Top Ten Girls’ Generation Songs

Girls Generation 17

Girls’ Generation are my favourite girl group so I thought I’d write a quick list of my top ten favourite songs! This list changes all the time but right now this is my top ten!

10. Hoot

Girls Generation Hoot gif.gif

I wasn’t a fan of this song when I first heard it because I thought the chorus was annoying. I’m not sure what happened but this song really grew on me. I love everything about it from the concept to the choreography to the song itself. To be truthful I haven’t seen the music video the whole way through but I still love the song so much!

9. Paparazzi

Girls Generation Paparazzi gif.gif

This is another one I wasn’t particularly a fan of at first listen because like ‘Hoot’ I thought it was a bit generic. It took a few more listens but now I love it. I also love the choreography I think it’s really clever and looks so good. All the girls were serving looks in this comeback and I love everything about it.

8. Oh!

Girls Generation Oh gif.gif

A lot of people preferred ‘Run Devil Run’ to ‘Oh’ but personally I really preferred Oh! All of Sunny’s bits are really sweet and I just loved the whole concept. I keep saying this but I love the choreography especially during the middle eight and I love the story versions of the music videos for ‘Oh’ and ‘Run Devil Run’.

7. Gee

Girls Generation Gee gif.gif

You either love or hate this song but you can’t deny that it’s iconic. It’s the song that gained the girls attention leading to them being Korea’s number one girl group! A lot of people think it’s annoying but I love it, it’s so catchy and it’s just a fun song. It’s funny that the girls, especially Taeyeon, hate it so much. I don’t care what anyone says, I love this song!

6. Party

Girls Generation Party gif.gif

A lot of people complained that Girls’ Generation shouldn’t have been given this song upon its release and it should’ve gone to a rookie group. But I loved it! It was a great summer release and it came out just before I went on my first holiday with my best friends so I have some good memories associated with the song. The girls looked so good during this comeback, especially Sunny like that bright red hair actually slayed my existence. Maybe it wasn’t ‘mature’ but it was a fun summer song and it’s still one of my favourites.

5. Love & Girls

Girls Generation Love & Girls gif.gif

I wish Girls’ Generation had more songs like this because I feel like when they debuted the intention was to have songs that empower girls but unfortunately the songs that did well for them were cute songs like ‘Gee’ or ‘Oh’. Either way Girls’ Generation did still release some girl power songs including ‘Love & Girls’ which I love! The music video is one of my favourites and I love pretty much everything about it. It’s so colourful and fun!

4. Flower Power

Girls Generation Flower Power gif.gif

I’m pretty sure I didn’t like this at first listen either and I can’t remember why. I was watching someone else’s ‘top ten Girls Generation songs’ video and this song was in it. I liked the sound of the chorus this time for some reason so I gave it another listen and ended up really liking it! I wasn’t a big fan of those silver outfits the girls wore in the music videos but the black ones looked good. This is another one where I think the choreography is amazing.

3. The Boys

Girls Generation The Boys gif.gif

The English release of this song was a mess. The lyrics don’t make sense and the meaning from the Korean and Japanese versions is lost. So whilst I love that Girls’ Generation released a song in my language I almost wish they hadn’t. However the Korean version is one of my favourites and is popular amongst most fans and with good reason! The music video is so aesthetically pleasing and everything about it is great. This song is truly amazing.

2. Into The New World

Girls Generation Into The New World gif.gif

I love Girls’ Generation debut song so much! From the original version to the ballad version they performed live, I just love it! The ballad version makes me cry every time I listen to it (which is embarrassing if I listen to it on the train), it’s honestly so beautiful. Even the original normal version makes me want to cry a bit because of how far they’ve come since they’re debut days. This is my favourite girl group choreography of all time, I love watching live versions of this song. It’s one of the best debuts I’ve heard and I love it so much.

1. I Got A Boy

GG I Got A Boy gif.gif

I can’t tell whether this holds a special place in my heart because it was the first song I ever listened to by Girls’ Generation or whether it would be my favourite either way. It’s been my favourite song ever since I became a fan and I don’t think anything they release will ever replace it. The girls all looked so amazing, especially Sunny and Hyoyeon (I loved her rainbow hair). I don’t care what anyone says or thinks, ‘I Got A Boy’ was hands down their best era fight me on this.

There you go, there’s my top ten favourite Girls’ Generation songs! Feel free to leave a comment with your top ten.


Top Ten Favourite K-Pop Boy Groups and Bias’

I made a post of my top ten favourite girl groups because I’m a bigger girl group stan but I still feel like it would be fair to list my favourite boy groups too! To be honest there was a time where I didn’t listen to boy groups at all but my friends got into K-Pop and became big boy group stans so I ended up liking quite a few. So here are my top ten, favourite song and my bias from each one!

10. KNK

KNK gif.gif

Although I listen to a few boy groups I don’t really ‘stan’ many. I don’t know much about KNK to be truthful but I did see them live earlier this year at the ‘London Korean Festival’. I’d listen to them before that and they’re good, they can sing well and their dances are pretty good but I can’t get invested in them personally. Not that I’ve ever really tried though to be fair. I do like them though and recommend giving them a listen, they were great live!

