Review: Every Day by David Levithan

Every Day by David Levithan

So if you read my review of ‘Another Day’ by David Levithan then you know that ‘Every Day’ was actually the original published book told from the point of view of A instead of Rhiannon. My review of ‘Another Day’ was positive and as ‘Every Day’ is simply told from a different point of view, surely this one should be positive too. This took forever to write and I’m not sure why but it literally took me about two months so I apologise for it being so late.

First of all, I’m glad I read the story from Rhiannon’s point of view first because I enjoyed having a plot twist towards the start of the story where Rhiannon finds out that A changes bodies every day and ended up in the body of her boyfriend Justin. I was looking forward to reading from A’s point of view because I imagined that someone who changed bodies every day had to be slightly more interesting to read about than the girl who’s dating someone who changes bodies every day.

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I quite liked A’s character in ‘Another Day’ but suddenly, when I was reading from their point of view, I started to get increasingly frustrated with them. I don’t even know why. In ‘Another Day’ it felt like they loved Rhiannon and it was all sweet and whatever but reading from their point of view gave me the impression that they were completely obsessed with her. I agree with everything they say about Justin but that’s not the point!

Equally, it was a bit frustrating because I wanted to know more about the bodies they were in and about all these different lives that they had to live but they kind of skipped over the details a lot of them. I guess if from A’s point of view, it doesn’t particularly matter because they’re used to it and they’d rather think about Rhiannon anyway. So although it makes sense that A wouldn’t go into great detail about each life and perhaps this would’ve got boring after a while, I wish the book hadn’t started with A meeting Rhiannon.

I definitely enjoyed reading the story from Rhiannon’s point of view even if she did annoy me every time she defended Justin. But A seemed to gloss over the details that I was really interested in hearing – like I already said, this makes sense though because Rhiannon would probably be a lot more interested in it. For A it’s just ordinary life.

This didn’t really bring anything new to the table. Which I suppose wasn’t its intention as this was the original book, I just happened to accidentally read them in the wrong order. I did like reading the bits that Rhiannon didn’t know about in ‘Another Day’ like when she’s waiting for A to turn up but they don’t, it’s interesting to know where they were. That’s about it really.

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If you haven’t read either of the books then I definitely recommend that you do so. I personally preferred ‘Another Day’ but read them both, it’s interesting to read from two different perspectives and it’s not done that often either. In fact, I don’t think I’ve read a sequel that tells the same story just from someone else’s point of view.

A tip though, if you’re going to read both then don’t read them one right after the other because you are still essentially reading the same story just told from a different point of view and it can get quite boring to reach a conversation that you literally read last week.

But yes, definitely, go and read the books!


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