Interactive Introverts: Review by Hozzie Bareham

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It’s safe to say that my review of TATINOF [x] is one of the most popular things I’ve ever written so I would be absolutely crazy if I didn’t write a review about Interactive Introverts too. Me and Jess went to their show in Birmingham last night, 22nd May 2018, and it was awesome.

I got an email about a week ago saying that all VIP ticket holders had to be in the VIP queue for 4PM with their tickets already collected so me and Jess organised to catch the 1:55PM train to Birmingham. It was the fast train so we get there at about 2:30PM giving us enough time to get a pre-show Maccies and head to the venue which was Symphony Hall. Unfortunately there was a ton of work going on so our usual path was blocked and we got a bit lost. I was really stressed we wouldn’t collect our tickets in time and be in the VIP queue so I went into a café and asked how to get to the venue. Eventually we found our way around these massive works and were at Symphony Hall. Bare in mind it was a massively hot day so I looked and felt like a moist tomato by the time we eventually found the venue, not really how you wanna look before you meet two of your favourite YouTubers.

Luckily there was literally no queue whatsoever when grabbing tickets so we got them relatively quickly and joined the back of the VIP queue with a miraculous ten minutes to spare. I didn’t really feel too nervous at that point, I was just tired from all the stressing we’d done to get into that queue and I was fussing about my hair (which I’d dyed the night before and ended up with little smudges of dye still on my face). Eventually the queue moved forward and we were given a red wristband and told to wait before they took us up to the VIP room.

You had to work to get to that VIP room, it was right at the top of the venue and I’d just chilled out from speed-walking up hills in the sun to make it to Symphony Hall in time so I quickly became a sweaty mess all over again. The VIP room was a bit bigger than it was for TATINOF and was quite full already so me and Jess sat on the floor towards the screen that Dan and Phil were going to stand behind.

We chilled for a few minutes listening to the playlist when I suddenly jumped out my skin because Dan popped through a door and yelled “HI!” The door was right by where me and Jess were sat and I’d jumped enough at that but the screams of all the fans in the room made me jump again. I was mid drinking water as well, not cool Dan!

Interactive Introverts 2.jpg

They briefly said hello and then headed behind the screen so fans could meet them in private. A lady who was helping organise everything beckoned people to queue up and we could’ve been one of the first to meet them but neither of us wanted that so we decided to chill for a bit. We wrote a message in the book that was left out for us, pinched some Starburst and just sat and talked for a bit. Once the queue had gone down a bit we decided to go up.

In the email it had said we could get one thing signed but we didn’t really know what to get signed. I’d met Dan and Phil twice already and the first time I’d got my ‘The Amazing Book is Not on Fire’ signed and the second time Jess had given me some art work to get signed. We also attended ‘DAPGOOSE’ so our copies of ‘Dan and Phil Go Outside’ were already signed and I didn’t really own anything else. Very charitably I’d offered to get something signed for my cousin who was attending the event but didn’t have a VIP ticket and Jess wasn’t really sure what to do. I suggested getting our ticket signed but we were worried they’d become void if they did that, I suggested her shoes at one point and she nearly went for that but luckily the goodie bag you’re given after meeting them is white so Jess asked if she could have that in advance to get signed and they agreed.

The queue was weird because it went too slow and too fast at the same time. We put our bags to one side, I kicked off my shoes ‘cos they were ugly (I was really worried I’d get told off for just wearing socks) and before we knew it we were at the front of the queue. The woman took my cousin’s copy of ‘Dan and Phil Go Outside’ off me to hand to them and said “This is the worst bit isn’t it, being at the front of the queue and being all nervous” which massively reminded me of when I saw them in London for TATINOF three years ago and they had the most stress-inducing security guard ever. He literally went “Okay go- OH NO WAIT. Okay now you can- NO WAIT COME BACK!” and I was just like ‘Sir, this is really not helping my anxiety.’ Luckily this lady was a lot calmer and didn’t send me into a panic.

Then suddenly it was my turn! I feel like it went a lot faster this time, not sure why. I went around and hugged Phil and then hugged Dan who were both like “Hi!” so I was like “Hi!” and then Phil took my book off the lady and was like “Do you want us to sign your book?” and I was like “Yeah but it’s actually for my cousin” so they were like “Aww that’s nice.” Then Phil was like “Do you want to take a photo?” so I was like “Yes please!” and I hadn’t already unlocked my phone so I swiped up but it didn’t do anything so I handed it to Dan and went “It didn’t unlock!” like a moron. He unlocked it and we took a quick selfie so I was like “Thank you!”, took my phone off Dan and my book off Phil and Dan was like “Thank you! Thank you for coming to our show! And thank you for watching our videos! Have a good time.” And I was like “Thank you!” again and headed off in a daze to get my goodie bag.

