Review: The Last Boy and Girl in the World by Siobhan Vivian


After reading ‘The List’ by Siobhan Vivian I decided to give ‘The Last Boy and Girl in the World’ a try. I’d seen it in Waterstones plenty of times but due to the title I hadn’t picked it up because as everyone knows, I’m not the biggest fan of romance. However, I decided to trust Siobhan Vivian and gave it a read while I was in London.

The basic story is about a girl named Keeley who lives in Aberdeen, a town that is slowly sinking underwater. While the adults prepare for the future Keeley and her friends decide to go out with a bang, hoping to spend every minute they still have together. And for Keeley it means taking one last shot at the boy she’s loved forever.


I did enjoy it and I finished it quite quickly but I couldn’t help feeling slightly disappointed. I think I would’ve enjoyed it more if I’d read it before ‘The List’. ‘The List’ is probably currently my favourite book and I enjoyed it much more than ‘The Last Boy and Girl in the World’. That’s not to say the book wasn’t good though because it was.

I really liked Keeley, I thought she was funny and the kind of girl I’d like to be friends with, and I liked reading from her point of view. I even liked her crush Jesse because it was written realistically. They didn’t suddenly fall in love and want to spend every second of their time together. They were two normal teenagers who wanted to have a bit of fun before they had to leave Aberdeen. I loved Morgan and Elise, Morgan less so towards the end.


There’s one bit that kind of annoys me. Throughout the book Keeley keeps talking about how Morgan’s ex-boyfriend got mad at Keeley and started disliking her causing Morgan and him to break up. I went the whole book wondering what could’ve been so bad and when I found out… It was a bit of a letdown. He hated her for that? Really? Was it that big of a deal?

I loved Keeley’s parent’s storyline and I found the plot twist really interesting. That was probably my favourite part of the book and I really didn’t see it coming. You’ll have to read it to find out what I mean though!

Ultimately, I’m glad I trusted Siobhan Vivian and I think I’ll continue to do so. I did enjoy the book and I want to read more of her work. I asked for ‘Not That Kind of Girl’ for Christmas but the guy at Waterstones said the book wasn’t out until this year? Pretty sure that’s not true and I’m definitely going to be giving it a read! Overall, I do recommend this book to you and then when you’re finished with that make sure you read ‘The List’.


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