Top 10 Favourite BTS Songs

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A while ago I wrote a list of my favourite Girls’ Generation songs so I decided to write a list of my favourite BTS ones as well! Here goes nothing!

10. Save Me

BTS Save Me gif

I didn’t appreciate this song enough when it first came out, I loved ‘Fire’ so much that this song felt like a bit of a let-down. It did grow on me though and now I love it! I just wish I’d appreciated it more when I saw them perform it at ‘K-Con Paris’ because it’s a great song with such cool choreography. It’s not my favourite but I appreciate it a lot more than I used to!

9. Dope

BTS Dope gif.gif

This was the second song I’d ever heard by them and at the time I hadn’t listened to an awful lot of K-Pop, I was a fan of girl groups but I didn’t really listen to any boy groups. This is ridiculous but I remember listening to this and being like ‘this song is so aggressive’? I don’t know why ‘cos it’s not aggressive at all but that was my first impression of the song. A few more listens and I ended up loving it, that song is honestly iconic let’s be real.

8. No More Dream

BTS No More Dream gif.gif

Although it sounds completely different to the songs they release now there’s something I love about BTS’ debut song. I think it’s because me and my friend learnt the chorus’ choreography so the song grew on me the more I learnt it. I’m low-key glad they changed their image because their music’s a lot better now but it’s still a great debut song.

7. Fun Boys

BTS Fun Boys gif.gif

This used to be my favourite song by them but I listened to it one too many times and it’s slowly slid down the list. I can’t remember who made me listen to this song or anything but at the time of ‘K-Con Paris’ it was my favourite song and I remember complaining to my friends “I really, really want them to do Fun Boys but I know they won’t.” BTS got to the end of their set and Rap Monster announced “Okay we’re gonna do our last song now.” So I was like ‘okay it’ll be War of Hormone’ BUT NOPE IT WAS FUN BOYS. I’m so glad I got to see it live – I did record the whole thing but when I listened to it back all you could hear was me like there was no BTS just me attempting to scream the lyrics in broken Korean. I deleted the video.

6. Lie (Jimin solo)

BTS Lie gif.gif

This is a bit of a cheat but I love this song so much oh my god. I’m pretty sure I asked my friends if they’d listened to a comeback by a different group and Becca was like “NOPE I’VE HAD PARK JIMIN’S SOLO ON REPEAT SINCE IT WAS DROPPED” so I decided to give it a listen and oh my god. Jimin’s not even my bias but it was definitely my favourite solo song from Wings. I love J-Hope’s ‘Mama’ and Suga’s ‘First Love’ but ‘Lie’ has to take it. Why couldn’t they have come to Europe with their Wings tour, I’d have loved to have seen it live!

5. I Need U

BTS I Need U gif.gif

This is another song they did at ‘K-Con Paris’ (sorry to keep going on about it but like it was one of the best concerts ever) and I love this song so much. Everything about it. There’s nothing I don’t love about it. It’s not usually my kind of thing but for some reason I just really like it. I love ‘Run’ as well but not quite as much as ‘I Need U’.

4. Butterfly

BTS Butterfly gif.gif

Usually I hate slow songs so I wouldn’t have bothered listening to this but Jess told me if she ever passed away she’d want it played at her funeral. For a while every time I listened to it I ended up feeling really sad because I remembered what she said and I’d end up thinking about what it would be like if she did die and yeah, it used to depress the hell out of me. Luckily I can listen to it now without thinking about the death of one of my best friends and I love this song. Slow songs need to be interesting otherwise I get bored very quickly but this one keeps my interest and I love it.

3. Not Today

BTS Not Today gif

I think I already posted that I’d been disappointed with ‘Spring Day’ when it was released because even though I love it now I thought it was a bit slow and boring at the time. I was so happy when ‘Not Today’ was released because it’s so much more my style of music. I included this song in my running playlist because it really motivates me. So if you need any motivation, listen to this song and I guarantee you will have some!

2. Fire

BTS Fire gif.gif

I keep talking about ‘K-Con Paris’ but really that concert is what made me love them. I remember they dropped this comeback and I didn’t particularly care much about BTS at the time so I only listened to this once we’d got the tickets for K-Con. I loved it at first listen, it’s so lit and I had it on repeat for ages. I filmed them singing this at K-Con but I had to delete that as well because again, all you could hear was me yelling “FIIIIIIIIIIIIRE!” Horrendous. But this song is honestly amazing, I don’t care what anyone says.

1. Mic Drop

BTS Mic Drop gif

I remember mentioning in a previous post that after ‘DNA’ was released I was a bit worried that I was going off BTS. Then I listened to ‘Mic Drop’ after seeing a few people rave about it. It was then that I realised I was still complete and utter BTS trash. This song is amazing. I like the remix too but the original is heaps better. If BTS ever finally announce their Europe tour I really hope they perform this because at the moment it’s my favourite song by them and there’s not a thing about it that I don’t love.