Favourite song: Knock
Bias: Seungjun

9. SHINee

SHINee gif.gif

For a long time I thought SHINee were pretty overrated. I didn’t particularly see the appeal except for ‘Ring Ding Dong’ which is an amazing song. Other than that I wasn’t that fussed. Until I saw them at ‘K-Con Paris’ and they were really good! I didn’t appreciate them enough because the only song I knew was ‘Ring Ding Dong’ and they didn’t even bloody perform it but they did some songs that I now love. I’d love to see them live again to fully appreciate it this time.

Favourite song: Sherlock
Bias: Key

8. EXO

EXO gif.gif

Although I like quite a few of EXO’s songs I still don’t see what the massive appeal is. I’m not saying they’re not talented or that they don’t deserve their popularity because they are talented and they deserve every bit of fame they get, I personally don’t see the attraction though. A few of their songs are good but if they weren’t as popular as they are I wouldn’t particularly care. I say that yet if they ever came to the UK to do their own show I’d buy a ticket no matter what the cost. Okay maybe I don’t know how I feel about EXO but I can’t deny they have some good songs!

Favourite song: Overdose
Bias: Xiumin

7. Super Junior

Super Junior gif.gif

Super Junior were another group I didn’t care about but my friend Becca became a massive fan and she was like “Watch some Heechul savage moments!” I did and they were pretty funny to be honest. Me and my friend talked about learning the dance to ‘Sorry, Sorry’ for her birthday but it was too much but I did become a fan of the song and slowly started liking more of their stuff. I’m not sure how many of the members I like personally but I’m really looking forward to their comeback and I’m hoping they come to the UK. They have enough fans here, WHY DON’T MORE PEOPLE COME TO EUROPE?

Favourite song: Mamacita
Bias: Heechul

6. Seventeen

Seventeen gif.gif

I liked a couple of Seventeen songs so I recommended them to my friend and she ended up stanning them. This meant I ended up listening to a few more of their songs and I do really like them. My friend Jess has been trying to teach me all their names but there’s so many of them, I know most of them but not all of them. I do prefer big groups to smaller groups but I don’t know, there are an awful lot of members. Either way Seventeen are quite good to listen to because most boy groups have similar sounding concepts so Seventeen are pretty unique in that respect.

Favourite song: Very Nice
Bias: Vernon

5. Block B

Block B gif.gif

Block B are another group I didn’t fully appreciate until I saw them at ‘K-Con Paris’ but luckily I got the chance to see them again earlier this year where I could appreciate them a bit more. I actually had the best time. Me and my friend Becca always try to get a wave at concerts, 24K never wave back but we got a wave off Kyung at Block B and we both nearly died. Zico definitely noticed and acknowledged us as well but didn’t wave. Becca was so happy about Kyung waving at us that she barely slept that night, she kept fangirling about it. Block B’s songs are really fun, they always make me feel so happy and I definitely recommend seeing them live if you ever get the chance!

Favourite song: Very Good
Bias: Kyung


ASTRO gif.gif

To be honest I think I prefer the members of ASTRO a lot more than their music because like G-Friend I think a lot of it sounds quite similar. Funnily enough everyone calls out G-Friend for all their songs sounding the same but no one says anything about ASTRO. Either way I do like ASTRO and they’re really talented at dancing and all the members are really sweet. Me and Jess found out about them through their drama ‘To Be Continued’ which we watched on Netflix and now I love them. I say I’m not a huge fan of their music but I do own two of their albums…

Favourite song: Hide & Seek
Bias: Moonbin

3. GOT7

GOT7 gif.gif

I once read online a K-Pop Opinion that said ‘GOT7 hit rock bottom musically when they released Hard Carry’. That’s wrong, ‘Hard Carry’ is one of their better songs what are you talking about? I didn’t really care much about GOT7 until I got into their song ‘Just Right’ and then me and Jess watched ‘Dream Knights’ and even though it was really cringe we ended up enjoying it. GOT7 are probably another group where I prefer the members to their music but they do have some great songs and ‘Hard Carry’ is one of them, I don’t care what people say.

Favourite song: Just Right
Bias: Jackson

2. BTS

BTS gif.gif

If you’re a K-Pop fan then you’ve heard of BTS. When I first became a fan of K-Pop they were popular but nowhere near as popular as they are now. They were recommended to me by Becca so I recommended them to Jess and Jess ended up loving them so when they were announced for ‘K-Con Paris’ she made us go. I was a casual fan at the time but I fell in love with them at that concert, I became absolute trash by the time I made it back to England. When they started announcing their Wings tour I waited for Europe to be announced and guess what it wasn’t. I’m still hoping that with all the promoting they’re doing around Europe they’ll actually announce some dates soon but I’m not going to hold my breath. BTS are brilliant, their songs are so good and all the members seem really nice. There’s not a member that I dislike. If you haven’t listened to them, and I doubt there are many, I recommend giving them a go!

