Favourite vs. Least Favourite K-Pop Songs

Red Velvet

When I was a teenager I loved pretty much any song my favourite artists released but K-Pop is funny as the same group can have many completely different sounding comebacks. When I first got into K-Pop this really surprised me – I remember being a big fan of 2NE1’s ‘I Am the Best’ so I decided to listen to more of their stuff and clicked onto ‘Come Back Home’ which had a completely different vibe.

Anyway, even if I love and stan a group they can sometimes release songs that I’m not a massive fan of so I decided to write a list of my favourite vs least favourite songs by my favourite K-Pop artists!

Girls’ Generation

Favourite Song: I Got a Boy

I Got A Boy gif.gif

Least Favourite Song: Genie

Genie gif.gif

It’s been no secret on this blog that my favourite Girls’ Generation song is ‘I Got a Boy’. It was the first song I listened to by them and I loved everything about it. Even now I don’t think anything will top it. Now I don’t hate Genie but I really don’t like the leg movement (as shown in the gif) and compared to their other songs I just find it a little annoying. Fun fact, I got proper backlash when I responded to a tweet that said ‘Girls’ Generation’s worst title song is Party’ – others were replying with their least favourites so I responded ‘Incorrect, it’s Genie’ and suddenly I was getting messages from angry SONEs who clearly thought I hated the whole group! I deleted the tweet because it was clearly taken the wrong way but gosh, people need to learn to chill.

Crayon Pop

Favourite Song: Uh-Ee

Crayon Pop Uh-Ee gif.gif

Least Favourite Song: HaPaTaKa

Crayon Pop gif 2.gif

My favourite song by Crayon Pop changes quite regularly because I love pretty much all of them. However, I really didn’t like ‘HaPaTaKa’ from the FM album. It only had three songs, I obviously loved ‘FM’ and I thought ‘1,2,3,4’ was sweet but ‘HaPaTaKa’ is just boring and pointless. At least it’s not a title track I suppose but yeah, not particularly a fan of that one!


Favourite Song: Idol

BTS Idol gif 2.gif

Least Favourite Song: Just One Day

BTS Just One Day gif.gif

To be honest my favourite BTS song changes all the time and I don’t doubt that I’ll post it and immediately have a new favourite song but at the moment I do love ‘Idol’. I don’t think I loved it at first listen but after a couple more times it quickly grew on me and seeing it live at Wembley was SO much fun. It’s such an energetic song! There aren’t many songs I dislike but unfortunately I find ‘Just One Day’ a little bit boring. I haven’t listened to it a ton so who knows, it may grow on me one day? I’m not sure I’ll ever be a massive fan of ‘Ma City’ because it’s my friends alarm tone so the start of the song just reminds me of extremely tiring, bad mood mornings from sleepovers haha!


Favourite Song: Bingle Bangle

AOA Bingle Bangle gif 2.gif

Least Favourite Song: Heart Attack

AOA Heart Attack gif.gif

I won’t go on and on about this one because I’ve already mentioned how much I dislike the song ‘Heart Attack’ on this blog before but yeah, I’ve tried several times to like this song and I just can’t. I love pretty much all other AOA songs, especially ‘Bingle Bangle’ – Jimin’s rap absolutely makes the song, you can’t tell me otherwise. But I can’t get into ‘Heart Attack’ no matter how much I want to.

Red Velvet

Favourite Song: Really Bad Boy

Really Bad Boy gif 2.gif

Least Favourite Song: One of These Nights

One of These Nights gif.gif

Everybody proper hyped up ‘Bad Boy’ and although I liked it I can’t say it’s ever been one of my favourite Red Velvet songs because I prefer something a bit more energetic. Like don’t get me wrong, it was good and I liked the vibe but it’s not really my usual type of song. ‘Really Bad Boy’ hooked me right from the start and is definitely more my type of song. As already mentioned I’m not the biggest fan of slow songs so I didn’t really enjoy ‘One of These Nights’. Sure, Red Velvet’s vocals are good but it’s still not their most interesting song.


Favourite Song: Egotistic

Egotistic gif 2

Least Favourite Song: Starry Night

Starry Night gif.gif

After ‘Starry Night’ was released I started to go off Mamamoo a little bit because I didn’t like ‘Egotistic’ either. Until Jess gave me a lift home one night and blasted that song the entire way back. I started listening to it on Spotify and started to appreciate it a lot more until it eventually became my favourite song. I can’t get into ‘Starry Night’, it’s another song that just feels too boring for me. I’m not sure how much I love Mamamoo anymore but I’ll keep an eye on their future releases.

Block B

Favourite Song: Very Good

Very Good gif.gif

Least Favourite Song: Toy

Toy gif.gif

Now I don’t dislike ‘Toy’ but like most songs I’m not a huge fan of it’s just a bit slow and doesn’t really capture my interest. Also was the dab in the choreography necessary? I prefer their other upbeat songs, ‘Very Good’ being one of my favourites. I do love ‘Jackpot’ as well though. Block B have some absolute bangers, I’m just not a massive fan of ‘Toy’.


Favourite Song: Yes or Yes?

Yes or Yes gif 2.gif

Least Favourite Song: Signal

Signal gif.gif

You either love or hate TWICE and I absolutely love them. I’ve loved pretty much all of their comebacks except some have taken a little longer to grow on me. For example everybody was hyping up ‘TT’ but I didn’t see the appeal. Even now that I like the song it’s still not my favourite TWICE song. But my least favourite was quickly replaced with ‘Signal’ – it’s not a bad song and I don’t hate it but God it’s definitely not their best. My favourite TWICE song changes pretty much every comeback and I loved ‘Yes or Yes’ straightaway so that’s currently my favourite.


Favourite Song: Monster

Exo Monster gif.gif

Least Favourite Song: Wolf

EXO Wolf gif.gif

Not many people love Wolf, let’s be fair – I’m not the biggest EXO fan on the planet so I don’t know a ton of their songs but I do like quite a few of them, my favourite being Monster. I’ve only listened to one EXO-CBX song and that was because me and my friends were showing each other the cringiest K-Pop songs we could find and they put on ‘Ka-CHING’ which although cringey I actually really love.

