Favourites as a Teenager vs Favourites Now

Me 2

It’s safe to say I’ve changed quite a bit since I was a teenager and I’d say it’s definitely for the best. I’m generally more positive and a lot less cringe than I was back then. But sometimes it’s nice to have a throw back to when you were a teenager so I figured I’d look back at my favourites then against my favourites now.

Favourite Band

Thirteen Year-Old Me: My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance 2.jpg

Twenty-Two Year Old Me: BTS


I was obsessed with My Chemical Romance in Secondary School. You can ask literally anyone I went to school with what my favourite band was back then and they would answer ‘My Chemical Romance’ with no hesitation. It all started when I met a girl named Jasmine in Religious Studies and she told me she was a massive fan of the band. I liked her and wanted to be her friend so I gave them a listen and ended up falling completely in love with them. I wrote more about it in this post here but yeah, I absolutely loved My Chemical Romance more than anything.

As me and Jasmine drifted apart my interests began to change, as they would’ve anyway because I was growing up and slowly I became a big fan of K-Pop. It’s the kind of music I trashed all the time as a teenager even though I secretly enjoyed it. I used to only listen to girl groups but when my friend Becca became a fan of K-Pop she recommended BTS to me and although I liked them and enjoyed their music I wouldn’t have said I ‘loved’ them until seeing them at K-Con Paris. Ironically we only went because I think Jess would’ve combusted if we hadn’t but it was like unscrewing the cork off a bottle because since then I love them and have seen them live three more times paying obscene amounts of money each time. And I don’t doubt I’ll continue to in the future if they return to Europe.

Favourite Movie

Thirteen Year-Old Me: Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

Angus Thongs and perfect Snogging

Twenty-Two Year-Old Me: Room

Room Still 3

I guess my taste in movies is now slightly more depressing? I don’t know. Fun Fact, I hated horror movies when I was thirteen, I don’t think I actually started enjoying them until I was maybe sixteen? My sister made me watch ‘The Descent’ when I was like eleven and I was okay with that but refused to watch other horror movies.

I’m getting off topic. I imagine my favourite film changed a lot in Secondary School but I can remember borrowing this movie off my friend Jasmine and coming home to watch it most evenings after school. I don’t know what it was about it but I just loved it – I still do to be fair. I remember watching it in school as well and for some reason as soon as it was done our English teacher went online and bought the Angus t-shirt that Robbie wears at the end of the movie.

I’m not sure what I love about the movie ‘Room’ so much. I quite like a weepy film ‘cos I also love ‘My Sisters Keeper’. It’s just such a good film and at least it has a happy ending. I’m not sure what thirteen year old me would’ve thought of it though!

Favourite TV Show

Thirteen Year-Old Me: iCarly

iCarly 2

Twenty-Two Year-Old Me: Derry Girls

Derry Girls 3.jpg

My TV show obsessions didn’t start until I was about sixteen and for some reason they faded away a few years later because now I don’t particularly have much attention span for TV shows. I’ll acknowledge that I’m enjoying a show but the episodes are so long that I tend to lose interest mid-way or don’t have the motivation to sit and watch the next one.

As a teenager I loved Nick and Disney shows, as much as I didn’t want to love them because they were ‘babyish’ but whoops I did love them. I think as a thirteen year old iCarly was probably my favourite show. I’m trying to narrow it down to a particular favourite episode but I can’t think of one! I don’t know many teenagers who didn’t love these shows so it’s weird that we were all so embarrassed to admit it to each other until we were a bit older? Like I’m pretty sure we were the target audience?

I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts that as I’ve gotten older my attention span for TV shows has lowered. I do like watching things on Netflix like ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ but I just don’t have the motivation to force myself to watch something that’s an hour long. I’ve recently started enjoying ‘Derry Girls’ though because the episodes aren’t long (in fact I wouldn’t mind if the Derry Girls episodes were longer) and I just think it’s hilarious. I sort of spoilt the episodes for myself by watching the best bits on YouTube over and over again but it doesn’t make the show any less enjoyable – in fact it’s quite nice to have more context to the jokes! I can’t wait for them to release Season Three because I only have one episode left of Season Two and I’m not looking forward to being completely caught up.

My favourite episode is definitely the prom episode, it was just perfect from start to finish. Hilarious and heart-warming all at the same time. Perfection!

Dream Career: Writer


Actual Career: Business Support Officer


Although my dream to be a writer hasn’t disappeared I’ve had to accept reality and get a proper job for the time being. After quitting university I did a couple of jobs – worked at a Victorian museum, did a week at a large convenience store (I was a Christmas temp) and became a care worker. But then I accepted a job as an apprentice at my local council, spent 18 months doing that and then got accepted as a Business Support Officer the day before my contract ran out.