Favourite song: Mic Drop
Bias: J-Hope

1. 24K

24K gif.gif

If you read my 24K London Fan Meet Experience [X] you’ll completely understand why they’re my bias group. To be honest sometimes I don’t think I deserved the experience I had because until earlier this year I’d never heard of them. To be fair though after seeing them in January I started to love them to the point where me and my friends travelled to Amsterdam so me and Becca could see them again and meet them. They’re truly so lovely to their fans and they deserve so much more recognition for their hard work. They’re amazing live, they have such good energy and I really can’t big them up enough! They’re so good! You need to listen to them and understand. They come to Europe so often as well, they’re such a great group to stan. And the rest of the fandom is so nice like they’re all so chill at their concerts and so friendly. Go listen to one of their songs, they’re good!

Favourite song: Hey You
Bias: Cory

Top Ten Favourite K-Pop Girl Groups and Bias’

When listening to K-Pop I’m more of a girl group stan than a boy group stan so I thought I’d write a quick list of my ten favourite girl groups, who my bias is and my favourite song from each of them!


TWICE gif.gif

People seem to either really love TWICE or they can’t stand them like they have no in between. I really liked their first couple of songs but I wasn’t a big fan of ‘TT’ or ‘Signal’. The one thing I don’t like is when people compare them to Girls’ Generation like can’t we just let TWICE be TWICE? I do think they’re all talented and their songs are a lot of fun so I’d love to see them live one day. The girls all seem really sweet so yeah I’d definitely recommend them even though I imagine every K-Pop fan has listened to at least one of their songs.

Favourite song: Like Ooh-Ahh
Bias: Dahyun

9. IOI

IOI gif.gif

Did they really have to disband after one year? Could we not have just kept them together? I’m so glad I got to see them live at K-Con Paris but really sad I didn’t quite appreciate it enough. To be fair their set was a bit boring because although they opened with ‘Pick Me’ they then sang two slow songs and that was the end of that. I think that’s because apparently Somi was too young to go on stage though. But yeah I honestly loved IOI for the year they were around and their last song made me cry. I’m so proud of how much they achieved in just one year and I hope they continue to do well with their new groups/paths!

Favourite song: Dream Girls
Bias: Chungha

8. Red Velvet

Red Velvet gif.gif

Recently Red Velvet’s songs are a little strange in the sense that it takes me a few listens to become a fan. As I stated in a previous post, I hated ‘Russian Roulette’ when I first heard it but now it’s my favourite song. I hated ‘Rookie’ at first listen but now I love it. I thought ‘Red Flavour’ was okay but it took me a few listens to fully appreciate it. Their first few songs though were brilliant at first listen, I love ‘Dumb Dumb’ and ‘Ice Cream Cake’ so much. I’m glad Red Velvet are so popular, they really deserve it they’re so talented.

Favourite song: Russian Roulette
Bias: Seulgi


EXID gif.gif

I’m so glad I’ve finally seen EXID live I’m just so sad Solji wasn’t there. Either way I really hope that ‘London Korean Festival’ becomes a yearly tradition or something because it was awesome. Not quite on the same level as ‘K-Con Paris’ but you know beggars can’t be choosers. I’m getting off topic here. EXID are so good and they’re a group that are constantly slept on by K-Pop fans who are like “Oh I don’t like cute songs that’s why I don’t listen to girl groups”. Here are EXID, existing, bringing out absolute bangers and people keep ignoring them. To be fair compared to some groups they are building up quite a good fan base but for good reason! They’re all so talented, I can’t recommend them enough.

Favourite song: Lie
Bias: LE

6. AOA

AOA gif.gif

I couldn’t stand AOA when I first listened to them. I was listening to a ‘K-Pop Girl Groups 2015’ playlist so the song ‘Heart Attack’ came up and I hated it. So for a while I assumed all their songs sounded like that and didn’t really give them a chance. I can’t even remember what song I ended up listening to by them but I started to really like them! I think it was around the time of their ‘Good Luck’ comeback and I was like “Oh this sounds nothing like Heart Attack and I actually really like it”. Now I love AOA and I’m so sad that Choa left! I hope AOA keep releasing music and I’d love to see them live one day.

Favourite song: Mini Skirt
Bias: Jimin

5. G-Friend

G-Friend gif.gif

Like most fans I first discovered G-Friend through the fancam of their performance of ‘Me Gustas Tu’ which they performed on a wet stage which meant they kept slipping over but they still carried on like absolute pros. I watched their dance practice video and thought they were brilliant and I was even more impressed with their ‘Rough’ dance practice. Although I loved them I couldn’t help secretly agreeing with everyone that their songs sounded very similar. They’re easier to distinguish after a few listens but at first listen they are very similar sounding. Until they released ‘Fingertip’ and slayed my existence. I love that song more than I love myself. G-Friend are amazing and probably one of the most talented girl groups at dancing. I love them all so much!

Favourite song: Fingertip
Bias: Umji

4. Oh My Girl

Oh My Girl gif.gif

Oh My Girl’s ‘Liar Liar’ was amazing at first listen but I couldn’t get into many of their other songs. I thought their ‘A-ing’ comeback was a little annoying and their debut song ‘Cupid’ was also a little annoying. But I loved ‘Closer’ and the music video was such aesthetic goals. Then their comeback with ‘Colouring Book’ was also really good and I realised that actually, I kind of love Oh My Girl. Their music videos are always so pretty and aesthetically pleasing. If you’ve never listened to ‘Oh My Girl’ then I really recommend that you do, they’re so good!