Oh My Girl

Favourite Song: Closer

Closer gif.gif

Least Favourite Song: Secret Garden

Secret Garden gif.gif

I wasn’t really a big fan of Oh My Girl’s releases last year. I liked ‘Banana Allergy Monkey’ but that was a subunit debut so it doesn’t really count. Oh My Girl are one of my favourite groups so I did want to like their comebacks last year but I just… Didn’t? I didn’t really like ‘Remember Me’ either. I love their older stuff like ‘Liar Liar’ and ‘Windy Day’, and especially love ‘Closer’ but I don’t know. Their stuff this year just wasn’t doing it for me.

Black Pink

Favourite Song: Kill This Love

Kill This Love gif.gif

Least Favourite Song: Playing With Fire

Playing With Fire gif

Most new Black Pink songs take a while to grow on me before I decide that yeah, they’re good songs. ‘Kill This Love’ was different because from that first listen I was in love. It was just so… I don’t even know but I couldn’t stop listening to it! I loved absolutely everything about it – even my sister who’s not really a fan of K-Pop was getting hyped about this song. Now I don’t dislike ‘Playing With Fire’ but I think out of all their songs it just doesn’t interest me as much. Weirdly I quite liked ‘Stay’ considering my hatred for slow songs but couldn’t get into ‘Playing With Fire’ as much.

So yeah, those are my favourite vs least favourite K-Pop songs! Feel free to leave a comment with yours and we can compare!

30 Favourite K-Pop Songs of 2018


I’ve only made this for fun, similar to when I made last year’s post. This is just my opinion, feel free to disagree or leave comments with any songs you think I missed this year! I’m only featuring groups once on the list and the songs could be comebacks, debuts, solo releases and it’s not just K-Pop some Japanese songs may be included. Here goes nothing!

30. KHAN – I’m Your Girl?

KHAN I'm Your Girl.gif

I don’t know much about KHAN but I came across a tweet on Twitter hyping up this song so I decided to check it out. It’s a good song – not my favourite from 2018 but still a good song nonetheless. I wish KHAN every success for the future!

29. Moonbyul ft. Seulgi – Selfish

Selfish gif.gif

Considering Moonbyul is my Mamamoo bias and Seulgi is my Red Velvet bias it’s safe to say that when I heard about this song I was super excited. The girls suited each other so well and it was an amazing collab. We need more collabs between companies, this song was amazing!

28. Oh My Girl – Secret Garden

Oh My Girl Secret Garden gif.gif

Last year Oh My Girl were at number 16 on my list with ‘Colouring Book’ but unfortunately this year they’ve dropped a few places because I wasn’t really a fan of their comebacks this year. I’m not sure what it is because I know I’m not a fan of like the chill vibe in songs but ‘Closer’ was relatively chill and I love that song so much. I’m not sure; I just wasn’t a big fan of Oh My Girl’s releases this year. But ‘Secret Garden’ still made it to the list because it is a sweet song!

27. Pristin V – Get It

Pristin V Get It gif.gif

My friend Jess probably would’ve placed this song a lot higher up the list because she loved this song. I remember at one point she’d give me a lift places and this song would be on repeat the entire time. We went to a K-Pop Night in Birmingham and she requested that the DJ play this song (I don’t think he did which she was disappointed about). It is a good song but not really 100% my taste. Still a good song though!

26. Nature – Some (You’ll be Mine)

Some gif.gif

Nature only debuted this year and I think this was another song I found through people raving on Twitter. At first I’m not sure this is the song for me because it’s quite sweet but then the chorus hits and it goes hard. The girls’ dancing is amazing and the song is really good! I hope they’re another group that continue to do well.

25. EXID – Lady

EXID Lady gif.gif

Everyone’s been raving about EXID’s ‘I Love You’ but truthfully, I wasn’t a massive fan. Obviously I’m over the moon that Solji’s back so I wanted to love it but unfortunately I didn’t. To be truthful I’m not the biggest fan of EXID’s new stuff because it doesn’t feel as iconic as their old stuff but ‘Lady’ was still a good song and I’m still looking forward to future EXID releases.

24. NCT U – Baby Don’t Stop

Baby Don't Stop gif.gif

I feel like the only reason I listen to NCT songs is because Becca sings them on repeat so I end up checking them out because they’re stuck in my head. I first heard this song when on holiday in Greece. We were driving through Crete and Becca was in charge of the playlist and she played this song. I actually enjoyed it so the next day I asked if she could put it on again. I’m not the biggest NCT fan but they do have some bops, this one included!

23. Cosmic Girls – Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True gif.gif

Cosmic Girls came in at 26th on last year’s list with ‘I Wish’ – with hindsight I probably would’ve ranked that song higher because I love it more as time has gone on. No doubt something similar will happen with ‘Dreams Come True’ because although I think it’s a good song, it’s not my favourite song ever. But it’s still a great song; I can’t wait to see what Cosmic Girls release in 2019!

22. Laysha – Pink Label

Pink Label gif.gif

I only discovered Laysha this year with their song ‘Chocolate Cream’ which I instantly loved. So when they dropped their ‘Pink Label’ comeback I was quick to watch it and loved it pretty much straightaway. It’s a cool song!

21. J-Hope – daydream

daydream gif.gif

J-Hope is my BTS bias so when I found out he was releasing a solo song I was over the moon and he definitely didn’t disappoint. I loved pretty much everything about it, the song, the music video… It was all amazing and you could tell how hard he’d worked on it. I’m so proud of my boy and I love this song so much!

20. Hyolyn – Dally

Dally gif.gif

Okay but to have a body and able to dance like Hyolyn… Would actually be a dream come true. This song is absolutely perfect for Hyolyn and she absolutely slayed it. I think it took me a couple of listens to get into but once I did I was gone, it’s such a good song.

19. Jennie – Solo

Solo gif.gif

I’m a bit sick of people moaning that this sounded like ‘Gashina’. I love this song and I think Jennie did amazing. As the first member of Black Pink to do a solo I think she did incredibly well. It’s a good song and I loved it from first listen. I hope more Black Pink members get solos in the future because this one was awesome.

