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New Horizons

It’s safe to say that I’ve played an awful lot of Animal Crossing ever since the game was released. I received my Nintendo Switch Lite and the game on the same day and although I have another Switch game I haven’t even opened it yet because I’ve been so busy playing Animal Crossing. My last couple of posts were about social distancing and this lockdown so I wanted something more light-hearted and decided to look for an Animal Crossing tag. I couldn’t find one so decided to make my own. Feel free to borrow if you want to give it a go, I’d love to read your answers!

Who were you starter villagers?

As I’ve only played ‘Wild World’ I didn’t really have any favourite islanders (I’m not sure if my favourite from back then are even still around) so I didn’t go into this game with any hopes for who my villagers would be. As luck would have it I think I got two pretty decent ones because I got Poncho and Agnes. Although Agnes is probably my least favourite villager so far I still like her, as I like all my residents. And I actually love Poncho.

New Horizons Bridge

I’ve just Googled it and apparently my old favourite villager is part of New Horizons. For some reason I really loved Opal even though she was a ‘snooty’ villager so if she came to my island I’d ask her to stay.

Which other villagers have joined your island?

Sherb, Marina and Peanut. My favourite is definitely Marina, I think she’s so cute and I’m so glad I’ve got her on my island. I asked them all very quickly to move in not realising there was going to be a limit, I did say no to one villager but I can’t remember who it was. I’ve only recently got the campsite up and running and Huck is in there at the moment and the game forced me to ask him to move in but I really don’t want him to ‘cos he’ll spoil my aesthetic haha. Luckily I don’t think he will because he asked me to ask Tom Nook if it was okay and I haven’t asked because I don’t want him. I didn’t realise if I talked to him the game would force me to invite him to my island! Hopefully tomorrow he’ll buggar off and I can pick someone else.

New Horizons Resident Services

What is your island fruit and are you happy with it?

Mine’s apples and I was thrilled because someone on Twitter did a poll to see what fruit people wanted and I did choose apples. I know everyone likes the peaches but I’m not as keen. The only fruit I would’ve been annoyed with is the pears. I do have pear (and cherry) trees on my island now but for it to be the resident fruit would’ve been so annoying. The ones in Wild World made me feel a bit sick because they reminded me of a horrible jellybean I ate as a kid that made me feel sick. Eugh!

What did you name your island and does it have a meaning?

The one thing that I suck at is naming my island. I was looking at what other people were calling theirs but it had meaning to them so I didn’t want to steal them. I can’t remember what site I ended up on but it showed me what small words meant (I’m not explaining this right but I can’t remember how I found this site) and so I strung two together and came up with the island name of ‘Redfae’. I’m actually not mad keen on it now but there’s no going back. I wish I’d spent a bit longer thinking of a name but I don’t think I’d have come up with much to be honest.

New Horizons Marina

Do you time skip?

I used to when I played it on the Nintendo DS because I’d do all the cheats of how to get thousands of bells of interest from the bank but that came with consequences (the amount of bloody weeds that would appear over town). I also skipped to my birthday a couple of times to see what would happen. But in New Horizons I’m enjoying taking it day by day so I don’t think I’ll time skip. I’m finding it much easier to get bells in this game than I did in Wild World so I don’t really see the need. I’m not too impatient whilst waiting for stuff to be built; I just get on with other things that need doing on the island.

Did you stick with your first island or did you reset?

I stuck with my first island because like I said, I didn’t really have any expectations. I was also happy with my starter fruit and my villagers seemed okay. Maybe if I’d got pears and an ugly villager I’d have felt differently though haha! I used to reset all the time when I played Wild World but I don’t particularly want to reset all my hard work.

New Horizons Aquarium

Do you have a favourite K. K. Slider song?

When I was a kid I ended up having Antonio as one of my villagers in one town I had and I loved the song he played in his house which was ‘K. K. Faire’ and I found it on YouTube and although the ‘live’ version of K. K. singing it is good the song that played in his house sounds so weird. I still think it’s my favourite for nostalgia purposes though.

New Horizons Sherb

Those are all the questions I have for now! Please send me a link if you complete this tag, I’d love to read your answers. Stay safe!

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