Favourite song: Liar Liar
Bias: Hyojung

3. Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop gif.gif

For a long time Crayon Pop were my favourite group, they were the first K-Pop group I ever listened to and they’re the reason I became a fan in the first place. I’m sick of everyone’s negativity towards them like ‘oh they’re childish’, ‘they got famous by luck’ and ‘their songs are really annoying’. Okay maybe they’re not for everyone and I get that but then just don’t listen to them? Their songs are fun, I don’t see the issue. And they had to promote their music on the streets to gain attention because no shows would let them promote so I will not stand for anyone saying they didn’t work hard to get where they are today.

I can understand people finding their older songs annoying and repetitive like yes ‘Bar Bar Bar’ is repetitive and I didn’t like it at first but it grew on me. But then their comebacks like ‘Dancing All Night’, ‘FM’ and ‘Doo Doom Chit’ were just completely slept on. Also I love reading comments like ‘oh their dances are always so easy’. They’re easy to pick up but not easy to do like have you tried dancing to ‘Bar Bar Bar’ whilst looking as flawless as them?

I’m really sad that Soyul left and that all the girls have left Chrome but hopefully they will reunite to release something new soon. I’d love it if they could continue as a four member group but I’ll continue to support their solo activities as long as the girls are happy.

Favourite song: Doo Doom Chit
Bias: Gummi

2. Mamamoo

Mamamoo gif.gif

Mamamoo were another group I couldn’t stand when I first listened to them. I didn’t understand why everyone was hyping them up so much, I just didn’t like their songs. Until I ended up watching the same funny moments collage and ended up loving the girls personally. I gave their music another chance and ended up really liking them in the end. Even now I need to give their songs a few listens before I fully love them.

I do understand why people dislike Mamamoo like they have done some problematic stuff but ultimately you can still love someone whilst accepting that they’re not perfect. Personally I think they’re very caring of their fans and that’s all I can ask for. I don’t think any of them deliberately set out to offend or upset people. I’m not going to delve too deep into that though.

Mamamoo are insanely talented when it comes to singing, if I had half their talent maybe I’d be able to achieve something with my life. If you haven’t given them a listen I would recommend it because they’re such good singers and their songs are a lot of fun!

Favourite song: Aze Gag (Dad Jokes)
Bias: Moonbyul

1. Girls’ Generation

Girls Generation gif.gif

How can you not love the nation’s number one girl group? They’ve been around for ten years now and they’re still slaying. Although I was a bit disappointed with ‘All Night’ and ‘Holiday’ I still love them – it’s not that the songs were bad because they weren’t, I liked them but I would’ve preferred them if they weren’t 10th anniversary songs. They didn’t seem to have much meaning to what was actually quite a huge achievement. They’ve made it ten years and they got poor promotions for generic songs.

Girls’ Generation were another group I didn’t like at first listen because I wasn’t a fan of ‘I Got A Boy’. K-Pop still kind of blows my mind because I’m used to growing up listening to a group and having all their songs sound similar, you know? So it was strange getting into K-Pop and realising that just because I didn’t like this song by a certain group didn’t mean I wouldn’t like their other songs because often they change concepts and sounds with each new comeback. With Girls’ Generation ‘I Got A Boy’ is completely different to ‘Gee’ isn’t it?

So eventually ‘I Got A Boy’ grew on me so I decided to listen to more stuff and that’s when I realised what a range of concepts Girls’ Generation had spanned across. It took me a few listens but I soon got used to the changing concepts and now I love most of their songs. The only title track I’m not a fan of was ‘Genie’ because that leg dance move is so annoying. But their songs are so good, especially ‘The Boys’, ‘Flower Power’ and ‘Love & Girls’.

For a long time I wouldn’t have classed Girls’ Generation as my favourite group but after their tenth anniversary comeback I know they are. I love all the girls so much, including Jessica even though I didn’t become a fan until she’d left. I’ll fully support any solo activity they do now and in the future.

I’m sad to hear that Tiffany, Sooyoung and Seohyun have decided not to renew their contracts with SM. I’m not surprised about Sooyoung as I don’t think SM appreciated her enough but Tiffany and Seohyun have surprised me. I hope the girls still continue as Girls’ Generation for a while longer somehow, I’d hate for them to disband now – I need to see them live first!

Favourite song: I Got A Boy
Bias: Sunny

Well there you go, I hope you learnt a little something about me. Feel free to leave your favourite girl groups in the comments and any recommendations you have!

K-Pop: First bias vs. Current Bias

Let’s face it, when you first get into a group you often make a snap judgement on who your bias is. Sometimes this is based on their appearance, their humour, one particular moment, it could be literally anything. A lot of the time after getting to know the group a bit better bias’ change and there’s nothing wrong with that! So I thought I’d write a quick list of groups with my original bias and my current bias.