18. 24K – Bonnie n Clyde

24K Bonnie n Clyde gif.gif

So 24K made the announcement this year that Kisu was joining the military and that they’d added a new member called Kiyong. It was their first comeback without Kisu and I was a little disappointed as Kisu’s always been quite high on my bias list. But this song was still amazing and I love Kiyong, he’s so sweet. I went to see them in Paris and had the best time ever; hearing this song live was amazing. I can’t wait to see what 24K comeback with in 2019!

17. Oh My Girl Banhana – Banana Allergy Monkey

Banana Allergy Monkey gif.gif

Okay, there’s been some divide about this song… But I don’t care; I think it’s a cute and fun song! I don’t care if it’s a bit childish; sometimes music can just be fun! I preferred this song to Oh My Girl’s main releases this year and loved that they didn’t take themselves too seriously and just went for it. I wasn’t 100% sure at first but as time went on I loved it a lot. Definitely one of my favourite songs of 2018!

16. Hyo – Sober

Hyo Sober gif.gif

I wasn’t 100% certain on this song at first but after a few listens I suddenly couldn’t stop listening to it. I don’t normally like English versions of K-Pop songs but I ended up preferring the English version to this song for some reason. Hyoyeon just absolutely killed it. I also loved ‘Punk Right Now’ as well but ‘Sober’ was definitely higher up on my list of favourite 2018 songs. I can’t wait to see what she releases in 2019!

15. LOONA yyxy – love4eva

love4eva gif.gif

Pretty much every K-Pop fan has heard of LOONA due to the loyal fan base who constantly spam pretty much everything with comments saying ‘anyway stan LOONA’. Ever since I’d heard about LOONA’s concept I’d wanted to become a fan but didn’t really enjoy their debut. However I loved the yyxy subunit song of ‘love4eva’ right from the first listen. I also love the music video and just pretty much everything about it. It’s such a good song!

14. Oh!GG – ‘Lil Touch

Lil Touch gif.gif

Girls’ Generation were at 24 on my list last year with ‘Holiday’ – it’s safe to say I was way more impressed with this year’s comeback. Although I’m sad that there are only five members left it’s also good in a way because members who previously didn’t get many lines are now getting a chance to shine. I’m so glad Sunny got a chance to showcase her talent, although was annoyed at comments like ‘wow where has Sunny’s talent been all these years?’ Um right there in front of you, she’s just now getting a chance to actually show it. ‘’Lil Touch’ was an amazing song and if you haven’t heard it then you’re honestly missing out.

13. Mamamoo – Egotistic

Egotistic gif.gif

I didn’t really feel like giving Mamamoo much of a chance after listening to ‘Starry Night’ because I wasn’t really a fan and figured I was going off them. Then Jess gave me a lift home and this was her current song that she had on repeat. I gave it a listen on Spotify and actually ended up loving it. It really suits Mamamoo and I feel like they’ve found a sound that suits them. It doesn’t make me like ‘Starry Night’ though.

12. (G)I-DLE – $$$

G(I)DLE gif.gif

Although I liked LATATA I wasn’t over the moon impressed with it. I still liked (G)I-DLE so when this song came up in my recommended I decided to give it a listen and instantly fell in love with it. (G)I-DLE are so talented and I’m so glad I discovered this song because it’s amazing.

11. TWICE – Yes or Yes?

Yes or Yes gif.gif

TWICE can sometimes be a bit hit and miss with their songs but I feel like they’ve done nothing but impress me this year. Each new comeback has been my favourite – I put ‘Yes or Yes’ on the list as that was their latest release and I loved it at first listen. But ‘What is Love’ and ‘Dance the Night Away’ were amazing as well. I can’t wait to see what TWICE release next year but I really hope they take a well-deserved break soon!

10. Black Pink – Forever Young

Black Pink Forever Young gif.gif

I loved DU-DUU DU-DUU at first listen but wasn’t so sure about ‘Forever Young’ initially because once the beat dropped it was almost like listening to a completely different song. But it grew on me and overtime became my favourite Black Pink song. I just love pretty much everything about it – even the beat drop I initially disliked.

9. SoRi – Touch

SoRi Touch gif.gif

I love CocoSori so much but I hadn’t been a big fan of Coco’s solo song. That didn’t put me off trying SoRi’s solo and I’m so glad it didn’t because I LOVED ‘Touch’ so much. I had it on repeat for ages when I first listened to it because I loved it. SoRi is amazing and I love her, she’s so talented. I also loved ‘I’m Ready’ from this year but ‘Touch’ is still definitely my favourite.

8. G-Friend – Memoria

Memoria gif.gif

G-Friend have had some good comebacks this year but there was something about ‘Memoria’ that I automatically loved. This was another song that I had on repeat for ages and is probably my favourite G-Friend song at the moment. It’s just so sweet and so very G-Friend. I love it!

7. gugudan – Not That Type

Not That Type gif.gif

To be honest I’ve never really listened to gugudan – well I did listen to a couple of songs but wasn’t particularly impressed so didn’t bother again for a while. Then I decided to give ‘Not That Type’ a listen and oh my god, I was blown away. This song was amazing and I will definitely be checking out more gugudan in the New Year!

6. AOA – Bingle Bangle

Bingle Bangle gif.gif

A few people were worried that without Choa that AOA would flop, but let’s be real… ‘Bingle Bangle’ was one of the best songs that AOA have ever released. Jimin’s rap part is definitely the best bit but it was a good song all around. I love AOA so much and this is definitely my current favourite song by them.



It’s crazy that on last year’s list MOMOLAND were at the bottom of the list with ‘Freeze!’ This year has been a good year for MOMOLAND’s careers since they blew up with their song ‘Bboom Bboom’. Unfortunately MOMOLAND have also low-key become the ‘in group’ to dislike but I love them and I loved ‘BAAM’.  While most people preferred ‘Bboom Bboom’ I much preferred ‘BAAM’. I hate that everyone’s moaning that ‘BAAM’ sounds quite similar – after the success of ‘Bboom Bboom’ of course they were going to play it safe, they need to establish a solid fan base before experimenting with different sounds. I’m proud of all MOMOLAND have achieved and I hope they continue their success in 2019.

