The Wanderlust Tag

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It’s no secret that I love travelling and I love doing tags so I decided to complete ‘The Wanderlust Tag’ today to combine them both! Hope you enjoy my answers.

Your most treasured passport stamp?

It’s not technically a stamp, it’s a sticker but the one issued to me in Japan. I’d been longing to go for so long and it still doesn’t feel like I really did so I’m glad I have the sticker in my passport to prove it! I don’t get many stamps since when travelling around Europe you’re not really issued one. I’m sad that South Korea just give you a little piece of paper and don’t even stick it in your passport.

Can you recite your passport number from memory if asked?

No but I do keep a photocopy of my passport saved on my phone in case I’m stupid enough to lose it whilst I’m abroad.

Preferred method of travel: plane, train or automobile?

I’m a nervous flyer but I can’t deny that planes are super convenient as they can get you to a different country so quickly. It took me about three hours to get from England to Romania, that’s the same amount of time as if I was travelling from my home town to London by train! Crazy. I like trains if I’m travelling with Virgin to London but sometimes they can be a bit grotty. I’m not really a fan of cars ‘cos I get anxiety but they are convenient. For travelling my preferred method is usually plane.


Top three travel items?

Other than the essentials (like money and passport etc) mine would be the following –

– Amazon Fire Tablet – my Mom bought it me for Christmas with the idea that I could watch movies and stuff whilst travelling. It was great to watch a movie on the way to Romania and back, it made the flights go a lot quicker. I’ll always be taking that with me in future if I’m travelling solo.

– My phone – without Google Maps I won’t be going anywhere, I use the camera on my phone to take photo after photo, and I keep in touch with my Mom whenever I’m away so she knows I’m okay and not like you know dead or anything. I also keep my instagram story updated so everyone can see I’m having a good time.

– A book – even when travelling with friends I always bring a good book because you never know when you’re gonna need it! On the way back from South Korea we had a long layover in Turkey and I was glad I had my book with me to finish off because we were all too tired to talk to each other at the point.

Hostel or hotel?

If money is no objection then hotel every time. I use hostels when I absolutely need to, like I did in Poland and will do again when I go to Dublin. It’s not ideal and I do have moments of ‘why the hell have I booked a hostel’ but they’re a lot cheaper than a hotel which to me is the important part. If I was given a choice though I’d usually always quick hotel.

Are you a repeat visitor or do you explore new places?

I used to go to London pretty much every month because I was in love with the city but now I’d rather spend my money on visiting other cities abroad. I still go to London for things like concerts and shows but I wouldn’t go just for the purpose of sight-seeing. I’ve been back to Paris a couple of times but I’ve only been to Paris for concerts – obviously I’ve done some sight-seeing whilst I was there but I’ve never gone just for that purpose. So unless I’m going somewhere for a specific event I like to explore new places.

There are places I’d like to go back to one day (Japan, Amsterdam, South Korea, Greece, Lithuania) but I want to tick off as many other places as possible first.

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Do you read up on your destination (culture, history, safety) or just wing it?

I read up on things like safety, whether I need a visa etc before booking the trip. I normally impulse book places and then read up on what there is to do there – I should start looking at that before booking so I can get an accurate idea of how long I think I need there. I plan an itinerary and follow that whilst I’m away – not strictly, I can stop and get food or stop if I see something whilst out and about.

In Japan we planned each day so precisely that it left little room to stray from the itinerary but I didn’t feel like anything was rushed and it meant we got to see everything that was important to us.

I want to book a trip where I find out the location at the airport but I’m worried it’ll stress me out – not having an itinerary, how will I know how to make the most of my time whilst I’m away?

Favourite travel website?

I don’t really have one. When looking for things to do I mostly just scroll through tripadvisor and see what everyone recommends. If anyone has any travel website recommendations then please hit me up!

Where would you recommend a friend visit? Name a city and why.

I would recommend Tokyo in Japan to pretty much everyone because I just loved everything about it. It’s definitely top of my favourite places I’ve ever visited and I just recommend it so much.

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You’re leaving tomorrow; money is no option, where are you going?

I’d try and plan a tour so that I hit several places. If I could only pick one country though at the moment I wouldn’t mind go to Taipei in Taiwan. I’m not sure why but it’s top of my list at the moment!

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So there we go, ‘The Wanderlust Tag’! Feel free to leave your answers in the comments or a link to your own ‘Wanderlust Tag’ because I’d love to read them!

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