Favourite Memories from 2017


I originally wrote a sort of ‘thank you’ note for 2017 but it was lame so instead I decided to write about my highlights from 2017. I’m sure I’ll accidentally miss some stuff out but here are my current favourites!

21st Birthday

On 30th September 2017 I turned 21 and I had a really nice day. I didn’t do anything particularly special because the weekend before I’d been to London and the weekend after I was going to Luxembourg so I had a pretty chill day. My friends came over to give me my presents (which they nailed by the way) and then they gave me my cake. I know I’ve already posted a photo of it but it was the funniest thing ever and I wasn’t expecting it.

Birthday Cake.jpg

We went for a meal, went bowling and then played in the arcade and I had a ton of fun. Then in the evening I went out for a meal with my family. So nothing too special but I had a really nice, chill day and I enjoyed every second of it so thank you to everyone who made my birthday so good.

Birthday Trip to London

I mentioned I was in London the weekend before my birthday and that was a trip I had been planning for absolutely months. I love going to see shows so I decided to book a weekend in London where I saw five shows. It took months of planning, I started booking the theatre tickets in like February and planned everything to the last detail. I got myself first class tickets for the train and booked a slightly more expensive hotel than my usual budget hotels. And honestly, I had the best time ever.


I watched ‘Annie’, ‘Aladdin’, ‘Dream Girls’, ‘School of Rock’ and ‘The Comedy About A Bank Robbery’ and they were all brilliant. The hotel I stayed at was hub by Premier Inn London Westminster Abbey and I honestly can’t recommend it enough, the bed was so comfy, I had the best few nights sleep ever and the shower was brilliant. I was so sad when that weekend end because I’d honestly had the best time ever, I love going to London so much.

Luxembourg for Jess’ 21st Birthday

I also mentioned I was in Luxembourg the weekend after my birthday. Two of my best friends Becca and Jess have very close birthdays to me – Jess was born a week after and Becca is two days after Jess’ birthday. For my 20th birthday the girls made a big fuss of me – they told me they were too busy to hang out and then surprised me with a trip to Harry Potter studios (which we vlogged – [x]) so this year we decided to make a big fuss of Jess.

You have no idea how hard it was for me, Becca and Hirst to plan something – planning this nearly ruined our friendship! After many fall-outs, arguments and failed attempts to sort something we eventually booked flights to Luxembourg. It had reached that point where we were so happy to agree on something that we were all a bit giddy, I for one was peeing myself with laughter because I’d never even heard of Luxembourg. We also vlogged this trip and I recommend watching part one just for the reveal when we tell Jess we’re going away for her birthday because it was flawless, we will never top that in our lives [x].

Luxembourg 2.jpg

We were only there one night and we were exhausted for most of it since we had to catch the plane at stupid o’clock in the morning but it’s a beautiful country and I had a brilliant time. I hope Jess enjoyed her birthday because I know I did.

Meeting 24K in Amsterdam

I would’ve put just ‘Amsterdam’ in general but to be honest it wasn’t the best trip ever. I went with Hirst, Becca and Jess and we were all low-key mad at each other the entire time and I had a really crap time on the last night we were there to the point where I sat in the room I shared with Hirst by myself and cried. However Amsterdam is a lovely place and there were some good highlights from the trip – my favourite being meeting 24K for the first time.

Me + Becca.jpg

We only went to Amsterdam so me and Becca could see 24K, that was the only reason the trip was planned. We bought VIP tickets and on the day we were both extremely nervous. Becca is probably my favourite person to go to concerts with because she freaks out just as much as I do and she always makes me laugh so much, therefore keeping me that little bit calmer. Now we had to go up in queues to do the hi-touch then we’d go back round to do the photograph. Me and Becca realised Cory and Kisu were stood next to each other and they’re our biases so we plotted and schemed in the hopes we could be in front of them.

24K Meet and Greet

We were both like “Let’s ask to do a heart” and I did look up to ask but then I was like ‘um nope’ and didn’t because I was too nervous. Bear in mind the meet and greet lasts like a minute, if that, but me and Becca talked about it for ages after the concert had ended. 24K were all really nice and we had the best time ever to be honest. I hope 24K come back soon because Becca didn’t come to the fan meet with me and I wanna meet them again with her. We saw 24K for the first time in January and after that we became absolute trash.

