Favourite Childhood TV Shows

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When I was a kid I watched an awful lot of TV – I personally blame TV for the fact that so many people think I’m American. As a kid most of the shows were American so I think I developed a slight accent from that. Either way, I watched a lot of shows as a kid and I still enjoy watching some of them now even if that is a bit lame. So I figured I’d write a list of shows that I loved as a kid in no particular order!

The main channels I watched as a kid were Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and CBBC because unfortunately we didn’t get Disney Channel in my house as a kid!

Teen Titans

Teen Titans.png

I don’t remember many episodes of this show but I do remember loving it as a kid. The only episode I can remember is when Starfire was put into an arranged marriage and although I watched tons more episodes, I just can’t remember them. My favourite character was definitely Starfire and probably still would be. I’m sad I didn’t go watch the Teen Titans Go movie because it looked really good but I just didn’t find the time unfortunately.

Xiaolin Showdown

Xiaolin Showdown.jpg

This is another one that I remember loving as a kid but I really couldn’t tell you much about it now. I played this with my cousin when we went on holiday to Wales and we both took two characters each – I always had to be Kimiko and Clay. Kimiko I didn’t mind because she was my favourite character and as the only girl I got her by default. I didn’t want to be Clay though, I didn’t like him. It was such a good show though and I’m actually tempted to rewatch it now even though I probably won’t enjoy it as much as I did as a kid.

Drake and Josh

Drake and Josh.jpg

Who didn’t love Drake and Josh, let’s be real? Ages ago the pair tweeted that they were making a reunion movie and me and my friends were ecstatic… But nothing was ever actually officially said so I have a feeling they were trolling us which just seems rude. I would’ve loved a reunion movie. I loved the movie they did have, the one where Megan ended up in LA. What a great film and what a great show. I wish they’d add it to Netflix because I’d love to rewatch the entire thing from start to finish.

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi

Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi.jpg

I feel like I mention this show to people and no one’s heard of it but it was one of my absolute favourites as a kid. The show was sort of based on the real life band ‘Puffy’ from Japan made up of members ‘Ami’ and ‘Yumi’. My Mom always remembers this show because the theme tune was one of my favourites as a kid and I always got up to dance to it, and I always insisted that my brother had to get up and dance to it too. I recently started listening to ‘Puffy’ when I discovered they were a real band and I actually really like them – but the theme tune is still my favourite song by them, haha!

The Story of Tracy Beaker

The Story of Tracy Beaker.jpg

I was, and still am, a massive Jacqueline Wilson fan so it makes sense that I loved watching ‘The Story of Tracy Beaker’. Even now I’m still a fan of the spin-off show ‘The Dumping Ground’. I feel like every British kid watched and enjoyed at least one episode of ‘The Story of Tracy Beaker’ and like, how could you not? Dani Harmer as Tracy Beaker was fantastic and it was just such a good show. 10/10 would recommend.

Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends

Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends.jpg

This show made me so sad that Imaginary Friends didn’t pop out of our heads and into reality. To be fair though the amount of imaginary friends that would’ve just been running around in the world would be unbearable. This show was amazing though, if I could’ve picked one of the imaginary friends to adopt I probably would’ve picked Wilt – he was my favourite! It was an amazing show, I’m so sad they took it off Netflix.

The Sleepover Club

The Sleepover Club.jpg

There were two series of this and most people prefer the original with Frankie, Kenny etc. But I liked the other one too! The Sleepover Club was an amazing show and like who wouldn’t have wanted to be best friends with the lot of them? I’m not sure if I could stand a sleepover every single weekend because surely you’d run out of themes and things to do eventually but they always had tons of fun on the show and I wanted to be part of that! It was a great show.

The Best of Friends

Best of Friends.jpg

This show completely stabbed me in the back. I don’t think there was any child in Britain who didn’t wanna be on this show. I actually applied for me and my friends to go on and they responded with a letter that I was asked to give to my Head Teacher. So I did but nothing ever came of it. My friend Becca later told me that the kids on the show aren’t actually friends, the show come in and audition everyone in the school and pick their favourites. How rude. It was still a good show though to be fair!



I can’t remember when this show first started but I loved it from the first episode I watched. I’m pretty sure my first episode was the one where Neville was introduced. It’s a bit of an unrealistic show because if they genuinely made that show they would’ve been bullied so bad at school, they wouldn’t have been as popular as the show made them out to be. But then there wouldn’t have been a show so hey-ho! It was still good and it’s one that I wouldn’t mind rewatching.

Ed, Edd n Eddy

Ed Edd n Eddy.jpg

Apparently my older sister wasn’t allowed to watch this as a kid but I did and it was one of my favourites. I’m not really sure what the point of this show was or who thought of it because it was strange but I still really enjoyed it. I rewatched a ‘try not to laugh – Ed, Edd and Eddy version’ the other day and it’s just… So random?

Max and Ruby

Max and Ruby.jpg

This one is weird because I loved this show as a kid but I honestly can’t stand to watch it anymore. Ruby just does my head in like shut up and let Max get on with things, will you? Jesus wept. Also, where the hell were there parents? They had grandparents that they went to visit regularly yet they seemed to live on their own? The idea is sweet but I don’t like it anymore, Ruby’s too annoying.



This is one of those shows that I watched religiously as a really little kid but then suddenly stopped and now I really can’t remember much about it but I remember LOVING it as a kid. My Mom let my older brother buy the cards BUT WOULDN’T LET ME, WHAT THE HELL? I think eventually my cousin gave me his hand-me-downs so I made do with them and I LOVED them. I still remember the night my brother teased me by looking out the window and saying the characters from Pokémon were walking down the street but I wasn’t allowed to look and when I eventually got mad and looked outside he told me they’d gone because I looked. I was like sobbing because I loved Pokémon so much. It’s a shame that I don’t know as much about it anymore, I need to get back into it.

That was just a snippet of the shows I loved as a kid, I won’t carry on or I’ll be here forever. Feel free to leave me a comment with your favourite childhood TV shows!