fun Boys’ back to the set list.

Next up was ‘Idol’ which to be honest is probably one of the list lit songs of theirs to see live. They’d opened with it at the Paris show and although I’d appreciated it there was something much more fun about it at the London shows. As I had more energy I was dancing and screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs, it was just so much fun!

Another solo song next and this time it was V with ‘Singularity’ which again, hadn’t loved originally but had grown on me. I just like the hazy feeling to it, it reminds me of feeling drunk and I love the performance with the masks and everything. In this one V appears on the stage in a bed with his eyes closed then opens them just as he begins to sing. It was an amazing performance before the rest of the boys joined him to perform ‘Fake Love’. ‘Fake Love’ is another song that’s more fun when it’s live, I love doing the ‘FAKE LOVE’ chant during the chorus and I love the choreography for this one too.

It was time for the last solo stages which of course were Suga and Jin’s. Suga was up first with ‘Seesaw’ which has grown on me more since the concert but all I can hear in the chorus is “alright, I want the cheesecake” – I know those aren’t genuinely the lyrics but that’s all my stupid brain can hear. Luckily that’s what Becca hears as well so the two of us just sang that without a care in the world. That’s the one annoying thing about K-Pop concerts, you wanna sing along but you know you’re pronouncing every word incorrectly.

Next up was Jin’s ‘Epiphany’ which is a BEAUTIFUL song. To be honest I didn’t like it at the Paris show. I was exhausted and I’ve never really loved slow songs anyway so although I appreciated the lights in the venue I wasn’t having a good time. Now I LOVE that song, that song makes me feel so many things. It’s such a lovely song and I can’t believe there are people who say Jin can’t sing. Becca turned to me at the end and went “MAN’S GOT PIPES!” She ain’t wrong.

BTS Wembley 11

‘The Truth Untold’ was next which is the vocal line Jin, Jungkook, V and Jimin. Another song I hadn’t appreciated at the Paris show because I was so tired that any slow song sort of sent me drifting off. I was quite sad because it quickly became one of my favourite songs and I hadn’t appreciated it enough so I was glad to see it again. It was a beautiful performance but it did look like Jimin was crying which was proper stressing me out. I think he was sick because he kept holding his throat and did cough a few times the next day but he sounded absolutely amazing so you’d have never guessed.

It was time for the rap lines song next which is ‘Outro: Tear’ performed by J-Hope, Suga and RM. This is another song that I liked at the time but now love more that I’ve left the concert. On the screens they put a black and white filter which gave it an edgy vibe and the three of them were just so energetic. I wish I’d gotten a video of it but I was just enjoying the moment.

Back to group performances it was time for ‘Mic Drop’ which they claimed was their last song of the night but we all knew it wasn’t. We’d been given banners as we’d entered Wembley and were told to get them out when ‘Army Time’ appeared on the screen and it hadn’t appeared yet. They played the remix version of ‘Mic Drop’ and it was LIT, I got a video of me and Becca singing to it and it was another one of those songs that was so much fun to see live.

They went offstage but the lights stayed down so we all knew they were gonna come back for an encore. It was a bit of a wait but it didn’t matter as it gave us all a chance to sit down. There was a lot of chanting and then we all started doing Mexican waves around the arena for some reason. After about maybe ten minutes I wanna say, maybe less, BTS came back out and performed ‘Anpanman’ which was fun as they blew up some inflatable’s in the middle part of the arena including a bouncy slide so the members sang whilst playing around on them which was random but a lot of fun! I feel like there was a lot more going on visually at this concert compared to the Paris one last year but maybe that’s just ‘cos I could actually see this year!

BTS Wembley 10

I can’t remember at what points specifically but the boys did stop to interact with the crowd occasionally. RM drove Becca absolutely up the wall by only speaking in a British accent for some reason. All the members attempted to speak completely in English except for Suga when a translator got involved. I was glad we were at the London show as the translations were made to English but to be honest it didn’t 100% sound like the translator knew what he was doing – a bit like the one at Block B previously, a member would say something really long, there’d be a pause and the translator would be like “He is having a good time”.

