The Forest: Review by Holly Bareham

The Forest 2

So I saw the trailer for this film and was told one thing by my friend – “Apparently it’s really shit.” To be honest the trailer didn’t look that bad and Natalie Dormer was starring in it so although I hadn’t thought it’d be the best film ever I was kind of surprised to hear that. I’m not one to judge a horror film based on other people’s opinions (ironic, being a reviewer) and I wouldn’t miss out on a brand new horror anyway so I went and saw it.

The basic storyline is that a woman named Sara travels from the US to Japan to look for her twin sister Jess who went into Aokighara forest, a forest in Japan that’s known for the mass amount of people who go in to commit suicide. Sara believes she can ‘feel’ that Jess is still alive so she goes into the forest to look for and is soon taunted by a supernatural presence.

Dan and Phil scared gif

I’m gonna admit it straightaway, I did find this film scary while I was watching it. There were some good jump scares and a creepy atmosphere. If it had managed to maintain that for the entirety of the film it probably would’ve been good. However, the ending of the film suddenly became rushed and quite frankly completely stupid. Especially the last five seconds which really ruined it for me – there was no need to throw in one last jump scare, it was creepy for a second and then it was just ridiculous.

Because people kept saying the whole film was shit I was actually more impressed with it than I perhaps would’ve been if people hadn’t said anything about it all. I was expecting a complete train wreck of a film but I actually felt it was pretty decent. My only problem was that I kept imagining plot twists in my head so to reach the actual ending was kind of disappointing. I’ve seen whole theories on iMDB that Jess and Sara were actually the same person but personally, I don’t think the filmmakers put that much thought into the film for it to be possible.

Time for my fun fact: Natalie Dormer actually went to visit Aokighara forest and went five meters off the path to take pictures but her Japanese driver refused to step an inch off the path.

Overall, this film is good if you want a few scares. It’s better than Krampus but it’s definitely not the horror film of the year. On the bright side there were some trailers for other horror films and I am so looking forward to ‘The Boy’! Wait for that review!


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