The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2: Review by Holly Bareham

Mockingjay Part 2 Poster

Right then, this is the first type of review I’ve written like this. Normally I stick to the horror genre but I got a request to write about this film and I’m not going to turn down a request. I’m sorry if I completely dash your expectations.

I’ve been a fan of The Hunger Games trilogy since I was about fifteen. Everyone was talking about them on the internet so I bought a copy of the first book. My obsession might’ve ended there but I happened to be friends with someone who also liked the trilogy. She lent me the rest of the books and we went to a screening of the first film on the day it came out. Although I don’t love it quite as much as I did back then I still consider myself a fan.

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So this film is the last one in the series and as we can tell from the title, it’s the second part of the film just before it ‘Mockingjay Part One’. At the end of part one we see Peeta attack Katniss after having his memories of the two of them tampered with resulting in Katniss ending up in hospital. It was quite the cliff hanger to leave us on for an entire year.

I’m gonna start with my first point which is that I feel like compared to the other films there was hardly any marketing for this film? Maybe it was just me and I didn’t see it as much but I saw the trailer maybe four or five times and there were a few posters. In past years the release of the film is shown everywhere but this year I feel like I barely saw anything. Which is strange considering it’s the last film in the franchise.

Now I’ve seen a couple of bad reviews about this film but personally I really enjoyed it. When I read the series, Mockingjay was definitely my least favourite book – I felt like I was reading and reading and hardly anything was happening. But I really enjoyed both films. I really expected Part One to be awful to be honest (Like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One where nothing happens) but I feel like the filmmakers managed to spread the story out evenly enough across both parts so that enough happens to hold your interest.

I watched this film with my three friends and two of them really liked it but the third one only described it as ‘okay’ and said that not a lot happened and that many scenes were unnecessary. I have to disagree though – I’ll admit that the film was a bit long but I didn’t find myself getting bored or zoning out, I was interested throughout the whole thing. The pacing was good; there was enough action and more relaxed scenes. I really don’t understand the negative reviews; I can’t understand what was wrong?

I don’t think there’s a thing I would’ve changed about the film. I think all the scenes were necessary and they were delivered perfectly. It was also extremely emotional if you’re a fan of the books or if you loved the films so prepare yourself for that. You can see by the way it’s filmed how far they’ve come since the first film was released and it’s absolutely amazing.

So go and see Mockingjay Part 2 if you haven’t already. Don’t listen to the bad reviews, I thought it was amazing!

I should really probably stick to horror movie reviews but drop me a comment or tweet if you have a request!

One thought on “The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2: Review by Holly Bareham

  1. I just wanted to say, that I completely agree with you! Although Mockingjay was my least favorite in the trilogy and there were so many aspects that I wish I could alter, the movie was phenomenal. I really enjoyed everything about it, and I especially like how the producers stayed true and loyal to the book. It was very accurate to the actual book! Which is more than I can say to the adaptions of Percy Jackson and (it breaks my heart to say this) Divergent.

    Really, I think it turned out really, really well. Fantastic review!!! I enjoyed reading.

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