Block B

Speaking of fun concerts with Becca we both went to see Block B in London back in March and although the tickets cost an absolute fortune it was worth it. We had one of the most basic ticket types but it didn’t matter, I couldn’t have afforded those fancy VIP tickets we’d already spent £100 each on ours. Also the venue was not great, I’m just gonna put it out there I feel like MyMusicTaste book the weirdest and most random venues like can you maybe do some research beforehand? Like I appreciate that you bring these groups to Europe but like…

Anyway, I’m getting off topic! The concert was amazing, Block B were so lit but the highlight had to be during the encore. Me and Becca had been given some signs to wave so we did – now at every concert we go to me and Becca always try to get a wave off one of the members. So one member, I didn’t know his name at the time, looked in our direction so I started waving and Becca did too AND HE WAVED BACK. It was quite funny ‘cos for me it was like time had stopped so I kept waving but Becca freaked out, grabbed my shoulders and was going “Hollie! Hollie!” whilst he was still looking and waving at us. The moment he walked off I turned to Becca in a daze and went “So which one was that?” It was Kyung who’s now my bias.

Me + Becca 2.jpg

I thought I was happy about the wave but it was nothing compared to Becca’s excitement. One thing that Becca hates is dabbing but that night she was so happy that when I asked her to dab she immediately did it. She also fangirled so hard she fell off the bed. What an amazing night.


On Becca’s birthday we were given a joint birthday present from Jess and Hirst – they were surprising us with a trip abroad but we weren’t allowed to know until we got to the airport because we hadn’t let Jess know before we got to the airport either. I was very nervous about getting on a plane again especially as everyone was being vague about the flight time but I knew it’d be worth it to have a good time with my friends. And we did have a good time, it’s one of my favourite trips I’ve been on.

Lithuania 3.jpg

What I love about my friends is they can make me excited to go somewhere I’ve never expressed an interest in before. Like when I was a teenager I wasn’t that fussed about exploring Europe, I wanted to go somewhere further away but now I’ll happily go anywhere and be really hyped about it. So when we got to the airport and I found out it was Lithuania I was excited – even though I’d never heard of it before.

Lithuania 4.jpg

We had a brilliant time, my favourites included the Museum of Illusions and the cat café. Unfortunately Jess got extremely sick on the Sunday (we all blame the pumpkin ravioli, thanks a lot vegan Becca) so she couldn’t come out but other than that we had a good time. Although I’d never heard of it or considered going before Lithuania is actually one of my favourite places I’ve ever been to and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

Tulley’s Farm

Becca had been on about us going to Tulley’s for a couple of years but we’d never really gotten round to doing it. This year she pushed for us to go so in the end me, Becca and Jess booked the tickets, booked train tickets and a hotel and before we knew it we were off.

Tulley's Farm.jpg

I kind of booked this without really thinking about it and when I got there I was a little worried about what to expect but it was so funny. I already wrote a really detailed post on this [x] so if you want more info give that a read but it was so fun, I had a great time and I’d love to go again this year assuming the three of us aren’t too broke after our trip to Japan and South Korea.

New York

I finally went outside of Europe! My entire life I have only ever been to a different country within Europe but finally at 21 years old I went outside of Europe. Me and my Mum went to New York as my 21st birthday present and we had a brilliant time. My Mum had already been to New York once but she was happy to do all the tourist stuff with me all over again. I also finally saw my first Broadway show which was Anastasia and I loved every minute of it.

Me + Mum New York.jpg

Big shout out to my Mom for what was the best birthday present ever and for just genuinely being the best Mom in the world. My highlights from the trip were seeing Anastasia, proper American pancakes, top of the Rockefeller Centre and Times Square. It was an amazing trip and I’d love to visit more parts of America in the future.

24K London Fan Meet

We all knew this was gonna be on here, let’s be real. This was my favourite moment from 2017. In fact it’s probably my favourite moment from my entire life. Those 3 minutes were truly amazing to be honest. I wrote a whole post about it here [x] in way more detail than anyone has ever asked for but I’m gonna talk about it some more because nothing better will ever happen to me in my entire life.

Me on stage 24K 3

I’m still in shock to be completely honest like if there wasn’t photo evidence I might’ve thought I’d made the entire thing up. A girl that went to the fan meet recorded the audio (I don’t wanna get her in trouble cos like I dunno if she was allowed) and very kindly posted it in the 24K group I’m a part of. Whenever I’m feeling down I listen to the audio and play the part where they call me on stage again. I’m not over it and I doubt I ever will be to be perfectly honest. If by some miracle 24K are reading this (which they’re not) thanks so much for everything – it was the best night of my life and I’ll never forget it. Thank you.

Me, Hirst + Becca.jpg

So there you go, my favourite memories from 2017! I’m going to post what I’m looking forward to in 2018 soon and I’m sure 2018 will be just as good of a year as 2017. Massive shout-out to everyone who helped me have such a fab year, especially to Hirst, Becca, Jess J and my Mum. You guys are the best, I don’t know what I’d do without you.


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