Top 10 My Chemical Romance Songs

My Chemical Romance Blog Post

I’m long over my ‘My Chemical Romance’ phase which is just as well considering they broke up but when I was thirteen I was My Chemical Romance’s bitch. If MCR were to reunite tomorrow and announce a World Tour I would probably still buy a ticket to at least two of their shows and go and have the best time ever. I decided to have a quick throwback today to my favourite MCR songs so here goes nothing!

10. Planetary (Go!)

MCR Planetary Go gif.gif

This song is so much fun and an absolute bop. I was gutted when I found out the music video had been filmed in London because I was like ‘oh my God I could’ve been in their video’ but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be. I absolutely loved the whole Danger Days concept like honestly it was one of my favourite albums from them, I had my own Killjoy costume and I walked up town the day the album came out and bought the deluxe edition that came with the bandana (I think I got Party Poison’s). In fact I’m pretty sure shortly after the album was released I actually did a Killjoy roleplay with some online friends because I was just such a big fan. So yeah, this was one of my favourite songs off the album because it’s just a lot of fun!

9. Our Lady of Sorrows

MCR Our Lady of Sorrows gif.gif

This used to be my favourite by them but I listened to it one too many times. My favourite MCR lyric ever used to be ‘oh how wrong we were to think that immortality meant never dying’ like oh my god, thirteen year old me was shook. I think ‘I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love’ was probably my least favourite MCR album but to be fair it was their first and there were still some good songs on there. It’s still a good album just not their best.

8. Vampire Money

MCR Vampire Money gif.gif

Another song from Danger Days that I absolutely love. Apparently this song was written because Gerard was offered the part of Edward in Twilight but I don’t know how true that is. The song is definitely in some way about Twilight because I know MCR weren’t into that ‘scene’ or whatever. Anyway, I loved this song and I was really glad to have the opportunity to see it live even though fourteen year old me was foolish and got standing tickets at the Birmingham Genting Arena and stood in the middle of the floor and honestly I nearly died several times.

7. The Only Hope for Me is You

MCR The Only Hope For Me is You gif.gif

Another Danger Days song, apparently it’s one that Gerard wrote for his daughter Bandit and honestly I love this song. If I was feeling down back when I was a teenager I would whack this song on and just have a bit of a weep before feeling better. Even now I just honestly love it, what a song.

6. Dead!

MCR Dead gif

The first album I ever listened to by My Chemical Romance was ‘The Black Parade’ and I remember this song kicking in after ‘The End’ and I was rocking out because even though I’d never listened to it before I already knew I was going to love it. This is another good one for if I’m annoyed or something like I can just whack it on full volume and scream the lyrics.

5. Mama

MCR Mama gif.gif

I remember my friend thinking I was an idiot because at the start of the song there’s a sound effect of bombs going off or something and one night I told my friend I’d always assumed it was Big Foot in the snow. You know like when you keep singing an incorrect song lyric that makes absolutely no sense but you sing it anyway because you’re so certain that that’s what it is? It was like that. I was only like thirteen in my defence and a bit of an idiot. The song is still good though and one of my favourites off the Black Parade album.

4. Famous Last Words

MCR Famous Last Words gif.gif

There was a time when everyone accused My Chemical Romance of having depressing lyrics and I always used this song as a defence. Lyrics like ‘I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone’ really meant something to me and helped me through dark times. Even now this song means a lot to me and I still whack it on if I’m upset about something. This is a song I’ll never stop loving.

3. Na Na Na

MCR Na Na Na gif.gif

One night I got a message off one of my internet friends, Lauzz, who told me to get online immediately because something was happening on MCR’s website. I borrowed my sister’s laptop and sat up until 4 in the morning talking to my online MCR friends and watching the website like a hawk even though nothing changed for a few days. Eventually a teaser was released for the Danger Days album and eventually the music video was dropped. I didn’t have a laptop at the time and the computer at my Mom’s didn’t have sound but luckily Kerrang or MTV had put in a slot for MCR’s new video so I watched it on the TV and I was blown away. I loved the entire thing and loved the song from first listen. Definitely the best song from the Danger Days album, it’s amazing.

2. Welcome to the Black Parade

MCR Welcome to the Black Parade gif.gif

Everyone knows this song even if they don’t know this song if you know what I mean. I remember Jasmine asking our RE teacher to put it on and at the time I wasn’t a fan of MCR but I realised that actually I did know and love this song. Since then I couldn’t even guess how many times I’ve listened to it, I remember singing it with my friends on the way home from school more than once. It’s one of those that you can just sing your heart out too. This is the best song from the Black Parade album even if it is the most obvious one.

1. I Never Told You What I Do For A Living

MCR gif.gif

I have no idea why this is my favourite song, I just know that it is. I don’t really have any special memories associated with this song and it’s actually a bit dark. There’s just something raw about it that I really love and it’s usually the first MCR song I put on when I’m in that kind of mood. ‘Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge’ has always been my favourite album because it feels the most real. I don’t know, I probably sound lame but I loved it and this song is definitely my favourite.

Let me know your favourite MCR songs in the comments, how you felt when they disbanded, if you think they’ll ever come back – feel free to leave any kind of comment!

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