Review: How to be Bad by E Lockhart, Lauren Myracle and Sarah Mlynowski

How to be Bad by E Lockhart etc

Hey guys, I hope you all had good Christmas’ if you celebrate them! I feel like I haven’t written a review in forever but luckily I was given books for Christmas and also money to buy more books so I have a few books to set me up with new reviews for the next couple of months. I’m starting with ‘How to be Bad’ which is a book that wasn’t actually on my Christmas list and that I found by chance in WHSmith.

So E Lockhart was written a couple of books that I’ve heard of, the most famous probably being ‘We Were Liars’. I had wanted to read that but after reading a review saying the book was only ‘okay’ I didn’t bother. I always pick up at least one of her books when I go into a book store and then put it back down. Then I saw ‘How to be Bad’ and I don’t know, the blurb sounded okay and I gave the first page a read and it didn’t seem that bad. So I decided to buy it.

So the story is about Jesse, Vicks and Mel – Jesse is the uptight Christian, Vicks the confident wild-child and Mel is the new girl in the town. Each of them has their own secret and reason to be insecure. When Jesse ‘borrows’ a car the three girls soon find themselves on a road trip to Miami.

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Each chapter is told from the point of view of a different girl starting with Jesse. I believe each author took a character – it does say at the end of the book which author took which character but unfortunately I don’t have my copy with me as I’ve come to live with a friend for a few months but haven’t moved my stuff over yet. But that’s not too important. So every chapter we’re being told the same story from a different character’s point of view. Normally this can be quite irritating but I actually found it more interesting to read it this way.

The story itself isn’t anything amazing I have to admit. It’s nothing overly special or original yet there was something about it that I really liked. Maybe it’s because I wanted to be on that road trip with them, in the pirate hotel, seeing Old Joe, doing all the stuff they were doing. I’m not sure I could’ve put up with Jesse and Vicks arguing all the time though. It’s stressed that they’re really close and good friends but all they ever seemed to do was argue. I know there’s a point to that but still it was hard to see them as close friends when all they did was scream at each other.

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There were a couple of bits that I find kind of annoying (prepare for my romance rant guys) but to be honest, when it actually got to it the romance wasn’t that bad. The point of the road trip is supposedly to go to a university in Miami to see Vicks’ boyfriend and she does talk about him, obviously, to herself as well as the others but she doesn’t go on and on about him and only him. There’s another little romance in there that I won’t spoil but this one didn’t particularly bother me either.

Ultimately I don’t think there’s a deep meaning to this book. It’s three girls on the road who all have problems of their own that learn to share their insecurities. It’s nice. It’s interesting to read about. They get hit with a lot of misfortunes that makes their road trip unforgettable. I really enjoyed it.

So overall I would recommend this book to you guys because it’s just a fun and interesting read. Some parts are quite sad and that’s okay too. Trust me when I say you’ll probably enjoy it though.


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