Original bias: Woozi

Woozi gif.gif

Current bias: Vernon

Vernon gif.gif

To be honest I go back and forth between the two, but in this instance, my choice of bias is based purely on appearance. I don’t know much about Seventeen personally, I couldn’t even name every member but I do know a few of them. My friend Jess kept trying to teach me their names and Woozi always stuck out because I thought he had cute cheeks. So for a while he was my bias and he’s still a bias wrecker but now I’ve learnt their faces a little better I think Vernon’s really cute. If I watched more of their videos and found out more about their personalities I’m sure my bias would change all over again.


Original bias: Hyerin

Hyerin gif.gif

Current bias: LE

LE gif.gif

This was another one based off looks at first. Hyerin looks really sweet and I immediately liked her. I still do because her performance of ‘You Raise Me Up’ at the ‘London Korean Festival’ nearly made me cry and I love her but I just love LE more. I loved her song with Hyuna and I realised that I love LE’s raps so much. I’d love to see a collab between LE, Jimin (from AOA) and Moonbyul one day but that will never happen. LE slays my entire existence with every comeback and I think she’s amazing.

Girls’ Generation

Original bias: Sunny

Sunny gif.gif

Current bias: Sunny

Sunny 2 gif.gif

That’s right, I’ve always been Sunny biased! I’m normally drawn to idols with interesting hair and Sunny was serving looks during the ‘I Got A Boy’ era which was the first song I knew by Girls’ Generation. Even during other comebacks where she didn’t have short coloured hair I could always pick her out from the other members. I watched more videos of them and although I love all the members I will always be a massive Sunshiner. No matter what I watched Sunny always remained my favourite member and is still one of my top bias’!


Original bias: Choa

Choa gif.gif

Current bias: Jimin

Jimin gif.gif

When I first became an AOA fan Choa was the only member I could pick out and I just thought she was really pretty. I think recently I have a thing for the rappers in the group because Jimin quickly crept up my bias list. Jimin was another member who was easy to pick out and I love her rapping. I don’t care what anyone says about her being a ‘squeaky’ rapper or having an annoying voice, I love ‘Puss’ and her voice so much. Her parts in any AOA song are my favourites.

Red Velvet

Original bias: Yeri

Yeri gif.gif

Current bias: Seulgi

Seulgi gif.gif

Yeri is really sweet and it really annoys me whenever people moan about her being added to the group. She’s a great addition and yes, she can sing so stop acting like she can’t. She was my bias for a long time until I started watching their 2x dances on ‘Weekly Idol’ and Seulgi caught my eye. She’s an amazing dancer and I loved her look during ‘Russian Roulette’.


Original bias: Eunwoo

Eunwoo gif.gif

Current bias: Moonbin

Moonbin gif.gif

I remember picking Eunwoo for looks because the boy is very good-looking but I can’t remember what drew me to Moonbin. I can’t pinpoint the exact moment my bias changed but now Moonbin is probably one of my top biases. I love all of ASTRO but there’s something about Moonbin. To be fair I think Sanha’s cute as well but the kid is seventeen so that would be weird.


Original bias: Wheein

Wheein gif.gif

Current bias: Moonbyul

Moonbyul gif.gif

Apparently there’s a trend with idols with the word ‘moon’ in their stage names? I used to watch the same Mamamoo Funny Moments compilation over and over again so before I got into their music I really liked Wheein. She’s probably the funniest member of the group and she makes me laugh so much. But when I started listening to their music I really loved Moonbyul’s voice and I thought she was so cool. Moonbyul slays my existence and she’ll always be my favourite.


Original bias: Cory

Cory gif.gif

Current bias: Cory

Cory 2 gif.gif

When I first saw 24K back in January I only knew one members name and that was Cory. I only knew that because I saw a video on Facebook of Cory talking about how he was excited to go to Italy because he loves pasta and pizza. So I got there and slowly started to learn about the other members but as Cory was the only one I knew he was my bias by default. I got into them more until they became one of my bias groups but at the moment Cory is still my bias. Kisu and Hongseob are climbing up but at the moment I’m still Cory biased.

Crayon Pop

Original bias: Soyul

Soyul gif.gif

Current bias: Gummi

Gummi gif.gif

Crayon Pop were the first K-Pop group I ever got into and I chose Soyul as my bias before I even knew what a bias was. Why? I could always pick her out because she was the only member with a full fringe. I started to really get into Crayon Pop, watched more of their moments and I still loved Soyul because she was funny and full of energy. But I started really loving Gummi more. Although occasionally Soyul has been marked the ‘unofficial leader’ I would argue that it’s Gummi. She’s always cheering on the other members to work harder and during ‘Crayon Pop TV’ she was the one that stood up to the managers whenever they were all in trouble. To me Gummi is the unofficial leader and also my official bias.


Original bias: Jungkook

Jungkook gif 2.gif

Current bias: J-Hope

J-Hope gif.gif

When I first got into BTS me and my friend Jess would watch their music videos on this channel called ‘learn K-Pop names with me’ so we could pick out a bias. We watched ‘War of Hormone’ and ‘Dope’ a lot and I thought Jungkook was really good-looking so I chose him. Then I found out he was younger than me – not by a lot but it still made me feel weird so I figured I should probably choose a different bias. I started to like J-Hope because he made me laugh in a vine where he made fun of Rap Monster. Whenever I watched more of their stuff I still liked J-Hope the best and it’s now been a couple of years and I’m still absolute J-Hope trash. So much so that my friends made me this cake for my 21st birthday:

Birthday Cake.jpg

Does your original bias tend to change when you get to know the group better? Let me know any changes to bias you guys have had or any bias wreckers you have down in the comments!