4. BTS – Idol

BTS Idol gif.gif

I’d been worried I was going off BTS last year but this year they’ve definitely reclaimed their place as my favourite boy group. It might help that I finally got to see them live at their own concert (after previously seeing them at K-Con Paris). I loved so many BTS songs this year but my favourite title track was almost definitely ‘Idol’. It’s just so much fun and was an amazing song to see live (from what I could see considering I was at the back of the venue).

3. Red Velvet – Really Bad Boy

Really Bad Boy gif.gif

Red Velvet are another group that released bop after bop this year but I especially loved ‘Really Bad Boy’. I know a few people will disagree but I actually preferred it to ‘Bad Boy’, I don’t even care. I loved it from first listen and the music video is amazing. I can’t wait to see what Red Velvet release in 2019 because I have no doubt that it’ll be amazing.

2. Dreamcatcher – What

What gif.gif

I love Dreamcatcher but ‘What’ absolutely blew me away. I’d seen it was released but take a few days to actually get around to listening it – when I did though I loved it instantly, it reminded me of when I’d first heard them with ‘Chase Me’. I couldn’t stop listening to it until eventually I’d listened to it one too many times. But it’s still an amazing song and one of the best of 2019. Here’s hoping Dreamcatcher come back to Europe one day so I can see them live all over again!

1. CLC – Black Dress

Black Dress gif.gif

I did like ‘Hobgoblin’ but nothing could’ve prepared me for how much I loved ‘Black Dress’. It was definitely my favourite comeback of 2019, I knew from the moment it was released that it would be. CLC are amazing and can slay pretty much every concept and they did amazing at this one. I love everything about it and if you haven’t listened to it then what the hell are you doing? I wish CLC all the success in the world for 2019.

Feel free to let me know if you think I missed any amazing comebacks, debuts or whatever in 2019!

Favourite K-Pop Covers

Oh My Girl.jpg

Occasionally K-Pop artists do covers of other artists songs, both K-Pop and western ones. I haven’t listened to tons but I did want to write a list of my top ten favourite covers performed by K-Pop artists. Enjoy!

10. TWICE/G-Friend – Gee

TWICE & G-Friend - Gee.gif

It was awesome to see TWICE and G-Friend covering each other’s songs and interesting too considering they have different sounds. TWICE covered ‘Me Gustas Tu’ and G-Friend covered ‘Like Ooh-Ahh’. Then certain members of both groups came together to cover Girls’ Generation’s ‘Gee’, arguably one of the most iconic girl group songs. It was great to see the two groups collab as there are so many fan wars these days and it was a fun performance for their fans.

9. BESTie – Mamacita

BESTie Mamacita gif.gif

‘Mamacita’ is arguably my favourite Super Junior song so to hear BESTie had covered it was pretty cool. BESTie have amazing vocals and their cover of the song was really good and showcased their talent well. I definitely think they should do more covers in the future.

8. Girls’ Generation/f(x) – Sorry, Sorry

Girls' Generation & f(x) - Sorry Sorry.gif

Another girl group collab! Interactions within companies are always lovely to see so to watch Girls’ Generation and f(x) performing a Super Junior song was awesome. They absolutely rocked it, I just wish they’d done the entire thing. The outfits were good and the whole thing was just on point. I’d love to see another collab stage like this.

7. Hyoyeon (Girls’ Generation) – Please Don’t Stop The Music

Hyoyeon Please Don't Stop the Music gif.gif

I grew up listening to Rihanna so was excited to hear Hyoyeon had covered this song. It suited her voice so well and I love it when she gets solo songs because it proves the haters wrong – Hyoyeon CAN sing and I’m sick of people saying she can’t. A song like ‘Please Don’t Stop The Music’ was perfect for Girls’ Generation’s dancing queen and I’d love to hear more Hyoyeon covers in the future – although her own solo songs are amazing too!

6. 24K – Talk Dirty to Me

24K Talk Dirty to Me gif.gif

24K usually do a few covers at their shows, at their most recent one Jeonguk danced to Black Pink’s ‘DDU-DU DDU-DU’. Back when I first saw them they performed this along with a few other covers including Big Bang’s ‘Bang Bang Bang’. ‘Talk Dirty to Me’ was one of my favourite covers of the night, I remember getting so lit with Becca watching this at the Amsterdam concert even though I hate watching back the video I took because all you can hear is me yell “TORK DIRTEE TO MEH” and then a lot of screaming. But honestly, it was lit!

5. Dreamcatcher – Really Really

Dreamcatcher Really Really gif.gif

To be 100% honest with you I didn’t like this song until Dreamcatcher covered it. I didn’t really give Winner a chance but when Dreamcatcher dropped their cover I loved it. I think I still low-key prefer Dreamcatcher’s version and I wish they’d performed it in full at their concert, they sang a little bit of it but not all of it. It was a good cover, they do quite a lot of covers so I’ll definitely keep checking them out!

4. Jessica Jung – Gravity

Jessica Gravity gif.gif

I included this song in my ’10 Slow Songs I actually Like’ list and that felt like a bit of an achievement for me. When it starts it doesn’t sound like a song I’d be interested in but Jessica’s vocals really suck me in and I just love everything about it. It’s an amazing cover and really showcases Jessica’s amazing voice. I need to listen to more of her solo stuff.

3. Sooyoung (Girls’ Generation) – Sway

Sooyoung Sway gif.gif

This isn’t necessarily a song I would’ve picked for Sooyoung to cover but I’m so glad they did because the whole performance was amazing from Sooyoung’s dancing to the vocals to her outfit, the whole thing was just perfect. Sooyoung is an amazing singer and it’s a shame she doesn’t get as much of an opportunity in Girls’ Generation to showcase that. Hopefully we’ll get more solo stuff in the future!

