41 Random Favourite Things Tag

Madame Tussauds 2

Ah writer’s block, thou art a heartless bitch. On the bright side I love doing pointless tags so I’ve decided to do the 44 Random Favourite Things Tag. Please enjoy!

1. Colour

Pink! I used to repress my love for it in Secondary School and in general ‘cos ‘ugh pink is for girls and I’m not like other girls’ but once I grew the hell up I realised that pink is an awesome colour and one of my favourites. I don’t really show it because I don’t really wear pink clothes or own many pink things but it is my favourite colour!

2. Fruit


Strawberries, I don’t care what anyone says strawberries are the God tier fruit. Grapes are good too but nowhere near strawberries.

3. Candy

I’m not really a massive candy fan, they can make me feel a bit sick so I prefer chocolate. I’m hoping Haribo’s count because I do love them but too many can make me feel a bit sick. The hearts and the eggs are my favourites, the cola bottles are my least favourites.

4. Chocolate

It changes all the time but at the moment it’s Dairy Milk Whole Nut. Most places only sell Dairy Milk Chopped Nuts now and it’s nowhere near the same, it doesn’t taste as good as Whole Nut.

5. Cold Drink

Chocolate milk but specifically ‘Yazoo’. It took me a while but I realised I don’t like really ‘Frijj’ and the stores own brands aren’t that great. I don’t like the ones that are made out of powder because they almost never completely stir into the milk. Yazoo has that perfect balance, I won’t stand for anything less.

6. Hot Drink

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate. I’m not a massive fan of hot drinks, I feel like a failure of a British person because I don’t like tea and coffee is too bitter for me. A hot chocolate is always welcomed on a cold day though. I think the best one I ever had was on holiday in Blackpool with my Mum, Nan and Little Nan it was a smarties hot chocolate. They all felt sick watching me but it was so tasty!

7. Ice Cream

Aldi do what I call ‘ice cream sandwiches’ and whenever I told Hirst I was eating one she was like “why the hell would you have ice cream with bread?” Hirst, honey, its ice cream with two cookies that form the ‘sandwich’. They’re lush but unfortunately they’re only seasonal so I can only enjoy them in the summer. I’m also a massive fan of Ben and Jerry’s ‘Phish Food’ ice cream but to be fair, who isn’t?

8. Chips

I assume this is an American tag and they mean ‘crisps’. I actually don’t like crisps, especially anything cheese flavoured or salt and vinegar flavoured, just the smell of them horrifies me. I try to keep quiet when people eat them near me but it really grosses me out. I do occasionally eat ready salted crisps or some nachos or something but like they do creep me out. I’m not sure what it is!

9. Soup

I’ll eat vegetable soup as like a starter or something but I’m not a fan of soup as it doesn’t fill me up in the slightest. I don’t understand people at work who eat no snacks all morning, have soup for lunch and then are fine until tea time. I’d be dying of hunger! I like the idea of soup but yeah, it wouldn’t fill me up.

10. Car

I don’t know pretty much any car types, I’m glad Go Carz tell you your driver’s registration ‘cos if they just sent the car type I’d never bloody find it. So I don’t really have a favourite for this one.

11. Television Show

Hello My Twenties

The only show in the past couple of years that’s managed to absorb me is ‘Hello My Twenties’. I’ve watched and enjoyed other shows but sitting down to watch them feels like a chore until I’m actually mid-episode and into them, and even then I occasionally check how much longer of the show I’ve got left. I could’ve happily sat and watched ‘Hello My Twenties’ all day though, it really sucked me in. I was happy when they released season two but I finished it so quick, and I don’t think they’re gonna return with a season three even though I need to know what happens! Gah!

12. Movie

Room - Movie hub web news entertainment trailers reviews - Movieholic Hub

At the moment it’s ‘Room’. It’s an amazing film and I’m so glad Brie Larson won an Oscar for it. I love the book too but it was sadder and a bit more realistic – I know that’s probably better but I don’t know, I just loved the way the movie was told. I could watch it again and again without getting bored, and it would probably make me cry every time.

13. Sport

Although I’ve started going to the gym I don’t really take part in any sports. I quite like Netball at school and in Year 7 I nearly joined the Netball team because my PE teacher told me I was good and that I should but she didn’t show up to the training session so I wasted a whole lunch break waiting for her and I didn’t bother again. It’s a shame as I think I would’ve enjoyed it.

14. Perfume

I don’t have a favourite because I don’t tend to wear it. Sure, I will if someone buys me a bottle but I’d never go out of my way to buy one for myself. I mean, why are they so expensive?

15. Meat

I mostly eat chicken because it’s easiest to cook and comes in different forms – chicken nuggets, chicken stir-fry, roast chicken, chicken burger etc. But I think my actual favourite is beef. I just don’t make it as often ‘cos I’m not a confident cook and I’m used to cooking chicken, not beef. Probably sounds stupid but there you go.

16. Vegetable

Broccoli. I’m quite bad and don’t like that many vegetables, the only ones I can think of off the top of my head are broccoli and sweet corn but I LOVE both of them. I like making my own broccoli ‘cos my Mom doesn’t cook it for long enough and it’s too hard, whereas I cook it for ages so it’s nice and soft. I could eat broccoli with pretty much anything.

17. Genre of Music

K-Pop but I’ll listen to most things to be honest. My taste is quite broad.

18. City to Visit

Japan Takeshita

Tokyo in Japan, I don’t care that I’ve only been once in my entire life, it’s my absolute favourite place ever.

19. Celebrity Crush

I have so many and narrowing it down to one would be near impossible so I’ll go with the obvious and say J-Hope from BTS.


