The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire: A Review

The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire

Before I start this review I want everyone to be aware that there are absolutely NO spoilers about the show, it’s mostly my opinion on the meet & greet and general thoughts about the show, there will be no specific details as Dan & Phil specifically told us not to spoil it.

So I don’t know how many people read my ‘Summer in the City’ review from last year but I had a pretty shit time waiting in the Dan and Phil meet & greet queue only to be told to fuck off after three hours essentially (no one was that rude but that’s what it felt like). I was gutted as I figured it was pretty much my only chance at meeting Dan and Phil and I’d missed out. And I’d also had to queue for three hours in the hottest queue ever. BUT ANYWAY, it turned out I was wrong about meeting Dan and Phil because of their announcement of The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire!

Me and my best friend Jess didn’t find out about the tour until 45 minutes after the tickets had gone on sale but after refreshing the page over and over and over again for maybe fifteen to twenty minutes straight we finally managed to get two VIP tickets for the Birmingham show! I think Jess nearly passed out when she finally booked them but it was worth it because we were finally going to meet Dan and Phil.

So we must have had absolutely months to plan for this but nothing could have prepared us for how nervous we were on the day. We’d met All Time Low only a few months beforehand and we had completely messed up that opportunity – Jack Barakat stuck his hand out for us to shake and we gawped at him for a good twenty seconds too long. We were absolutely terrified of making complete asses out of ourselves in front of Dan and Phil too. Anyway, here’s a nifty picture Jess got of when Dan and Phil came in (if you can spot them) – we were hiding far away:

Dan and Phil VIP

They called people up to queue to meet them and me and Jess sat there for a while because we were hella nervous but eventually we got up and joined the back of the queue because we had to do it sooner or later. We got our books out ready, set our phone cameras to selfie mode and then suddenly it was time. We could meet them at the same time if we’d wanted but me and Jess decided to go separately and she’d asked me to go first. So I stood there waiting for the people in front of me to finish and then suddenly BAM it was my turn.

The first thing that hit me was how bloody tall they are – like I knew they’d be taller than me but oh my god I was astonished, they are SO TALL! And Phil was straightaway like “Hi! Let me give you a hug!” and then I hugged Dan as I heard Phil tell me that he liked my t-shirt and Dan said “Yeah I was about to say, it’s awesome.” That actually meant a lot to me because I’d been planning what to wear for like a month and I’d finally settled on my new Donkey Kong t-shirt as the perfect one and it wasn’t in vain! Then Phil went “Right shall we take the picture? No, wait, first we’ll sign your book. We’ll do both things!” And they took my book and signed the page I’d chosen.


Then Phil asked “Are we taking a selfie with your phone?” And I said “Yes please but can one of you take it because I’m shaking so much” so Phil said “Yeah, Dan’ll take it.” So I gave Dan my phone (Dan has held my phone ahh!) and he took one selfie and I thought ‘on no I’m doing that horrible cross-eyed thing I always do when I wanna look good’ and he said “I’m just gonna take another one” so I had time to try and improve my face (haha). I said thank you, they both said thank you and told me to enjoy the show, and then it was over and I went to pick up my goodie bag.



I took the goodie bag from one of the staff and waited for Jess to come out and we both agreed they were absolutely lovely. And I mean it – I was so nervous that they’d look at me and wait for me to say something but they were brilliant and obviously knew a lot of fans would be extremely nervous. I wouldn’t have changed a thing that happened, it went perfectly and Dan and Phil were such sweethearts. In the goodie bag there was a bag of popcorn (there wasn’t in mine but I don’t like popcorn anyway), a poster, a flower crown, a ‘platform’ postcard and a book by Jessie Cave. The actual goodie bag was a tote bag that said ‘The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire’ on one side and then ‘I Actually Went Outside to See Dan and Phil on Tour’ on the other side. Me and Jess actually took a really nice flower crowns selfie:

Me + Jess J 6

So we sat down in the room talking about what had happened for a while and then decided to sign the VIP book which was basically a book for Dan & Phil – they got through at least two books at just our event so Dan & Phil have an awful lot of signatures and stuff. We’d already signed it from ourselves but we decided it would be funny to leave the following message:

“DIL. WHY DO YOU NEVER ANSWER THE DOOR? – Eliza Pancakes (Jess drew a stack of pancakes)”

Ah yeah, we think we’re pretty funny.