So there you go, there’s my top ten favourite BTS songs! Leave me a comment with your top favourites.

Top Three Favourite Memories from Paris

Notre Dame.jpg

I have slightly taken inspiration from Becca again as she has started posting ‘top three must visit’ places for the countries she’s been and I decided to do something similar. You can read Becca’s top three places to visit in Paris here [x]. However, instead of describing three places I think you must see though I decided to write about my favourite memories from each trip because I love reading back on the fun memories I had with my friends.

Paris will always have a special place in my heart as the first trip the four of us went on abroad and although a lot of things went wrong it’s still one of my favourite trips we’ve been on. It’s hard to condense it down into just three favourite memories but here are what I’ve chosen.


Disneyland 2.jpg

Although I don’t particularly like rollercoasters or theme parks in general I’d wanted to go to Disneyland for years. Because who doesn’t want to go to Disneyland, let’s be real? I wasn’t 100% sure it would work but luckily you could buy park tickets that came with a shuttle bus that took you from central Paris to Disneyland. We booked the tickets and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited in my life.

We vlogged the day and I love rewatching it, Becca caught the moment I spotted the castle for the first time on camera and my reaction is brilliant. I was doing some weird dancing and I said “This is what I do in the club-AHHH THE CASTLE!” (You can watch the vlog here [x]) I spent the whole day just being amazed by absolutely everything and I had the best time with my friends. All I regret is that we didn’t see a parade and that we didn’t stay until the park closed and just caught the train back.

My highlights from the day included meeting Mickey Mouse, going in Alice’s maze and the Armageddon special effects attraction. Even though I don’t like rides I found I still had an amazing day and I’d love to go back someday since we missed a whole section of the park and I want to be able to see a parade.

Disneyland 3.jpg

This year we’re hopefully going to Disneyland Tokyo so that should be just as good and me, Becca and Jess will be able to make just as good memories!

The Catacombs

The Catacombs

I wanted to visit these after watching the film ‘As Above, So Below’ because even though the film was absolutely terrible the catacombs still looked and sounded interesting. We visited them on Thursday morning, the day before our trip ended and the day after we’d looked around all the obvious tourist attractions. We got there pretty early but there was still quite a queue but I don’t remember standing there for absolutely ages. Maybe I was just having fun, I like getting an opportunity to just talk with my friends.

We got to the front and the tickets weren’t that expensive then we went down the spiral staircase and I’m going to be honest that was horrific. It felt never ending and I was taking it slowly so I couldn’t see my friends anymore so I kept calling out to them because I felt like the staircase would never end. I hate old-fashioned spiral staircases but luckily it was a one-way system so there was no one trying to force their way up, you could only go down.

Eventually we made it to the bottom which was a relief because I had begun to believe I’d died and gone to Hell and was stuck on the eternal staircase but there was a bottom! Going through the Catacombs is also a one-way system, you follow the corridor and you can’t go off exploring them by yourself. They’re actually massive and you only see a small portion of them on your visit but even that’s amazing and if you could explore the entire Catacombs you’d probably get lost.

The Catacombs 2.jpg

I think the Catacombs were probably my favourite from the trip, they were really interesting and a little creepy. If I ever went back to Paris I wouldn’t mind going on another visit into the Catacombs, I’d be more interested in revisiting them than I would Notre Dame or the Arc de Triomphe.

If you’re in Paris I definitely recommend giving the Catacombs a visit because they’re not to be missed!

K-Con Paris


This was the whole reason we decided to come to Paris, it was solely for K-Con. The original plan was to come to France on the morning of K-Con, go to the concert then come home the next morning. Luckily we had the chance to extend our trip so we could have a proper look around but my highlight was definitely K-Con Paris, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a better concert in my life.

The morning me and Jess bought the tickets was honestly the most stressed I’ve ever felt in my entire life. You need to understand that usually when I buy concert tickets I’m up against everyone else in the country or the town. In this instance we were up against the whole of Europe – every European K-Pop fan was after these tickets and they were not easy to get. The entire website was in French which I didn’t understand a word of and an hour later me and Jess were still desperately refreshing the website trying to get a ticket. Eventually Jess managed to get some ‘Category 1’ tickets in her cart and she went through the check-out process whilst I desperately tried to use my laptop to translate the page she was on. In the end we had three tickets and our trip to Paris could finally come together!


