Ten Non-K-Pop Artists I Love

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I pretty much only talk about my love for K-Pop on this blog so I wanted to talk about groups or soloists that I love that aren’t K-Pop. So here are some groups I love in no particular order.

My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance gif.gif

I’ll start with My Chemical Romance because it’s no secret that I was a massive fan as a teenager. I think I’d still be a big fan now but you know they selfishly went and split up so it’s kind of difficult to continue being an active MCR fan. But they were definitely my favourite band for pretty much all of Secondary School; I was a loyal hoe to My Chemical Romance. I was lucky enough to be able to see them live twice – once in Manchester and then again in Birmingham.

I’ve already talked about all the MCR related stuff I did as a teenager so I won’t harp on about it again in this post because you can read about it in my ‘Fandoms That Low-Key Saved My Life’ post here but yeah, I still have a good jam to My Chemical Romance every so often because I still love them and if they ever did come back one day I would be at their next concert within minutes.

Favourite Song: I Never Told You What I Do For a Living


Anastacia gif

Anyone I talk to about Anastacia is always like ‘oh yeah I loved her as a kid’ but honestly I still love her. I haven’t really listened to much of her recent stuff but I still blast her oldies from when I was younger and I just think she’s an amazing singer. I’m really sad that I haven’t seen her live, pretty much everyone from work recently went to a Lionel Richie concert in Shrewsbury and Anastacia was the supporting act and I was gutted to not have gone because everyone said she was amazing.

I would definitely love to see Anastacia live one day, my Mom’s seen her a couple of times and I’m infinitely jealous. I really want to see her!

Favourite Song: Paid My Dues

All Time Low

All Time Low gif.gif

All Time Low are the band I’ve seen live the most amount of times as I’m pretty sure I’ve now seen them seven times. Let me try and recall each time:

– Birmingham, O2 Academy
– Slam Dunk Festival, Wolverhampton
– London, O2 Arena
– London, O2 Academy Brixton
– Birmingham, O2 Academy (again)
– Birmingham, Genting Arena (with You Me At Six)
– Birmingham, Genting Arena (meant to be with Pierce the Veil but they couldn’t come)

To be honest there may be more times but I can’t remember. I’ve also managed to meet them twice – the first time was at a signing in Birmingham that lasted about ten seconds and I barely said one word to them because I was so nervous and it went so quickly. The second time was in London because Penina was a member of the Hustler’s club and I got to go in as her carer. This was better because we all got a selfie with each member – my photos didn’t turn out as good as I could’ve hoped… I also dropped my phone when handing it to Jack Barakat and he went “Don’t tell anyone I screamed like a girl” and I was like “… What?” like a complete moron.

All Time Low are one of those bands that I always buy a ticket for and say ‘this will be me last All Time Low concert’ whilst knowing that it won’t be. I know for a fact the next time they come to Birmingham I will be there in a heartbeat and have an amazing time. They’re such a fun band to see live, the first time I saw them was probably one of my favourite concerts ever. I even got given the day off school by my head teacher so I could go and queue all day. So yeah, I love All Time Low.

Favourite Song: Remembering Sunday


BabyMetal gif.gif

I have talked about BabyMetal on this blog because I wrote a post of my top ten favourite songs and I mentioned their concert was one of my favourites I’ve been to. As mentioned before this group were recommended to me a couple of times by my friend Cheyenne but I always insisted I wasn’t going to listen to a group called BabyMetal but then Kerrang posted one of their songs, I gave it a listen and suddenly really liked them. Sorry Cheyenne!

I’m really happy I got to see BabyMetal too. It was such a fun concert and BabyMetal are so energetic and are generally amazing performers. Definitely one of my favourite concerts I’ve been to. They’re coming back again in July I believe but performing on a Tuesday which is a bit of a shit day to perform. I’m also not sure it would be the same since Yui’s left the group and they’re being a bit vague about this whole ‘seven new members’ thing so maybe it’s just as well.