I can’t remember everything every member said but I know Jin talked about how he was amazed to be playing at Wembley and talked about the film ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ before the doing the whole ‘AY-O’ bit that Freddie Mercury had done. RM also brought up other groups that he looked up to that had played at Wembley and mentioned ‘Coldplay’ which Becca was outraged by. The boys also got us all doing yet another Mexican wave with our light sticks. They kept thanking us and talking about their disbelief in playing at Wembley and it was really touching, you could tell just how grateful they were for their fans. The only moment that had me shook was when V was making his speech and at the end he said, in the most sincere voice I’ve ever heard, “fuck you” – Becca’s convinced he meant to say ‘thank you’ but I can’t tell. If he’d like shouted it or something then I could maybe think okay but it was said in the sweetest voice! [Disclaimer: I just watched a video and he’s actually saying ‘thank you’ in a British accent – oh dear hun, it definitely sounded like ‘fuck you’!]

Up next was ‘So What’ which like is a good song but personally I’d have preferred ‘I’m Fine’ but never mind, ‘So What’ is still good. Except for the video Becca took where you can hear us both singing along and we sound like overexcited sea lions. This was followed by ‘Make It Right’ before finally ‘Army Time’ appeared on the screen, we took out our banners and the boys performed ‘Mikrokosmos’. And just like that Wembley day one was over!

Getting onto the tube with thousands of other fans who had been at Wembley was a nightmare to be honest but luckily the train was mostly empty so we managed to get on. We were right at the front so we could’ve got a seat but unfortunately I hesitated and we missed out, something Becca was very keen to keep reminding me of on the journey back to our hotel as the train was packed full. Luckily we weren’t that many stops away from the venue so we came off the tube; grabbed some snacks and we were soon back at our hotel.

Last time we’d been to London we’d had a late night and an early morning making us both hate our lives but luckily this time we didn’t need to get up early for anything so we were both looking forward to a lie-in. The lie-in wasn’t as long as I’d been hoping for as neither of us slept well – the beds weren’t very comfy, the slightest noise was so loud and it was boiling hot. Irritatingly there wasn’t a window, just a door that leads to the outside which kept me paranoid all night long.

We’d originally intended to make a plan for the day but as usual neither of us had planned anything. However we’d seen everyone walking around with BT21 headbands at the concert the day before so we decided we’d quite like one. We had a quick breakfast at Pret then for some reason decided to visit the Harry Potter shop in Kings Cross. I had more money than I’d had last time so I bought a couple of necklaces whilst Becca was sensible and didn’t buy anything. After that we headed to Camden to visit the BT21 pop up shop.

Jesus Christ. We joined the queue and after a few minutes were told most things had sold out and we were now about an hour away from the front. I asked if they had any headbands left and they said no which was disappointing but we decided to wait anyway as we’d seen other people coming out with pillows and they looked quite cute. It was absolutely boiling in that queue, neither of us had a drink and we were stuck there for legit almost two hours. It was Hell but eventually it was our turn and we went upstairs into the shop. To be honest I feel like it was difficult to appreciate ‘cos I was hot and tired by this point, and fed up of being surrounded by other people. Me and Becca took a couple of photos, grabbed a pillow each (I got Chimmy and Becca got Koya), grabbed a post card and just checked out. Our next stop was a drink, just something hastily grabbed from Superdrug because I couldn’t be arsed to shop around.

BTS Wembley 12

We went to Primark but neither of us bought anything, had lunch in McDonalds and then we desperately needed some more AAA batteries. Becca had checked the battery on her light stick that morning via the app and it was on low so we’d both need to replace them. Neither of us knew where to get batteries from and after a lot of debate Becca rang WHSmith who said they did sell them. On the way back to the hotel we picked some up, had a ten minute rest in the hotel before heading back to Wembley for night two.

BTS Wembley 7

We’d been considering getting some merch but it was mostly just t-shirts so we decided to give it a miss and headed into the venue. Our entrance was a lot easier to find this time and we quickly found our seats. We were much closer than we’d been the day before, the only issue was that the chairs weren’t the comfiest and were a lot smaller than the ones in the stands are so it was a bit more uncomfortable waiting for the concert to start but it didn’t matter too much as we’d be stood up for most of the concert anyway.

