Top 10 Favourite K-Pop Girl Groups: UPDATED


I already posted a list of my favourite K-Pop girl groups but that list has shifted slightly and changed so I wanted to give it a quick update. Here we go!

10. Black Pink

Black Pink gif.gif

I’ve finally decided I’m definitely a Black Pink fan. I go through phases of not particularly liking them to absolutely loving them and since I like all of their songs I think it’s safe to say I am a fan. I was a big Blackjack but I still disagree when people say that Black Pink sound like 2NE1 2.0. There hasn’t been a Black Pink song that I could imagine 2NE1 singing and Black Pink generally sound a bit cuter than 2NE1’s sound so I wish people would stop comparing the two. Ultimately, I think Black Pink are great and if only YG would promote them better I’m sure they would continue to do even better than they already are.

Favourite Song: Boombayah
Bias: Lisa


EXID gif.gif

Unfortunately EXID have dropped a couple of places on my list. Although I still love them I feel like they’ve lost something in their songs, for a while they were releasing absolute bangers but lately their songs have been a little average. Of course, that may just be my opinion! I still think they’re amazingly talented and they’re a group I’ll always love.

Favourite Song: Lie
Bias: LE

8. CLC

CLC gif.gif

I feel like I was a bit of a CLC fan after ‘Hobgoblin’ because that was good and I also liked some of their earlier songs like ‘High Heels’ and ‘Oh No No’ but ‘Black Dress’ honestly blew all of those songs out of the water. I fell in love with that song immediately and I think it’ll place quite high when I do my ‘best K-Pop songs of 2018’ list at the end of the year. CLC are extremely talented and can do pretty much any concept so they’re quite easy to love!

Favourite Song: Black Dress
Bias: Sorn

7. Cosmic Girls

Cosmic Girls gif 2.gif

Originally I loved the idea of Cosmic Girls but couldn’t really get into them. I loved their aesthetic music videos and their look in general but their songs were a little too chill for me at the time. However now they’ve quickly grown on me and I love Cosmic Girls. I can’t believe the fans managed to convince people that two of the members were Chinese billionaire lesbians like that is honestly iconic. Cosmic Girls are amazing and they have some of the prettiest looking MVs, I honestly recommend them so much.

Favourite Song: I Wish
Bias: Yeonjung


TWICE gif.gif

TWICE were at the bottom of this list last time but I’m beginning to realise how much I actually love TWICE’s songs. TWICE are a good group to stan because they’re promoted quite regularly but their comebacks are always impressive. I don’t get why people trash them just because they hate ‘cute’ songs like TWICE have some bops and at the end of the day their songs are happy and fun, I can totally get behind that. People complain they have ‘weak vocals’ and this, that or the other but the girls are talented – they wouldn’t be idols if they weren’t.

Favourite Song: One in a Million
Bias: Dahyun

5. AOA

AOA gif.gif

I used to be a casual fan of AOA but now I love them so much. I’m still gutted that Choa left but hopefully the girls can continue to promote without her. AOA are really good and totally own the sexy concept and honestly I just think they’re amazing. Everyone moans that Jimin sounds ‘squeaky’ when she raps but I actually love her voice she’s one of my favourite rappers. AOA are just a brilliant group and I don’t understand people who hate on them.

Favourite Song: Miniskirt
Bias: Jimin

4. Red Velvet

Red Velvet gif.gif

Red Velvet are so amazingly talented and I’m glad they’re starting to explore more concepts. I didn’t like ‘Bad Boy’ when I first heard it but now it’s completely grown on me and I love it. I can’t wait to see what Red Velvet do in the future because I feel like they could slay any concept. The only thing that annoys me is the amount of people that hate on Yeri and act like she’s useless – people wouldn’t complain if she’d been in Red Velvet from the start, it’s only because she was added later. Personally I think Red Velvet are much more suited to be a five member group but that’s just my opinion.

Favourite Song: Peek-A-Boo
Bias: Seulgi

3. Girls’ Generation

Girls Generation gif.gif

I love Girls’ Generation so much but they’ve dropped a couple of places simply because they’re not going to promote as much in the future now that Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun have left SM. I think Hyoyeon announced that the girls would be promoting for their anniversaries and that’s it. I love my girls but it’s hard to be a proper stan when the girls are all off doing their own things. But ultimately I will always love Girls’ Generation, they have some amazing songs and I love every member.

Favourite Song: I Got A Boy
Bias: Sunny

2. Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl gif.gif

Oh My Girl have risen on the list, not entirely sure why but I just love them. They’re another group who usually have quite aesthetic music videos and quality songs. Honestly I love them so much. It’s sad that JinE had to leave but I 100% understand and I hope she’s doing a lot better now. But still Oh My Girl are doing amazing – I’m not sure how much I liked ‘Secret Garden’ even though the music video was aesthetic as hell but I did end up loving ‘Banana Allergy Monkey’ a lot more than I thought I would. Oh My Girl are brilliant and if you haven’t listened to them then you’re honestly missing out.