Favourite Song: The One

The Used

The Used gif.gif

I’ve seen The Used twice, the first time was when they supported Evanescence which really seemed an odd support act for Evanescence but there you go. Then I got to see them again at their own show in the O2 Academy. That was amazing because Bert kept calling out my friend Jess for not knowing the lyrics to certain songs – she knew some but was more of a casual fan who came because I really wanted to go.

I’ve loved The Used for a few years and I recently went through all their songs on spotify and just fell in love with them again.

My favourite album is definitely ‘Lies for the Liars’ there isn’t a single song on there that I don’t love and it’s just such a perfect album. If you listen to any of their albums I definitely recommend that one.

Favourite Song: Empty With You

The Pretty Reckless

The Pretty Reckless gif.gif

I’ve only seen The Pretty Reckless twice but they were good both times! The first time was when they supported Fall Out Boy and the second time was their own show on the ‘Going to Hell’ tour, it was perfection. Except for the ninety year drum solo during ‘It’s a Fucked up World’ like honestly I thought it would never end. But other than that it was a banging concert, one of the few I’ve been to where I knew all the songs that were played. Also, have you seen Taylor Momsen? The woman is absolute goals. Also their ‘Going to Hell’ album is another one that’s just absolute perfection, every song is amazing and honestly they’re just such a good band. I’d love to see them live again soon.

Favourite Song: Sweet Things

Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling gif.gif

I can’t remember when or how I discovered Lindsey Stirling but I love her. Lindsey’s a violin player but not in a classical sense, I’m not really sure how to describe her. I had a ticket to her show a while ago but unfortunately couldn’t go because I didn’t have enough holiday at work or enough money so I had to sell my ticket. I’d have loved to have seen her when she toured with Evanescence but they didn’t come to Birmingham and I couldn’t afford to go to London.

Either way, I love Lindsey Stirling’s music and I could listen to it for hours. She’s so talented and I wish I could be like her to be honest.

Favourite Song: Roundtable Rival


Evanescence gif.gif

I think Amy Lee is one of the prettiest people I’ve ever laid eyes on and she is an absolutely amazing vocalist. I love Evanescence and their latest album ‘Synthesis’ is perfection. As mentioned I’d have loved to have seen them at their latest tour but as they didn’t come to Birmingham I couldn’t. I did see them with my friend Sam a few years ago though and they were brilliant. I think they’re a band I’ll never get sick of because they have such amazing songs and honestly they’re just great.

Favourite Song: The Change

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu gif 2.gif

Kyary’s another one I’ve talked about because I’ve written a list of my favourite songs by her and I wrote a post about going to London to attend her concert so it’s no secret that I’m a big Kyary fan. I was a fan of Kyary before I became a fan of K-Pop, I just loved her songs so much. Kyary is one of those people that I will always make an effort to go and see if she comes to the UK ‘cos her shows are a ton of fun and Kyary’s outfits are always amazing. I was gutted there was no seating at her last concert as I want to be able to appreciate her aesthetics instead of having to crane my head over thousands of tall people to get a glimpse of her.

I’m not sure if I like the direction Kyary’s heading with her music, it just seems very different to her early stuff but I think if she announced she was coming back to the UK I’d definitely go and see her again.

Favourite Song: Candy Candy

Tonight Alive

Tonight Alive gif.gif

I started listening to Tonight Alive because they were supporting All Time Low at one of their shows and I wanted to know at least a couple of the songs before I went. In the end the queue to get into the fucking concert was so long that I missed half of Tonight Alive’s set but a few months later they came back to do a solo show in Birmingham and by this point I was hooked so I had to get a ticket.

Since then I’ve seen them twice more and both times have been fab. They’re such an amazing band to see live and most of their songs have a special place in my heart because they’re so meaningful. Especially ‘Hell and Back’ like oh my god, what a song. I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of Tonight Alive.

Favourite Song: Lonely Girl

So there you have it, ten of my favourite non K-Pop artists. If you have any recommendations then feel free to hit me up!

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