The set list was the same as the day before but there were a couple of differences when they stopped to interact with us. The first was that they added a ‘Harry Potter’ section. Jin used stupefy on Jungkook, I can’t remember all the other spells, someone said ‘lumos’ then all our light sticks lit up. V came forward and said ‘purple’ and all our light sticks turned purple. Becca, being the massive nerd she is, was like “That’s not even a spell!” J-Hope cast a ‘fire spell’ which made fire appear from the stage. I’m glad they did that instead of making the typical fish and chips jokes that many groups make when they come to England.

Also when they left after ‘Mic Drop’ just before their encore a message appeared on the screen advising fans of a secret event we were going to do for BTS. When the words ‘Army Sing’ appeared on the screen we were all going to sing the final chorus of ‘Forever Young’. This was really exciting as I’d never done anything like this at a concert before and I turned to Becca and went “I really hope they cry!” Sounds harsh but like I wanted it to be emotional!

After they’d all made their final speeches they prepared to sing ‘Mikrokosmos’ again but the music for ‘Forever Young’ started. It was quite sweet as they didn’t really know what was happening then turned around and saw the lyrics on the screen and realised. I’m so glad they put up the lyrics as I don’t actually know ‘Forever Young’ all that well (they’d played the music video for that about fifty times in the venue so they were clearly preparing us). I know Jimin, Jungkook and J-Hope definitely cried and the others looked close to it if they weren’t actually crying.

BTS Wembley 13

It was actually really emotional, I didn’t cry but I was extremely close to it. Until of course Becca leaned over and went “Yo Taehyung’s highlighter is popping, I need some of that!” to which I responded “Becca, I’m trying to cry.” After that they each made a speech, Suga said he thought they’d messed up with the music when it started playing. I’m glad we went for both nights in the end as I would’ve hated to have missed that moment.

Before we knew it that was it. No more BTS concerts to look forward to. The comedown was hard when I went back to work I’m not gonna lie. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll come back to Europe again, do two more nights in London and I can get tickets to both again. Going to both nights was definitely better than just the one. It was nice to finally see them at their own concert and have a bit of energy instead of feeling half dead like I did in Paris.

This was quite long, sorry about that! I hope you enjoyed it anyway. If you were at either of the shows let me know your favourite part!

Favourite Sights in San Francisco

San Francisco 2

I recently got back from a weeklong trip to San Francisco with my Mom. To be truthful San Francisco has never really crossed my mind when considering places to visit but my Mom had been talking about it for a while and was really keen to go. She mentioned it to my step-dad who didn’t want to so I offered to go with her. Booking the trip was a nightmare because my Mom’s so fussy but in the end we chose a week, Mom found some flights she was actually happy with and before we knew it we were jetting off!

There was a lot about San Francisco to love so I thought I’d write a quick blog post about some of my favourite sights!

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge

Probably the most obvious and iconic landmark in San Francisco. Most people hire bikes and cycle there from the city centre and then cycle across the bridge, either by themselves or in a group tour. This is sensible as although the bridge looks relatively close it is quite far. Nevertheless me and my Mom decided to walk towards it from Fisherman’s Wharf  – we did mention the bikes but I’m not sure I’d remember how to ride one. I know they reckon you never forget but I have serious doubts about that.

The walk wasn’t horrendous compared to central San Francisco as after the first hill it was pretty much all flat until you’re almost right at the bridge and then there is a bit of an uphill climb. It’s just quite long and on the day we walked although the sun was shining the wind was horrendous.

Golden Gate Bridge 2

By the time we reached the bridge we were quite tired so we only walked halfway across it. I think we’d have only done that anyway as the bridge was so windy that my Mom was holding onto the poles as she was worried about ‘getting blown off the bridge’.

I’m normally the type of person to be like “it’s just a bridge, big deal” but there was something about it that just made it seem special and I’m glad we decided to walk there.



Another obvious ‘must see’ whilst in San Francisco. My Mom was stressing me out by telling me how quickly they sell out and that we needed to book it in advance but she didn’t seem to do anything about it until luckily one day she forwarded me a confirmation email to say she’d booked it. Make sure you buy from the official website though, there are a lot of rip-offs and we even heard one Australian family on the boat coming back talking about how they’d been scammed on one of these sites.

