10 Favourite Supernatural Characters

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When I was in college I was all about Supernatural, there was nothing I loved more than that show. I’ve written about my love for it in other posts, about how I would binge watch the show for like 10 hours at a time and my heart ache when I finally caught up and had to wait for new episodes like everybody else. Recently I’ve fallen behind and I would love to catch back up and get back into it. To help motivate me to do that I thought I’d write a list of my ten favourite characters in no particular order!

Please excuse me if anything I say about a character isn’t in line with the show’s current point, I think I made it to the Season 10 finale (I might be wrong) so I might be a bit behind on character’s current situations!


Castiel gif.gif

I’ve gone with Castiel first because he was my favourite character when I was a fan of the show. I don’t think I liked him at first but like the majority of the fandom I quickly began to love him and soon I was basically Castiel’s bitch. I had so much Castiel related merch – I wasn’t hard to buy gifts for because you just needed to buy me something Castiel related and I would love it.

My love for Castiel made me love Misha Collins too which meant that like most fans I ended up taking part in a crazy event called GISHWHES which stands for Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. It’s a week-long event and I participated two years in a row and boy did I do some stuff. There is genuinely a picture of me wearing toast underwear in some far corner of the internet. But I did it because I loved Misha and Supernatural.

I was fortunate enough to meet Misha several times, my favourite was when I was called into the photo op and for some reason although there was a queue in the corridor the actual room itself was practically empty and Misha smiled at me and was quietly like “Hi, how are you?” It was only a small exchange but there was something really sweet about it that I loved. I met him a few more times over the next couple of years but nothing will beat that one.

I’m going off on a tangent here. Basically, I loved Castiel when I was an active fan. He was definitely my favourite regardless of the mistakes he made and I just love him so much.


Garth gif.jpg

Come on, who didn’t love Garth and Mr Fizzles to be fair? I absolutely loved him and was always happy whenever he reoccurred. I’m not sure I liked the werewolf storyline (neither did DJ) because it just didn’t feel right somehow. It didn’t really feel like Garth. I love the story though that the producers rang up DJ, pitched the idea and he was so drunk that he was like “Yeah, sounds great!” even though when he’d sobered up he hated it!

I was also lucky enough to meet DJ Qualls, I won’t post the photo op ‘cos it looks horrendous but his coffee lounge and panel talk were the funniest of the weekend. That story of him getting so high that he thought he was Mary Pickford reincarnated still cracks me up every so often, I think it’s hilarious.


Crowley gif.gif

I’m so far behind on the show that I dunno if Crowley is still the King of Hell or if he’s even still alive but like he’s fabulous, I don’t care what anybody says. For the King of Hell I’d say he’s a pretty decent guy, full of sass and just generally amazing. “Hello Darling” how iconic. We love an iconic King of Hell.

I’ve also met Mark Sheppard a couple of times (I feel like this is turning into a brag post about how I’ve met the actors, it wasn’t meant to be this way!) and to be honest I was a bit nervous about meeting him but he was always lovely. The first time I asked him for a hi-five and he trolled me by doing the ‘down low, too slow’ thing and then laughed at me. The second time I was worried because he’d wanted to leave but the staff insisted he had to stay and he was going “I’m not happy!” to the staff so when I gave him my thing to sign I was like ‘omg he’s gonna get mad’ but he was just like “I’m sorry about that, how are you?” I like him, what a decent guy.


Bobby gif.gif

We all make fun of Hirst because me, Becca and Jess became fans of Supernatural whereas she wasn’t particularly interested. When she overheard yet another conversation between the three of us she piped up and asked “Is Bobby cute?” which we all found absolutely hilarious at the time. We then had a running joke that Bobby was her favourite and that the two of them were perfect for each other.

For real though I loved Bobby. What an amazing father figure for the boys like he didn’t have to go as hard as he did but he did anyway. He was also damn amazing at his job and the episode where he stands up to his own Father is absolutely amazing and gives you more of an insight to what Bobby was really going through. But he was so strong regardless and was genuinely just a massive hero. Let’s be real, without Bobby the brothers would’ve died ages ago. Well, you know, permanently died.

I did meet Jim Beaver but to be honest I can’t really remember much, I loved his panels though. Especially the man who told him the story of how his wife had agoraphobia but really wanted to see him so she came to the convention anyway. He looked so genuinely touched and he just seems like a lovely guy.


