10 Favourite 2NE1 Songs


I’m still infinitely sad that I wasn’t a 2NE1 fan whilst they were active, the only comeback I was a fan for was ‘Goodbye’ which you know is great. But it doesn’t stop me loving a lot of 2NE1’s older songs so I figured I’d write a list of my favourites!

10. Can’t Nobody

2NE1 Can't Nobody gif.gif

I really like this song once I get into it but unfortunately the start of the song really irritates me for some reason so it can sometimes put me off a little bit. If I push past it though I can really get into this song because it is good, it’s just the first few seconds that are super irritating.

9. Clap Your Hands

2NE1 Clap Your Hands gif.gif

This was one of the first 2NE1 songs that I heard and liked almost instantly. Obviously ‘I Am The Best’ was first but when I tried to listen to more of their stuff I was a bit put off because I feel like their sound was so different for each comeback. But I instantly liked this one and it turned me into a 2NE1 fan. It’s just a good song and CL’s rap parts are definitely the best bit.

8. I Am The Best

2NE1 I Am The Best gif.gif

I do love this song but it’s one of them that I’ve listened to so many times that I kind of don’t love it as much as I used to. It still went hard though and I do like it. The music video is badass and I love the choreography and the stage outfits they wore and just most things about it to be honest. Bom looked absolutely amazing for this comeback, she really suited it.

7. Come Back Home

2NE1 Come Back Home gif.gif

After listening to ‘I Am The Best’ and instantly loving it I decided to give ‘Come Back Home’ a try. Except I hated it. I was relatively new to K-Pop at the time and when you’re not used to K-Pop it can sound a bit all over the place and since I wasn’t used to it I didn’t like it. However after becoming a bigger K-Pop fan and listening to the song a couple more times I did eventually start to love it.

6. Falling in Love

2NE1 Falling in Love gif.gif

I don’t think I liked this one at first listen either but I think the choreography sold me on it. I don’t know what it is about it, I just really love the choreography video even if the girls’ outfits were a bit tragic. However I do think it’s an absolute bop and definitely one I’ll always love.

5. Fire

2NE1 Fire gif.gif

What an iconic debut song, let’s be real! “I go by the name of CL of 2NE1” what an absolute queen. I’m pretty sure I liked this one pretty much instantly and honestly it was a perfect debut song for these girls, I love it so much!

4. Goodbye

2NE1 Goodbye gif 2.gif

I’m not normally a fan of slow songs but I loved this one straightaway even though it was sad to say goodbye to such an iconic girl group. Also, it was sad that for their last song Dara still got screwed out of lines like come on? There were only three members left by that point and she barely got any? Either way I still loved it and I look forward to the girls’ future projects!

3. Crush

2NE1 Crush gif.gif

I love this song so much. I didn’t discover it until this year I think but now I’m all about it. If I had heard this when I was a new K-Pop fan I think I would’ve hated it but now I’m definitely on board with it. It’s another song that’s a bit of a mess but in a good way.

2. Ugly

2NE1 Ugly gif 2.gif

I feel like the chorus to this song, which I’m pretty sure is all in English, accurately describes how I feel about myself “I think I’m ugly and nobody wants to love me, just like her I wanna be pretty, don’t lie to my face ‘cos I know I’m ugly”. It’s nice to see the 2NE1 girls sing it because although they’re each pretty they’re not pretty in like the traditional sense and I have some respect for that. It’s an amazing song and I love everything about it.

1. Go Away

2NE1 Go Away gif.gif

What a fantastic song for if you’re going through a break-up. Which I have pretty much never had but still love this song regardless. I don’t know what it is about this song that I love but it’s definitely my favourite and I doubt it’ll ever change. I’m not sure I really get the music video but the song is still an absolute bop. I wish I’d been able to go to a 2NE1 concert ‘cos I’d have been screaming the lyrics at the top of my lungs without a care in the world like honestly, it’s such a good song.

Feel free to leave your recommendations or favourites in the comments, I’d love to hear them!

Ten Slow K-Pop Songs I Like

Oh My Girl

I don’t particularly like slow songs. I think they’re okay sometimes when I’m feeling something chill or I’m sad and wanna stick on depressing songs. But even then I can’t get into many slow songs. So today I thought I’d write a list of ten slow K-Pop songs that I actually like!