There are a few buildings on the island but the most interesting one is obviously the Cell House. Upon arriving you’re given an audio tour guide which I normally avoid like the plague as they just irritate me but I was keen to learn more about the prison so I accepted it and I’m glad I did. It was really interesting and kept you moving from one place to the next. At first it was a bit annoying as everyone was clumped around the one section of where the tour was meant to be but it thinned out as the tour went on making it less frustrating.

What I liked was that it wasn’t just ‘the building was built in this year, it served this purpose’ – there were stories about the prisoners and life there. My favourites were about the attempted escapes. There was one where supposedly in the canteen the prisoners began to riot because they were served spaghetti again or something? Either way, the audio tour was really interesting.

Alcatraz 2

Also I never knew that the prison officers lived on the island too with their families. They’d bring their wife and kids with them and they’d just live on the island – they never had any contact with the prisoners but it’s bizarre! The kids would catch a boat to the mainland when they went to school and I believe there were a few boats a day so families could go over to San Francisco, do what they fancied and then return back home at the end of the day.

Anyway, Alcatraz is a must see when in San Francisco but make sure you book it in advance. There were still some available tours when we went but my manager at work told me she’d visited and unfortunately it had been sold out when she was there. Don’t risk it as Alcatraz is not somewhere you’d wanna miss visiting!

San Francisco Play House

San Francisco Playhouse

My Mom knows I’m a massive theatre fan so before we left she researched some theatres in San Francisco and some shows that were on. One of the shows she suggested was one called ‘Significant Other’ – we weren’t sure but decided we’d make our minds up when we arrived.

In a weird coincidence it turned out that the show was actually playing inside our hotel! On the second floor of our hotel was the ‘San Francisco Play House’ and any hotel guests got a discount on their tickets. On our second night we decided to get tickets as we couldn’t miss out on seeing a play right inside our hotel.

More people turned up than I’d been expecting and it was an interesting show. I wouldn’t say it was ‘ground-breaking’ or anything but I’m glad we saw it. The basic plot is about a gay guy who watches his three best friends get engaged, married and essentially move on with their lives whilst he worries he’s getting left behind. It was quite a simple show but I was impressed at how they all remembered their lines – I know that’s their job but there was one scene with just two actors where they both had long lines of speech at a time and it was just pretty impressive.

My favourite part was probably that once the play was over instead of having a long walk back to our hotel we literally just jumped in the lift and we were back in our room within minutes. How convenient!

Pier 39

Pier 39

I think this place was somewhere I would’ve spent more time with my friends. It’s full of gift shops, arcades and places to get food. Me and Mum did spend some time here more than once and it was strange because it didn’t feel like America, I could’ve just as easily been at Blackpool. It was a lot of fun though.

There was a carousel at the end of the pier and I’m normally a sucker for carousels but to ride this one cost like five dollars so me and Mum gave it a miss. Behind the carousel was a stage – I’m not sure if they have different shows every so often but while we were there it was one guy called Bob who put on a show. I’m pretty sure he had different ones but the one we saw he rode a unicycle and stood on some cylinders – it’s difficult to explain but it was pretty impressive.

Pier 39 2

My favourite shop on Pier 39 had to be the Christmas shop. Whenever I go away my Mom always asks me to bring back a Christmas decoration themed like the country I’ve been to which is usually the most difficult thing ever to find so to find a whole Christmas themed shop in San Francisco was awesome. There was literally a decoration for almost everything in there. We’d actually already bought a Cable Car themed decoration from one of the gift shops in China Town but the shop was still amazing, a must see for any Christmas fan.

Beach Blanket Babylon

Beach Blanket Babylon

I didn’t really know much about this show but Mum was adamant it was ‘the’ thing to see whilst in San Francisco. Apparently the show began in 1974 and is the world’s longest-running musical revue. Mum was even keener to see it when we found out the show was actually ending later this year – it would be our only chance to see it.

Unfortunately we waited until the night we wanted to see it to go to the box office to enquire about tickets (fun fact, the Americans kept calling it ‘wilcol’). We were told tickets were sold out until the following Wednesday (when we’d be back in England) but if we wanted we could wait outside the theatre as sometimes people came along to sell their tickets. The show didn’t start until 8 and it was 6:30 by this point so I wasn’t keen as I highly doubted we’d get two tickets but Mum was determined, especially after one woman told her she had just one ticket. We only needed to find one more and then we could both go.

