Fandoms That Low-Key Saved My Life

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It’s no secret that I’m absolute trash but what I’m trash for changes all the time. I’ve been in a ton of different fandoms and I’ve realised that most of them actually played quite an important part in my life and I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am without them. Sure some of them seem a little cringey now that I look back on them but I wouldn’t change anything so I decided to write a blog post about which fandoms have impacted on my life.

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance.png

The first fandom I ever joined was the My Chemical Romance fandom. In my first RE class at Secondary School I met a girl who loved MCR and I really wanted to be her friend. When I started listening to them I realised I actually already enjoyed some of their songs (My sister had played me ‘Famous Last Words’ before and whenever I went over I begged her to put on ‘the pie song’ for me. Long story.) Before I knew it I was absolute trash, I’d even argue I was a bigger fan by this point than the girl I’d met in RE who quickly became my best friend at the time.

I became fully absorbed in My Chemical Romance, this is embarrassing now but I was a big fan of writing so eventually I started to write FanFiction – I actually got a bit of a reputation on the site I was on and ended up making a lot of friends. I also made friends through their website and I’d add them all on MSN then every so often we’d have ‘MCR Parties’ on a Friday night which was basically a lot of us in one group chat just having a good time. I actually met one of my best friends Penina through FanFiction and we’re still good friends today.

I ended up seeing MCR twice live and made friends at both concerts, I met Emma at the concert in Manchester and we met Kane at the concert in Birmingham (I’m pretty sure he legit ditched his friends and just hung out with us) and honestly I loved MCR so much. When the ‘Danger Days’ album was released I put together my own Killjoy outfit and one Friday night I even ended up doing an MSN roleplay with some MCR fans where we were all killjoys – see I know it’s a bit sad now but fourteen year old me was living for it.

Killjoy Outfit.jpg

I even made my Mom take me, Jasmine and Raechel to Birmingham for a ‘Killjoy Meet-up’ where we met other My Chemical Romance fans and walked around singing MCR songs. Someone filmed the day but I don’t think we ever found an edited video but we did take tons of photos – which although are a little embarrassing now are also really funny.


Growing up is difficult enough but I feel like I did an okay job because I had my fandom from when I turned twelve until the group eventually split when I was sixteen. Luckily I wasn’t as big of a fan by then so I wasn’t too devastated… I say as if I didn’t tear down all my posters and chuck them in the bin upon hearing they’d split. I’m known for being a little dramatic.

I still like My Chemical Romance a little bit and I’m still holding onto the hopes that they will return next year (I read a theory that they will and I’m clinging onto it) and honestly, I’m glad I grew up as a My Chemical Romance fan because I made so many friendships and memories that really help me throughout my teenage years.



I think part of the reason that my parting with My Chemical Romance was a bit easier was probably because I’d become a massive Supernatural fan a few months before they split so my main fandom at the time of their break-up was Supernatural. I mentioned meeting my friend Penina on an MCR FanFic site – well, we ended up adding each other on Facebook and for a while we would literally talk to each other from the moment we woke up to the moment we went to sleep. She was already a big Supernatural fan and kept recommending the show and I’d began to see a lot of Supernatural fans emerging on Tumblr. After one disastrous Christmas I headed up town and decided to have a DVD day. I bought season one of Supernatural and headed back home.

It’s crazy now because I just don’t have the attention span but I put the DVD on at about 12PM and at 1AM I was still watching it. I was immediately absorbed and it was fun finally being able to talk to Penina about it. For the rest of the Christmas holidays I would head back up town, buy the next box set then head back home and watch it until stupid o’clock in the morning until I eventually ran out of money. I got the seventh box set as an Easter and I’d finally caught up with the series! So I had to watch new episodes on crappy websites that were probably downloading a ton of viruses but it was worth it to watch Supernatural. I used to get up at stupid o’clock in the morning before school to watch them to ensure that when I got home I wouldn’t come across any spoilers. I took that show seriously.

This escalated when I realised there was a yearly Supernatural convention held in the UK called ‘Asylum’. This convention was held in May and even better it wasn’t in London or somewhere far away from me, it was held in Birmingham of all places! Birmingham is just under an hour away by train for me and is super easy to get to so I was ecstatic. Unfortunately that first year I didn’t get a ticket because it sold out but Penina got one so I showed up and followed her round all day and got to meet some of the cast. Then the next year and for the next three, maybe four years I went to every Asylum convention and gradually met quite a lot of the cast.

Me, Jared, Jensen + Misha

Supernatural was another fandom where I ended up making a ton of new friends and having some really awesome experiences and I held onto this fandom throughout my time at college and honestly I don’t know what I would’ve done without Supernatural. I got into this show after one of the worst Christmas’ ever and I was still in the middle of my lonely Secondary School phase (I had a few months where I spent every weekend alone and generally hated myself). The cast were also always super nice whenever I met them and I just loved Supernatural so much.