I never imagined myself working in an office but here I am and I’ve found I actually quite enjoy it! I get a good amount of money and I get on well with my team. The job role can be difficult at times but it’s in a team I’d been interested in as an apprentice and I feel really lucky to have been offered the job. I don’t know what thirteen year old me would think of that, I was convinced I’d never do an apprenticeship or work in an office but I guess life is funny like that.

Celebrity Crush – Singer

Thirteen Year-Old Me: Gerard Way

Gerard Way

Twenty-Two Year Old Me: J-Hope

J-Hope 2

First of all I suppose it’s good that my celebrity crush singer is actually closer to my age. I was obsessed with Gerard Way as a thirteen year old who was in his thirties at the time – something my Mom was keen to point out to me all the time “He’s old enough to be your Dad!” Didn’t stop me having the world’s biggest crush on him though. I still think he’s good-looking but I wouldn’t say I have a crush on him now.

I’m not really sure I have a ‘crush’ on J-Hope but like I do love him, he’s my absolute K-Pop bias so maybe it is a crush, I don’t know? I don’t think I particularly would’ve imagined myself being a K-Pop fan as a teenager. Well, I don’t think I’d have imagined myself being a pop fan at all as a teenager because I was so determined to be a rock and metal enthusiast. But my music taste has definitely expanded so that’s a positive I guess?

Celebrity Crush – Actor

Thirteen Year-Old Me: Zac Efron

Zac Efron 2

Twenty-Two Year-Old Me: Chris Pine

Chris Pine 2

To tell you the truth I’m ball parking about the thirteen year-old actor celebrity crush because for a while I didn’t really get the appeal in fancying actors. Like musicians I understood, I had tons of musician celebrity crushes but never really thought about many actors. I think most girls probably had a little crush on Zac Efron at some point and although I never would’ve admitted it as a teenager I probably did have one.

When I started watching Supernatural at sixteen I completely understood the actor hype and now I have tons of actor crushes. Tom Holland, Tom Hiddleston, Will Poulter, Thomas Brodie-Sangster just to name a few… But my favourites probably been Chris Pine since I saw him in ‘Horrible Bosses 2’ so yeah…

Favourite Book

Thirteen Year-Old Me: Anything by Jacqueline Wilson I guess

Jacqueline Wilson

Twenty-Two Year-Old Me: Only Ever Yours by Louise O’Neill

Only Ever Yours

I personally think Jacqueline Wilson is an absolute genius and even at twenty-two I always buy her new releases and enjoy reading them. At thirteen I can’t really remember my favourite specific book but I would’ve still loved anything Jacqueline Wilson related. Fun fact when I was sixteen there was one morning a week in tutor where my friends weren’t there and I was by myself so instead of going on my phone I started taking a book to school with me. One week I brought a Jacqueline Wilson book with me to which my teacher said “Babes those books are for year sevens?” When I told my Mom she hit the roof “HOW DARE SHE DISCOURAGE YOU FROM READING?” but luckily didn’t go in and make a complaint or anything as that would’ve just been embarrassing.

On my 16th birthday Jacqueline Wilson was doing a book signing in London so I begged my Mom to take me and she did because she’s awesome. It was a great birthday weekend, my Mom surprised me with tickets to see Wicked as I’d been begging her for ages and the book talk and signing was incredible to. I think I was the oldest one there but I didn’t even care haha!

I can’t remember when I first read ‘Only Ever Yours’ but for that first read although I definitely enjoyed it I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was my favourite book. Over the years though there’s just something about it that I really love. Like my taste in movies this book is more depressing than I would’ve enjoyed at thirteen but there’s just something about it I really love?

I travelled to London by myself to go to a Louise O’Neill book signing and fun fact that was the first time I ever stayed in a hotel by myself. Lisa Williamson and David Leviathan were also at the event, I hadn’t heard of either of them at the time but read one book of each of theirs before I went and realised I was a fan of both their work too. The talk was a lot of fun and the signing was funny – I’d tweeted the authors earlier in the day to say I was on my way to London for their signings and Louise looked at the post-it with my name on and was like “I remember your tweet because I thought you were Hozier and I was really excited but then I was disappointed when I realised- Not to say that you’re a disappointment of course!”

So there we have it, I can’t think of any other favourites to compare but um I think it’s safe to say that I’m quite different from thirteen year-old me. I think she would’ve been disappointed reading this but I’m a lot happier and secure within myself than I was at thirteen so there’s always that!

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