Tips for Nervous Flyers


At the start of the year my number one fear was elevators. I’ve conquered that fear which leaves only one thing. Flying. I hate flying more than anything but unfortunately I love travelling more than anything. So unless I want to spend over ten hours on a coach getting from England to France I need to get over it and get on the plane.

Earlier this year I was convinced I was getting really bad luck so I said to my friends “I am not getting on a plane this year.” I have ended up getting on a plane eight times this year, two of them being long haul flights to New York and back. And slowly but surely my nerves are decreasing a little bit.

I was a mess earlier this year when I got the plane home from Amsterdam. It was the shortest flight of my entire life but I freaked out the entire way home. I can’t even say why because there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, it was lovely and sunny and as flights go it was actually really pleasant. But I held my friend Hirst’s hand the entire time and freaked out so loudly that apparently other passengers made sarcastic comments about me. Whoops.

Me + Hirst.jpg
Me and Hirst on the flight where I was annoying as hell.

Time passed and I didn’t get on a plane but I knew my flight to New York was approaching and every night I’d lie in bed and try to prepare myself. During the day I could kid myself I didn’t care and I was really chill about catching the flight but at night I couldn’t, the anxiety crept in and I knew I’d be scared.

In the end I ended up flying before my trip to New York because I ended up going on a last minute trip to Luxembourg for my friend’s 21st birthday. I didn’t want to be that annoying passenger that freaks out and does everyone’s heads in anymore so I told myself I’d be calm.

This might sound weird but I love going through airport security. So I was chill going through all that, I was chill when we had breakfast, I was chill waiting for the gate to be announced. Got to the gate and I was no longer chill. Got on the plane and I was no longer chill. However, I was sat next to Becca. On the way back from Amsterdam I’d sat next to Hirst who’d been so kind and patient the entire way even though I was the biggest pain ever. I knew Becca would not put up with my shit and I didn’t want her to fall out with me before we’d even made it to Luxembourg.

Even now I’m not okay during take-off. Luckily all four of us were sat in a line so I could hold Hirst’s hand but I nearly broke it and I remember chanting “I’m not chill! I’m not chill! I’m not chill!” The entire time we were taking off. The moment we levelled out Becca put her headphones on so I told myself to relax and I put my headphones on too. And I was okay.

For Luxembourg the flights were really nice, barely any turbulence but that was different on the way back from New York. On the way back into Manchester we hit what my Mom described as ‘mild turbulence’? Well if that was mild I’d hate to hit really bad turbulence. The air hostess was trying to pour me a drink and it was sloshing all over the place. Saying that, I was freaking out but everyone around me was calmly eating their breakfast without a care in the world.

We hit turbulence on the way to ‘Lithuania’ as well but I was sat next to Hirst and we’d both just that second ordered hot drinks. I was scared so I was holding the arm rest and I also wanted to hold her hand but we needed to protect the drinks so she ended up holding both of them whilst I held onto her arm. We were both honestly pissing ourselves with laughter so although I was scared I was also having a good time.

Flight home.jpg
Me and my friends on the way home from Lithuania – when I felt a lot calmer!

To be honest being an awkward person really helps me a lot. There have been times we’ve been sat in the gate ready to get on the plane and I’ve thought to myself ‘I can’t do it, I can’t get on this plane’ but because I’m so awkward I would never actually say that or refuse to get on. My friends would hate me and it’d be such a waste of money that I’m too awkward to not go through with it!

Although I’m slowly starting to get better on flights I wanna point out that I am by no means a confident flyer, I’m still extremely nervous on flights and I still need to hold someone’s hand during take-off. Also there’s something about sitting in the window seat during take-off that I don’t like the thought of so I always make sure I’m on the aisle seat. Once we’re up there I imagine the window seats quite nice ‘cos you can look out but nope, not on the way up. I don’t know why, it literally makes no difference.

My point is that although I get nervous I have some tips that help me keep relatively calm and hopefully they will help other nervous flyers feel a bit better too:

– Take something to distract yourself. Seems obvious but bring a variety. I love listening to music but occasionally I end up finding myself panicking because this leaves me alone in my thoughts too much. So I’ll switch to watching some videos I’ve already uploaded onto my iPod. Or I’ll start reading. Or start talking to my friends if they’re willing to. For me, switching up what I’m doing helps take my mind off the things I’m nervous about.

– My Mom always tells me to tell the flight attendants I’m nervous but like realistically there’s not a lot they can do, they’ve got work to be getting on with not comforting me. So just let the people you’re travelling with know that you’re nervous. My friends already know and I couldn’t have kept it a secret even if I’d wanted to, I was that bad. But because they know I’m nervous they go out of their way to make sure I’m keeping it together. I woke up one morning to find my friends had been discussing our flight while I was asleep and had paid extra for me to sit next to one of them so I wouldn’t be nervous – I honestly nearly wept.

