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When planning our trip to Seoul we found out about Lotte World and decided to take a visit. I think theme park days are necessary in long trips because although I love sight-seeing it can be good to have a day of fun where you don’t have to worry about rushing to the next thing or looking up directions all the time etc. So we decided to spend our last full day in South Korea at Lotte World.

On the morning we were a bit worried we’d arrive and it would be closed – when Becca and Jess looked on their phones it said closed but my phone had the opening hours and specified it was open on Sundays. In the end we decided that the ‘closed’ was talking about a particular ride, took the chance and went on the hour long bus journey to Lotte World.

Luckily when we arrived it was open and we joined the queue to buy our tickets. We visited on a Sunday so the queues were quite long but not horrendously long. I can’t comment on whether the tickets were reasonably priced because I’ve forgotten how much they were and I really didn’t understand Korean won anyway.

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Once we had our tickets we beeped inside and went up the escalator stairs. Most of the park is indoors and at first it doesn’t look like there’s a ton of stuff to do. We kind of walked around in a daze because we weren’t really sure what was on offer when we came across an animal section so we decided to give that a go. We got confused and thought we needed our park ticket to get in and Becca realised she’d somehow managed to lose hers.

We tried to retrace her footsteps but couldn’t find it which she wasn’t thrilled about. Jess found a mirror maze so Becca waited outside while we tried to figure out the ticketing system. I was initially annoyed because this cost extra to enter and I thought this would be the case for all of the rides but luckily it wasn’t, only for certain ‘special’ attractions. We paid the money and went inside.

We were given rubber gloves to wear which made my hands feel all gross and for some reason halfway through I got jumped scared by some fairy thing on one of the mirrors. There was also a laser bit where you had to try and get across the room in time without touching the lasers, something me and Jess failed at. When we got to the end there was a bench decorated to look Halloween themed and a voice kept telling us to sit down. Because of the jump scare I was on edge and was convinced something would jump out behind us so I held onto Jess and couldn’t keep my chill even though it was just a photo opportunity. The woman watching us outside on the screen must’ve thought we were so weird.

Neither of us bought the photo and we went looking for the next thing and there was a pirate barrels ride (I think) which was sort of like the teacups but the platform tilts as well which Jess wanted to go on. Becca did too but was worried she couldn’t go on without her ticket so I gave her mine because after a dodgy waltzers experience I’m not a massive fan of stuff like that anymore. Turns out we didn’t need our tickets for any free rides so she got on without any problems and the two of them had a good time.

After that they wanted to go on the pirate ship but again, not a fan, so I sat this one out. I’d been smart this time though and had brought a book with me. To be fair it was nice to just have some time to chill by myself after travelling together for so long. The queue for that took a while but I didn’t mind ‘cos I could sit down and chill.

By this point I was ready for lunch so asked the others if they were hungry and luckily they were so we headed over to TGI Friday’s to see if they had any veggie options. Thankfully they did so we queued up – I got some ribs with fries and an orange juice which was probably one of the best meals I had whilst in Asia to be honest, it was so tasty.

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TGI Friday’s was right next to the carasoul and we always have to ride the carasoul whenever we visit a theme park so we queued for that and as per usual that was tons of fun.

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After that I needed to pee so I went in search of a bathroom while Becca and Jess queued for what they thought was a rollercoaster. When I came back they’d been on the ride but it hadn’t been the one they were expecting, I can’t remember what they did go on. We decided to head back to the animals section to have a look in there but Becca didn’t want to come in because she’s not a fan of things like zoos or aquariums so me and Jess paid the extra and headed inside.

It was okay, there were a few animals and it was sweet but it wasn’t mind-blowing or anything. At one point me and Jess came across a barrel full of dirt and she said “Hollie, it’s a lucky dip, if you stick your hand in and feel around you’ll find a fossil.” So I was like “… Are you gonna stick your hand in?” and she was like “If you stick yours in first.” So I went round and had a look at the sign myself which said nothing about a lucky dip or fossils, the little shit. There was also a turtle shell that you could crawl inside of – I didn’t stand a chance of fitting in it but I dared Jess to and she did which looked absolutely hilarious.

When we came out they’d roped off the middle bit for the parade so when we found Becca we decided to sit down and watch it because we’re all suckers for a parade. For a while not much was happening when suddenly two guys whizzed past us dressed like vampires. Then the parade got properly started and I’m not gonna lie, it was a bit weird and sometimes inappropriate like they’d have female animal characters with curves and large breasts like it was a bit strange. My favourite part was when the parade came to a standstill and somebody dressed in a devil costume started dancing in front of us, he was proper going for it.

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Overall it was a good parade and it had catchy songs, I still get ‘you’ve got a pum-pum-pumpkin head’ stuck in my head sometimes. I’m so glad we visited in October because the parade was Halloween themed and it was awesome, I love Halloween so much.