It got very complicated, the woman with the original ticket went outside and then we found another woman selling one ticket but we weren’t sure they were in the same part of the club (I said it wouldn’t matter but Mum wasn’t sure) so she went in then very kindly came out to tell us she had been seated in the part the woman with the original ticket had also been seated. It was getting close to show time so I paid the money for this woman’s ticket, my Mum went in with that ticket, bought the ticket off the other lady we’d originally seen, came back out to get me and soon we were both inside. I was originally seated away from Mum anyway but it turned out the seat next to her was free so I moved. I had a worse view next to her but it didn’t matter.

The show was bizarre to say the least. It was basically a musical following Snow White was looking for love and all the characters wore bizarre costumes with oversized hats or wigs. There were a lot of pop culture references and I was surprised at the scene where they took the piss out of Donald Trump and his family as all the Americans thought that was hilarious – which to be fair, it was. I’m so glad I got to see it and it was definitely worth the wait outside the theatre.

Sea Lions at Pier 39

Pier 39 Sea Lions

Probably my favourite part of Pier 39 was that off to the left of the pier there was a large gathering of Sea Lions. They’re below the pier and unless you jumped into the water or had a boat you can’t get near enough to teach or harass them so they’re pretty much left alone. There are a few signs up asking people not to feed or bother them and people stuck to that rule. There’s usually a crowd of people on the pier watching and taking photos of them but the sea lions are still pretty much left alone.

As there were so many of them I wondered if they were there of their own freewill and it turns out that yes, they are. There was a sign up nearby that said the sea lions had shown up a few years ago to the annoyance of people who had boat slots in that particular area. There was a debate apparently but it was decided the sea lions could stay and a lot of boats had their slots moved to a different part of the pier.

The area didn’t smell brilliant and the sea lions made a lot of noise but it was interesting and nice to be able to see the sea lions without feeling guilty the way you do when you visit a zoo or aquarium. I’d definitely recommend giving them a visit when in San Francisco.

Cable Cars

Cable Car

Everyone at work kept telling me I’d need to ride the cable car and I assumed they meant the ones you get that take you over the city, you know the ones I meant? It turned out they were cute old fashioned trams and there was a stop at the end of the road where our hotel was. On our first day we walked pretty much everywhere and I had not realised when people said San Francisco was full of hills they MEANT it. So when we next needed to get to Fisherman’s Wharf from Union Square we paid the seven dollars each to catch the cable car.

We rode it twice and both times managed to get the best seats – there are two compartments to the cable car, one indoors section and an outdoor one where you can either sit or stand and hold onto the pole. It did look cool to stand and hold on but my legs were already aching and we had two seats in the front of the outdoor section so they were good seats!

The ride on the cable car was amazing and a bit scary at times – whenever it went downhill I’d be struck with the worry that the cable car would just start rolling down at full speed but of course it didn’t, they were driven very well. It was an absolute must in San Francisco and I’m glad we got to ride it twice.

So there we have it, those are my favourite sights from San Francisco! If you’ve visited feel free to leave me your favourites or let me know which ones you’d love to see one day.

Advice for First Time Solo Travellers

Dublin 4

On my most recent trip abroad to Dublin I realised how much I’ve improved since my first solo trip abroad to Poland last year. I’ve recognised the parts of solo travel abroad that stress me out, that I love, the things I need to do to make myself feel better. Because of this I decided to write a post with some advice for anyone going abroad by themselves for the first time!

Don’t Judge the Trip by Day One

Dublin 5

When I landed in Poland last February I remember thinking ‘why have I done this? What do I do now?’ and for most of the day I felt quite overwhelmed. I didn’t understand the language, I struggled to know which travel card to buy, I nearly burst into tears as I tried to find my hostel (Google Maps kept telling me I was there but I couldn’t see it and my phone was on like 11% at this point), I was too nervous to order food and I didn’t really know what I was doing.

That night I had dinner at a McDonalds in a shopping centre (the only place I wasn’t too nervous to order food as I knew what I was asking for), went to see a 4DX movie at the cinema then went back to my hostel for a good night’s sleep. And by the next morning I felt a lot better. I set off to do some sightseeing feeling a lot more confident and ended up having an amazing trip.

