Favourite Sleepover Memories


I was writing a different post where I started listing some of my favourite moments from sleepovers and I really liked it so I figured I’d write a separate post about it. I’m probably going to have to bullet point a lot of my memories and it may not make complete sense but I still wanted a little document of my favourite moments. Enjoy!

– Girl’s Night when I figured you just had to whack on a face mask but Becca said there were more steps than that. We ended up on the landing with bowls of boiling hot water and towels to steam our faces. I didn’t realise I was meant to close my eyes and nearly burnt them off. Then we watched ’10 Things I Hate about You’ and some of ‘Clueless’ until we just had to sit around talking until stupid o’clock in the morning.

– The nights me, Becca and Hirst watched horror movies and absolutely pooed ourselves. There was the time at Becca’s where we ate our weight in chicken nuggets and then watched Insidious. Becca was so creeped out she carried a knife around the house with her for the rest of the night. And the night they slept at mine and we watched ‘Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones’ and ‘The Conjuring’ and absolutely peed our pants at every little thing. Becca was sat in the middle and by the end of each movie me and Hirst were proper cuddled into her.

– The first night my parents went away and left me, Becca and Jess in the house by ourselves. We stayed up all night and things got a little weird around the 4AM mark. It was officially a ‘Supernatural’ night as we were watching Season 5 but after the first couple of episodes it was more background noise as we messed around. Becca kind of lost her mind at 4AM and was rolling around on the floor, laughing manically and generally making weird comments whilst Jess perched on the end of my sofa crying that she was either going to give birth or lay an egg. At 6AM we decided to walk to McDonalds and get breakfast, staggered home afterwards and collapsed asleep at 8AM.

– ‘Marvel Night’ where me, Becca and Jess planned to watch our favourite Marvel movies but didn’t actually watch a single one because we were too busy watching a puppy cam all night.

– Halloween when Becca’s Dad played that prank on us (as told here) and we all picked parts in the horror movies we were watching. We then ended up playing catch at about 4AM and I got creeped out standing by the back door in case Jason from ‘Friday the 13th’ suddenly appeared.

– The night Jess’ phone alarm went off but no one knew where it was coming from and Becca practically emptied her bag to try and find it and stuck her head in and yelled “JESUS IS THAT YOU!?” It’s one of those moments that doesn’t sound funny but was truly hilarious at the time.

– After we’d watched ‘The Conjuring’ Becca and Hirst slept on my floor and Becca whispered “Hollie I don’t wanna creep you out but it looks like the girl from The Conjuring is on top of your wardrobe.” Her and Hirst then proceeded to wave their hands around going ‘look, don’t this look weird!’

– ‘Superman Super Night’ where we watched all the original Superman movies – third one was the best, Lana was way better than Lois Lane could aspire to be.

– The first time I ever slept at Hirst’s house aged about 20 and we were all desperate to go to sleep but Hirst’s Mom came into her room and kept showing me and Becca photos of bald men she thought were attractive.

– The night me, Becca and Jess were on Omegle and got serenaded by some guy with a guitar.

– When we’d switched the lights off but none of us were ready for bed so everyone started making shadow puppets with the light from someone’s phone. Becca also practiced the crab even though she hates other people doing it.

– I can’t remember if it was the same night but Hirst rolled over and snorted so for some reason me, Becca and Jess assumed she was possessed. Becca flicked water on her even though it would’ve been ineffective as it was just normal water. We took a photo of her to make sure she wasn’t pranking us.

– Disney Movie Night where we watched about three Disney movies. Sam fell asleep early on and was not disturbed for the rest of the night. I tried to go to sleep but couldn’t because Becca and Jess wouldn’t stop whispering – Becca was genuinely whispering whereas Jess talked in a stage whisper so it was impossible to sleep. In the end the three of us got up and went on Omegle while Sam continued to sleep.

– Pretty much every time we played blind man’s bluff, I absolutely loved that game.

– The night me and Jess stayed up dancing and doing K-Pop quizzes and only decided that maybe it was bed time when her Dad got up to go to work.

– New Year’s Eve when I slept at Becca’s and she introduced me to Buzzfeed Unsolved. We played games with her family, watched a couple more episodes then got into bed. Then I was immediately creeped out by that witch episode.

I’m sure there are tons more but I can’t think of them off the top of my head at the moment! Unfortunately we don’t have as many sleepovers anymore because our shifts are all different and it’s just harder to commit to that. But I love it when we do eventually meet up to have a sleepover and I love all our sleepover memories!


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