Meg gif.gif

I didn’t really like original blonde Meg because like she was a demon and was just generally a bit annoying but I dunno, when Meg 2.0 came back I ended up really liking her. I’m not even really sure what it is but I just loved her and was super disappointed when she was killed off because I just feel like it was a bit unnecessary. To be fair it may have been because Rachel Miner was going through some difficulties but I’m still upset about it.

Rachel Minor is another one who’s just so lovely, when we joined the photo op queue we were told to try not to talk to her too much because she’s so nice and tries to make as much time as possible for every single fan but unfortunately the staff have deadlines to get people in and out so no one misses out on what they’ve paid for. She is honestly so lovely though.


Dean gif.gif

Obvious one but who didn’t love Dean? It’s funny watching the first season and thinking ‘Jeez his voice is deep’ because now that’s his baby voice! It’s so much deeper now, I can’t believe it! I love pretty much everything about Dean – his sarcasm, how protective he is of his family, his love for pie. He’s just a great character even if he has made some mistakes.

I remember at these conventions I used to attend we all believed that Jensen Ackles would never come back so we were all shocked one year when he was finally announced. I knew I had to get a photo with him so I sent in my pre-order as soon as it opened and was lucky enough to get one in the first batch. I was so nervous when the day came but as predicted Jensen was absolutely lovely and was happy to oblige when I asked if I could have a hug. He was lovely and I’m so glad I got to meet him.


Claire gif.gif

Okay I didn’t think much of Claire when she was first introduced to the series but she was a bit of a badass even in that one episode. She was willing to let Castiel possess her so that her Dad wouldn’t have to and like that is love right there. When it was announced she was returning I was ecstatic, especially when I found out she was going to be played by Kathryn Newton. I’d loved her in Paranormal Activity 4 and I knew she’d be amazing as Claire. I was right, she was fantastic and I loved everything about her character. It sucks that her life was pretty much torn apart by Castiel but she’s stayed strong throughout and I love her.

Sorry to keep bringing up my experience of meeting the actors but I was lucky enough to meet Kathryn Newton at one of the Asylum’s and she is so pretty in real life like I was honestly shook by how pretty she is. My photo op with her is one of my favourites, she was so lovely and seems to genuinely care about every fan. She’s just amazing.


Gabriel gif.gif

You’re lying if you say you didn’t love Gabriel. Even when he was introduced as just a trickster he was still amazing. Pretty much any episode with Gabriel is a good episode let’s be real, my favourite though definitely has to be ‘Changing Channels’ that episode was honestly amazing. He was hilarious and I just loved everything about his character. Again I’m not caught up so I don’t know if Gabriel comes back or anything, I really need to catch up with the seasons I haven’t watched.

Richard Speight is another person who’s hilarious in person, I’ve been lucky enough to see Richard and Matt host karaoke twice now and it was super fun both times. He’s also really nice in person, he asked my name so I told him ‘Hozzie’ and he responded “So O-Z-Z-Y?” I had to correct him and he laughed and went “Well none of that was right, was it?” He was really nice and I’m glad I got to meet him.


Benny gif.gif

I dunno why but I just really loved Benny. To be honest it’s been so long since I saw his episodes that I can’t remember what happened that well. I know they all went to Purgatory but I can’t really remember much more than that. But Benny was sweet and I really liked him.

One of my favourite convention moments was when Ty Olson asked everyone to prank Mark Sheppard by only asking him Benny related questions at his panel and seeing Mark react to this was truly hilarious. I thought Ty was really nice when I met him and seemed like a decent guy.


Sam gif.gif

I mentioned that when I was an active fan my favourite character was Castiel but now it’s probably Sam. I shared a room with a girl at one of the Asylum conventions who loved Jared Padalecki and I feel like she brought out the Sam fangirl in me. I just love him and how he tries to do the right thing even if he doesn’t always get it right (like that time he accidentally started the apocalypse but like easy mistake to make). I just love everything about Sam AND I REALLY NEED TO CATCH UP WITH THE SERIES, I SWEAR TO GOD.

I was also lucky enough to meet Jared a couple of times, I had a solo photo op with him and then one with him, Jensen and Misha as a group. Jared’s really nice and his panels were some of my favourites, especially the story about how he stopped all the trains in Europe. I also loved the convention where Genevieve came and she went on stage with him, the way he looks at her you can just tell how in love they are and it’s so beautiful.

There we go, those are my top ten favourite Supernatural characters – feel free to let me know your favourite characters and leave me some motivation to catch up with the episodes I’ve missed!

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