Top Three Favourite Memories from Paris

Notre Dame.jpg

I have slightly taken inspiration from Becca again as she has started posting ‘top three must visit’ places for the countries she’s been and I decided to do something similar. You can read Becca’s top three places to visit in Paris here [x]. However, instead of describing three places I think you must see though I decided to write about my favourite memories from each trip because I love reading back on the fun memories I had with my friends.

Paris will always have a special place in my heart as the first trip the four of us went on abroad and although a lot of things went wrong it’s still one of my favourite trips we’ve been on. It’s hard to condense it down into just three favourite memories but here are what I’ve chosen.


Disneyland 2.jpg

Although I don’t particularly like rollercoasters or theme parks in general I’d wanted to go to Disneyland for years. Because who doesn’t want to go to Disneyland, let’s be real? I wasn’t 100% sure it would work but luckily you could buy park tickets that came with a shuttle bus that took you from central Paris to Disneyland. We booked the tickets and I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited in my life.

We vlogged the day and I love rewatching it, Becca caught the moment I spotted the castle for the first time on camera and my reaction is brilliant. I was doing some weird dancing and I said “This is what I do in the club-AHHH THE CASTLE!” (You can watch the vlog here [x]) I spent the whole day just being amazed by absolutely everything and I had the best time with my friends. All I regret is that we didn’t see a parade and that we didn’t stay until the park closed and just caught the train back.

My highlights from the day included meeting Mickey Mouse, going in Alice’s maze and the Armageddon special effects attraction. Even though I don’t like rides I found I still had an amazing day and I’d love to go back someday since we missed a whole section of the park and I want to be able to see a parade.

Disneyland 3.jpg

This year we’re hopefully going to Disneyland Tokyo so that should be just as good and me, Becca and Jess will be able to make just as good memories!

The Catacombs

The Catacombs

I wanted to visit these after watching the film ‘As Above, So Below’ because even though the film was absolutely terrible the catacombs still looked and sounded interesting. We visited them on Thursday morning, the day before our trip ended and the day after we’d looked around all the obvious tourist attractions. We got there pretty early but there was still quite a queue but I don’t remember standing there for absolutely ages. Maybe I was just having fun, I like getting an opportunity to just talk with my friends.

We got to the front and the tickets weren’t that expensive then we went down the spiral staircase and I’m going to be honest that was horrific. It felt never ending and I was taking it slowly so I couldn’t see my friends anymore so I kept calling out to them because I felt like the staircase would never end. I hate old-fashioned spiral staircases but luckily it was a one-way system so there was no one trying to force their way up, you could only go down.

Eventually we made it to the bottom which was a relief because I had begun to believe I’d died and gone to Hell and was stuck on the eternal staircase but there was a bottom! Going through the Catacombs is also a one-way system, you follow the corridor and you can’t go off exploring them by yourself. They’re actually massive and you only see a small portion of them on your visit but even that’s amazing and if you could explore the entire Catacombs you’d probably get lost.

The Catacombs 2.jpg

I think the Catacombs were probably my favourite from the trip, they were really interesting and a little creepy. If I ever went back to Paris I wouldn’t mind going on another visit into the Catacombs, I’d be more interested in revisiting them than I would Notre Dame or the Arc de Triomphe.

If you’re in Paris I definitely recommend giving the Catacombs a visit because they’re not to be missed!

K-Con Paris


This was the whole reason we decided to come to Paris, it was solely for K-Con. The original plan was to come to France on the morning of K-Con, go to the concert then come home the next morning. Luckily we had the chance to extend our trip so we could have a proper look around but my highlight was definitely K-Con Paris, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a better concert in my life.

The morning me and Jess bought the tickets was honestly the most stressed I’ve ever felt in my entire life. You need to understand that usually when I buy concert tickets I’m up against everyone else in the country or the town. In this instance we were up against the whole of Europe – every European K-Pop fan was after these tickets and they were not easy to get. The entire website was in French which I didn’t understand a word of and an hour later me and Jess were still desperately refreshing the website trying to get a ticket. Eventually Jess managed to get some ‘Category 1’ tickets in her cart and she went through the check-out process whilst I desperately tried to use my laptop to translate the page she was on. In the end we had three tickets and our trip to Paris could finally come together!


We had the most expensive ticket type which was seated in the best section so we didn’t show up to the arena until about half-an-hour before the doors were due to open. That was maybe a mistake. The queuing system was extremely confusing but eventually we got to the back of the longest queue I have ever seen in my entire life and it began. We were in that queue for like an hour and a half playing endless games of fuck, marry, kill to pass the time. I’m not gonna lie it did get to a point where I was worried we’d miss the start of the concert.

Also France don’t give a damn about security, we were supposed to have a pat-down before we went in and the lady half-heartedly tapped my side and my arm before waving me in.

Once inside my anxiety about missing the start of the show disappeared so me and Jess bought ourselves a sandwich much to Becca’s absolute horror because now she was worried we’d miss the start but luckily we didn’t!

We found our seats and we genuinely couldn’t have asked for better tickets. The stage was in a sort of Z shape and if an idol was on stage and wanted to get to the middle section they had to walk right past us. Also all the idols entered the stage on our side so before the show started we saw all the groups, including BTS, heading towards the stage and all three of us completely freaked out. We were also sat a few rows behind the President of South Korea and had no idea. We sort of made it onto the Korean news too.

Korean News.jpg

I’m so sad there wasn’t a K-Con in Europe last year because it was honestly an amazing concert and I’d give anything to go back to another K-Con. We didn’t bother with the convention during the day which we regretted at the time but I’ve read a lot of people saying they were disappointed by the system to get into the convention so maybe I’m glad we didn’t bother.

K-Con, please come back to Europe soon? Please?

K-Con Paris.jpg

So there we go, those are my three favourite memories from Paris – it was a lovely city and if you ever get the chance I’d definitely recommend going. Everyone needs to visit Paris at some point in their lives!

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