2. Mamamoo – Delilah

Mamamoo Delilah gif

The vocals in this absolutely blow my mind. Solar, Wheein and Hwasa absolutely go for those high notes and it kills me every time. And Moonbyul’s rapping definitely brings a bit of individuality to the song and they owned the entire thing. I just love the entire thing, it gives me goosebumps pretty much every time I listen to it and I love it.

1. Sunny (Girls’ Generation) – 3

Sunny 3 gif.gif

I’m not really sure why this is my favourite but I’ve listened to it a ton of times. Sunny is my absolute Girls’ Generation bias and it really annoys me when people claim she doesn’t get many lines because she’s not a good singer. Yes, she is and this song proves that. It was the perfect song for Sunny to sing and I love the entire performance. I wish I’d been able to see it live but there’s no chance of that now. I just have the cover on my iPod to listen to over and over again.

Well there we go, there’s my ten favourite K-Pop covers – feel free to leave me a comment with some recommendations and your own favourites!

Ten Slow K-Pop Songs I Like

Oh My Girl

I don’t particularly like slow songs. I think they’re okay sometimes when I’m feeling something chill or I’m sad and wanna stick on depressing songs. But even then I can’t get into many slow songs. So today I thought I’d write a list of ten slow K-Pop songs that I actually like!

10. IOI – Downpour

IOI Downpour gif 2.gif

I loved IOI but I really couldn’t get into Wanna One. Not that I tried, in all fairness, but I was still mourning IOI and the fact Wanna One were getting better opportunities and promotions (not even gonna go into it at this point). I love this song even though I cried buckets when I first listened to it. This is a slow song that I don’t hate and could happily keep listening to.

9. BTS – Butterfly

BTS Butterfly gif

This song makes me sad too, it’s like my go to song whenever I’m feeling upset even though it doesn’t make me feel better. I just love everything about it and I’d love to see them perform it live someday. It makes me sad that even if I did get to go to their concert one day I doubt this would be on the set list. Probably just as well because I’d start crying at the concert and nobody needs that. Either way I love this song.

8. Crayon Pop – 1, 2, 3, 4

Crayon Pop gif.gif

Not sure if this counts because compared to other songs on this list it’s not really ‘slow’ but compared to other Crayon Pop songs it is. This is a song I loved pretty much straightaway. Crayon Pop released their ‘FM’ album and there were only 3 songs on the album – FM, 1 2 3 4 and HaPaTaKa. I was not a fan of HaPaTaKa but I loved 1, 2, 3, 4 almost instantly and I still do. Such a good song and really shows Crayon Pop’s talent!

7. 2NE1 – Goodbye

2NE1 Goodbye gif.gif

Another disbandment song that made me cry! Why do girl groups have to do this? I loved 2NE1 and they didn’t have a comeback when I became a fan. I was a fan for like two years and they didn’t have a single comeback until they released ‘Goodbye’. That’s not good enough if you ask me. I loved this song straightaway even though it is slow because it’s so sad and I just loved everything about it. Well, I wish they hadn’t done Dara dirty with the amount of lines she got but other than that it’s amazing.

6. Strawberry Milk – Hello

Strawberry Milk gif.gif

Strawberry Milk are Crayon Pop’s sub-unit, made up of the twins Choa and Way. When I first heard this song I didn’t actually like it that much. I was so hyped after listening to ‘OK’ and ‘Feel So Good’ that I felt a bit deflated after listening to ‘Hello’. I love it a lot more now though. I love Choa and Way’s voices so much and this song is beautiful.

5. Jessica Jung – Gravity

Jessica Jung gif.gif

I’m pretty sure this is a cover so I’m not entirely sure it counts but I still love everything about it. Jessica’s voice is so beautiful and this song really showcases that. I wish I was as talented as Jessica because honestly the girl can sing.

4. Ladies’ Code – I’ll Smile Even If It Hurts

Ladies Code gif.gif

I can’t listen to this song without crying and I doubt there are many who can to be honest. It was written about the deaths of Ladies’ Code’s members EunB and RiSe. I don’t really want to talk about it too much because I feel a bit bad for including this on such a list but it’s a truly beautiful, heart-breaking song and you can really feel the member’s emotion.

3. Girls’ Generation – Sailing

Girls Generation Sailing gif.gif

I HATED this song when I first heard it. I had been so looking forward to a Girls’ Generation comeback and I was really disappointed with the song and the boring music video. But over time, the more I listened to it, the more I learned to love it. Apparently Sooyoung wrote the lyrics and it’s a beautiful song. It was to celebrate their 9th anniversary and I honestly love it.

2. AOA – With Elvis

AOA gif 2.gif

I really love AOA recently so I’ve been listening to more of their songs because I think they’re actually amazing. I came across this one when I read it was a song they’d written for their fans so I decided to give it a listen. And I loved it! I think it’s amazing. My favourite part has to be Jimin’s but the whole song is just generally really good.

1. Taeyeon – Rescue Me

Taeyeon gif.gif

I’m not sure if this counts as ‘slow’ or if it even counts as K-Pop because I’m pretty sure it’s actually Japanese but I love it. It’s one of my favourite songs in general at the moment and I just don’t think there’s anything about it that I dislike. Taeyeon is an amazing singer but I am getting a little sick of all her comebacks recently like it feels like every month we get a new Taeyeon song. I liked her earlier stuff like ‘I’, ‘Why’ and ‘Rain’ but I’m starting to get a little bored. Regardless, I absolutely love ‘Rescue Me’ and really recommend giving it a listen.

BONUS: Bear Planet – The Road

Choa and Way gif.gif

I listened to this because it featured Choa and Way from Crayon Pop in both the song and the MV so I decided to listen to it. The MV is actually one of my favourites and I love it. This song is really good and is another that can make me cry if I’m feeling sad enough. I recommend watching the MV for this one!

So there we go, ten (technically eleven) slow songs that I really love! Feel free to leave me some recommendations for slow K-Pop songs that you enjoyed!

Top 10 Favourite K-Pop Girl Groups: UPDATED


I already posted a list of my favourite K-Pop girl groups but that list has shifted slightly and changed so I wanted to give it a quick update. Here we go!

