Review: Binge by Tyler Oakley

Binge by Tyler Oakley

So I posted a review of Dan & Phil’s show (x) and I’m in the middle of writing a review about their book so you guys must think I’m a pretty big YouTube fan. However, I definitely love Dan & Phil but I’m not really as into other YouTubers. I do like a number of other ones but I don’t watch their videos the same amount as I do Dan & Phil.

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I remember when I first watched Tyler Oakley and my opinion was ‘I don’t find you annoying but if someone told me they did I would understand’ – which is a little harsh. I subscribed to him and didn’t really watch him until I went off to university. I don’t know what happened, I think my friend showed me his video of him revealing his book cover and I was blown away by how creative it was. When my friend left university and I was there by myself with no friends I turned to YouTube and although I wouldn’t call myself a massive fan of Tyler, I do like him. As I told my friend “I don’t watch his videos that often, but I trust him.”

Back to the book – I asked for Binge for Christmas and wasn’t given a copy. So on Boxing Day I went out and bought one. I’m so gutted because I found a signed copy in my local Waterstones. Bear in mind that I’m from Telford. Never heard of it? Of course not. I just didn’t imagine we’d find a signed copy. But I didn’t buy said signed copy because I didn’t have any money at the time and I also imagined I’d be getting it for Christmas. By the time I got back all the limited edition tour versions had sold out so I just had to make do with a regular copy.

I started reading this like last week, it wasn’t too long ago, and I finished it within no time. What made it easier I think is that he kept most of the chapters relatively short so I’d finish one and then we’d be on to the next thing – his chapters were kind of like watching one of his videos. They were also so funny but sometimes so heartbreaking that you can’t help but love Tyler even more.

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When I finished my copy I gave it straight to my friend to read, with the warning that Tyler doesn’t really hold back and a lot of his chapters are very personal. There are chapters dedicated to porn, his own shit and almost every chapter he talks about hooking up with someone. But this is what makes the book so amazing and so memorable. There are moments in that book that I will just never forget – some because they were so heartbreaking and some because they were just… I don’t wanna say disturbing but you get the idea.

Before I end this review I wanna add a quick fun fact because you guys know how much I love fun facts: At Summer in the City, which I did write a review about but then deleted, I was stood in the queue to meet Dan & Phil and got talking to one of the girls next to me. She told me she hoped the queue would hurry up so she could go and queue for Tyler Oakley to which I replied “Oh yeah he’s pretty cool.” She looked me dead in the eyes and said “I would kill a man for Tyler Oakley.” So yeah, Tyler has some pretty amazing and dedicated fans!

Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone regardless of whether they were a fan of YouTube or Tyler Oakley. I wasn’t exactly Tyler’s biggest fan but I still got through this book super quick. I think I might watch more of his videos. So yes, go out and read this book! You won’t regret it – well, maybe some of the more ‘open’ chapters but overall an amazing read. Read it now!


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