If you feel completely overwhelmed on day one then don’t stress, I promise the entire trip won’t be like that it’s just you’re somewhere new by yourself and you need time to adjust. It was easier in Dublin as at least everyone spoke English but I’ve realised that I know what I need to do to help myself adjust to a new country more easily and I managed to apply this logic when I visited Romania in January too. And it really helped!

Getting to my accommodation from the airport is always the worst part for me as I worry I won’t find it but of course I always do so I just tell myself to relax and then I calmly follow Google Maps until I find my accommodation. After checking in I go and have my first meal in the country, even if it does end up being at McDonalds. I have a chill first day and then after having my first sleep in the new country I feel a lot better by the next morning and I’m ready to start some proper sight-seeing.

When I travel with my friends we have a running joke that our friend Hirst always decides she hates whatever country we’re staying in on day one due to something small. We landed in Lithuania quite late and on our way to our accommodation we bumped into a couple of weird people and she was like “I’m not a fan of this country!” By the end of our trip she’s usually changed her mind and actually quite likes it.

If you land in a new country and start getting stressed or overwhelmed just keep calm and trust me that after your first night you will feel a lot better. Don’t let the first day stresses define the rest of the trip!

Pick Accommodation That Suits You

Abbey Court Hostel

A lot of people I see that write about solo travel are like ‘get a hostel, you meet new people, it’s the only way to solo travel’ etc. etc. If you like meeting new people and staying in hostels then great, you do you until the cows come home. However I’ve quickly realised that I much prefer hotels.

I’m an introvert and my trips are a great way to recharge my social batteries. My interactions with people selling tickets to attractions or food etc. are enough to keep me going, I don’t feel the need to go out and find a new best friend. And at the end of a day of sight-seeing I like to come back to my room and have some downtime to myself.

In Poland I stayed in a hostel to keep costs low and ended up sharing a room with a talkative girl who was lovely but didn’t understand that once my headphones are on that means I don’t want to talk. Although she was lovely and I was glad to share with her because it was better than sharing with someone who’s miserable it did get a bit irritating when I just wanted some down time whereas she wanted to chat. In Dublin my downtime seemed to come easier as I watched stuff on my Amazon Fire Tablet and everyone pretty much left me alone – they were still nice, we’d smile at each other but none of us were keen to initiate a conversation. I much preferred this.

Find the accommodation that best suits you or your needs. It may be an Airbnb, a hostel, a hotel, whatever takes your fancy but don’t listen to anybody who thinks you should be doing it a certain way.

Public Transport is Good


I’ve never understood people who touch down in a foreign country and immediately head outside to find a taxi. How do people afford that? It’s expensive enough getting a taxi from home to our local airport which is why I always catch the train if I can and I’d only get a taxi if I was desperate.

Although I hate the moments between getting from the airport to my accommodation due to the stress and anxiety, I also love it as hopping on the bus to get the city centre is your first glimpse of a new country! I suppose you get that in a taxi but the bus takes detours, allowing you to see things you might not have seen had you gone straight to your accommodation.

Personally I’ve always found public transport gives you a better feel for the country. My favourite form is trams as although we have some in parts of the UK I don’t really use them in this country. There’s nothing I love more than a country with a tram system – Amsterdam’s is probably my favourite so far.

Also public transport is a hell of a lot cheaper. In most countries you can get a card that gives you unlimited transport for a set amount of days in most forms, for example bus, tram and underground. Most of the time they’re not expensive and they’re cheaper than getting taxis everywhere. Equally walking is even better as that’s free but it depends on how big the town is. I probably could’ve walked everywhere in Dublin, and did on the first day, but on the second day when my legs were aching I decided to start making the most of public transport.

Not only is public transport cheaper it’s also a lot better for the environment. We’ll have already contributed enough pollution to the earth by catching a plane (unless you got abroad using a different method in which case good on you!) so why contribute more by getting cars everywhere?

Obviously in some places the choices are limited. In Crete we rented a car because they just didn’t seem to have a public transport system. But in most capital cities they have a perfectly good transport system already in place. Give it a go!