10. Black Pink

Black Pink gif.gif

I’ve finally decided I’m definitely a Black Pink fan. I go through phases of not particularly liking them to absolutely loving them and since I like all of their songs I think it’s safe to say I am a fan. I was a big Blackjack but I still disagree when people say that Black Pink sound like 2NE1 2.0. There hasn’t been a Black Pink song that I could imagine 2NE1 singing and Black Pink generally sound a bit cuter than 2NE1’s sound so I wish people would stop comparing the two. Ultimately, I think Black Pink are great and if only YG would promote them better I’m sure they would continue to do even better than they already are.

Favourite Song: Boombayah
Bias: Lisa


EXID gif.gif

Unfortunately EXID have dropped a couple of places on my list. Although I still love them I feel like they’ve lost something in their songs, for a while they were releasing absolute bangers but lately their songs have been a little average. Of course, that may just be my opinion! I still think they’re amazingly talented and they’re a group I’ll always love.

Favourite Song: Lie
Bias: LE

8. CLC

CLC gif.gif

I feel like I was a bit of a CLC fan after ‘Hobgoblin’ because that was good and I also liked some of their earlier songs like ‘High Heels’ and ‘Oh No No’ but ‘Black Dress’ honestly blew all of those songs out of the water. I fell in love with that song immediately and I think it’ll place quite high when I do my ‘best K-Pop songs of 2018’ list at the end of the year. CLC are extremely talented and can do pretty much any concept so they’re quite easy to love!

Favourite Song: Black Dress
Bias: Sorn

7. Cosmic Girls

Cosmic Girls gif 2.gif

Originally I loved the idea of Cosmic Girls but couldn’t really get into them. I loved their aesthetic music videos and their look in general but their songs were a little too chill for me at the time. However now they’ve quickly grown on me and I love Cosmic Girls. I can’t believe the fans managed to convince people that two of the members were Chinese billionaire lesbians like that is honestly iconic. Cosmic Girls are amazing and they have some of the prettiest looking MVs, I honestly recommend them so much.

Favourite Song: I Wish
Bias: Yeonjung


TWICE gif.gif

TWICE were at the bottom of this list last time but I’m beginning to realise how much I actually love TWICE’s songs. TWICE are a good group to stan because they’re promoted quite regularly but their comebacks are always impressive. I don’t get why people trash them just because they hate ‘cute’ songs like TWICE have some bops and at the end of the day their songs are happy and fun, I can totally get behind that. People complain they have ‘weak vocals’ and this, that or the other but the girls are talented – they wouldn’t be idols if they weren’t.

Favourite Song: One in a Million
Bias: Dahyun

5. AOA

AOA gif.gif

I used to be a casual fan of AOA but now I love them so much. I’m still gutted that Choa left but hopefully the girls can continue to promote without her. AOA are really good and totally own the sexy concept and honestly I just think they’re amazing. Everyone moans that Jimin sounds ‘squeaky’ when she raps but I actually love her voice she’s one of my favourite rappers. AOA are just a brilliant group and I don’t understand people who hate on them.

Favourite Song: Miniskirt
Bias: Jimin

4. Red Velvet

Red Velvet gif.gif

Red Velvet are so amazingly talented and I’m glad they’re starting to explore more concepts. I didn’t like ‘Bad Boy’ when I first heard it but now it’s completely grown on me and I love it. I can’t wait to see what Red Velvet do in the future because I feel like they could slay any concept. The only thing that annoys me is the amount of people that hate on Yeri and act like she’s useless – people wouldn’t complain if she’d been in Red Velvet from the start, it’s only because she was added later. Personally I think Red Velvet are much more suited to be a five member group but that’s just my opinion.

Favourite Song: Peek-A-Boo
Bias: Seulgi

3. Girls’ Generation

Girls Generation gif.gif

I love Girls’ Generation so much but they’ve dropped a couple of places simply because they’re not going to promote as much in the future now that Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun have left SM. I think Hyoyeon announced that the girls would be promoting for their anniversaries and that’s it. I love my girls but it’s hard to be a proper stan when the girls are all off doing their own things. But ultimately I will always love Girls’ Generation, they have some amazing songs and I love every member.

Favourite Song: I Got A Boy
Bias: Sunny

2. Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl gif.gif

Oh My Girl have risen on the list, not entirely sure why but I just love them. They’re another group who usually have quite aesthetic music videos and quality songs. Honestly I love them so much. It’s sad that JinE had to leave but I 100% understand and I hope she’s doing a lot better now. But still Oh My Girl are doing amazing – I’m not sure how much I liked ‘Secret Garden’ even though the music video was aesthetic as hell but I did end up loving ‘Banana Allergy Monkey’ a lot more than I thought I would. Oh My Girl are brilliant and if you haven’t listened to them then you’re honestly missing out.

Favourite Song: Liar Liar
Bias: Hyojung

1. G-Friend

G-Friend gif.gif

G-Friend have risen to the top spot on my favourite girl groups because honestly the girls are insanely talented. They have brilliant vocals and are probably the best girl group when it comes to dancing (in my opinion). I like pretty much all their songs but I do need to give some a few listens before I like them (I hated ‘Love Whisper’ when I first heard it but now I love it). I was really impressed with ‘Fingertip’ and I kind of wish they’d give that concept another go because they keep returning to their same sound and although I love their songs it was really good to see them mixing it up a bit.

Favourite Song: Fingertip

So there we go, that’s my updated ten favourite girl groups list! Feel free to leave your favourites in the comments or leave me any recommendations.

K-Pop Bias vs. Bias Wrecker

BTS 4.jpg

I liked my post about original bias against current bias so I thought I’d do a post about my bias’ and my bias wreckers! Because let’s face it, it can be hard having just one bias when there are so many amazing members. So here is a list of my bias’ vs my bias wreckers.

Oh My Girl

Bias: Hyojung

Hyojung gif.gif

Bias Wrecker: Yooa

Yooa gif.gif

I don’t know much about Oh My Girl personally but they have some of the best songs ever in my opinion. Hyojung is my bias because I used to only like the song ‘Liar Liar’ and her parts were my favourite. I think now Hyojung is still my bias but Yooa is really sweet and I can’t help liking her a lot too!