Anyway, we went off and chilled for a bit and then it was time for the show! We were originally worried because we’d been assigned two seats that were separated by the aisle but luckily when we were taken inside we were put in the correct aisle but relatively random seats. We were on the third row so we had a brilliant view.

As I stated at the top I don’t want to give away any spoilers, mostly because Dan & Phil asked us not to but also because it was so amazing that I wouldn’t want to spoil it for anyone that’s going to watch it live or going to see the recorded online version. Trust me when I say that you’ll love it and that I can’t wait for the recorded version to come online so that I can watch it whenever I want. I’m so proud of Dan & Phil and they clearly put in a lot of thought, effort and imagination into this truly amazing (no pun intended) show – I don’t know what I was expecting but it was definitely a lot less than what they did. Also, they’re both such obviously huge dorks and I loved it!

So overall, I would recommend looking out for the online version as I don’t know whether the tickets are sold out but if they’re not BUY ONE NOW. Also buy their book ‘The Amazing Book is Not on Fire’ that their tour was promoting. Also if you’re reading this like “Who even are Dan and Phil?” GO AND CHECK OUT AMAZINGPHIL AND DANISNOTONFIRE ON YOUTUBE RIGHT NOW.

And as a final note, thank you so much Dan and Phil for an amazing night, I will remember it forever as one of my favourite nights ever!

Also, I have now seen and written a review of Interactive Introverts so feel free to give that a read HERE [x]

EDIT: I’ve had someone ask me and I’ve seen quite a few people wondering what time the show finishes – I saw it at 7.30 and it finished at about 9.10 so it was on for just over an hour and a half with no interval.


63 thoughts on “The Amazing Tour is Not on Fire: A Review

  1. Hi, I’m so happy for you that you have met them!!! And I really like the comment you and your friend wrote in the VIP book. I would like to meet them too but I’m from Belgium so yeah.. my parents won’t let me go. But it’s nice to read how amazing they are and I can’t wait till I can see it online. (and thanks for not spoiling anything.) Ooh I almost forgot to say how amazing your blog is, please keep writing!!!

    • Hi! Thanks so much for the comment, you have no idea how much it meant to me 🙂 ❤ They are absolutely amazing and so is the show, you're gonna love it when they post it! I'm fortunate enough to be able to meet them again on Sunday! I really hope you get to meet them one day, they are honestly the most lovely and genuine people ever 🙂 – Hozzie xoxoxo

      • So you met them before the performance? How long was the wait to see them? My daughter wants to go this year in Minneapolis. Just wondering because my daughter has some sensory issues. Wondering if it was super crowded and loud and all that.

      • Hiya! It will depend on the size of the venue to be honest so I’d get in touch with them beforehand, I met them in Birmingham and London and the room in Birmingham was a lot more spacious than the one in London. It wasn’t a long wait, you could join the queue whenever you wanted and then you met Dan & Phil behind a screen so it was more private 🙂

      • Hi Jill,

        We saw them in Durham, and it was nonstop screaming in the audience. Also very loud music and bright flashing lights on stage. I was expecting a standup comedy type of show, but it was more like a cross between the Beatles and Pink Floyd.

        Hope this helps,

      • Thanks for the more detailed response Susan ^_^ I can confirm after seeing TATINOF twice and DAPGOOSE that it doesn’t matter what Dan & Phil say, the audience will scream at pretty much everything. As this one is supposedly more interactive I have a feeling it will be more intense as well.

      • About meeting them beforehand: It was extremely loud in terms of screaming. The room was painfully electrified with excitement. Like Hozzie said, the meet is very quick, under 30 seconds. Also, if you meet them beforehand, that means your seat is right in front of the stage. For me, as a parent, the whole event was a very unpleasant experience from a sensory perspective.

