Top Ten Favourite K-Pop Boy Groups and Bias’

I made a post of my top ten favourite girl groups because I’m a bigger girl group stan but I still feel like it would be fair to list my favourite boy groups too! To be honest there was a time where I didn’t listen to boy groups at all but my friends got into K-Pop and became big boy group stans so I ended up liking quite a few. So here are my top ten, favourite song and my bias from each one!

10. KNK

KNK gif.gif

Although I listen to a few boy groups I don’t really ‘stan’ many. I don’t know much about KNK to be truthful but I did see them live earlier this year at the ‘London Korean Festival’. I’d listen to them before that and they’re good, they can sing well and their dances are pretty good but I can’t get invested in them personally. Not that I’ve ever really tried though to be fair. I do like them though and recommend giving them a listen, they were great live!

Favourite song: Knock
Bias: Seungjun

9. SHINee

SHINee gif.gif

For a long time I thought SHINee were pretty overrated. I didn’t particularly see the appeal except for ‘Ring Ding Dong’ which is an amazing song. Other than that I wasn’t that fussed. Until I saw them at ‘K-Con Paris’ and they were really good! I didn’t appreciate them enough because the only song I knew was ‘Ring Ding Dong’ and they didn’t even bloody perform it but they did some songs that I now love. I’d love to see them live again to fully appreciate it this time.

Favourite song: Sherlock
Bias: Key

8. EXO

EXO gif.gif

Although I like quite a few of EXO’s songs I still don’t see what the massive appeal is. I’m not saying they’re not talented or that they don’t deserve their popularity because they are talented and they deserve every bit of fame they get, I personally don’t see the attraction though. A few of their songs are good but if they weren’t as popular as they are I wouldn’t particularly care. I say that yet if they ever came to the UK to do their own show I’d buy a ticket no matter what the cost. Okay maybe I don’t know how I feel about EXO but I can’t deny they have some good songs!

Favourite song: Overdose
Bias: Xiumin

7. Super Junior

Super Junior gif.gif

Super Junior were another group I didn’t care about but my friend Becca became a massive fan and she was like “Watch some Heechul savage moments!” I did and they were pretty funny to be honest. Me and my friend talked about learning the dance to ‘Sorry, Sorry’ for her birthday but it was too much but I did become a fan of the song and slowly started liking more of their stuff. I’m not sure how many of the members I like personally but I’m really looking forward to their comeback and I’m hoping they come to the UK. They have enough fans here, WHY DON’T MORE PEOPLE COME TO EUROPE?

Favourite song: Mamacita
Bias: Heechul

6. Seventeen

Seventeen gif.gif

I liked a couple of Seventeen songs so I recommended them to my friend and she ended up stanning them. This meant I ended up listening to a few more of their songs and I do really like them. My friend Jess has been trying to teach me all their names but there’s so many of them, I know most of them but not all of them. I do prefer big groups to smaller groups but I don’t know, there are an awful lot of members. Either way Seventeen are quite good to listen to because most boy groups have similar sounding concepts so Seventeen are pretty unique in that respect.

Favourite song: Very Nice
Bias: Vernon

5. Block B

Block B gif.gif

Block B are another group I didn’t fully appreciate until I saw them at ‘K-Con Paris’ but luckily I got the chance to see them again earlier this year where I could appreciate them a bit more. I actually had the best time. Me and my friend Becca always try to get a wave at concerts, 24K never wave back but we got a wave off Kyung at Block B and we both nearly died. Zico definitely noticed and acknowledged us as well but didn’t wave. Becca was so happy about Kyung waving at us that she barely slept that night, she kept fangirling about it. Block B’s songs are really fun, they always make me feel so happy and I definitely recommend seeing them live if you ever get the chance!

Favourite song: Very Good
Bias: Kyung


ASTRO gif.gif

To be honest I think I prefer the members of ASTRO a lot more than their music because like G-Friend I think a lot of it sounds quite similar. Funnily enough everyone calls out G-Friend for all their songs sounding the same but no one says anything about ASTRO. Either way I do like ASTRO and they’re really talented at dancing and all the members are really sweet. Me and Jess found out about them through their drama ‘To Be Continued’ which we watched on Netflix and now I love them. I say I’m not a huge fan of their music but I do own two of their albums…

Favourite song: Hide & Seek
Bias: Moonbin

3. GOT7

GOT7 gif.gif

I once read online a K-Pop Opinion that said ‘GOT7 hit rock bottom musically when they released Hard Carry’. That’s wrong, ‘Hard Carry’ is one of their better songs what are you talking about? I didn’t really care much about GOT7 until I got into their song ‘Just Right’ and then me and Jess watched ‘Dream Knights’ and even though it was really cringe we ended up enjoying it. GOT7 are probably another group where I prefer the members to their music but they do have some great songs and ‘Hard Carry’ is one of them, I don’t care what people say.

Favourite song: Just Right
Bias: Jackson

2. BTS

BTS gif.gif

If you’re a K-Pop fan then you’ve heard of BTS. When I first became a fan of K-Pop they were popular but nowhere near as popular as they are now. They were recommended to me by Becca so I recommended them to Jess and Jess ended up loving them so when they were announced for ‘K-Con Paris’ she made us go. I was a casual fan at the time but I fell in love with them at that concert, I became absolute trash by the time I made it back to England. When they started announcing their Wings tour I waited for Europe to be announced and guess what it wasn’t. I’m still hoping that with all the promoting they’re doing around Europe they’ll actually announce some dates soon but I’m not going to hold my breath. BTS are brilliant, their songs are so good and all the members seem really nice. There’s not a member that I dislike. If you haven’t listened to them, and I doubt there are many, I recommend giving them a go!

Favourite song: Mic Drop
Bias: J-Hope

1. 24K

24K gif.gif

If you read my 24K London Fan Meet Experience [X] you’ll completely understand why they’re my bias group. To be honest sometimes I don’t think I deserved the experience I had because until earlier this year I’d never heard of them. To be fair though after seeing them in January I started to love them to the point where me and my friends travelled to Amsterdam so me and Becca could see them again and meet them. They’re truly so lovely to their fans and they deserve so much more recognition for their hard work. They’re amazing live, they have such good energy and I really can’t big them up enough! They’re so good! You need to listen to them and understand. They come to Europe so often as well, they’re such a great group to stan. And the rest of the fandom is so nice like they’re all so chill at their concerts and so friendly. Go listen to one of their songs, they’re good!

Favourite song: Hey You
Bias: Cory


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