Favourite Song: Liar Liar
Bias: Hyojung

1. G-Friend

G-Friend gif.gif

G-Friend have risen to the top spot on my favourite girl groups because honestly the girls are insanely talented. They have brilliant vocals and are probably the best girl group when it comes to dancing (in my opinion). I like pretty much all their songs but I do need to give some a few listens before I like them (I hated ‘Love Whisper’ when I first heard it but now I love it). I was really impressed with ‘Fingertip’ and I kind of wish they’d give that concept another go because they keep returning to their same sound and although I love their songs it was really good to see them mixing it up a bit.

Favourite Song: Fingertip

So there we go, that’s my updated ten favourite girl groups list! Feel free to leave your favourites in the comments or leave me any recommendations.

Top Ten Favourite K-Pop Girl Groups and Bias’

When listening to K-Pop I’m more of a girl group stan than a boy group stan so I thought I’d write a quick list of my ten favourite girl groups, who my bias is and my favourite song from each of them!


TWICE gif.gif

People seem to either really love TWICE or they can’t stand them like they have no in between. I really liked their first couple of songs but I wasn’t a big fan of ‘TT’ or ‘Signal’. The one thing I don’t like is when people compare them to Girls’ Generation like can’t we just let TWICE be TWICE? I do think they’re all talented and their songs are a lot of fun so I’d love to see them live one day. The girls all seem really sweet so yeah I’d definitely recommend them even though I imagine every K-Pop fan has listened to at least one of their songs.

Favourite song: Like Ooh-Ahh
Bias: Dahyun

9. IOI

IOI gif.gif

Did they really have to disband after one year? Could we not have just kept them together? I’m so glad I got to see them live at K-Con Paris but really sad I didn’t quite appreciate it enough. To be fair their set was a bit boring because although they opened with ‘Pick Me’ they then sang two slow songs and that was the end of that. I think that’s because apparently Somi was too young to go on stage though. But yeah I honestly loved IOI for the year they were around and their last song made me cry. I’m so proud of how much they achieved in just one year and I hope they continue to do well with their new groups/paths!

Favourite song: Dream Girls
Bias: Chungha

8. Red Velvet

Red Velvet gif.gif

Recently Red Velvet’s songs are a little strange in the sense that it takes me a few listens to become a fan. As I stated in a previous post, I hated ‘Russian Roulette’ when I first heard it but now it’s my favourite song. I hated ‘Rookie’ at first listen but now I love it. I thought ‘Red Flavour’ was okay but it took me a few listens to fully appreciate it. Their first few songs though were brilliant at first listen, I love ‘Dumb Dumb’ and ‘Ice Cream Cake’ so much. I’m glad Red Velvet are so popular, they really deserve it they’re so talented.

Favourite song: Russian Roulette
Bias: Seulgi


EXID gif.gif

I’m so glad I’ve finally seen EXID live I’m just so sad Solji wasn’t there. Either way I really hope that ‘London Korean Festival’ becomes a yearly tradition or something because it was awesome. Not quite on the same level as ‘K-Con Paris’ but you know beggars can’t be choosers. I’m getting off topic here. EXID are so good and they’re a group that are constantly slept on by K-Pop fans who are like “Oh I don’t like cute songs that’s why I don’t listen to girl groups”. Here are EXID, existing, bringing out absolute bangers and people keep ignoring them. To be fair compared to some groups they are building up quite a good fan base but for good reason! They’re all so talented, I can’t recommend them enough.

Favourite song: Lie
Bias: LE

6. AOA

AOA gif.gif

I couldn’t stand AOA when I first listened to them. I was listening to a ‘K-Pop Girl Groups 2015’ playlist so the song ‘Heart Attack’ came up and I hated it. So for a while I assumed all their songs sounded like that and didn’t really give them a chance. I can’t even remember what song I ended up listening to by them but I started to really like them! I think it was around the time of their ‘Good Luck’ comeback and I was like “Oh this sounds nothing like Heart Attack and I actually really like it”. Now I love AOA and I’m so sad that Choa left! I hope AOA keep releasing music and I’d love to see them live one day.

Favourite song: Mini Skirt
Bias: Jimin

5. G-Friend

G-Friend gif.gif

Like most fans I first discovered G-Friend through the fancam of their performance of ‘Me Gustas Tu’ which they performed on a wet stage which meant they kept slipping over but they still carried on like absolute pros. I watched their dance practice video and thought they were brilliant and I was even more impressed with their ‘Rough’ dance practice. Although I loved them I couldn’t help secretly agreeing with everyone that their songs sounded very similar. They’re easier to distinguish after a few listens but at first listen they are very similar sounding. Until they released ‘Fingertip’ and slayed my existence. I love that song more than I love myself. G-Friend are amazing and probably one of the most talented girl groups at dancing. I love them all so much!