Girls Generation 2.jpg

My experience as a K-Pop fan is kind of different because I haven’t really made any internet friends through the K-Pop fandom but I have done more than I ever thought I would. Because I’m a K-Pop fan I ended up visiting Paris and Amsterdam to attend concerts and I’m also going to South Korea later this year, somewhere I never really had an interest in going before. It was also thanks to K-Pop that I got friendly with a couple of girls in my dorm at university because they saw my Girls’ Generation Facebook header.

It was also thanks to K-Pop that I stopped having a ‘bad year’. I’m sorry to talk about it again so I’ll make it quick – I got called on stage at a 24K concert, they sang to me, I realised life wasn’t all that bad, you can read all about it here because I wrote a proper long post about it and how I felt and everything but honestly I just still can’t believe it.

Me on stage 24K 3

So although K-Pop has been there for me in a different way to the first two fandoms it’s still had a big impact on my life and honestly I’m glad I became a K-Pop fan because I think it made me and my friends a bit more adventurous and I just love the music so much.

Dan and Phil

Dan and Phil

I can’t remember if I talked about this before or not but when I went to university I didn’t have a great time, I felt a bit rubbish all the time and I just didn’t like it. So I was thrilled to come home one weekend so I could go and see Dan & Phil live with their stage show ‘The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire’. It was on in Birmingham so I came back to Telford and the next day went to Birmingham to meet them. And honestly, they were amazing. The show was so good and Dan and Phil themselves were so lovely.

Me, Dan + Phil

Then I had to head back to London because obviously I had to go back to uni at some point. But luckily Dan and Phil announced a couple more shows so I bought another VIP ticket to see them one last time in London. When I went to the show I hadn’t really spoken to anyone in a few days, I hadn’t had any human contact and hugging them was the first proper interaction I’d had in maybe two weeks. So once they’d signed my stuff and we’d taken a selfie I quickly asked if I could get one more hug to which they both obliged. I suppose to them I was just one weird fan amongst many who wanted another hug but to me, who was feeling so, so lonely at the time, that one last hug was everything.

Even when I wasn’t meeting them they were there for me at university. I’d make myself breakfast and watch their videos. If my room mates were being loud in the middle of the night I’d put my headphones on and watch one of their videos. I’d go over to Jess’ and we’d watched their videos together. Their book was also released shortly after I went to uni and I remember being so sad when I got to the end of it because that book also helped me in my dark moments.

I didn’t realise it at the time but Dan and Phil were there when I felt like I had no one and honestly I feel like I owe them so much because they helped me through that difficult time. Ultimately I made the decision to leave university but I’d have left a lot sooner without Dan and Phil.

Achievement Hunter

Achievement Hunter.gif

For a while I was a massive Achievement Hunter fan then slowly I stopped watching less and less of their content until suddenly I became a massive fan again towards the start of last year. Just as well because unfortunately my Grandad passed away in early February. The day after everyone stayed at home and we kept the curtains closed. It was suffocating being around everyone in the darkness so I mostly stayed in my room and watched Achievement Hunter videos. Even now, no matter how bad my day is I can always rely on Achievement Hunter to cheer me up.

Last year I wanted to go to RTX London so badly but unfortunately I was in New York (tragic I know) and this year I figured that if they did come back it’d be around the same date so I’d be in Japan. Luckily they’re actually holding it mid-September and even luckier, general sale tickets go on sale on Pay Day. I really hope I meet at least one person from Achievement Hunter because they’ve honestly helped me smile in some of the hardest times. I’m praying there’s a decent line-up because I’ve wanted to meet Achievement Hunter for so long and I’d be so excited. I really hope I get a ticket.

So as you can see I’ve had fandom around me for the times when I’ve needed it the most and I honestly wouldn’t change anything. I’m trash but I’m honestly fine with that due to the memories I’ve made and I’m sure I’ll continue to make.

I’m gonna tell one last story before I end this post. I used to be a big fan of Sherlock so whilst I was at university I discovered Benedict Cumberbatch was a doing a show at some theatre, I can’t remember what it’s called now but obviously tickets were sold out and the only ones left were stupidly expensive. However the venue sold I think it was forty tickets a day if you were at theatre for 10AM. So on the first day I got up at 6AM to get to the theatre and they sold out so the next day I got up at 5AM to get tickets but unfortunately they sold out again so I gave up. What a sad story. So I never got to see Benedict Cumberbatch alive and in the flesh.

Review: The Amazing Book is Not on Fire by Dan Howell and Phil Lester (aka danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil)

The Amazing Book is Not on Fire by Dan and Phil.jpg

Sorry this review is so late, I originally started working on it back in November (when I was still at university, that’s scary!) and I never really finished it but I figured since I’ve posted a review of Tyler’s book I should probably post a review of Dan and Phil’s as well.

