5 Favourite Marvel Characters

Marvel Characters

It’s not long until ‘Avengers: End Game’ comes out and I am SO excited. It took a lot of stress and panic but I managed to book tickets to the 4DX double bill at my local Cineworld – I’ll rewatch ‘Infinity War’ at 8:30PM and then at midnight ‘End Game’ will play. I love going to the midnight screening because then absolutely no one can spoil it for me.

As I’m so excited I wanted to write a Marvel themed post so I figured I’d write a list of my five favourite characters from the MCU. Hope you enjoy!

There will be Infinity War spoilers in this post but I assume by now most people who care have already seen it.

Peter Parker

Peter Parker gif.gif

I’m gonna start with the obvious because who doesn’t love Peter, let’s be real? I never watched the original Spider-Man movies but I did watch the versions with Andrew Garfield and was initially disappointed he wasn’t joining the Avengers movies and he had to be replaced. But I actually now prefer Tom Holland’s version and wouldn’t have it any other way. At least he relatively looks the age he’s meant to be portraying and I just don’t think the way Spider-Man is shown in these movies would have suited Andrew Garfield.

I loved ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ and am really looking forward to ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’, and the end of ‘Infinity War’ KILLS ME WHY DID MARVEL HAVE TO DO US DIRTY LIKE THAT? I’m looking forward to seeing him come back in ‘End Game’ ‘cos like he must do if he has another movie coming out. There’s nothing I don’t love about Peter and I doubt there are many people that dislike him.

Wanda Maximoff

Wanda Maximoff gif.gif

I wasn’t particularly sure about Wanda when she was first introduced in ‘Age of Ultron’ but by the end of the movie I loved her. I really wish they hadn’t killed off Pietro that was actually heart-breaking since I was starting to love him as well. I mean, who doesn’t love Aaron Taylor-Johnson?

The only thing I’m not a fan of is her romance with Vision like… Was that necessary? Was that in anyway shape or form necessary? It’s like having a relationship with a bloody calculator. Couldn’t get attached to Vision at all, in ‘Infinity War’ when they were like “no we can’t kill Vision we must find a way to ease the stone off” it was like? Nah, just kill him mate. I do feel awful for Wanda though that she had to kill Vision only for it to be reversed and watch him die again, knowing they’d failed. Can’t have been easy.

Overall I love Wanda and I don’t care what anyone says, I think she’s an amazing character and I can’t wait to see what Marvel have got in store for her in the future.

Carol Danvers

Carol Danvers gif.gif

Although I was looking forward to the ‘Captain Marvel’ movie I wasn’t like counting down the days or anything. A female-centred super hero movie is always a plus and also I loved Brie Larson in ‘Room’ so I was looking forward to seeing her as a super hero and honestly the movie did not disappoint. I think it’s definitely one of my favourite solo Marvel movies. I knew it would be good but it still blew my expectations out of the water. “I have nothing to prove to you” – THAT’S RIGHT SIS YOU DON’T! How iconic.

I can’t wait to see Carol with all the other super heroes in ‘End Game’, I’m already loving the memes that are coming out of that five second clip between Carol and Thor so I can’t wait to see more memes when the movie is actually released. I have no doubt that Carol will be just as awesome in this movie as she was in her movie AND I AM EXCITED!

Bucky Barnes

Bucky Barnes gif.gif

I don’t care what Becca says, Bucky is one of my favourite characters. Becca was a fan first and kept telling me I should watch the Captain America films but my other friend Jess and plenty of other people told me they were boring so I didn’t bother – until ‘Civil War’ came out and the four of us went to a triple bill of all the Captain America films. I actually really enjoyed them and ended up loving Bucky as a result, and switching from Team Iron Man to Team Captain America. I also used to trash Captain America a lot ‘cos he annoyed me in the original Avengers movie – all these things lead to Becca calling me a traitor.

Becca LOVED Bucky whilst we were in college, I’m telling you the girl accidentally called me ‘Bucky’ instead of ‘Buddy’ more than once so she’d get a bit defensive about him. But I don’t care what she says, I finally saw the movies and now I love Bucky. Definitely one of my favourite characters. I’m definitely not alone in this as the majority of MCU fans seem to love him too but you can see why!


Mantis gif.gif

I’m so glad that after Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Mantis just stayed with the guardians. She’s one of my favourite characters because she’s so caring and so bloody funny. In ‘Infinity War’ when she’s just bouncing around and when she’s like “Kick names, take ass” – absolutely hilarious. I just love everything about her. I think she’s quite possibly my favourite character in the MCU and I’m hoping she comes back in ‘End Game’ because if not I will be massively disappointed.


Loki gif 2.gif

I was originally going to make this list with ten characters but I felt like I’d just be naming all the obvious characters so I went with five – but I just had to add Loki. I feel like I went through my Loki peak as a teenager and then sort of grew out of it and disliked the Thor movies. The first two, especially the first one, are actually quite boring. Ragnarok however – iconic. That’s what all the Thor movies should’ve been like.

My love for Loki returned and I’m really hoping what happened in ‘Infinity War’ was some kind of trick or something and that he’s not genuinely gone although I doubt it. I’ll wait to see the movie though and hold out hope until then.

Well there we have it, my five favourite characters from the MCU. Feel free to leave a comment with your favourites!


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