Top 10 Places I’d Love to Visit: Updated

Osaka 4.jpg

A while ago I made a list of the top ten cities I’d love to visit someday [x]. After ticking off a couple I think I have a new list. Japan was always my top travel destination and now that I’ve ticked that off I’m not sure which my number one destination would be so this list isn’t in any particular order as I still haven’t picked my number one replacement place yet! To be truthful there aren’t many places I wouldn’t want to visit but this list is what I’m going to try and prioritise!

Rome, Italy


Interestingly me and my friends have been on about Italy for a while but have never actually booked to go. It’s one of those places that I feel like I can’t go to on my own because we all want to go so I feel like I need to wait until we all go. When I started my job as an apprentice my mentor was in Rome and when she came back she told me it had been an amazing trip. My manager’s off to Rome in a couple of months and I’m insanely jealous.

I’ve heard a lot about Italy because my Dad loves the place. Him and his wife went on a month long trip to Italy where they travelled to different locations on my Dad’s motorbike and he sent photos every day in a group chat he’d started on Whatsapp called ‘braggy trip’ and I must admit they did look good. I just love the history aspect of Rome and would love to visit one day. I’m sure me and my friends will go eventually!

Berlin, Germany


I’d mentioned wanting to visit Berlin a few years ago but haven’t had the opportunity yet. Two of my best friends went for a concert and said they absolutely loved it so it’s only made me want to go even more. I’ve had a look at prices of flights a couple of times but haven’t actually booked to go yet. I definitely will at some point because I’ve been on about it since me and my friends got back from Amsterdam in 2017. It’s not too far from England either so I’m definitely going to sort that out eventually!

Vancouver, Canada


I don’t know what draws me to Canada so much but I just know that I’d love to visit one day. My old manager was from Canada and she told me a little bit about it and it does sound interesting. However I’m aware that Canada is a massive place so I specifically would love to visit Vancouver at some point.

I much prefer big cities to small towns (like the place I’m from) so I feel like Vancouver would be perfect. I’ve been looking at things to do in the city and it just looks like a place where there would always be something to do. The woman I used to sit next to at work has been to Vancouver and said it was amazing. When I have enough money I’m definitely booking my flight and going!

Athens, Greece


I have been to Greece before – me, Jess and Becca surprised Hirst with a trip to Crete for her 21st birthday. We hired a car and drove through the island and basically had an amazing time. However I’d love to visit Athens because from what I’ve seen it looks absolutely amazing. I’ve been a bit reluctant to go on my own because there was little to no public transport in Crete so we’d had no choice but to hire a car – I can’t drive and even if I could I’d get so stressed driving over there, shout-out to Jess for handling the roads like a pro. Even when we nearly started sliding down that hill on the way to the monastery.

I’m pretty sure my friends would also like to go to Athens so I’m sure we will one day!

Bangkok, Thailand


Jess’ Dad goes to Thailand every year for three months, sometimes more so he clearly loves the place. I’m not sure which part he goes to but as I love cities I wouldn’t mind visiting Bangkok. A lady at work is currently in Thailand and another girl asked me how we’d gone about planning our trip to Japan because she was interested in going to Thailand so it’s clearly a popular place. It’s definitely on my travel list and I intend to tick it off eventually – when I have the money!

Helsinki, Finland


For some reason I’ve started planning my birthday very early this year so that I’m not stuck for what to do as the day approaches – I played around with the idea of going away by myself and for some reason Helsinki seemed like a good idea. I looked at tons of places within Europe but when I looked up what there was to do in Helsinki, I don’t know, I just thought it would be an interesting place.

Fun fact, I used to be friends with a guy from Finland. I say friends; we used to talk online because we met on the My Chemical Romance website. His name was Otto and he was a pretty neat guy. So, yeah, anyway… I’d love to visit Helsinki one day!

Beijing, China

Great Wall of China.jpg

It’s on my bucket list to walk on the Great Wall of China and I am determined to do that one day. I looked at the visa process for China and to be honest got so confused and stressed that I gave up. Also you have to like register yourself in the country within 24 hours of arriving and the site was like ‘if you stay in a hotel they’ll do it for you’ but what if they don’t and you get arrested? I’m probably really over-thinking this.

I imagine there’s so much to see and do in China that if I can ever figure out the visa process I’d love to go!

Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong.jpg

This is another part of China I’d love to visit and luckily you don’t need to apply for a visa if you’re visiting Hong Kong for less than six months. There’s a travel blog I love to read and she’s visited Hong Kong several times and doesn’t seem to have gotten bored of it yet. I’ve been having a cheeky look at what there is to do over there and quite a lot, it looks like an amazing city to visit. Definitely one that I’ll eventually tick off my list!

Prague, Czech Republic


We nearly surprised Hirst with a trip to Prague for her birthday but in the end due to dates and money we settled on going to Crete instead. I also nearly went to Prague by myself to see 24K but due to time and money settled on going to Paris instead. Last December I decided I wanted to go on a Christmas trip so Googled the best places in Europe to go and a lot of sites recommended Prague so I’m considering going this December but it’ll depend on money and annual leave.

Prague isn’t too far from the UK so it shouldn’t be impossible to book a trip there so I think this will be a bit easier than some of the other locations on my list. I’m looking forward to it!

Taipei, Taiwan

Wanderlust Tag 4

When I was in Year Six at primary school a new girl joined our year and me and my best friend at the time immediately became friends with her. She’d moved to England from Taiwan and often told us things about it. 11 year old me really wanted to visit but when I moved to Secondary School I unfortunately lost touch with this friend and didn’t think too much about her or Taiwan. Now that I’m older and looking at new places to visit I’ve decided I’d actually really love to visit Taiwan.

At the moment I’m thinking it’s number one on my list but I’m not too sure – it’s so weird that Japan’s ticked off, I don’t know what to replace it with! But I definitely want to visit Taiwan at some point, I’m sure it’ll be amazing.

So there we go, my top 10 places that I’d love to visit which I definitely intend to one day! Feel free to leave a comment of anywhere you’d love to go.

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