Bias: Umji

Umji gif.gif

Bias Wrecker: Yuju

Yuju gif.gif

When I first became a fan of G-Friend Yuju was my bias because of how professionally she handled falling over during their ‘Me Gustas Tu’ stage. But the more I got into them the more I started to love Umji until she eventually became my bias. However I still love Yuju because I think she’s such a talented singer and I love listening to her parts in any G-Friend song.


Bias: Moonbin

Moonbin gif.gif

Bias Wrecker: Sanha

Sanha gif.gif

I think Sanha is so sweet but the fact remains that he is seventeen and I am twenty-one. In fact when I became a fan I think he was only sixteen. It’s not the biggest age difference in the world but he’s underage and I’d feel weird about having him as my bias. Luckily I like Moonbin that little bit more but I’ll always think Sanha’s sweet.

Girls’ Generation

Bias: Sunny

Sunny gif.gif

Bias Wrecker: Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon gif.gif

Sunny has been my bias ever since I got into Girls’ Generation and there’s nothing I don’t love about her. But if I was going to pick another bias it would definitely by Hyoyeon. Hyoyeon’s another member where I love pretty much everything about her. She’s so funny and so talented. I loved her solo sings and I’m sick of people acting like she can’t sing. Same for Sunny though to be honest, she has an amazing voice and everyone’s like ‘nah she can’t sing’. Just be quiet.


Bias: J-Hope

J-Hope gif.gif

Bias Wrecker: Jin

Jin gif.gif

I love BTS so much and I’ve always been more of a fan of the hyung line rather than the maknae line so my bias wrecker tends to switch between Suga, Jin and Namjoon. J-Hope will probably always be my bias in BTS because I love him but Jin is definitely in second. I hate the people who act like he’s a useless member. He’s an amazing singer and he’s so sweet to his fans.


Bias: Jeonghan

Jeonghan gif.gif

Bias Wrecker: Woozi

Woozi gif.gif

In a previous post I wrote that my current bias was Vernon… Well, it’s changed again whoops! I really like Jeonghan now. I don’t know why. I don’t really know anything about the members personalities I just really like Jeonghan. But my original bias Woozi is still a complete bias wrecker because I think he’s really sweet.


Bias: Moonbyul

Moonbyul gif.gif

Bias Wrecker: Hwasa

Hwasa gif.gif

If I could look like any K-Pop idol ever I’d definitely pick Hwasa. The girl is absolutely stunning and so insanely talented that it makes me jealous. Moonbyul is still my bias because I think she’s funny and I love her to pieces but Hwasa is honestly such a bias wrecker. She’s amazing.


Bias: Cory

Cory gif.gif

Bias Wrecker: Kisu

Kisu gif.gif

But also: Hongseob

Hongseob gif.gif

Look, after the fan meet in London back in August [x] I love pretty much every member of 24K. But I’m only human and I have my favourites. Cory’s always been my bias and I doubt he’ll ever stop being my bias at this point but I love Kisu and Hongseob too. In person Kisu is honestly just so stunning and he’s really sweet but so is Hongseob! To be honest all the members are bias wreckers AND IF YOU HAVEN’T LISTENED TO THEM ALREADY THEN DO IT NOW!

So there is my list of bias’ vs bias wreckers, feel free to leave yours in the comments!

First Song I Listened to By My Favourite K-Pop Groups

Girls Generation.jpg

I always think it’s interesting to hear how people became a K-Pop fan or a fan of a certain group so I thought I’d write a list of the first song I ever heard by groups I love now then compare it to my current favourite song by that group! Enjoy.

Crayon Pop

First Song: Bar Bar Bar

Crayon Pop Bar Bar Bar gif.gif

Favourite Song: FM

Crayon Pop FM gif.gif

I went with Crayon Pop first because they were the first K-Pop group I listened to knowing that they were K-Pop (I did watch an Orange Caramel music video first technically but at the time I thought they were J-Pop). I was a big fan of Kyary Pamyu Pamyu who’s a J-Pop singer and when I was scrolling through Tumblr I found a photo with the caption ‘Lady Gaga with K-Pop group Crayon Pop’. Because I was a fan of J-Pop I decided I wanted to give K-Pop a try so I figured I might as well start with this group, Crayon Pop.

Now I love Crayon Pop to pieces now but I can’t deny that I did not like ‘Bar Bar Bar’ when I first heard it. Everything was a bit weird, their outfits, the music video, the song itself… But I hadn’t liked ‘Pon Pon Pon’ by Kyary when I’d first heard it so I decided to keep giving Crayon Pop a try until eventually the song grew on me. From then on I was absolute K-Pop trash.

Crayon Pop have a lot of great songs but unfortunately they’re mostly known for dancing with the helmets with ‘Bar Bar Bar’. ‘FM’ was the first comeback they had where I was officially a fan and I remember watching the music video when it dropped during a college lesson and praying my teacher wouldn’t notice. My favourite song was ‘Doo Doom Chit’ for a while but I think I prefer ‘FM’ that little bit more.

I’m so sad that Crayon Pop aren’t technically together anymore but it doesn’t stop me from hoping they’ll release something together soon, even if Soyul’s not there!


First Song: Heart Attack

AOA Heart Attack gif

Favourite Song: Mini Skirt

AOA Mini Skirt gif.gif

I’ve definitely mentioned this before but I couldn’t stand ‘Heart Attack’ when I first heard it. I wanted to listen to more K-Pop groups and at the time I only really listened to girl groups so I stuck on a ‘K-Pop Girl Group 2015’ playlist and started listening. I started to love most of the songs but I had to skip AOA’s ‘Heart Attack’ every time I heard it. Because I hated that song I assumed I wouldn’t like any AOA songs so I never really gave them a chance.

When they dropped their ‘Good Luck’ comeback everyone was raving about it so I checked it out… And actually really loved it. So I started listening to more of their stuff and now I’m a massive AOA fan. I wish Choa hadn’t left but hopefully AOA can continue promoting with the remaining members. My favourite song at the moment is ‘Mini Skirt’ but I did love their ‘Excuse Me’ comeback.


