Top 10 Places I Want to Visit: Updated 2020

Hong Kong 2

This list is ever-changing, so much so that I’ve already written this list twice for this blog – the first one is here and the second one’s here. However I wanted to rewrite it again because I’m really missing my travelling now we’re in lockdown. Luckily I didn’t have too much booked for this year. I managed to go to Florida in February, unfortunately I had to miss my trip to Sweden last month and I have four nights in Disneyland Paris booked for November which I’ll keep my fingers crossed for but I’m not entirely hopeful (I’m hoping that since I booked a package holiday they can just help me rebook for a later week or something).

But yeah, the lockdown’s got me thinking about where I want to go once this is over. This list will probably change by this time next year and is in no particular order.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok 2

Me, Becca and Jess wanted to go on another trip like our big trip to Asia back in 2018 and we all agreed we wanted to go to Bangkok. We decided to also slot in a week in Vietnam and then maybe a few days in Cambodia. Before we even had chance to plan properly everything went into lockdown but I suppose at least we hadn’t booked anything as the chances of us getting our money back would’ve been slim.

I’d say I’ve been interested in Thailand ever since we got back from Japan and I know how much my friends want to go too so it’s not somewhere I’d go on my own. But it’s definitely towards the top of my list.

Los Angeles, USA

Los Angeles

The two major places I wanted to visit in America were New York & Florida and I’ve been lucky enough to visit both. Next on my list is Los Angeles because think of how iconic it would be. It’s also my mission to visit all the Disney parks across the world and the only ones I’m missing now are California and Shanghai and I don’t think it’s too difficult to visit the California park from Los Angeles. And they also have a Universal Studios which is really cool.

I do like America because it’s nice to visit a foreign country without worrying about the language barrier and I just know there’d be a ton of stuff to see in Los Angeles. It’s the next place in America that I want to tick off my list.

Oslo, Norway


I’m a nervous flyer and after my flight back from Orlando earlier this year my confidence is at an all time low so instead of hopping straight onto a long-haul flight to a different continent I might be better building up my confidence again by having a few short trips to countries within Europe. When booking my trip to Sweden I did nearly settle on Norway but Becca once pointed out that the more places we see alone for the first time the less places we have to experience together (if that makes sense) so I settled on Stockholm as Becca had already been there and my friends would no doubt come to Norway with me.

I’m pretty sure two girls I went to university with were from Norway and I thought they were lovely, and the country just looks interesting. I’d definitely love to go one day – unfortunately at the moment there aren’t any direct flights from my local airport so I may have to look at going from a different one.

Hiroshima, Japan


To be honest, I think I’m just desperate to return to Japan. Me and my friends had a full week in Tokyo in 2018, then a few nights in Kyoto, then a few more nights in Osaka before heading to South Korea and honestly Japan was just amazing. My Dad, who has no interest in visiting anywhere in Asia, did once say that if he ever visited Japan he’d want to visit Hiroshima.

It’s on my bucket list to return to Tokyo one day and I’d love to explore some other parts of Japan as well at the same time – Hiroshima would definitely be included on my list of destinations.

Nairobi, Kenya


I really want to visit Africa some day as it’s on my bucket list to visit every continent but the thought does make me nervous as I feel whenever I check the ‘’ website almost everywhere in Africa comes with a few travel warnings. I suppose there are risks with anywhere you visit but I think this is somewhere I’d have to visit with friends – I think my Dad would probably have a heart attack if I told him I was going to Kenya solo, he panicked enough when I went to Poland.

At the moment me and my friends are happy to continue ticking off countries in Asia but Becca did joke that we will eventually need to pick a different continent and I’d love for us to plan a trip to Africa – hopefully specifically Kenya. We’ll have to see!

Prague, Czech Republic


I’ve wanted to go to Prague for quite a while now but for whatever reason just haven’t got round to it yet (and obviously won’t at the moment due to the virus) but I would love to visit one day. I really want to take my Mum on a trip abroad that I’ve entirely paid for and although I know she’d love to visit Chicago one day I’m thinking Prague will be more affordable and she has mentioned she’d like to go.

