Review: Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten

Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls

I am in the middle of two other book reviews at the moment but now I’m starting this one so we’ll see which one gets finished first!

So this book is about June and Delia who used to be best friends, closer than anything until something happens where they drift apart. Then one night suddenly everything changed. Delia commits suicide. June is devastated. She barely has time to mourn before Delia’s boyfriend convinces her that she was murdered and that they need to find out the truth.

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I only got this book a week ago and I’ve already finished it so obviously I got into it almost automatically and I did, I won’t deny that. The first hundred pages were good and held so much potential. I loved the mystery, both from June talking about her history with Delia and from June trying to find out if someone, and who, murdered Delia. It’s interesting, I love it when you suspect a million and one people and you’re trying to figure out who did it. Then suddenly, halfway through the book the story completely switches.

I won’t reveal why the story switches but from then on it was very confusing and didn’t make a lot of sense. Lynn threw in so many twists and turns that I just ended up getting frustrated. The point of view shifts threw me off a little too and I’m not really sure what the point of them was, I kind of liked the switch for the last chapter but that was it, there didn’t really seem to be much point for it before that.

Also at first you start out thinking that Delia and June’s friendship is really sweet and I love some of the quotes like ‘Friends aren’t just, dating is just. Friends are the very highest thing.’ However the deeper into the story you get you realise how Delia and June’s relationship was completely toxic and unhealthy. I completely support two girls who need each other after all the shit they’ve been through but this was an absolute joke, their relationship was genuinely concerning but it’s painted to be deep, romantic and beautiful. It was disgusting.

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I don’t know if it’s me being stupid or what but to me the ending seemed to make little to no sense. I don’t get the point that Lynn is trying to make at all. I don’t know what June moved on to do, I don’t understand the relevance, I don’t understand and I don’t feel like that was Lynn’s intention. The impression I got at the end was the answer should’ve been obvious but just wasn’t. After reading other reviews I noticed that like me quite a few people were confused.

Overall, I guess I don’t really know whether to recommend this book or not. I’d recommend it to a friend to get their opinions on it and to see if they understood it any better than I did. The first half of the book is really good so I would recommend that bit but when it suddenly changes and takes a different direction then good luck.


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