Favourite song: Fingertip
Bias: Umji

4. Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl gif.gif

Oh My Girl’s ‘Liar Liar’ was amazing at first listen but I couldn’t get into many of their other songs. I thought their ‘A-ing’ comeback was a little annoying and their debut song ‘Cupid’ was also a little annoying. But I loved ‘Closer’ and the music video was such aesthetic goals. Then their comeback with ‘Colouring Book’ was also really good and I realised that actually, I kind of love Oh My Girl. Their music videos are always so pretty and aesthetically pleasing. If you’ve never listened to ‘Oh My Girl’ then I really recommend that you do, they’re so good!

Favourite song: Liar Liar
Bias: Hyojung

3. Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop gif.gif

For a long time Crayon Pop were my favourite group, they were the first K-Pop group I ever listened to and they’re the reason I became a fan in the first place. I’m sick of everyone’s negativity towards them like ‘oh they’re childish’, ‘they got famous by luck’ and ‘their songs are really annoying’. Okay maybe they’re not for everyone and I get that but then just don’t listen to them? Their songs are fun, I don’t see the issue. And they had to promote their music on the streets to gain attention because no shows would let them promote so I will not stand for anyone saying they didn’t work hard to get where they are today.

I can understand people finding their older songs annoying and repetitive like yes ‘Bar Bar Bar’ is repetitive and I didn’t like it at first but it grew on me. But then their comebacks like ‘Dancing All Night’, ‘FM’ and ‘Doo Doom Chit’ were just completely slept on. Also I love reading comments like ‘oh their dances are always so easy’. They’re easy to pick up but not easy to do like have you tried dancing to ‘Bar Bar Bar’ whilst looking as flawless as them?

I’m really sad that Soyul left and that all the girls have left Chrome but hopefully they will reunite to release something new soon. I’d love it if they could continue as a four member group but I’ll continue to support their solo activities as long as the girls are happy.

Favourite song: Doo Doom Chit
Bias: Gummi

2. Mamamoo

Mamamoo gif.gif

Mamamoo were another group I couldn’t stand when I first listened to them. I didn’t understand why everyone was hyping them up so much, I just didn’t like their songs. Until I ended up watching the same funny moments collage and ended up loving the girls personally. I gave their music another chance and ended up really liking them in the end. Even now I need to give their songs a few listens before I fully love them.

I do understand why people dislike Mamamoo like they have done some problematic stuff but ultimately you can still love someone whilst accepting that they’re not perfect. Personally I think they’re very caring of their fans and that’s all I can ask for. I don’t think any of them deliberately set out to offend or upset people. I’m not going to delve too deep into that though.

Mamamoo are insanely talented when it comes to singing, if I had half their talent maybe I’d be able to achieve something with my life. If you haven’t given them a listen I would recommend it because they’re such good singers and their songs are a lot of fun!

Favourite song: Aze Gag (Dad Jokes)
Bias: Moonbyul

1. Girls’ Generation

Girls Generation gif.gif

How can you not love the nation’s number one girl group? They’ve been around for ten years now and they’re still slaying. Although I was a bit disappointed with ‘All Night’ and ‘Holiday’ I still love them – it’s not that the songs were bad because they weren’t, I liked them but I would’ve preferred them if they weren’t 10th anniversary songs. They didn’t seem to have much meaning to what was actually quite a huge achievement. They’ve made it ten years and they got poor promotions for generic songs.

Girls’ Generation were another group I didn’t like at first listen because I wasn’t a fan of ‘I Got A Boy’. K-Pop still kind of blows my mind because I’m used to growing up listening to a group and having all their songs sound similar, you know? So it was strange getting into K-Pop and realising that just because I didn’t like this song by a certain group didn’t mean I wouldn’t like their other songs because often they change concepts and sounds with each new comeback. With Girls’ Generation ‘I Got A Boy’ is completely different to ‘Gee’ isn’t it?

So eventually ‘I Got A Boy’ grew on me so I decided to listen to more stuff and that’s when I realised what a range of concepts Girls’ Generation had spanned across. It took me a few listens but I soon got used to the changing concepts and now I love most of their songs. The only title track I’m not a fan of was ‘Genie’ because that leg dance move is so annoying. But their songs are so good, especially ‘The Boys’, ‘Flower Power’ and ‘Love & Girls’.

For a long time I wouldn’t have classed Girls’ Generation as my favourite group but after their tenth anniversary comeback I know they are. I love all the girls so much, including Jessica even though I didn’t become a fan until she’d left. I’ll fully support any solo activity they do now and in the future.

I’m sad to hear that Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun have decided not to renew their contracts with SM. I’m not surprised about Sooyoung as I don’t think SM appreciated her enough but Tiffany and Seohyun have surprised me. I hope the girls still continue as Girls’ Generation for a while longer somehow, I’d hate for them to disband now – I need to see them live first!

Favourite song: I Got A Boy
Bias: Sunny

Well there you go, I hope you learnt a little something about me. Feel free to leave your favourite girl groups in the comments and any recommendations you have!