So it’s no secret that I’m a Dan and Phil fan, those of you who read my review of their show knows that (x). I wrote about my first impressions of Tyler in his review so I guess it’s only fair that I post my first opinions of Dan and Phil too… Please don’t kill me anyone! I posted on a forum that I was a big fan of another YouTuber called charlieissocoollike and someone commented to tell me they liked him too and that I should check out this other YouTuber. They didn’t say his name, just posted a link to one of his videos. So I clicked and had a look. It was AmazingPhil.

I can’t remember what video it was, I do remember Phil sitting on the floor of a living room and talking about the apocalypse or something and I thought ‘Wow this guy is really weird…’ and stopped watching. I said don’t kill me! I can’t even remember what happened but I started watching him again a couple of months later and suddenly I was watching all his videos. Then I watched ‘the wardrobe’ which was the first collab I saw him do with Dan. My first opinions of Dan were ‘Wow this guy is really annoying’. Again, I don’t know what happened but I remember one Sunday I sat in my room all day and just binge watched all of Dan’s video. I was officially a fan of both of them.

Dan and Phil dance gif

Back to the book! So last year Dan and Phil released a teaser trailer for their book and then announced that they were going on tour to promote their book. I was lucky enough to get tickets to this tour (twice actually, whoops) and really enjoyed it. I also got a copy of their book on the day it came out and started reading it straightaway.

Dan and Phil’s book is very different to Tyler’s. Tyler’s is long stories with maybe the occasional image whereas Dan and Phil’s is centred more on photos and expanding on stories that they’ve already told in many of their videos. It was interesting to see references to their videos and to hear things that maybe made us see their videos in a different light. My favourite chapters were about their school and university experiences. I can definitely relate to Dan’s uni experience.

Dan Existential Crisis gif

This book also kind of had a magazine vibe because it also contained a quiz (find out which of Dan and Phil’s dining chairs you’re most like – I got purple by the way) and some tips on how to create your own videos. There were also funny anecdotes of Dan and Phil’s childhood including Phil’s childhood diary and Dan’s dream journal. Dan’s dream journal probably should’ve come with a little translation at the bottom because most of the phandom has a hard time reading his handwriting.

Although it is different to Tyler’s book and perhaps I would’ve liked some more personal stories that we hadn’t heard before I do respect that Dan and Phil are a lot more private and I completely understand why. It was a different style and the idea of the book was to capture the world on the internet that Dan and Phil have created, it was more about their YouTube lives and their community and I think they did a brilliant job of creating a real-life version of their YouTube personalities.

I got this book when I was at university and I was at a really low, lonely time in my life and I’m so glad I had this with me. I was absolutely gutted when I eventually finished it because I was loving and enjoying it so much. This is a book I absolutely recommend although I think obviously you’d prefer it if you at least knew Dan and Phil beforehand.

Here’s another little fun fact, more about me than Dan and Phil so I’m sorry: When I went to their tour there were quite a few people younger than me and I didn’t think anything of it until I was waiting for my friend to come out the toilets. Then two girls walked past me saying “Oh My God, school tomorrow.” “Eugh, don’t remind me, I hate that place.” And my first thoughts were ‘Oh Hun, appreciate it now, I would kill someone to go back to school.’ That was the first time in my life that I ever felt old. Ahahaha. Fun.

So yes, go and watch AmazingPhil and Danisnotonfire or DanandPhilGAMES and then go buy a copy of their book to start reading! You won’t regret it!

The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire: A Review

The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire

Before I start this review I want everyone to be aware that there are absolutely NO spoilers about the show, it’s mostly my opinion on the meet & greet and general thoughts about the show, there will be no specific details as Dan & Phil specifically told us not to spoil it.

So I don’t know how many people read my ‘Summer in the City’ review from last year but I had a pretty shit time waiting in the Dan and Phil meet & greet queue only to be told to fuck off after three hours essentially (no one was that rude but that’s what it felt like). I was gutted as I figured it was pretty much my only chance at meeting Dan and Phil and I’d missed out. And I’d also had to queue for three hours in the hottest queue ever. BUT ANYWAY, it turned out I was wrong about meeting Dan and Phil because of their announcement of The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire!

Me and my best friend Jess didn’t find out about the tour until 45 minutes after the tickets had gone on sale but after refreshing the page over and over and over again for maybe fifteen to twenty minutes straight we finally managed to get two VIP tickets for the Birmingham show! I think Jess nearly passed out when she finally booked them but it was worth it because we were finally going to meet Dan and Phil.