First Song: Overdose

EXO Overdose gif.gif

Favourite Song: Lotto

EXO Lotto gif.gif

EXO were the first boy group I ever listened to because everyone on Tumblr was talking about them. I hadn’t tried to get into any boy groups yet so I gave ‘Overdose’ a listen. Although I thought it was good I didn’t particularly love it or EXO all that much. That was when I figured out I was more of a girl group stan. I think I wouldn’t have bothered much more with EXO but when my friends became fans of K-Pop they started to like EXO so I checked them out some more. They have a few good songs but I don’t particularly know how I feel about them.

Red Velvet

First Song: Ice Cream Cake

Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake gif.gif

Favourite Song: Peek-A-Boo

Red Velvet Peek-A-Boo gif

I’d kind of heard of Red Velvet but never really gone out of my way to listen to them before until I saw a K-Pop cover dance group at London Comic Con a couple of years ago. They danced to ‘Ice Cream Cake’ and I got it stuck in my head so when I came home I started listening to it and quickly fell in love with the song.

I officially became a fan and started caring about them when they released ‘Dumb Dumb’ I loved that song from the moment I first heard it, it’s so catchy. For a while I thought they’d gone a bit downhill because I wasn’t a fan of ‘Russian Roulette’ at first but that song grew on me, so did ‘Rookie’ and ‘Red Flavour’. ‘Peek-A-Boo’ was another song that I loved immediately. I’d love to see Red Velvet live someday, I love them so much.


First Song: Um Oh Ah Yeh

Mamamoo Um Oh Ah Yeh gif.gif

Favourite Song: Aze Gag (Dad Jokes)

Mamamoo Aze Gag gif

Everyone and their dog was going on about Mamamoo at the time so I decided to give them a listen. Everyone had been bragging about their amazing vocals and I don’t think ‘Um Oh Ah Yeh’ is the best song to showcase that. I didn’t like it. I tried listening to ‘You’re The Best’ but I didn’t like that either. However I did really want to become a fan of their music because I knew all the girls names and I loved their personalities. So I gave them another chance.

I got into ‘You’re The Best’ first and it went from there. Mamamoo are one of those groups where their songs need a couple of listens before I can get into them. They’re one of my favourite groups now and I love them all, I can’t wait for their next comeback.


First Song: War of Hormone

BTS War of Hormone gif.gif

Favourite Song: Mic Drop

BTS Mic Drop gif.gif

When I first listened to BTS they were pretty popular but it was nothing compared to their popularity now. I wasn’t really fussed about listening to boy groups at the time because I was more interested in girl groups but I’d seen a couple of funny BTS vines posted by my friend Becca and I thought they were pretty funny so when Becca officially recommended them to me I gave them a listen. I didn’t really know what to think.

I can’t really remember my first impression of ‘War of Hormone’, I’m pretty sure I liked it but I didn’t love it or anything. Then I listened to ‘Dope’ and I remember being like “Oh my god this is intense” even though it wasn’t – I’ve mentioned that for a few songs, I was like shocked so easily back then. I think I would’ve remained a casual fan but Jess asked me for some K-Pop recommendations. I sent her like 5 girl groups and 2 boy groups, one being EXO and the other being BTS. She fell so hard for BTS that she made us go to Paris to see them at K-Con. And that is where I also fell in love with them. And now I’m absolute trash.


First Song: I Am the Best

2NE1 I Am The Best gif.gif

Favourite Song: Ugly

2NE1 Ugly gif.gif

I whacked on 2NE1 one day because I was looking for new girl groups to listen to and immediately recognised the song ‘I Am The Best’ because it had been in an advert. I can’t remember which advert but I remember I always saw it at Cineworld. I immediately loved the song because it was already kind of familiar to me. However when I tried to listen to more 2NE1 I wasn’t particularly a fan.

The next song I put on was ‘Come Back Home’ which sounded nothing like ‘I Am the Best’. I was kind of used to bands I listened to having similar sounding songs so at the time K-Pop kind of blew my mind because groups change concepts and sounds all the time. It took me a while but I kept listened to a ‘2NE1 Best Hits’ playlist and eventually I started to love several of their songs. I’m so sad they broke up, why did it have to end like this?

Girls’ Generation

First Song: I Got a Boy

Girls Generation I Got A Boy gif 2.gif

Favourite Song: I Got a Boy

Girls Generation I Got A Boy gif.gif

I love tons of Girls’ Generation songs now but I think my favourite will forever be ‘I Got a Boy’. I hated it when I first listened to it but after giving them several go’s I did eventually learn to love them. They were another group where I couldn’t believe how different their songs were to each other but once I got used to it I found I could listen to pretty much anything by them and love it.

I’m sad because although SM haven’t officially announced Girls’ Generation’s split it’s pretty obvious they’re not together anymore and I’m sad they didn’t have more comebacks in the time I was a fan. I became an official fan just before ‘Catch Me If You Can’ was released so I never had a comeback with Jessica. But I’ll continue to support whatever they choose to do in the future.


First Song: Bingo

24K Bingo gif.gif

Favourite Song: Hey You

24K Hey You gif.gif

I became a fan of 24K because they announced a European tour, they were coming to England and Jess gave them a listen and decided she wanted to go. So me and Becca decided to come too and before we knew it we were absolute 24K trash. We travelled to Amsterdam so just me and Becca could see them and then I ended up seeing them alone again in London because Becca and Jess were in Berlin.

I’m gonna be truthful and admit that the only song I really knew properly when I went to see them in London was Bingo. I had a great time because 24K are amazing and so fun to see live but yep, I only really knew Bingo… However after the concert me and Becca both ordered their album which I’m still low-key salty about because I ordered mine just 20 minutes after her and she got her album within three days and I had to wait over a month. And she got my biases photo card. Goddammit.

Anyway, I started listening to a lot more of 24K’s stuff because they’re really good and for a while my favourite song kept changing but now it’s definitely ‘Hey You’, that song is so good. I can’t wait to see what 24K release this year because I know it’ll be good!

Feel free to comment the first song you heard by your favourite K-Pop group, I’m interested to hear!