My Favourite YouTubers


YouTubers are irritatingly associated with marketing themselves towards teenagers but guess what, I’m twenty-one and I absolutely still love most of the content that YouTubers have to offer so I wanted to make a quick blog post about some of my favourites. This list isn’t in any particular order but I wanted to talk about them – so here goes nothing!

Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley gif.gif

I’m more of a casual Tyler Oakley fan but I did buy his book ‘Binge’ and if he came on tour again in the UK I would get myself a ticket. I watched a few of his videos at university when I was feeling super lonely and he really managed to make me smile. To be honest I can’t really remember becoming a Tyler fan – maybe it was after I met that Tyler fan at ‘Summer in the City’ who told me “I would kill a man for Tyler Oakley.” I can’t really remember! I do remember that my first opinions of Tyler Oakley were ‘I don’t think you’re annoying but if someone told me they thought you were I’d understand’. Bit harsh but I did and still do like him!

Anyway, I read ‘Binge’ which I thought was amazing – I wrote a glowing review of it here [x] and I also watched his movie on Netflix called ‘Snervous’ which I thought was just as good. My favourite video of his was probably weirdly his book reveal back when Binge came out because I just thought it was so interesting and creative. I’ve often said that although I’m not a massive fan of Tyler I do trust him. Not sure why.

So yeah, Tyler Oakley is awesome and you should definitely check out his channel! [x]

The Mile Long Bookshelf

TheMileLongBookShelf gif.gif

The Mile Long Bookshelf is a YouTube channel created by a girl named Amber who is super pretty and her channel is all about books. I can’t for the life of me remember how I came across her channel or what the first video of hers I watched was but I quickly fell in love with her channel – I was tempted to create my own book channel but unfortunately I don’t have a decent camera and also I’m very self-conscious so it probably wouldn’t work.

I’m low-key jealous of Amber because for one thing she’s really pretty and also she’s done some cool things on her channel like she made a video with Holly Bourne, she got invited to an exclusive preview of the Warner Brothers Studio Tour and even went to the Fantastic Beasts premiere. But you can’t be salty because Amber’s just so lovely and I love reading her tweets, she seems like such a cool person.

My favourite videos are probably her monthly book hauls because they get me weirdly hyped to start reading my own books – they also encourage me to go out and spend more money on books and honestly I should probably stop but I just can’t help it! Amber just gets me so hyped to read.

So yeah, if you’re into reading I would definitely recommend checking out The Mile Long Bookshelf. [x]

Alonzo Lerone

Alonzo Lerone gif.gif

I first came across Alonzo on Facebook in one of his famous ‘internet fails’ videos and eventually decided to check out his channel. Although he was literally just reacting to internet fails he managed to make it so funny that I kept watching until I subscribed and for some reason went onto his site and bought myself one of his t-shirts. It’s pretty cool actually.

My favourite Alonzo video is actually probably his ‘eBay mystery box’ video, I thought it was hilarious just the way he reacts to everything – he’s someone who can make pretty much anything funny and I love watching his videos. I wasn’t a fan of his British snacks one simply because whoever put the box together sent some right weird stuff, I hadn’t even heard of some of the things in the box?

Either way, Alonzo is hilarious and I really recommend his channel if you want a laugh! [x]


Louise Pentland gif.gif

SprinkleofGlitter is Louise Pentland and if you’ve never heard of her you’re honestly missing out because the woman is truly hilarious. Me and Jess were lucky enough to go to her show a while ago, I think it was September 2016 and honestly she was so funny – I’m tempted to buy the DVD of the show because she is honestly just hilarious. We were also lucky enough to meet her in London a few months beforehand and she was one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met to be honest.

Me + Louise.jpg

To be honest I can’t really remember becoming a Louise fan – I don’t remember the first video of hers I watched or anything. It was probably one of her collabs with Dan or Phil and honestly I love watching videos of Louise with Dan and/or Phil because they were some of the funniest collabs I’ve ever seen. My favourite was definitely Dan and Louise’s collab with ‘the awkward fancy meal’.

My favourite Louise videos were her series from last year called LP Story Time and my favourite had to be ‘Oops I set fire to a restaurant’. I wish she’d do more story times because they were honestly so funny and I really enjoyed them but she has plenty of other amazing videos. One of my favourite things about Louise is that she’s so honest and doesn’t just talk about the amazing things in her life, she talks about all the crap too and I really respect her a lot for that.

