The Halloween Prank

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I’ve been trying to write Halloween themed blog posts because I’ve never really bothered celebrating any holidays on this blog but this year I’m all about new things so yeah, this blog is celebrating Halloween this year! Now I’ve written experience posts, reviews and recently a ton of lists but I’ve never really posted any stories which I had intended to do back when I started this blog. Anyway, after asking my friends permission they have agreed I can write stories about the real things that have happened to us. I thought I’d kick it off with a Halloween story so here is the story of the Halloween prank.

I can’t remember which year this was, I have a feeling it was either 2013 or 2014 but I can’t remember. Me and my three best friends all love Halloween so we decided to go to my friend Becca’s house to chill out and watch horror films. Her parents and younger brother were out at a Halloween party so we had the house to ourselves. We were in the kitchen having dinner before we got started on the films when there was a knock at the front door.

I love trick or treaters so me and Hirst went to answer the door even though Becca wanted to ignore it. We took our time getting there because we couldn’t find the bowl and Becca’s front door is confusing but eventually we got it open… To find there was no one there. We didn’t think too much of it, we assumed the trick or treaters had gotten bored and walked away but we couldn’t see them anywhere. We both assumed they’d gone round the corner and shut the front door.

We all sat down to carry on eating when Becca’s house phone started ringing. Now I’m scared pretty easily so I did wonder if there was a connection between the phone and the front door. We weren’t sure though because Becca said there was no point in answering her phone as it didn’t work anyway. So we carried on eating as it rang out. Then there was another knock at the door.

Now at this point we know they’re all connected and we reacted in different ways. Jess was having none of it and marched straight to the front door to open it, Becca grabbed a knife, Hirst grabbed a saucepan and I also grabbed a saucepan but only because they were doing it. It was kind of funny until I went into the hallway and heard Jess yell “They’re in the back garden!” She didn’t waste any time, she rushed to the back door while I stood in the hallway and accepted death.

I didn’t think it was anything supernatural but I was under the impression it was a group of teenage lads who were looking to scare people because it was Halloween. Naturally, my mind also automatically went to a cult who were looking to do some kind of Halloween ritual and they were going to break in and kill us. My concerns only heightened when Jess yelled “Come on out you pussies!” They were definitely going to kill us.

Jess was stood by the back door but you can’t really see through the windows of Becca’s back door so she didn’t know who was out there, how many people were out there etc. Becca was stood in the hallway with me until I shoved her in and she went to stand by Jess because she had a weapon and could protect her. I was in the hallway praying I didn’t die. And Hirst decided to actually be smart and go look out the window and see what was out there. I was watching Becca and Jess so I didn’t even notice until she screamed and leaped backwards onto the sofa.

My mind went into a panic, what had she seen, what was out there, did they have weapons, did we have to call the police? Until Becca said “For God’s sake, it’s just my Dad.”

Her Dad had come home from the party, I can’t even remember why and had decided to play a prank on us. He’d even parked the car up the road so we wouldn’t see it and know it was him. Well, it definitely worked. I’m so glad Becca’s house phone didn’t work properly, if we’d answered it and heard him do some heavy breathing or something I’d have been gone. You’d never have seen me again.

To be fair I imagine this prank was pretty mild compared to some played on Halloween, apparently the power went off in my cousin’s house once and my uncle put a sack on his head and scared the life out of all of them.

If you’ve ever had a prank played on you or been the asshole that played the prank on Halloween let me know in the comments, I love hearing funny Halloween stories!


Facing Fears

This time last week if you had asked me what my biggest fear was, I would’ve said elevators. There would’ve been no hesitation. I’m scared of a lot of things but top of the list was definitely elevators. Whenever I told anyone I always got “Oh did you have a bad experience in an elevator?” No. I truly don’t know what happened to make me so afraid of elevators.


This week I finally conquered my fear of them.

You need to understand that for me that is probably one of my biggest achievements. I have been avoiding elevators for the past fuck knows how many years. When me and my friends stayed in Paris we chose an apartment where the staircase was locked from the inside so you could only go down them, not up them. The only way up was in the elevator. I would make my friends go up, come downstairs and open the door for me.

When me and my Mom went to Spain we were put in a room on the tenth floor. I walked up ten flights of stairs at least two times a day for the entire week we were there; there was absolutely no chance I was getting in an elevator.

I started working in an office building and found out I was on the sixth floor. Every day I had to walk up six flights of stairs for a minimum of four times a day because they decided that because I was the new girl I also had to be the post girl. My colleagues would ask me to come downstairs with them to shift heavy boxes and being afraid of the elevator was a massive inconvenience but I was adamant I wouldn’t change my mind about them.

Then something happened. Last week I told my Mom that for my 21st birthday present I wanted the two of us to go to New York. When I told her I’d prefer a smaller hotel to avoid my fear of lifts, she replied “Oh yeah you don’t like lifts. Well we’d better go somewhere else because it would be a bit of a waste on you.”

Jin crying gif.gif

I was gutted. I’d wanted to go to New York for ages and now she wouldn’t even consider taking me just because I was afraid of elevators? Something had to change.

For a couple of months I’d been pushing the door to the elevator, looking inside of it and then sighing as I headed for the stairs. My fear was so bad I wouldn’t even step inside to help a colleague shift a box in there in case the doors shut and it started moving. But I really wanted to go to New York and this fear had been ruining things for me for a while. I really wanted to conquer it but how?

Then I remembered something from when I was a kid. When I was maybe seven years old I went to swimming lessons once a week after school. One week we were taught how to do something new. We were still in the shallow end and we’d all learn how to swim sufficiently and now we were being taught how to sit on the side of the pool, kick off and start swimming straightaway. I sat on the side of the pool and wept because I couldn’t push myself forward into the pool. I was just too scared. I watched as the rest of the class did it and just cried because I couldn’t.

I went home and knew I’d have to go through the whole thing again next week. But I didn’t want to be scared. I wanted to do it! So the night before I had my swimming lesson I practiced in the bath. I sat on the edge of the bath and pushed myself in. I have no doubt I made the bathroom soaking wet but I’d done it. Now I just had to do it in the pool.

The next day I went in for my lesson and we started off with doing the kicking off thing. The teacher looked at me and said “Hollie, can you show us how to do it?” So I did. I kicked off from the wall and started swimming. Absolutely no problems and I wasn’t scared anymore.

So conquering a fear was a bit like that. I remembered that story while I was on my way back from my lunch break and decided to just do it. The elevator was already on the ground floor. I pushed the button, jumped inside and quickly whacked the button for the first floor. The doors closed and it started moving. I was absolutely shitting myself. The elevator went up and less than ten seconds later the doors opened again. Was that it? I looked at the buttons and pressed the sixth floor. It went up again. I’d done it.

I’ve done it every day since then. I’m not afraid to do it anymore. It took absolutely years but now I’ve officially gotten over it!

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The best news? Me and my Mom are planning our trip to New York.