K-Pop Bias vs. Bias Wrecker

BTS 4.jpg

I liked my post about original bias against current bias so I thought I’d do a post about my bias’ and my bias wreckers! Because let’s face it, it can be hard having just one bias when there are so many amazing members. So here is a list of my bias’ vs my bias wreckers.

Oh My Girl

Bias: Hyojung

Hyojung gif.gif

Bias Wrecker: Yooa

Yooa gif.gif

I don’t know much about Oh My Girl personally but they have some of the best songs ever in my opinion. Hyojung is my bias because I used to only like the song ‘Liar Liar’ and her parts were my favourite. I think now Hyojung is still my bias but Yooa is really sweet and I can’t help liking her a lot too!


Bias: Umji

Umji gif.gif

Bias Wrecker: Yuju

Yuju gif.gif

When I first became a fan of G-Friend Yuju was my bias because of how professionally she handled falling over during their ‘Me Gustas Tu’ stage. But the more I got into them the more I started to love Umji until she eventually became my bias. However I still love Yuju because I think she’s such a talented singer and I love listening to her parts in any G-Friend song.


Bias: Moonbin

Moonbin gif.gif

Bias Wrecker: Sanha

Sanha gif.gif

I think Sanha is so sweet but the fact remains that he is seventeen and I am twenty-one. In fact when I became a fan I think he was only sixteen. It’s not the biggest age difference in the world but he’s underage and I’d feel weird about having him as my bias. Luckily I like Moonbin that little bit more but I’ll always think Sanha’s sweet.

Girls’ Generation

Bias: Sunny

Sunny gif.gif

Bias Wrecker: Hyoyeon

Hyoyeon gif.gif

Sunny has been my bias ever since I got into Girls’ Generation and there’s nothing I don’t love about her. But if I was going to pick another bias it would definitely by Hyoyeon. Hyoyeon’s another member where I love pretty much everything about her. She’s so funny and so talented. I loved her solo sings and I’m sick of people acting like she can’t sing. Same for Sunny though to be honest, she has an amazing voice and everyone’s like ‘nah she can’t sing’. Just be quiet.


Bias: J-Hope

J-Hope gif.gif

Bias Wrecker: Jin

Jin gif.gif

I love BTS so much and I’ve always been more of a fan of the hyung line rather than the maknae line so my bias wrecker tends to switch between Suga, Jin and Namjoon. J-Hope will probably always be my bias in BTS because I love him but Jin is definitely in second. I hate the people who act like he’s a useless member. He’s an amazing singer and he’s so sweet to his fans.


Bias: Jeonghan

Jeonghan gif.gif

Bias Wrecker: Woozi

Woozi gif.gif

In a previous post I wrote that my current bias was Vernon… Well, it’s changed again whoops! I really like Jeonghan now. I don’t know why. I don’t really know anything about the members personalities I just really like Jeonghan. But my original bias Woozi is still a complete bias wrecker because I think he’s really sweet.


Bias: Moonbyul

Moonbyul gif.gif

Bias Wrecker: Hwasa

Hwasa gif.gif

If I could look like any K-Pop idol ever I’d definitely pick Hwasa. The girl is absolutely stunning and so insanely talented that it makes me jealous. Moonbyul is still my bias because I think she’s funny and I love her to pieces but Hwasa is honestly such a bias wrecker. She’s amazing.


Bias: Cory

Cory gif.gif

Bias Wrecker: Kisu

Kisu gif.gif

But also: Hongseob

Hongseob gif.gif

Look, after the fan meet in London back in August [x] I love pretty much every member of 24K. But I’m only human and I have my favourites. Cory’s always been my bias and I doubt he’ll ever stop being my bias at this point but I love Kisu and Hongseob too. In person Kisu is honestly just so stunning and he’s really sweet but so is Hongseob! To be honest all the members are bias wreckers AND IF YOU HAVEN’T LISTENED TO THEM ALREADY THEN DO IT NOW!

So there is my list of bias’ vs bias wreckers, feel free to leave yours in the comments!


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