20. Book

It’s either ‘Only Ever Yours’ by Louise O’Neill or ‘The Loneliest Girl in the Universe’ by Lauren James. Both are amazing for different reasons. I’ve reread ‘Only Ever Yours’ tons of times but only read ‘The Loneliest Girl in the Universe’ earlier this year but I did love it.

21. Sports Team

I used to pick my favourite football team based on who I had a crush on at the time. If they supported Liverpool then you can bet your ass I supported Liverpool too. I’ve been to one football game in my entire life as I treated my Dad to tickets and it was a Wolves match as he supports them. During the match I supported them too but I’m not an active fan or anything.

22. Pet

Unfortunately I don’t have any pets anymore – I did love Bruno, Fred, Toffee and Tina whilst they were alive but I don’t have any anymore. I’m not in a rush to get any as I travel often and it’d be an inconvenience trying to find someone to look after them whilst I’m gone. I just love my friends pets instead.

23. Flower

Roses I think. Nice and traditional.

24. Dessert

My latest dessert obsession are the strawberry tarts from ASDA. I love them, they’re so tasty, I can’t get enough of them.

25. Smell

Freshly mown grass, warm cookies, coffee (even though I can’t stand the taste), just to name a few.

26. Game

Mario Party 8

I LOVE Mario Party 8! I watched Achievement Hunter play it all the time and I was always so jealous ‘cos I had no one to play it with. On my birthday I bought the game and forced my friends Becca, Jess and Hirst to play it with me. Jess liked it but Becca and Hirst weren’t fans so now I don’t really have anyone to play it with and it’s no fun playing with the AI’s, it’s too easy to win.

27. Piece of jewellery

Me and my friends each have a bracelet that Hirst gave us all for Christmas one year that has each of our initials on it. It’s the only piece of jewellery I wear all the time and I love it to pieces. We all wear ours all the time and it’s really cute!

28. Jeans

I’ve gone off jeans but when I did wear them I just bought a cheap pair from Primark or ASDA. Due to my size the jeans always wore away and got holes in them anyway so I didn’t see the point in splashing out money for an expensive pair.

29. Electronics

I’m not really sure what this means but I love my iPod. Unfortunately my iPod Nano recently broke (how it survived this long though is beyond me, I ripped the buttons off the side and it was not in good shape) and for some reason a new Nano was more expensive than an iPod Touch so I bought one of them instead. I don’t trust Apple products as they’re definitely not built to last but since I’ve been using iTunes for so long I don’t want to buy a non-brand MP3 player and have none of my songs transfer onto it.

30. Hair Product

I don’t really use hair products other than hair dye and I go for Live XXL just because they do bright colours whereas most of the other brands don’t. I used to dye my hair different colours when I was a teenager but now I’m older I can’t be bothered with the bleaching to get a decent colour so I’ve stuck with purple hair. I don’t go to the hairdressers anymore as last time she was like “there’s still red in your hair so we’re probably best dying it that colour again” and although I didn’t want red hair at all I was too awkward to say anything. I think the red still being in my hair was bull anyway, it would’ve grown out ages ago.

31. Sandwich

Bacon and egg! When I lived at Jess’ for a couple of months we used to have a bacon and egg sandwich after walking Benji which was always lush.

32. Condiment

I don’t like any condiments. I still remember sharing a tray of chips with Jess and she insisted she ‘had to’ squeeze ketchup all over her half, and when I pulled ones out from the bottom they had sauce on and I had to leave them for her. I can just about tolerate mayonnaise at an absolute push but I don’t actually enjoy any condiments.

33. Thing to collect

Snow globes! I’ve started collecting them from the countries I visit and I have a pretty decent collection now. The only one I’m currently missing is Amsterdam but I’m hoping I’ll have time to look for one on my stopover on the way to Hong Kong later this year.

34. Time of Day

On a weekday 5PM because that’s when work finishes and although I love my job it’s still good to know that now my time is my own. If we’re not talking about a specific time I like evenings both in and out of work.

35. Day of the week

Either Friday or Saturday. Sunday’s aren’t fun because of bloody trading standards and the buses are less frequent (as someone that doesn’t drive it’s very annoying). Friday’s good ‘cos although I have work I know afterwards I’ll have a full two days off (unless I’m doing care work). Saturday’s are good because that’s the day to go out and do something.

36. Actor

I love so many actors that it’s hard to narrow it down to one. At the moment I’m going to say Tom Holland. Fun fact, last time me and Becca got drunk together we thought it’d be a great idea to record a video of us talking about how much we love Tom Holland and then tweet it to him. I sincerely hope he never saw it.

Cooking with "The Avengers", Los Angeles, USA - 12 Nov 2018

37. Actress

Probably Brie Larson, I think she’s amazing as both an actress and a person. I’m so glad she’s joined the MCU, she’s just perfect.

Women In Film 2018 Crystal + Lucy Awards Presented By Max Mara And Lancôme - Arrivals

38. Season

Autumn! It’s starting to cool down but it’s not too cold yet. Also my birthdays in Autumn which is a definite bonus.

39. Designer

Ah, I don’t actually have one. Sorry!

40. Comfort Food

I’m not sure what counts as comfort food but whenever I’m abroad for too long I get cravings for British food. When I was in America it was a full English breakfast I kept fancying whereas when I was in Asia all I wanted was a roast dinner. If I’ve had a crap day at work I love going to Wetherspoons after work, you can’t beat a good Wetherspoons meal. If I was at home I think I’d go looking for hash browns.

41. Piece of Clothing

I bought myself a big nightie from ASDA which is nice and baggy, and really cosy. It’s everything I’d ask for in pyjamas.

There you have it, 41 random favourites of mine! Feel free to leave a comment with yours or a link to yours. Or just whatever you wanna comment.


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