Take Appropriate Safety Precautions

Romania 6

Whenever I go abroad anywhere my Mom always makes me send her the name, address and telephone number of the accommodation I’m staying in. Not to be precious but just so she has someone to call to check up on me if I’m not responding to her texts or an address she can send the police or an ambulance too.

I would personally recommend you allocate someone to send this information to and keep in regular contact with someone. Usually people know I’m okay because I update my Instagram story throughout the day, send out tweets and respond to people relatively quickly if they message me. If you’re in a country where you can’t get data for whatever reason then just be sure to send that person a message when you go out in the morning and when you get back in the evening – assuming where you stay has Wi-Fi.

When booking your accommodation check the reviews. If most of the reviews are positive and the only bad things the negative ones are saying were ‘oh the bathroom was too small’ then go for it. If there are negative reviews of people saying they didn’t feel safe for whatever reason then it’s probably best to avoid this particular place. When booking Poland I panic booked the first hostel I found but once I checked the reviews people were saying all sorts of dodgy things had happened. I immediately cancelled the room, lost my money and booked a new hostel with better reviews. Safety always comes first!

In Romania my room had a safe where I could enter my own code and nobody else could get in so I kept my passport in there whilst I was out and about but if that’s not an option I always keep my passport on me. Make sure you either have a paper copy stored somewhere or an electronic version on your phone, in the unlikely event that you lose it – it’ll make life much easier.

Just basically use a bit of common sense while you’re away, it’s not too difficult to know which security measures to take.

Let your trip be YOUR trip

Bucharest 2

When me and my friends go away we tend to get up early and cram in as much as possible. And that’s fine, for some places where you want to experience everything that’s pretty much the only way you can do it. But sometimes by myself I like to have a lie-in and take the day a bit more easily. A great example of this was in Dublin. Being in a hostel I didn’t sleep great at night and also, Dublin’s not that far away from where I live so anything I didn’t tick off I was bound to go back and do eventually. So I slept in a bit, got ready slowly and made my way out.

Don’t get caught up in how other people have done their solo trips and think that you need to perfectly model theirs. For another example, I knew that after Dublin I was going to have a busy few days and there was a movie I wanted to see but I was worried it would go out of cinemas before I had the chance. In the end I realised I could just watch it in Dublin – I was worried as it felt like a waste to watch a movie abroad but at the end of the day I don’t do much in the evenings anyway, I wanted to see the movie and also weirdly I find doing ‘normal’ things in other countries fascinating. I like to see what their cinemas look like, their supermarkets, their theatres, all the normal stuff!

Plan your itinerary around YOU and what YOU’RE interested in doing, not the things you’ve seen everybody else doing. Even if everyone has recommend the Museum of Typewriting until they’re blue in the face, if you’re not interested in type writing then just don’t go! It’s YOUR trip, nobody else’s.

I hate those ridiculous posts that are likely ‘avoid all the big tourist spots, they’re traps!’ If you’re not a big fan of the big tourist spots then fine but I think you need to experience them at least once. Going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower would be bizarre. Tourist spots are popular for a reason but if they’re not for you then feel free to give them a miss.

That’s pretty much all of my advice other than have an amazing time. Also, double check the weather before you go. I never bother and always end up massively failing.

Top 10 My Chemical Romance Songs

My Chemical Romance Blog Post

I’m long over my ‘My Chemical Romance’ phase which is just as well considering they broke up but when I was thirteen I was My Chemical Romance’s bitch. If MCR were to reunite tomorrow and announce a World Tour I would probably still buy a ticket to at least two of their shows and go and have the best time ever. I decided to have a quick throwback today to my favourite MCR songs so here goes nothing!

10. Planetary (Go!)

MCR Planetary Go gif.gif

This song is so much fun and an absolute bop. I was gutted when I found out the music video had been filmed in London because I was like ‘oh my God I could’ve been in their video’ but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. I absolutely loved the whole Danger Days concept like honestly it was one of my favourite albums from them, I had my own Killjoy costume and I walked up town the day the album came out and bought the deluxe edition that came with the bandana (I think I got Party Poison’s). In fact I’m pretty sure shortly after the album was released I actually did a Killjoy roleplay with some online friends because I was just such a big fan. So yeah, this was one of my favourite songs off the album because it’s just a lot of fun!