10. IOI – Downpour

IOI Downpour gif 2.gif

I loved IOI but I really couldn’t get into Wanna One. Not that I tried, in all fairness, but I was still mourning IOI and the fact Wanna One were getting better opportunities and promotions (not even gonna go into it at this point). I love this song even though I cried buckets when I first listened to it. This is a slow song that I don’t hate and could happily keep listening to.

9. BTS – Butterfly

BTS Butterfly gif

This song makes me sad too, it’s like my go to song whenever I’m feeling upset even though it doesn’t make me feel better. I just love everything about it and I’d love to see them perform it live someday. It makes me sad that even if I did get to go to their concert one day I doubt this would be on the set list. Probably just as well because I’d start crying at the concert and nobody needs that. Either way I love this song.

8. Crayon Pop – 1, 2, 3, 4

Crayon Pop gif.gif

Not sure if this counts because compared to other songs on this list it’s not really ‘slow’ but compared to other Crayon Pop songs it is. This is a song I loved pretty much straightaway. Crayon Pop released their ‘FM’ album and there were only 3 songs on the album – FM, 1 2 3 4 and HaPaTaKa. I was not a fan of HaPaTaKa but I loved 1, 2, 3, 4 almost instantly and I still do. Such a good song and really shows Crayon Pop’s talent!

7. 2NE1 – Goodbye

2NE1 Goodbye gif.gif

Another disbandment song that made me cry! Why do girl groups have to do this? I loved 2NE1 and they didn’t have a comeback when I became a fan. I was a fan for like two years and they didn’t have a single comeback until they released ‘Goodbye’. That’s not good enough if you ask me. I loved this song straightaway even though it is slow because it’s so sad and I just loved everything about it. Well, I wish they hadn’t done Dara dirty with the amount of lines she got but other than that it’s amazing.

6. Strawberry Milk – Hello

Strawberry Milk gif.gif

Strawberry Milk are Crayon Pop’s sub-unit, made up of the twins Choa and Way. When I first heard this song I didn’t actually like it that much. I was so hyped after listening to ‘OK’ and ‘Feel So Good’ that I felt a bit deflated after listening to ‘Hello’. I love it a lot more now though. I love Choa and Way’s voices so much and this song is beautiful.

5. Jessica Jung – Gravity

Jessica Jung gif.gif

I’m pretty sure this is a cover so I’m not entirely sure it counts but I still love everything about it. Jessica’s voice is so beautiful and this song really showcases that. I wish I was as talented as Jessica because honestly the girl can sing.

4. Ladies’ Code – I’ll Smile Even If It Hurts

Ladies Code gif.gif

I can’t listen to this song without crying and I doubt there are many who can to be honest. It was written about the deaths of Ladies’ Code’s members EunB and RiSe. I don’t really want to talk about it too much because I feel a bit bad for including this on such a list but it’s a truly beautiful, heart-breaking song and you can really feel the member’s emotion.

3. Girls’ Generation – Sailing

Girls Generation Sailing gif.gif

I HATED this song when I first heard it. I had been so looking forward to a Girls’ Generation comeback and I was really disappointed with the song and the boring music video. But over time, the more I listened to it, the more I learned to love it. Apparently Sooyoung wrote the lyrics and it’s a beautiful song. It was to celebrate their 9th anniversary and I honestly love it.

2. AOA – With Elvis

AOA gif 2.gif

I really love AOA recently so I’ve been listening to more of their songs because I think they’re actually amazing. I came across this one when I read it was a song they’d written for their fans so I decided to give it a listen. And I loved it! I think it’s amazing. My favourite part has to be Jimin’s but the whole song is just generally really good.

1. Taeyeon – Rescue Me

Taeyeon gif.gif

I’m not sure if this counts as ‘slow’ or if it even counts as K-Pop because I’m pretty sure it’s actually Japanese but I love it. It’s one of my favourite songs in general at the moment and I just don’t think there’s anything about it that I dislike. Taeyeon is an amazing singer but I am getting a little sick of all her comebacks recently like it feels like every month we get a new Taeyeon song. I liked her earlier stuff like ‘I’, ‘Why’ and ‘Rain’ but I’m starting to get a little bored. Regardless, I absolutely love ‘Rescue Me’ and really recommend giving it a listen.