Me, Dan + Phil 2.jpg

The goodie bag was a white tote bag with ‘Interactive Introverts’ written on it and inside was a lanyard, a wrist band and a photo of Dan and Phil. We chilled in the VIP room until Dan and Phil left. Dan jumped out from round the screen and tried to jump scare us again but it didn’t work as well as it did the first time and then they were off.

It was about 5:30 at this point and the show didn’t start until 7:30 but luckily Symphony Hall is quite big with a lot of different stages and halls so they had cafes and stuff like that so we went and sat in Starbucks for an hour. I attempted to locate my cousin briefly but she doesn’t use Facebook and I didn’t know where to begin so I gave up before I’d even really began.

Something spooky happened in Starbucks which was that Jess predicted the end of the show accurately without realising. Obviously I can’t go into the details because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone but she didn’t say anything like “Oh the show will end like this”, she was just messing around and accidentally kept predicting the end but neither of us knew. Maybe after the tour’s finished I’ll update this and say how she predicted it but until then I will keep quiet.

We headed through the security bit and I was super worried they’d confiscate our bottle of water we’d just bought but luckily they didn’t. We went to look at the merch and although it was nice there wasn’t anything I desperately wanted (which is just as well ‘cos I’m broke af) so we sat and chilled. Just as well there was nothing we desperately wanted because the merch queue was literally a mile long, I thought they were queuing to get into the hall, no they were queuing for merch. Jess quite liked the denim jacket Dan and Phil had both been wearing but it was £60 which to be fair is standard for a jacket if you’re at a concert or something but was a bit out of our price range.

We found our seats and we were in the sixth row but because we were in the middle it was technically the fifth row and it had a really good view of the stage. The stage looked amazing and everyone was queuing to take photos in front of it at the side but we went for middle photos.

Interactive Introverts 4.jpg

I’m gonna be honest with you, I dunno if I’m a bit old now but waiting for the show to start did make me cringe a bit and I know it’s probably just me being a grumpy old person but yeah it was a bit cringe. For example they played BTS’ ‘Mic Drop’ and although I love BTS and K-Pop in general it does make me cringe being around other K-Pop fans in public so yeah. But everyone else seemed to be having a good time and that’s all that matters.

Then the show started and as per usual I don’t want to ruin any aspect of the show for anyone going to see it. I was unfortunate enough to accidentally read a spoiler before I went and while it didn’t ruin anything it did take the shine off it a little bit because I was anticipating it for most of the show. It was still amazing though and if you have a ticket then you should really look forward to it because it’s brilliant.

Interactive Introverts 3.jpg

The show started at 7:30PM and finished at around 10PM with a 20 minute interval – I don’t usually include that fact but I noticed a lot of people googled that for TATINOF and ended up on my blog so if this is the information you were looking for, you’re welcome.

So yeah, if you haven’t got a ticket already and there are some available near you then definitely buy one because if you’re a Dan and Phil fan this is not to be missed! If you’ve been then let me know what you thought of it, if you’re waiting to go then let me know what you’re looking forward to and if you have any questions feel free to ask them and I will do my best to answer.

Thanks for reading, I know it was very long and rambling but it was a great day! I’d love to go and see it again but unfortunately I don’t think I have enough money for that.


5 thoughts on “Interactive Introverts: Review by Hozzie Bareham

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  2. Hey, I have tickets to a show and my dad is going to tag along as well but someone told me that it was a but cringe i just want to know if it was for you

    • It really depends on you tbh, parts of it are a bit cringe but I kind of put that down to age (majority of the audience were young whereas I’m 21) so it depends on what you find cringey I suppose ^_^

  3. Thanks for the review! Did you think that most of it seemed targeted to a younger audience? I’m a huge fan but I’m 20, and I’m attending with my 18 year old sister and my mom who have both never watched them. I’m just a little worried they won’t “get it” if it’s for a less mature audience and that I’m going to be distracted if they aren’t having a good time!

    • I will admit that whilst I enjoyed it I don’t think it was as good as TATINOF and yeah it may be intended for a younger audience, probably like 12 – 15. Hopefully you’ll still have a good time, I did get a bit distracted as I worried whether my friend was enjoying it a bit but I saw her laugh every so often so just try and focus on the show itself and enjoy yourself ^_^

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