9. Our Lady of Sorrows

MCR Our Lady of Sorrows gif.gif

This used to be my favourite by them but I listened to it one too many times. My favourite MCR lyric ever used to be ‘oh how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying’ like oh my god, thirteen year old me was shook. I think ‘I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love’ was probably my least favourite MCR album but to be fair it was their first and there were still some good songs on there. It’s still a good album just not their best.

8. Vampire Money

MCR Vampire Money gif.gif

Another song from Danger Days that I absolutely love. Apparently this song was written because Gerard was offered the part of Edward in Twilight but I don’t know how true that is. The song is definitely in some way about Twilight because I know MCR weren’t into that ‘scene’ or whatever. Anyway, I loved this song and I was really glad to have the opportunity to see it live even though fourteen year old me was foolish and got standing tickets at the Birmingham Genting Arena and stood in the middle of the floor and honestly I nearly died several times.

7. The Only Hope for Me is You

MCR The Only Hope For Me is You gif.gif

Another Danger Days song, apparently it’s one that Gerard wrote for his daughter Bandit and honestly I love this song. If I was feeling down back when I was a teenager I would whack this song on and just have a bit of a weep before feeling better. Even now I just honestly love it, what a song.

6. Dead!

MCR Dead gif

The first album I ever listened to by My Chemical Romance was ‘The Black Parade’ and I remember this song kicking in after ‘The End’ and I was rocking out because even though I’d never listened to it before I already knew I was going to love it. This is another good one for if I’m annoyed or something like I can just whack it on full volume and scream the lyrics.

5. Mama

MCR Mama gif.gif

I remember my friend thinking I was an idiot because at the start of the song there’s a sound effect of bombs going off or something and one night I told my friend I’d always assumed it was Big Foot in the snow. You know like when you keep singing an incorrect song lyric that makes absolutely no sense but you sing it anyway because you’re so certain that that’s what it is? It was like that. I was only like thirteen in my defence and a bit of an idiot. The song is still good though and one of my favourites off the Black Parade album.

4. Famous Last Words

MCR Famous Last Words gif.gif

There was a time when everyone accused My Chemical Romance of having depressing lyrics and I always used this song as a defence. Lyrics like ‘I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone’ really meant something to me and helped me through dark times. Even now this song means a lot to me and I still whack it on if I’m upset about something. This is a song I’ll never stop loving.

3. Na Na Na

MCR Na Na Na gif.gif

One night I got a message off one of my internet friends, Lauzz, who told me to get online immediately because something was happening on MCR’s website. I borrowed my sister’s laptop and sat up until 4 in the morning talking to my online MCR friends and watching the website like a hawk even though nothing changed for a few days. Eventually a teaser was released for the Danger Days album and eventually the music video was dropped. I didn’t have a laptop at the time and the computer at my Mom’s didn’t have sound but luckily Kerrang or MTV had put in a slot for MCR’s new video so I watched it on the TV and I was blown away. I loved the entire thing and loved the song from first listen. Definitely the best song from the Danger Days album, it’s amazing.

2. Welcome to the Black Parade

MCR Welcome to the Black Parade gif.gif

Everyone knows this song even if they don’t know this song if you know what I mean. I remember Jasmine asking our RE teacher to put it on and at the time I wasn’t a fan of MCR but I realised that actually I did know and love this song. Since then I couldn’t even guess how many times I’ve listened to it, I remember singing it with my friends on the way home from school more than once. It’s one of those that you can just sing your heart out too. This is the best song from the Black Parade album even if it is the most obvious one.

1. I Never Told You What I Do For A Living

MCR gif.gif

I have no idea why this is my favourite song, I just know that it is. I don’t really have any special memories associated with this song and it’s actually a bit dark. There’s just something raw about it that I really love and it’s usually the first MCR song I put on when I’m in that kind of mood. ‘Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge’ has always been my favourite album because it feels the most real. I don’t know, I probably sound lame but I loved it and this song is definitely my favourite.

Let me know your favourite MCR songs in the comments, how you felt when they disbanded, if you think they’ll ever come back – feel free to leave any kind of comment!