BONUS: Bear Planet – The Road

Choa and Way gif.gif

I listened to this because it featured Choa and Way from Crayon Pop in both the song and the MV so I decided to listen to it. The MV is actually one of my favourites and I love it. This song is really good and is another that can make me cry if I’m feeling sad enough. I recommend watching the MV for this one!

So there we go, ten (technically eleven) slow songs that I really love! Feel free to leave me some recommendations for slow K-Pop songs that you enjoyed!

First Song I Listened to By My Favourite K-Pop Groups

Girls Generation.jpg

I always think it’s interesting to hear how people became a K-Pop fan or a fan of a certain group so I thought I’d write a list of the first song I ever heard by groups I love now then compare it to my current favourite song by that group! Enjoy.

Crayon Pop

First Song: Bar Bar Bar

Crayon Pop Bar Bar Bar gif.gif

Favourite Song: FM

Crayon Pop FM gif.gif

I went with Crayon Pop first because they were the first K-Pop group I listened to knowing that they were K-Pop (I did watch an Orange Caramel music video first technically but at the time I thought they were J-Pop). I was a big fan of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu who’s a J-Pop singer and when I was scrolling through Tumblr I found a photo with the caption ‘Lady Gaga with K-Pop group Crayon Pop’. Because I was a fan of J-Pop I decided I wanted to give K-Pop a try so I figured I might as well start with this group, Crayon Pop.

Now I love Crayon Pop to pieces now but I can’t deny that I did not like ‘Bar Bar Bar’ when I first heard it. Everything was a bit weird, their outfits, the music video, the song itself… But I hadn’t liked ‘Pon Pon Pon’ by Kyary when I’d first heard it so I decided to keep giving Crayon Pop a try until eventually the song grew on me. From then on I was absolute K-Pop trash.

Crayon Pop have a lot of great songs but unfortunately they’re mostly known for dancing with the helmets with ‘Bar Bar Bar’. ‘FM’ was the first comeback they had where I was officially a fan and I remember watching the music video when it dropped during a college lesson and praying my teacher wouldn’t notice. My favourite song was ‘Doo Doom Chit’ for a while but I think I prefer ‘FM’ that little bit more.

I’m so sad that Crayon Pop aren’t technically together anymore but it doesn’t stop me from hoping they’ll release something together soon, even if Soyul’s not there!


First Song: Heart Attack

AOA Heart Attack gif

Favourite Song: Mini Skirt

AOA Mini Skirt gif.gif

I’ve definitely mentioned this before but I couldn’t stand ‘Heart Attack’ when I first heard it. I wanted to listen to more K-Pop groups and at the time I only really listened to girl groups so I stuck on a ‘K-Pop Girl Group 2015’ playlist and started listening. I started to love most of the songs but I had to skip AOA’s ‘Heart Attack’ every time I heard it. Because I hated that song I assumed I wouldn’t like any AOA songs so I never really gave them a chance.

When they dropped their ‘Good Luck’ comeback everyone was raving about it so I checked it out… And actually really loved it. So I started listening to more of their stuff and now I’m a massive AOA fan. I wish Choa hadn’t left but hopefully AOA can continue promoting with the remaining members. My favourite song at the moment is ‘Mini Skirt’ but I did love their ‘Excuse Me’ comeback.


First Song: Overdose

EXO Overdose gif.gif

Favourite Song: Lotto

EXO Lotto gif.gif

EXO were the first boy group I ever listened to because everyone on Tumblr was talking about them. I hadn’t tried to get into any boy groups yet so I gave ‘Overdose’ a listen. Although I thought it was good I didn’t particularly love it or EXO all that much. That was when I figured out I was more of a girl group stan. I think I wouldn’t have bothered much more with EXO but when my friends became fans of K-Pop they started to like EXO so I checked them out some more. They have a few good songs but I don’t particularly know how I feel about them.