When I was a teenager the thought of travelling appealed to me but I wasn’t too interested in Europe, I was more interested in visiting further places like Asia or America but through travelling with my friends I’ve begun to appreciate our continent a lot more. Europe is so pretty and I want to see as much of it as possible.

Beijing, China


I’d also love to visit Shanghai but going to China does worry me. Not only does the visa process look extremely difficult but I’ve heard from people that visiting China is difficult as not many people speak English and no signs are translated to English. Which is fine, I think it’s kind of bullshit that countries like Japan & Hong Kong have English translations on their public transport systems whereas here in the UK we don’t offer the luxury of a translation to any tourists. But it does worry me.

Therefore I wouldn’t go to China alone but would prefer to go with friends. A guided tour might be an option but I don’t like being limited – I don’t mind daytrips for example my trip in Romania to Dracula’s castle or our day trip in Japan to Mt Fuji but for the entire holiday it seems a bit much. It’s probably easier yeah but my favourite part of travelling is being able to take my time to do the things I care about whilst spending minimal times on the things I’m not enjoying. I’d have to speak to my friends I guess because I know they wanna go too – if you’ve been to China then let me know how you got on, the best way to do it etc. There’s just so much there that I want to see and do!

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


To be honest I’d never really considered visiting Dubai but my manager at work has been a few times as her sister is living over there for a limited amount of time. So now actually it’s grown on me and I think it would be interesting to visit. From photos I’ve seen Dubai looks absolutely incredible and it looks like there’s a lot to do. Apparently they’re quite strict in terms of unmarried couples or drinking alcohol but I’m most likely to go with my friends anyway and we don’t really drink on our holidays – we’re too busy sightseeing from the moment we wake up to the moment we go to bed.

My friend Hirst really wants to visit Australia (it’s her number one destination and has been for years) so me, Becca and Jess had a look at doing stopovers on the way there and on the way back and we had originally settled on Dubai and Singapore – however Becca and Jess have since visited Singapore and Hirst said she didn’t to visit Dubai so I guess that’s thrown a spanner in the works. But I would really like to visit someday – preferably not in their summer though because I can barely handle the UK version of summer let alone the Dubai version.

Moscow, Russia


I’d love to visit Russia one day and I know my friend Becca would love to visit as well. The only thing putting me off is the visa process – visa’s really stress me out, I’m so sad Brexit went ahead, it’d better not make travelling more complicated. I’d also be a little worried as Russia are another quite strict country but I don’t think we’d be too at risk.

Russia looks like an absolutely fascinating country and to visit Moscow would be an honest dream come true. I’m sure Becca will eventually put her foot down and decide to go in which case I’m tagging along, whether she likes it or not.

Hanoi, Vietnam


On New Year’s Eve me, Becca and Jess were talking about our trip to Thailand and how we wanted to visit another country while we were over there when I suggested we each put three countries in Asia into a bowl and then pick one out. There was a discussion on which countries we’d put in the bowl and we realised that each of us would put Vietnam in there so we decided we might as well skip the bowl and just visit Vietnam as we all wanted to go.

When planning my 2019 birthday trip I had considered Vietnam but it put me off that they don’t have much public transport so I settled on Hong Kong instead. However, Becca and Jess managed to navigate Indonesia together last year where there was little to no public transport so if we all went to Vietnam together I’m sure we’d do fine. I’m hoping this crisis doesn’t last too long and that travel goes back to normal before we know it so we can have another out-of-continent trip together.

So there we have it, my top ten countries at the moment which will probably change by this time next year. Honourable mentions go to Krakow in Poland, Taipei in Taiwan, Rome in Italy and anywhere in Egypt as I would love to visit those as well. Although there aren’t many places I wouldn’t want to visit at this point.

Let me know where you’re most desperate to travel!

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