Christmas Traditions


I stated around Halloween that I wanted to write more holiday themed posts and my favourite holiday has to be Christmas. Christmas is great because for the whole of December you get a lovely build-up until the actual day. Every December I have some traditions which can be with family, friends or just by myself and I thought I’d share them!

Going to Church

Although I believe in God and I’d say I’m a Christian I’m not particularly very religious so I don’t go to church regularly. However me and my Mom go once a year in December for the carol service. It makes me feel so Christmassy and I love going so much. Last year they didn’t have the carol service so we went on Christmas Eve instead but this year they’re bringing it back and I can’t wait! I love our little church and the way it’s decorated each year and I’m really excited to go back.

Christmas Pyjamas

This one is a new tradition because we only started it last year but on Christmas Eve last year my Mom came into my room and said “Here’s an early Christmas present!” I unwrapped them and found a pair of Christmas pyjamas. My Mom headed into her room whilst I put mine in and when I came out I found she was wearing the same pair!

Christmas 2

We asked my step-dad to take a photo of the two of us but he’s an asshole and wouldn’t so we had to take a selfie in the mirror. She’s asked if I want to keep the tradition going and I do, it’s really fun and sweet!

Friends Present Exchange


I absolutely love the present exchange with my friends, we all meet up and have a sleepover a few days before Christmas and I love it so much. We usually meet up at someone’s house and exchange the presents first before having dinner together whilst watching a Christmas movie then we stay up for ages playing games. I love just being able to spend time doing Christmas things with my favourite losers and I can’t wait for this years. I feel like I could be fifty years old and I’ll still be messaging my friends like “WHEN WE MEETING UP FOR CHRISTMAS LADS?”

Buying new Christmas decorations

This is a long tradition, we’ve been doing this ever since I was a kid. When I was younger my Mom used to get us a real tree so when we went to choose it we’d always go somewhere Christmassy with like a shop and stuff so we could have a good look around before choosing the tree. Every year me and my brother were allowed to pick out one new decoration for the tree. Now that I’m earning my own wage I do cheat a bit because I pick out one that Mom buys and then I’ll go and buy another one with my own money. I wish I could include ‘going out to pick out a real tree’ as one of our traditions but unfortunately due to money and convenience we’ve started using a fake tree. But I do love picking out a new decoration each year, I tend to go for things that look sweet like last year I chose a hedgehog decoration. I also went out and bought a Mulan decoration and I accidentally snapped the leg off before she made it onto the tree. Whoops.

Pantomime on Christmas Eve

This is probably my favourite tradition. For a few years every Christmas Eve me and my Mom would always go to our local theatre to watch the pantomime on Christmas Eve. For the first time we took my nephew last year and he’s coming again next year so it looks like he’ll be involved in the tradition too! I love the pantomime so much, I don’t care how old I am and it makes Christmas Eve so much more fun to have this to look forward to.

If you have any Christmas traditions then leave me a comment, I love hearing what everyone’s up to around the holidays!


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