Red Velvet

First Song: Ice Cream Cake

Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake gif.gif

Favourite Song: Peek-A-Boo

Red Velvet Peek-A-Boo gif

I’d kind of heard of Red Velvet but never really gone out of my way to listen to them before until I saw a K-Pop cover dance group at London Comic Con a couple of years ago. They danced to ‘Ice Cream Cake’ and I got it stuck in my head so when I came home I started listening to it and quickly fell in love with the song.

I officially became a fan and started caring about them when they released ‘Dumb Dumb’ I loved that song from the moment I first heard it, it’s so catchy. For a while I thought they’d gone a bit downhill because I wasn’t a fan of ‘Russian Roulette’ at first but that song grew on me, so did ‘Rookie’ and ‘Red Flavour’. ‘Peek-A-Boo’ was another song that I loved immediately. I’d love to see Red Velvet live someday, I love them so much.


First Song: Um Oh Ah Yeh

Mamamoo Um Oh Ah Yeh gif.gif

Favourite Song: Aze Gag (Dad Jokes)

Mamamoo Aze Gag gif

Everyone and their dog was going on about Mamamoo at the time so I decided to give them a listen. Everyone had been bragging about their amazing vocals and I don’t think ‘Um Oh Ah Yeh’ is the best song to showcase that. I didn’t like it. I tried listening to ‘You’re The Best’ but I didn’t like that either. However I did really want to become a fan of their music because I knew all the girls names and I loved their personalities. So I gave them another chance.

I got into ‘You’re The Best’ first and it went from there. Mamamoo are one of those groups where their songs need a couple of listens before I can get into them. They’re one of my favourite groups now and I love them all, I can’t wait for their next comeback.


First Song: War of Hormone

BTS War of Hormone gif.gif

Favourite Song: Mic Drop

BTS Mic Drop gif.gif

When I first listened to BTS they were pretty popular but it was nothing compared to their popularity now. I wasn’t really fussed about listening to boy groups at the time because I was more interested in girl groups but I’d seen a couple of funny BTS vines posted by my friend Becca and I thought they were pretty funny so when Becca officially recommended them to me I gave them a listen. I didn’t really know what to think.

I can’t really remember my first impression of ‘War of Hormone’, I’m pretty sure I liked it but I didn’t love it or anything. Then I listened to ‘Dope’ and I remember being like “Oh my god this is intense” even though it wasn’t – I’ve mentioned that for a few songs, I was like shocked so easily back then. I think I would’ve remained a casual fan but Jess asked me for some K-Pop recommendations. I sent her like 5 girl groups and 2 boy groups, one being EXO and the other being BTS. She fell so hard for BTS that she made us go to Paris to see them at K-Con. And that is where I also fell in love with them. And now I’m absolute trash.


First Song: I Am the Best

2NE1 I Am The Best gif.gif

Favourite Song: Ugly

2NE1 Ugly gif.gif

I whacked on 2NE1 one day because I was looking for new girl groups to listen to and immediately recognised the song ‘I Am The Best’ because it had been in an advert. I can’t remember which advert but I remember I always saw it at Cineworld. I immediately loved the song because it was already kind of familiar to me. However when I tried to listen to more 2NE1 I wasn’t particularly a fan.

The next song I put on was ‘Come Back Home’ which sounded nothing like ‘I Am the Best’. I was kind of used to bands I listened to having similar sounding songs so at the time K-Pop kind of blew my mind because groups change concepts and sounds all the time. It took me a while but I kept listened to a ‘2NE1 Best Hits’ playlist and eventually I started to love several of their songs. I’m so sad they broke up, why did it have to end like this?

Girls’ Generation

First Song: I Got a Boy

Girls Generation I Got A Boy gif 2.gif

Favourite Song: I Got a Boy

Girls Generation I Got A Boy gif.gif

I love tons of Girls’ Generation songs now but I think my favourite will forever be ‘I Got a Boy’. I hated it when I first listened to it but after giving them several go’s I did eventually learn to love them. They were another group where I couldn’t believe how different their songs were to each other but once I got used to it I found I could listen to pretty much anything by them and love it.

I’m sad because although SM haven’t officially announced Girls’ Generation’s split it’s pretty obvious they’re not together anymore and I’m sad they didn’t have more comebacks in the time I was a fan. I became an official fan just before ‘Catch Me If You Can’ was released so I never had a comeback with Jessica. But I’ll continue to support whatever they choose to do in the future.