– Although I’m not a fan of turbulence whenever the plane starts to shake I remember something I heard a pilot say on a YouTube video once. If you were in a car driving over a bumpy road, the car would start to shake and we wouldn’t think twice about it. Why is it different on a plane? And he’s right, turbulence is not dangerous it’s just uncomfortable and for me, yes, a little scary. But the plane was made to handle it so just remember that you’re never in any danger.

– At any given time there are around 5000 planes in the sky above the United States. 5000! And that’s just in the United States! There are so many planes in the sky all at once, if nothing bad happens to those planes what are the chances of something happening to the one you’re on? Extremely slim. Think of all the people you saw at the airport and the amount of different flights everyone’s getting on. That really comforts me whenever I’m on the plane.

– Think about all the cool things you’re going to do in whatever country you’re heading to. Okay that doesn’t necessarily work if you’re on a business trip or you’re on your way home but on the way there it’s easy to think ‘well this will be worth it because I’m going to see/do all these cool things when I get there’. I hate flying with a passion but there is no better feeling than touching down in a country you’ve never been to before.

– Statistically you’re a lot safer on the plane than you were in the car on the way to the airport. This is another comforting one for me because I was in a car accident earlier this year so I feel like the odds are on my side.

I think I’m done with flights for this year but next year I’m travelling to Japan and South Korea. That means getting a flight to Turkey, then to Japan, then from Japan to Korea, then from Korea to Turkey and another flight back to England. That’s gonna be a lot of flights! So I’m grateful I got on so many flights this year because at the start of this year I was terrified of flying. Now I think I’m just nervous. I no longer lie in bed dreading the next flight I have to get; I just get scared when I’m actually at the airport.

I hope these tips help any nervous flyers out there and just remember that with each flight you are conquering your fear a little bit more each time! It’s the start of your holiday and you should look forward to it instead of fearing it.

Top Ten Favourite K-Pop Solo Releases

Another K-Pop post, I am sorry but I just can’t help it! I love writing lists and I love hearing everyone’s favourites so feel free to leave a comment with your top ten favourite solo releases. Now these are either idols who debuted as soloists, those who were in a group but are now solo or just idols who are still in a group and released some solo work. Some of them technically aren’t solos ‘cos they have someone featured in the song but I still put them in anyway ‘cos it’s my list and I can do what I want. So here goes nothing!

10. CL – Hello Bitches

CL Hello Bitches gif.gif

For some reason I was like really shocked when I first heard this song, I wouldn’t bat an eyelid now but at the time I was like “Jesus Christ this is intense.” I hadn’t really listened to music like this growing up so for a while there quite a few K-Pop songs where I was like “Jesus that’s intense” even though like it’s not that bad. I still really liked ‘Hello Bitches’ at first listen because I loved CL. I wasn’t as big of a fan of ‘Lifted’ but that eventually grew on me. I don’t think ‘Doctor Pepper’ will ever grow on me though, sorry CL you’re amazing but that song is just dreadful.

9. Cheetah – My Number

Cheetah my number gif.gif

I heard of Cheetah when I ended up watching a few rap battles from ‘Unpretty Rapstar’. I watched her rap battle with Jimin from AOA and thought she was pretty talented so when her song ‘My Number’ came up in my recommended I gave it a listen and loved it! It’s not usually my style but I really got into it, I had it on repeat for like an hour and recommended it to my friend who also loved it. I haven’t listened to many songs by Cheetah but I’ll definitely look out for anything else she releases.

8. Bobby – Holup

Bobby holup gif.gif

I’m not particularly a massive iKON fan, I like three maybe four songs but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy their albums or anything. To be honest I can’t remember what convinced me to listen to ‘Holup’, I was probably just in that new music mood and I had heard of Bobby before so I put it on. I really like it, if I ever ended up seeing iKON in concert then I’d love for Bobby to perform this it’s so good! Apparently he won the third season of ‘Show Me the Money’ so I might need to check that out.

7. Hyuna – Roll Deep

Hyuna Roll Deep gif.gif

Hyuna is an absolute queen, let’s not even deny it. I love most of her songs including ‘Bubble Pop’, ‘Red’ and ‘How’s This?’ but I think ‘Roll Deep’ definitely has to take it. I’m not particularly sure how I feel about the music video but the song itself is so good. I’d love to see Hyuna live but that’s never gonna happen. Although I’m still sad about 4Minute’s disbandment I am looking forward to more of Hyuna’s solo work!

6. IU – Good Day

IU Good Day gif.gif

I’ve seen a lot of people calling IU a snake and all sorts and like I’m not 100% sure what drama/scandal she’s been getting involved in but she does have some good songs. I first liked her when I listened to ‘Twenty Three’ which has such a cool music video but then I listened to ‘Good Day’ for her famous three high notes. It’s another song that’s not particularly my style but I still ended up loving it. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I was an IU fan but you have to admit that she’s extremely talented, I’d love to be able to sing like her.

5. Hyolyn – Paradise

Hyolyn Paradise gif.gif

Like Hyuna, Hyolyn is an absolute queen. And although I’m still not quite over Sistar’s disbandment I am really looking forward to more Hyolyn solos. ‘Paradise’ could’ve been included in my ‘ten K-Pop songs I loved at first listen’ list because I did, it’s so upbeat and Hyolyn is an amazing, powerful singer. She was also on ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ but I couldn’t find any English subs for her rap battles. If anyone has a link please hit me up.

