Review: Lying About Last Summer by Sue Wallman

Lying About Last Summer by Sue Wallman

So, a few weeks ago now I went to an event at Waterstones called the ‘Thrills and Chills’ panel which four writers attended all of whom had written a mystery novel. Honestly, I went to the event because Cat Clarke was going and I’d wanted to meet her since I was about thirteen years old. However, I couldn’t go up to the signing desk with just Cat’s books so I made sure I got a copy of every authors book before I went to the event. Sue Wallman was one of the authors and ‘Lying About Last Summer’ was her, I believe, debut novel.


My signed copy – very glad no one misspelt my name as ‘Mozzie’ this time.
‘Lying About Last Summer’ is told from the point of view of Skye who’s sister died last summer. Now this summer she’s spending her time at a holiday camp for bereaved teens which she’s hoping will help her move on. At first everything seems okay until she starts receiving messages from someone claiming to be her dead sister. Suddenly she feels the post is about to surface…

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I started reading this book the day of the signing and had finished it just a couple of days later. It had me hooked right from the beginning. To be fair I do enjoy a good young adult mystery novel and this one was pretty good. Not only did we have the intrigue of who was messaging Skye but there was also another little subplot mystery going on which I won’t spoil for anyone but I did thoroughly enjoy.

Anyone that reads my reviews regularly is probably waiting for me to comment on the whole ‘Hozzie hates romance’ thing. Like most young adult novels, this did contain romance. Did it annoy me? Not particularly. I felt the romance was written well and realistically. There’s nothing more annoying than reading about two teenagers who suddenly become obsessed with each other after two minutes of meeting one another and I’m glad Wallman avoided that.

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Also I really liked the majority of the characters, especially Danielle and Faye. I wasn’t a big fan of Brandon or Joe but they were still interesting to read about. Skye got on my nerves a little bit sometimes but not so much that I disliked her or wanted to stop reading. Everyone was portrayed realistically and it was a decent read.

Basically, I really enjoyed this book and I’d absolutely recommend it to all of you! So go and buy a copy! Or you know, borrow one from the library if you’re on a budget.

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