First Song: Bingo

24K Bingo gif.gif

Favourite Song: Hey You

24K Hey You gif.gif

I became a fan of 24K because they announced a European tour, they were coming to England and Jess gave them a listen and decided she wanted to go. So me and Becca decided to come too and before we knew it we were absolute 24K trash. We travelled to Amsterdam so just me and Becca could see them and then I ended up seeing them alone again in London because Becca and Jess were in Berlin.

I’m gonna be truthful and admit that the only song I really knew properly when I went to see them in London was Bingo. I had a great time because 24K are amazing and so fun to see live but yep, I only really knew Bingo… However after the concert me and Becca both ordered their album which I’m still low-key salty about because I ordered mine just 20 minutes after her and she got her album within three days and I had to wait over a month. And she got my biases photo card. Goddammit.

Anyway, I started listening to a lot more of 24K’s stuff because they’re really good and for a while my favourite song kept changing but now it’s definitely ‘Hey You’, that song is so good. I can’t wait to see what 24K release this year because I know it’ll be good!

Feel free to comment the first song you heard by your favourite K-Pop group, I’m interested to hear!

Ten K-Pop Songs I Can’t Stand


I don’t mean any offence by this I’m literally just making it for fun. Some of the groups on here are groups that I love they just happen to have one song that I honestly can’t stand. I wanna make it clear that I think all these groups are talented; I’m just not particularly a fan of the song.

10. CLC – Pepe

CLC Pepe gif.gif

I’ve put this song at the bottom because I feel like I could probably eventually learn to love it. I do like CLC but when I first listened to them I didn’t because ‘Pepe’ was the first song I listened to. I’m going to be truly honest and admit I listened to it because I like the Pepe meme. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? I didn’t like it so I assumed I didn’t like CLC but luckily I was wrong because they have some great songs! I’m just not sure how much I like ‘Pepe’.

9. GOT7 – If You Do

GOT7 If You Do gif.gif

I’m aware that this isn’t a bad song but it’s just really not my taste in music. I love GOT7, my favourite songs are ‘Just Right’ and ‘Hard Carry’. Interestingly a lot of people hated ‘Hard Carry’ and said they hit rock bottom musically but like that’s one of their good songs? Some of their earlier songs aren’t great like their debut ‘Girls Girls Girls’ but I actually quite like that one to a point. I don’t really like ‘Stop Stop It’ either. I feel like GOT7 has a type of music where you either love that song or hate that song. And I happen to dislike ‘If You Do’ unfortunately.

8. Tiffany – I Just Wanna Dance

Tiffany I Just Wanna Dance gif.gif

I was so excited for Tiffany to get a solo because I love her and I was so ready to support her and have the MV on repeat… But I didn’t like it. I wasn’t a fan of ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ either. Again, it’s not that the songs are bad but they’re just not my type at all. They’re too chill and I just can’t get into them. I still love Tiffany and think she has an amazing voice but I just wasn’t a fan of those songs.

7. Big Bang – FXXK IT

Big Bang Fxxk It gif.gif

I remember my friend Becca moaning that she couldn’t watch Big Bang’s new music video because she was at work and I was at home at the time so I decided to watch it just to annoy her. I’m not like a massive fan of Big Bang but I like ‘Bang Bang Bang’ and ‘Fantastic Baby’ so I thought I’d like this one. I did not. It’s another one that’s just a bit too chill for me.

6. 2NE1 – I Love You

2NE1 I Love You gif.gif

2NE1 have some amazing songs but this is not one of them. It’s so boring and when my friend listened to it she remarked “It sounds like a Pussycat Dolls song.” 2NE1 songs can be a bit hit and miss because I also don’t like ‘Hate You’ but most of their songs are so good like I love ‘Go Away’, ‘Ugly’ and ‘I am the Best’. But this song just doesn’t do it for me unfortunately.

