Review: Consumed by Abbie Rushton


So I posted a review of Abbie Rushton’s ‘Unspeakable’ well over a year ago now and I rated it positively. Earlier this year Abbie released ‘Consumed’ and I kept intending to buy it and read it but for some reason I didn’t. I finally got around to reading it a couple of weeks ago.

‘Consumed’ is told from two points of view. One chapter is told by Myla, a girl who used to love spending hot days on the beach with her sister Asha until the day Asha was taken from her forever. The next is told by Jamie whose come to Myla’s town for the holidays and finds it difficult to eat. As Myla hasn’t left the house since her sister’s death, Jamie is sent over to talk to her and soon they find themselves growing closer. Are they willing to reveal their secrets and risk discovering the truth? Or will they let their pasts consume them for good…


This book relies on mystery just as much as ‘Unspeakable’ did and I loved every second of it. Myla has trouble recalling what happened the day her sister disappeared but she’s certain that the man who’s been convicted of her murder is innocent. Jamie is reluctant to talk about why he’s refusing to eat. But then there are other little sub-mysteries, like why Myla’s internet friend Eve dislikes Jamie and doesn’t want Myla leaving the house. It’s gripping and makes you want to keep reading.

I have decided something. My regular readers will know that I dislike romance in YA novels because nine times out of ten its written so unrealistically and disgustingly and quite frankly makes me a little sick to my stomach. Also it’s all just heterosexual, white couples and I’m just bored of the whole thing. However, there are a few exceptions to this and I think Abbie Rushton is one of them. I’ve decided that I like the way Abbie writes romance. To be fair, there isn’t tons of romance in this book but the way she wrote it was brilliant and realistic. Thank you!


To be honest I can’t think of anything negative to say because I really enjoyed it. I was gripped right from the start and it didn’t take me long to finish it. I wasn’t sure whether or not I liked Jamie or the point of view shifts to start with but by the end I loved him even though I still found Myla’s chapters more interesting to read.  I loved Myla’s Mom but often found her Dad to be super annoying. I loved Ness too, Jamie’s Aunt.

Overall, I’d recommend this book to all of you because it was honestly brilliant. Especially if you love a mystery element, this will definitely be the book for you.


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