Honestly I could talk all day about how funny Louise is but I think you should see her videos for yourself if you haven’t already, she’s honestly brilliant. [x]


AmazingPhil gif.gif

I was going to put Dan and Phil together because we know I’m a fan of them both but I decided to them separately because I became a fan at different times. I was a fan of Phil first because after posting a raving blog post of how much I loved Charlieissocoollike on a girl recommended Phil to me. I can’t remember the first video I saw but I remember Phil sitting on his living room floor talking about alien invasions and I was like “Oh My God, this guy is so weird.” I can’t remember what happened but I ended up watching more of his videos and quickly became a fan!

Phil’s videos are a bit crazy because you just never know what he’s going to post next but honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m looking through his channel but I can’t narrow it down to just one video because they’re all so funny. Phil is someone who’s just always so positive and kind, and I wish I could be the same to be honest. I think he’s amazing and a true inspiration.

If you’ve never seen an AmazingPhil video then fix that by watching one of his videos here! [x]

Daniel Howell

Daniel Howell gif.gif

My first impression of Dan was a little harsh. I was a big fan of Phil and because the two of them are best friends Dan eventually cropped up in one of his videos. The first one I saw was when they built a wardrobe together and I just thought Dan was really annoying. I don’t know why I just didn’t like him. I can’t remember what happened but one Sunday I sat in my room and binge watched all of Dan’s videos and suddenly I was trash!

I was fortunate enough to meet Dan and Phil twice when they went on their tour ‘The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire’. They were both so lovely and chatted away which was good because I’m very socially awkward and I was worried they’d both just look at me and I wouldn’t be able to say anything. I wrote a whole post about it here and I was lucky enough to get another VIP ticket for their show ‘Interactive Introverts’ which I’ll be seeing in May so I’ll be sure to write a blog post of that too!

Me, Dan + Phil

In terms of my favourite Dan video it’s between his ‘what NOT to do’ series and his ‘My Evil Piano Teacher’ video. Though I did also love his ‘My Bahamas Travel Disaster’ video. Dan’s just so funny and I could watch his videos for hours.

I also love Dan and Phil’s ‘DanandPhilGames’ channel although I did bitch about it a little when it first came out. At the time I was kind of like ‘well it’s an easy way for them to churn out videos’ but I take all that back now because I actually really love their gaming channel and I’m glad they decided to make it. I wasn’t feeling their Sims series at first but now I love the Howlter family. I think my favourite though has to be ‘Spooky Week’ or whenever they play a scary game.

I love Dan and Phil so much, I can’t wait to see them again at ‘Interactive Introverts’. Be sure to check out Dan’s channel! [x]

Achievement Hunter

AH gif.gif

Jess turned me into a fan of Achievement Hunter. When we were in school we used to play Slender Man a lot and she showed me a video of two guys playing it because she thought they were funny – those guys turned out to be Michael and Gavin from Achievement Hunter. I started watching their videos but at first I was very picky – I’d only watch a video if Michael or Gavin was in it. It took a while but eventually I started to love all of them and now I’ll watch pretty much anything they release.

I have a ton of favourites – I love it when they play ‘Murder’, ‘Trivial Pursuit’, ‘Dead by Daylight’ and ‘Mario Party’ but there are tons more. Oh God and ‘Quiplash’ too. I also watch a lot of their ‘best of’ compilations and I love their AH Animated, Shenanigans and Between the Games. I just think they’re all so funny.

They’re another channel that can cheer me up no matter how down I’m feeling. The day after my Grandad passed away me and my family stayed at home with the curtains closed. It was really suffocating being in the house with them all day, especially since my brother was also briefly living with us at the time, so I just locked myself in my room and watched Achievement Hunter videos. Obviously I was still sad but watching these videos cheered me up a bit and got me through that difficult day.

I’m really hoping I get to meet at least one member of Achievement Hunter at RTX London this year (assuming I get a ticket) because they’ve done so much for me without even knowing about it and I would just love to meet them. It’s also on my bucket list to meet them, I don’t know how I’ll be able to say I achieved that like who does that mean? Maybe I’ll count just one, I don’t know. I just want to meet someone!

If you haven’t seen Achievement Hunter I really recommend it because they are honestly so funny, check them out here! [x]

So yeah, there’s a list of my favourite YouTubers – feel free to comment any recommendations or opinions you have!