5. Oh My Girl – Cupid

Oh My Girl Cupid gif.gif

I love Oh My Girl, they’re one of my favourite girl groups at the moment but their debut song is one of the most annoying things I’ve ever heard. I actually quite like cute girl group concepts but this one is just nothing but irritating. It’s kind of catchy but it’s not catchy enough to forget it’s a bad song. I have tried several times to get into it because I love Oh My Girl but I just can’t do it.

4. Solar & Wheein (Mamamoo) – Angel

Solar and Wheein gif.gif

This is another song that I’m aware isn’t bad but I still don’t like. I was excited at the thought of two sub-units in Mamamoo and I loved Hwasa and Moonbyul’s ‘Dab Dab’. So I was looking forward to listening to Solar and Wheein’s ‘Angel’. I was so bored! I’m not a massive fan of slow songs but there are some good ones. This is not one of them unfortunately. I get bored listening to this so quickly and I can’t understand why it was more popular than ‘Dab Dab’. To be fair the studio version of ‘Dab Dab’ isn’t great, the live version is much better.

3. EXO – Wolf

EXO Wolf gif.gif

I will admit that I do have this song on my iPod because it’s pretty funny, let’s be real. Even most EXO fans don’t love this song and I’m not really sure what SM were thinking at the time because EXO have some really good songs – ‘Monster’, ‘Lotto’, ‘Overdose’ and ‘Call Me Baby’ just to name a few! ‘Wolf’ is horrendous but I must admit it does make me laugh so I do listen to it every so often. But I wouldn’t go as far as to say I genuinely liked the song.

2. CL – Doctor Pepper

CL Doctor Pepper gif.gif

I love CL and I think she has some great songs but this is not one of them. I’m so glad she redeemed herself with ‘Hello Bitches’ a few months later because if her songs had continued to sound like ‘Doctor Pepper’ I would’ve given up being a fan there and then. I’m having a look and technically it’s Diplo’s song but the fact she heard the song and still agreed to collab with it is enough. I can’t stand this song but I still love CL.

1. AOA – Heart Attack

AOA Heart Attack gif.gif

I love AOA but oh my god I can’t stand this song. I’ve written about this before but this was the first AOA song I’d heard and I thought all of them sounded like that so I didn’t attempt to listen to anymore. When I eventually became a fan I decided to give this song another listen just to give it a go. Nothing has changed, I still can’t stand this song and I’m not even 100% sure why. I just think it’s really annoying! I love you AOA but this song is bad, I’m sorry.

So there are ten K-Pop songs that I just can’t stand, feel free to leave me a comment with K-Pop songs that you can’t stand!

Top Ten Favourite K-Pop Debut Songs

Black Pink Debut picture

I feel like debuts can range from really good to dreadful to cringe to kind of okay. If you become a fan of a group a few years after they’ve debuted then a lot of the time their debut song doesn’t match their sound anymore. And that’s okay, groups grow musically and that can be a good thing! There are some debut songs I can’t stand to listen to but there are also tons I absolutely love so I thought I’d make a list of my ten favourites.

10. 4Minute – Hot Issue

4Minute Hot Issue gif.gif

I first listened to 4Minute because they were recommended to me by a friend. The first song I listened to was ‘Crazy’ which I loved at first listen but I found that at first I wasn’t a big fan of their older songs. 4Minute debuted in 2009 so some of their older work did sound quite old fashioned but soon the songs began to grow on me. I didn’t like ‘Hot Issue’ at first listen but now I love it, it was such a great debut. I miss 4Minute so much but I’m glad Hyuna’s still promoting.

9. Black Pink – Boombayah

Black Pink Boombayah gif.gif

I can never decide what I think of Black Pink. One minute I love them and the next I don’t particularly like them. But I loved ‘Boombayah’ and I still do! I feel like at the time more people were raving about ‘Whistle’ but I wasn’t particularly a fan whereas I couldn’t stop listening to ‘Boombayah’. I’m still not sure where I stand with Black Pink but I would like it if they had better promotions like they had what, one comeback this year? Get it together YG.