We got up to head onto the next ride and Jess had spotted a ride she liked the look of, it was either Aladdin themed or like something similar to Aladdin – Sinbad maybe? I dunno, an adventure ride anyway. I had a look at the warnings and decided that I wouldn’t be a fan so again I sat this one out. There was quite another long wait but it didn’t matter too much – they came off and said the ride had been fun.

Then we went into a haunted house attraction which again cost extra but we love horror themed stuff so of course we had to do that. We headed in with a couple who were initially in front of us but then for some reason asked us to go first. I was doing my usual thing of screaming and begging somebody to hold my hand but everybody refused. We’d been warned before we went in not to hit the actors but to be fair it would’ve been pretty difficult because I don’t remember that many people jumping out and the ones I do remember were behind cages. To be honest it was a little disappointing because compared to other horror walkthroughs we’ve been on it wasn’t that scary. I was freaking out because I was worried stuff would happen but like… Nothing did happen.

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The horror attraction was right next to an arcade which we went into and spent a while in there. I love arcades but in the UK I hate spending my money in them because it feels like such a waste – I spent tons in arcades in Asia, we all won so much stuff in Osaka in one of the arcades it was unreal. We didn’t win much in the first arcade at Lotte World – we went on a few crane machines, I went on the basketball machine and Jess played a dart balloon game but nothing.

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Becca and Jess queued again for that ride they’d wanted to go on earlier (where they joined the wrong queue) which was a big rollercoaster with a loop but again they joined a different queue by accident and ended up on something else. By this point we felt we were pretty much done with this floor so we headed upstairs.

Up there we found another arcade which was mostly full of crane machines so we tried our luck in there but didn’t win anything unfortunately. We walked further along the corridor and found another little arcade and this had a dance machine and when we went on it we discovered it had K-Pop songs which was awesome! I did enjoy it but I wasn’t as good as I normally am because after two weeks of walking around Asia my legs hurt and I was exhausted but it was a lot of fun.

We carried on walking along the corridor and discovered an outside bit which looked really cool and was decorated for Halloween. Becca was a bit of a shit too because we went inside this castle and behind some glass there was a wax figurine and Becca went “Oh My God, did he just move?” so I was looking closely at it and she jump-scared me. If you’re planning on going to Lotte World and are a fan of big rides I’d advise heading straight to the outdoors bit because there were a ton of rides but unfortunately it was early evening by this point so the queues were really long. Becca and Jess finally found the queue for that ride they’d been trying to find all day but it was the biggest queue there so they gave it a miss.

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We headed back inside because we didn’t want to queue for anything and then me and Jess decided we were ready for dinner. Becca wasn’t so she sat outside on her phone while me and Jess went into Panda Express or something I wanna say? They had these like mix-and-match boxes so we both had noodles and Jess had orange chicken whilst I had spicy beef. I’d assumed this would be similar to some rainbow beef I’d made at home but I should’ve figured while I was in Asia that SPICY BEEF meant SPICY beef. My biggest rookie mistake though was eating a piece of beef with what I thought was a green bean to ‘cool it down’. Whatever it was contained seeds and was extremely spicy to the point I was crying while eating because I’m super white and can’t handle spice.

After dinner we had a look at one of the stalls and Jess decided we should get some matching Pokémon headbands. Becca wouldn’t so Jess got an Eevee one and I got a Squirtle one. We also found some of those ‘lucky dip’ boxes where you buy a box but don’t know which figure you’re getting so me and Jess both got one, mine was Pokémon themed again which we decided to open later at the hotel.

We made our way back towards the main part of Lotte World and stopped in the arcade with the K-Pop dance machine again on the way back. I had a go with Jess then Becca went on with Jess whilst I went on the crane machine and managed to win myself a Pikachu plushie!

We decided we fancied some sweet food so we went back to the main bit and Becca and Jess got the cutest bunny candyfloss I’ve ever seen. I’m not the biggest fan of candyfloss but I couldn’t resist trying some too and it was pretty tasty. Then we headed over to a stall that sells chocolate and cookies and I was having a debate about which I wanted until I realised I’m an adult who earns her own money AND CAN BUY BOTH IF I WANT. They’d sold out of most nice things but I had a pink biscuit and a chocolate on a stick – they were in the shape of the two mascots but I don’t know enough about Lotte World to name them or anything.

Lotte World 9.jpg

The middle section had been roped off again so there was clearly going to be another parade so we sat down to watch it. This one was even more fun ‘cos they switch off the main lights and the parade is light themed and there was even indoor fireworks. It was amazing, Lotte World were good at parades.

Lotte World 10.jpg

Then we decided to call it a day and head back to the hotel but we’d manage to spend a long day there and it was amazing. If I was ever in Seoul again I’d definitely go back because I’m pretty sure we didn’t see the entire park. Theme park days are just so necessary on long trips and I’m so glad the three of us went.

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