4. Agust D – Agust D

Agust D gif.gif

Since BTS have a ton of fans I doubt there are many people who don’t know that Agust D is Suga from BTS and that his mixtape was actually one of the best things ever. If you haven’t listened to ‘Agust D’ then you must be living under a rock because everyone freaked out when it was dropped and for good reason. It was bloody lit. It still is. How can one person be so talented? This song still gets me hyped whenever I hear it, I’d probably pass out if I ever saw him perform it live.

3. Jimin – Puss

Jimin Puss gif.gif

This one might be cheating a little bit because technically this wasn’t a release, this is the song Jimin performed in the ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ semi-final. A lot of people complain Jimin’s a ‘squeaky rapper’ but I think she’s brilliant, her parts are always my favourite in any ‘AOA’ song and she’s just dropped a teaser for a new solo song and I can’t wait to be honest. I wasn’t a big fan of ‘Puss’ at first but it grew on me and it’s one of my favourites. It’s a good song to put on if you’re in a bad mood.

2. Jessi – Gucci

Jessi Gucci gif.gif

I had heard of Jessi but the first time I really heard her was when I listened to Unnie’s ‘Shut Up’ and I was like “okay wow she’s pretty talented” so I listened to ‘Ssenunni’ and that was really good. When she had her latest comeback with ‘Gucci’ I thought it was good but I didn’t love it or anything. Until I listened to it a few more times and started to love it. Definitely my favourite Jessi song. I love Jessi, she’s so talented and so funny on variety shows.

1. Hyoyeon – Wannabe

Hyoyeon Wannabe gif.gif

I’m so proud of my girl Hyoyeon for finally getting a couple of solo songs, maybe now everyone will stop singing she can’t sing or rap when she clearly can. I did like ‘Mystery’ when it was released but it was a bit repetitive and didn’t have much going on. But ‘Wannabe’ was something else, that song slayed my entire existence. It’s so good, I love Hyoyeon so much. I had to put this at number one because I’m so proud of her for proving everyone wrong, Hyoyeon has so much talent and it’s so sad that people don’t recognise that. Not being a fan is one thing but you don’t need to drag her down, don’t be so petty. I hope Hyoyeon releases more solos in the future, I think she’s amazing.

Feel free to let me know if you agree/disagree and what you’d rank as your top ten favourite solo releases in the comments!

Happy Death Day: Review by Holly Bareham

Happy Death Day.png

Happy Halloween guys! However you’re choosing to celebrate I hope you have a great day. I personally am stuck at work and by the time I thought about having the day off I realised there wouldn’t be enough cover in the office so… I’ll probably watch a horror film later tonight though just to say I’ve done something.

So for those of you who never saw this trailer you’ve done a pretty good job of avoiding it because for a while it was all over Facebook and people were freaking out about it. To be honest I thought it looked interesting but I also thought it looked like one of those films that would just annoy the Hell out of me. I assumed right from the start it would be dreadful but I was still intrigued so I decided to give it a go.

‘Happy Death Day’ is about a college student who is murdered on her birthday but wakes up the next morning on her birthday. She is forced to relive the same day over and over again until she can figure out who her killer is and stop her own death.

Jungkook gif.gif

I actually really enjoyed it. I was intrigued the entire time and I found the whole thing really entertaining. It didn’t take itself too seriously which is just as well because it simply wouldn’t have worked if it had. Although at first most of the characters were unlikeable this was deliberate for the overall message of the film which was essentially ‘don’t be an asshole’. I ended up really liking Tree, the main character, by the end and I liked Carter right from the start.

Maybe I’m an idiot but I didn’t guess who the killer was at all. My friend told me she’d guessed before we even went in and was really bemused that I hadn’t figured it out. Listen, it’s good to be an idiot when watching films – I’m always shocked when the plot twist is revealed. I really liked this one. It was kind of ridiculous but in a good way.

As long as you don’t take it too seriously it’s a really good film. It’s entertaining and I’d really like to see it again before it leaves cinemas but I’m not sure I’ll have the time. I definitely wanna get it on DVD when it’s released though. I just really liked it and I’m quite surprised to say how many positive reviews it has on iMDB. Maybe we all low-key expected it to be trash but because it wasn’t that bad we can’t help by like it.

Compared to other horror films this year it just feels really refreshing. This is what ‘The Bye Bye Man’ should’ve been like because that was dreadful and took itself way too seriously. ‘Happy Death Day’ mocked itself and it worked really well!

Time for my piece of horror film trivia. There was quite a bit on iMDB and it was all pretty interesting but I’ve chosen this one: The scene where Tree walks across campus completely naked had to be done quickly as it was being filmed on an active campus thus presenting the risk of students witnessing the scene being filmed and taking photos. In the end they managed to do it in just 2-3 takes.

I recommend this if you haven’t already seen it and are looking for something interesting to watch this Halloween. I was genuinely really pleasantly surprised by this film so go into it with an open mind and just view it for it is: a bit of fun.