8. Seventeen – Adore U

Seventeen Adore U gif.gif

This was the first song I’d ever listened to by Seventeen and I wasn’t even aware they were a new group at the time. I first heard of them in 2015 and I honestly had no idea that was the year they’d debuted at the time, I assumed they’d been around a while. At the time I didn’t particularly listen to boy groups and if I ever tried to I grew bored almost immediately. But I instantly liked Seventeen, I loved ‘Adore U’ and ‘Shining Diamond’. I kept recommending them to my friend and she kept putting it off but when she eventually did start listening to them she ended up loving them. This was a great debut song, I love it so much! Also the acoustic version is the best thing I’ve ever heard, just saying.

7. GP Basic – Game

GP Basic Game gif.gif

I only discovered GP Basic this year so I’m really disappointed to find out they disbanded because they have some good songs. My favourite though is probably their debut song ‘Game’, I don’t even particularly know what it is I like about it but I love it. I wish they were still together because they were so good and all the members were so talented, especially the maknae Janey.

6. Mamamoo – Mr Ambiguous

Mamamoo Mr Ambiguous gif.gif

It’s no secret that I love Mamamoo but I didn’t like them when I first listened to them. I think I first listened to ‘Um Oh Ah Yeh’ which at the time I thought was really boring, then I couldn’t get into ‘You’re The Best’. But I kept trying because I thought Mamamoo were really funny and in the end they grew on me. Their debut was named one of the best debuts ever at the time and I have to agree. I love everything about it, especially the choreography.

5. After School – Ah

After School Ah gif.gif

I keep trying to get into After School but I’m just not feeling their songs except for ‘Ah’. It’s the only song I really like and I honestly don’t know why I can’t get into their other songs. However I think ‘Ah’ was a great debut and I wish I could love After School more even though Pledis don’t seem keen to give them a comeback anytime soon… To be honest I’m not really a fan of the whole ‘admissions and graduation’ concept in groups like how disappointed would you be to train for years to join a group where you’re forced to ‘graduate’ even if you still want to promote? Either way I’ll try harder to get into After School because they are extremely talented!

4. Crayon Pop – Saturday Night

Crayon Pop Saturday Night gif.gif

Listen to me, CRAYON POP DID NOT WORK EXTREMELY HARD FOR EVERYONE TO SAY THEY GOT POPULAR BY LUCK. They had some success with ‘Bar Bar Bar’ but then everyone drifted away. They worked so hard though, after ‘Saturday Night’ wasn’t a commercial success they weren’t allowed to perform on many music shows when they made their comeback. So they took to the streets to promote their work and worked so hard to get where they got. I love all of their songs, especially their debut ‘Saturday Night’ which was really good! I especially love Way’s rap and the dance practice for this is so good. I miss my girls but I’m proud of how far they got.

3. 2NE1 – Fire

2NE1 Fire gif.gif

Another girl group I miss are 2NE1 like why did they have to disband like that? They were so iconic and I’m sad that I wasn’t a fan for any of their comebacks other than ‘Goodbye’. I didn’t become a fan until 2015 so for the first song they release when I officially become a fan be a disbandment song was pretty disappointing. But their old songs are amazing, I especially love their debut with ‘Fire’ which is a brilliant song. If you haven’t listened to it then you’re missing out.

2. BTS – No More Dream

BTS No More Dream gif.gif

This is an example of a group changing their sound because BTS don’t really look or sound anything like this anymore, do they? I hadn’t heard their debut song until my friend convinced me we should try and learn the dance. Through learning the dance I started to love the song and I actually think it’s brilliant. I think I prefer BTS’ more recent work like ‘Fire’, ‘MIC Drop’ and ‘I Need U’ etc. but there’s still something about their earlier songs like ‘We Are Bulletproof’ and ‘No More Dream’ that I love. I imagine most people have heard this ‘cos BTS are so popular now so I won’t even bother trying to convince you to listen to it.

1. Girls’ Generation – Into the New World

Girls Generation Into The New World gif 2.gif

Girls’ Generation are my favourite group so it makes sense that I’m a little biased but I think even if they weren’t this still would’ve had my top spot. This debut is so beautiful and uplifting and I love everything about it. The girls really got to showcase how talented they were and it’s crazy to see how far they’ve come since that low quality music video to celebrating their ten year anniversary this year. I’m so proud of them and I love this debut more than anything.

There you go, there’s my ten favourite K-Pop debuts. Feel free to let me know your favourites in the comments!