We had the most expensive ticket type which was seated in the best section so we didn’t show up to the arena until about half-an-hour before the doors were due to open. That was maybe a mistake. The queuing system was extremely confusing but eventually we got to the back of the longest queue I have ever seen in my entire life and it began. We were in that queue for like an hour and a half playing endless games of fuck, marry, kill to pass the time. I’m not gonna lie it did get to a point where I was worried we’d miss the start of the concert.

Also France don’t give a damn about security, we were supposed to have a pat-down before we went in and the lady half-heartedly tapped my side and my arm before waving me in.

Once inside my anxiety about missing the start of the show disappeared so me and Jess bought ourselves a sandwich much to Becca’s absolute horror because now she was worried we’d miss the start but luckily we didn’t!

We found our seats and we genuinely couldn’t have asked for better tickets. The stage was in a sort of Z shape and if an idol was on stage and wanted to get to the middle section they had to walk right past us. Also all the idols entered the stage on our side so before the show started we saw all the groups, including BTS, heading towards the stage and all three of us completely freaked out. We were also sat a few rows behind the President of South Korea and had no idea. We sort of made it onto the Korean news too.

Korean News.jpg

I’m so sad there wasn’t a K-Con in Europe last year because it was honestly an amazing concert and I’d give anything to go back to another K-Con. We didn’t bother with the convention during the day which we regretted at the time but I’ve read a lot of people saying they were disappointed by the system to get into the convention so maybe I’m glad we didn’t bother.

K-Con, please come back to Europe soon? Please?

K-Con Paris.jpg

So there we go, those are my three favourite memories from Paris – it was a lovely city and if you ever get the chance I’d definitely recommend going. Everyone needs to visit Paris at some point in their lives!

Best Concerts Ever

Since it’s a new year and all that I’m looking to write new blog posts to add a bit more variety to my blog, hence all the lists you’ll be seeing over the next few weeks while I get a feel for what I like writing. I’ll still be posting my book and horror film reviews but I want to expand on that. So I’ve decided to write a list of my favourite concerts I’ve been to, ever.

10. Tonight Alive


I’d heard about Tonight Alive but didn’t really bother to listen to them until I saw them support All Time Low at the O2 Academy in London when I decided I should give them a try. I quickly fell in love with them and when they announced a UK tour I convinced my friend we should go. They played at the HMV Institute in Birmingham which is a relatively small venue and they were great. Not the best concert I’ve ever been to but I’m glad I went. I don’t listen to them as much anymore but I still love their songs ‘Lonely Girl’ and ‘Hell and Beck’.

9. The Pretty Reckless


For a long time I only really knew one song by ‘The Pretty Reckless’ and that was ‘Miss Nothing’, the popular one. Then they supported Fall Out Boy and I suddenly fell in love with them. I bought their album ‘Going to Hell’ and it was one of my favourite albums for a long time so when they came to the UK to promote it I dragged my friend to their concert. They’re so good live and I’m really glad I went, I nearly went again when they came back this year but unfortunately I didn’t have enough money. Next time I’ll definitely be there!

8. Thirty Seconds to Mars

Thirty Seconds to Mars.jpg

At the time I said this was the best concert I’d ever been to and it was really good. What I liked was that it was visually good as well as sounding good. To be honest unless I really love a band I get kind of bored watching them if all they’re doing is singing (I’ve seen You Me at Six four times now and was always bored), I like other things to be going on and I got that at Thirty Seconds to Mars. They’re definitely one of the best live bands I’ve seen and I’d recommend going to see them!

7. The Used

The Used.jpg

So I saw ‘The Used’ in a tiny little venue so even though me and my friend had only shown up about thirty minutes before the doors opened we managed to squeeze our way to just behind the front row so we had one of the best views ever. If we’d been at the back I don’t think I’d have included them on the list because although they were good, what really made the concert was that my friend wasn’t as big of a fan as me so she didn’t know as many lyrics to as many songs. So whenever she didn’t know a song the lead singer, Bert, kept coming over and pointing at her and shaking his head for not knowing the lyrics. Whenever she knew a song he kept going to the other side of the stage. It was honestly hilarious. She managed to catch his water bottle though, that was brilliant.

6. We Are the In Crowd

We Are The In Crowd.jpg

For a long time, ‘We Are the in Crowd’ were my favourite band. I’ve been to see them five times now and every time I’ve met at least one member – which stresses me out because I don’t wanna break the streak if I ever go see them again. My favourite time seeing them was on their first headlining tour when they were promoting ‘Weird Kids’, I saw them at the O2 Academy in Birmingham and you could just tell how genuinely happy they were to be performing. They’re also really good to their fans, my favourite member changes every time I see them because they’re all lovely for different reasons. Unfortunately I think the band are on a break at the moment but you should definitely listen to their album ‘Weird Kids’, it’s so good!