So we must have had absolutely months to plan for this but nothing could have prepared us for how nervous we were on the day. We’d met All Time Low only a few months beforehand and we had completely messed up that opportunity – Jack Barakat stuck his hand out for us to shake and we gawped at him for a good twenty seconds too long. We were absolutely terrified of making complete asses out of ourselves in front of Dan and Phil too. Anyway, here’s a nifty picture Jess got of when Dan and Phil came in (if you can spot them) – we were hiding far away:

Dan and Phil VIP

They called people up to queue to meet them and me and Jess sat there for a while because we were hella nervous but eventually we got up and joined the back of the queue because we had to do it sooner or later. We got our books out ready, set our phone cameras to selfie mode and then suddenly it was time. We could meet them at the same time if we’d wanted but me and Jess decided to go separately and she’d asked me to go first. So I stood there waiting for the people in front of me to finish and then suddenly BAM it was my turn.

The first thing that hit me was how bloody tall they are – like I knew they’d be taller than me but oh my god I was astonished, they are SO TALL! And Phil was straightaway like “Hi! Let me give you a hug!” and then I hugged Dan as I heard Phil tell me that he liked my t-shirt and Dan said “Yeah I was about to say, it’s awesome.” That actually meant a lot to me because I’d been planning what to wear for like a month and I’d finally settled on my new Donkey Kong t-shirt as the perfect one and it wasn’t in vain! Then Phil went “Right shall we take the picture? No, wait, first we’ll sign your book. We’ll do both things!” And they took my book and signed the page I’d chosen.


Then Phil asked “Are we taking a selfie with your phone?” And I said “Yes please but can one of you take it because I’m shaking so much” so Phil said “Yeah, Dan’ll take it.” So I gave Dan my phone (Dan has held my phone ahh!) and he took one selfie and I thought ‘on no I’m doing that horrible cross-eyed thing I always do when I wanna look good’ and he said “I’m just gonna take another one” so I had time to try and improve my face (haha). I said thank you, they both said thank you and told me to enjoy the show, and then it was over and I went to pick up my goodie bag.



I took the goodie bag from one of the staff and waited for Jess to come out and we both agreed they were absolutely lovely. And I mean it – I was so nervous that they’d look at me and wait for me to say something but they were brilliant and obviously knew a lot of fans would be extremely nervous. I wouldn’t have changed a thing that happened, it went perfectly and Dan and Phil were such sweethearts. In the goodie bag there was a bag of popcorn (there wasn’t in mine but I don’t like popcorn anyway), a poster, a flower crown, a ‘platform’ postcard and a book by Jessie Cave. The actual goodie bag was a tote bag that said ‘The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire’ on one side and then ‘I Actually Went Outside to See Dan and Phil on Tour’ on the other side. Me and Jess actually took a really nice flower crowns selfie:

Me + Jess J 6

So we sat down in the room talking about what had happened for a while and then decided to sign the VIP book which was basically a book for Dan & Phil – they got through at least two books at just our event so Dan & Phil have an awful lot of signatures and stuff. We’d already signed it from ourselves but we decided it would be funny to leave the following message:

“DIL. WHY DO YOU NEVER ANSWER THE DOOR? – Eliza Pancakes (Jess drew a stack of pancakes)”

Ah yeah, we think we’re pretty funny.

Anyway, we went off and chilled for a bit and then it was time for the show! We were originally worried because we’d been assigned two seats that were separated by the aisle but luckily when we were taken inside we were put in the correct aisle but relatively random seats. We were on the third row so we had a brilliant view.

As I stated at the top I don’t want to give away any spoilers, mostly because Dan & Phil asked us not to but also because it was so amazing that I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone that’s going to watch it live or going to see the recorded online version. Trust me when I say that you’ll love it and that I can’t wait for the recorded version to come online so that I can watch it whenever I want. I’m so proud of Dan & Phil and they clearly put in a lot of thought, effort and imagination into this truly amazing (no pun intended) show – I don’t know what I was expecting but it was definitely a lot less than what they did. Also, they’re both such obviously huge dorks and I loved it!

So overall, I would recommend looking out for the online version as I don’t know whether the tickets are sold out but if they’re not BUY ONE NOW. Also buy their book ‘The Amazing Book is Not on Fire’ that their tour was promoting. Also if you’re reading this like “Who even are Dan and Phil?” GO AND CHECK OUT AMAZINGPHIL AND DANISNOTONFIRE ON YOUTUBE RIGHT NOW.

And as a final note, thank you so much Dan and Phil for an amazing night, I will remember it forever as one of my favourite nights ever!

Also, I have now seen and written a review of Interactive Introverts so feel free to give that a read HERE [x]

EDIT: I’ve had someone ask me and I’ve seen quite a few people wondering what time the show finishes – I saw it at 7.30 and it finished at about 9.10 so it was on for just over an hour and a half with no interval.