Paranormal Activity The Ghost Dimension: Review by Holly Bareham (Spoiler Version)

PA Ghost Dimension

This is a spoiler filled ‘review’ so if you would like to read the spoiler free version then please click HERE. If you’re happy to read spoilers then please continue reading. If you have want a brief summary of what this film’s about then please have a quick look on the spoiler free review as I’m not going to recap it again.

Right I know this review is later than I said it would be, that is because I started writing it and it was mostly nonsensical ranting and I couldn’t really remember the points I wanted to make so yesterday I went back to the cinema to see it again to clear my mind. If you’ve read my first review then you’ll know this is a big deal for me as I kind of hate this film.

Let’s start with the very beginning of the film, that seems a sensible place to start. This film begins with the ending of the third one and as I had recently rewatched the third one I could remember the ending all too clearly. Which is why I was so shocked when they changed the ending of the third one at the start of this one? It wasn’t a major difference – in the original third ending Grandma Lois takes Katie’s hand and starts up the stairs then pauses to call to Christi. Christi joins them on the stairs, turns around and says “Come on Toby.” The camera shuts off. At the start of this film however Christi doesn’t even make it to the stairs before the camera is picked up and carried upstairs. Okay I’m sorry but no matter how small; you can’t just change the ending of one of the films to fit in with a new one. And if you’re going to do that then please make the film actually good.

We’ll move swiftly into the next part of the film that completely pissed me off: There’s a scene where Leila is front of her mirror saying ‘bloody Mary’ backwards perfectly. I’m not mad that they changed the scene in the film to how it was shown in the trailer because I can accept that, editing decisions were made before the film was released properly, fine. It’s what happens after that that pisses me off. Ryan shows the footage to Skyler and Mike and finds out she’s saying ‘Bloody Mary’ backwards. Ryan is then a lot more concerned that his daughter knows what Bloody Mary is rather than the fact she can talk backwards perfectly.

From when the film takes place his daughter should be eight years old although she looked and acted more like a six year old in my opinion but whatever. Either way, by eight years old I know that I knew what Bloody Mary was. Pretty much every kid knows what Bloody Mary is even if they don’t play it. I find it hard to believe that as an adult Ryan didn’t know what Bloody Mary was either, he had to get Skyler to explain it to him. Also, the fact his daughter was up in the middle of the night talking perfectly backwards into a mirror that somehow smashes by itself should concern him a hell of  a lot more than how his daughter find out what Bloody Mary was in the first place.

I still don’t fully understand why Leila was so special. Like I understand that she was born on that specific day but like, that’s it? There’s nothing else. She just happened to be born on the right day and be in the right location for the coven. How original and creative.

I also don’t understand why Katie and Christi didn’t remember their childhood. If they were raised by the coven and were taught by them what to do and everything then surely it would’ve just been easier and quicker to keep their memories. That way Christi would’ve had her baby and just given it to the coven instead of having to make Katie go and kill her and steal it? Right?

I think you can tell from watching just the first movie that this was probably originally intended to be a standalone movie as Katie talks about something she used to see at the end of her bed and how she used to experience things with her sister. The second film seems to support this. By the third film the pattern has changed though as we see Christi has an imaginary friend named Toby and Katie doesn’t really experience anything supernatural at first. So it looks like they probably changed their minds about what story they were telling by the third film and then maybe again after the fourth one.

So I’ve been reading forums on iMDB ever since this film came out and I have much preferred reading the fan ideas for this film and would’ve appreciated them a lot more than the canon film. I understand there were budgets that they had to stick to and stuff which obviously fans don’t have to think about because they’re just having fun but really, they couldn’t have made a better plot than that?

They shouldn’t have hyped it up in the way they did either with ‘this will answer every question’ because no, it didn’t answer every fucking question, it barely answered any questions. “You will finally see the activity!” You mean that totally not scary black goo? Fantastic.

I’m ending this here because I could go on for the next ten years about what annoyed me in this film and whatever. But let’s end on the worst fun fact ever: This is the first film that Katie Featherston hasn’t been in. It’s not a Paranormal Activity film unless Katie Featherston is in it; she was even in the spin-off, why didn’t they find a way for her to be in this film? Her character was in it as a child but she wasn’t and that will forever annoy me.

Thank you for reading! If you want to know who I’d recommend this film for: pretty much nobody.


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