5. All Time Low

All Time Low.jpeg

All Time Low are probably the band I’ve seen the most. I’ve seen them six times and I’ve booked to go see them again this year with three of my friends. The first time I saw them was a wild experience. I got permission to skip school and queue all day with two of my friends. Me and one of my friends decided to go and find the bathroom but we got lost and ended up by the tour buses. One of the tour bus doors opened and there was some random guy stood in the doorway. And then Jack Barakat ran past him, completely naked. Then the guy shut the door again.

They’re just a really fun band to see live and I had tons of fun each time I saw them but nothing will ever beat that first time. I was lucky enough to meet them last year (I got to go to the Hustler meet and greet as my friends carer YAY) and they’re all so lovely, especially Jack even though I dropped my phone on the floor when I went to give it to him and seemed to have a stroke ‘cos I couldn’t figure out how to pick it back up or talk to him. But yeah, they’re brilliant live and you should definitely see them if you have the chance to!

4. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu 2.png

So a while ago Tumblr kept talking about this song called ‘Pon Pon Pon’ and I decided to give it a listen because so many people were talking about it and I had no idea what on Earth they were on about. I didn’t like it at first but the more I listened to it the more it grew on me so I started listening to more of her songs and soon I fell in love. She announced a tour with a stop in the UK the next year but unfortunately she was going to London on a school night so I couldn’t go.

Then the next year she announced another show in London and I was attending university in London so I could go, YAY! Like I said, I don’t like just watching bands sing I like something visual and that’s definitely Kyary. It was a small venue but it didn’t matter, Kyary was brilliant, her costumes were cute and her dancing was great. Also her English was really sweet, it was definitely one of the most fun concerts I’ve ever been to and you should definitely look her up!

3. BabyMetal


I feel bad because my friend had been telling me about BabyMetal for years, and saying they were her guilty pleasure and I should give them a listen. To which I kept responding “I’m not listening to a group called BabyMetal.” Then Kerrang tweeted a link to one of their songs and I finally gave it a listen… And really enjoyed it. Sorry Cheyenne, I’ll listen to you in future.

Anyway, they kept announcing dates for their world tour and I was getting so stressed because they weren’t saying anything about the UK but then it finally happened! They announced a show in London then I pestered my friend until she agreed to go with me. And I had the best fucking time.

For those of you who haven’t heard of BabyMetal they’re a Japanese girl group who sing and dance to metal music. Some of their songs are fun, silly and cute but some are really good like ‘Road of Resistance’ and ‘The One’. They’re definitely not to be missed; they’re so good and energetic live. If they come back then I’m getting another ticket and seeing them all over again. Give them a listen; trust me when I say they’re good!

2. 24K


I’ve been really into K-Pop lately and for the longest time it was just me on my own but luckily two of my best friends got into it as well. Not many K-Pop artists come to Europe, let alone the UK but 24K announced a concert here. I remember complaining to my friend in the cinema “No one’s heard of them, how come they can come here and the really famous groups can’t?” Then my friend turned around and said she’d listened to a couple of their songs, thought they were good and wanted to go see them. So I invited myself along and our third K-Pop friend wanted to come too. Oh My God, I’m so glad we all went.

One of the best nights of my life, 24K were so lit and the vibe was just really good. No one was pushing, shoving or arguing or anything we were all just there to have a good time. And 24K were so fun as well, they got halfway through the concert then invited three fans up to the stage to teach them how to dance and then there was a dancing contest and I just? It was one of the most laidback and fun concerts I’ve ever been to. We’re all considering travelling to Amsterdam to see them again because they were honestly so good! If you haven’t listened to 24K then I recommend going and listening to ‘Bingo’ right now.

1. K-CON PARIS 2016

K-Con Paris.jpg

The line-up was Shinee, IOI, BTS, Block B, f(x) and FT Island. At the time I wasn’t a massive fan of any of those groups, I’d heard the odd song by a few of them but I wasn’t in love with any of them or anything. But my friend’s bias group is BTS and my other friend loved most of the groups so we decided to go. We managed to get to Paris relatively cheap and had the best holiday there ever.

BTS 4.jpg

The concert itself was the best thing I’ve ever been to in my life, I fell in love with BTS at that concert and just everything was so perfect. Every group was so good and we all had the best time ever. I was sat next to some lady who had to be in her thirties or forties who kept fangirling over Taemin from Shinee, it was amazing. I’m really hoping K-Con Paris 2017 is announced this year, or even better a K-Con London but we’ll have to see. I might weep forever if there isn’t because it was honestly the best concert ever.

To be honest, this list didn’t make an awful lot of sense but I just wanted to remember the fun times I’ve had! Let me know the best concerts you’ve ever been to!