  2. Omg I was second row at the same show as you! It was so good and I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing the whole time! You’re so lucky you got to meet them! That Eliza Pancakes comment was amazing!

    • Thanks, I hope they read it 😉 And it was amazing wasn’t it? I’d love it if they did something like that again – I was lucky enough to go again in London so I got to experience it all over again and it was so perfect 🙂

      • If they read your comment that would be amazing! It was so good! I couldn’t get over how well it was produced and made and written, it was just amazing! If they did it again I would be ecstatic! omg, was it different in anyway in london? like were any of the bits the audience chose different?

      • I know, I wasn’t expecting like a full story out of it I just kind of thought they’d do their thing if that makes any sense?
        Not much was different to be honest, the Fan Fiction bit was completely the same – I think more people cheered for pirates this time but they said more had cheered for cowboys so I think they were only prepared for that one setup which is fine :L Obviously the challenges and weird kid stories from viewers were different, and the fan art 🙂 Phil didn’t include his ‘French’ weird kid story and I’m not sure why, I thought maybe Dan had come out too early or something but no they just didn’t include it :L Those are the only differences I can think of 🙂 I actually spent the money to meet them twice and they were even sweeter the second time I think even the security guard made me hella nervous :L

      • Yeah I know what you mean, I thought they were gunna just do some stuff like in their videos. Tbh I cheered for the pirates in Birmingham but yeah I suppose they had only ever prepared for the cowboys. aww but his french story was amazing! 🙂 Dan might of come out a bit early then, but that makes our show even more unique cause we got to here the french show. awwww, did they recognise you in London? I can’t wait for them to release the show, on dvd maybe? I will watch the ending over and over again cause I can’t get over that big showbiz number!

      • I know omg I wanna listen to that song on repeat forever and ever! And I thought he had but I assumed the pictures for the French story would’ve still been on the slideshow but they weren’t so I guess they just decided not to? Maybe because it was being filmed? I don’t know. It was so sweet, a lot of their YouTube friends were there and it was being filmed and they were talking really fast because they were probably so nervous:) And Dan was starting to lose his voice which was sad 😦
        They didn’t recognise me but they must’ve met so many people and it had been like a month gap between the two shows so I understand and don’t mind 🙂
        I would love it if it came out on DVD, it’d be cool to have something like Tyler’s Snervous 🙂
        I cheered for pirates too 😉 But what they prepared was still really funny :’)

      • If it comes out on DVD then I am gunna learn all the words to that song! Omg, at out show Dan was struggling to put on the tail coat and hat and people were like -“c’mon dan hurry up”- but it was still so good! oh, yeah maybe they had to make the show shorter because it was being filmed. awww its so sweet how their friends support them. I remember seeing alfie tweet that he couldn’t go because he was ill. Poor Dan! They have worked so hard though so all the hard work was probably straining his voice. Ikr, when Phil pulled out that pop up tent! I just wanna go back and re-live the whole show, like if they would of filmed our Birmingham show it would of been so cool cause then when watching it we would know 100 % whats gunna happen next and it would be refueling my memories 🙂

      • Omg me too :’) If it’s released on DVD you can guarantee someone will get the song and turn it into a lyric video or something 😉 Yeah I think I remember that? The two shows kind of merge together for me :’) Was not expecting it though like omg, it was the best part of the whole show :’)
        I was there by myself and absolutely freaking out that I could see Louise :’) I didn’t see PJ but I heard he was there – so were Carrie and Pewdiepie and loads of others but I only remember seeing Louise :’) All of us that had spent more to sit in the close seats were kicking ourselves for not sitting on the middle balcony 😉
        I know, I wanna re-live the whole show too it’s one of the best nights of my entire life D: We’ll have to live through the filmed version of it from now on though I guess :’)

      • Omg if someone made a lyric video then my life would be complete! 🙂 Ikr, lie throughout the show Phil kept wanting to sing but I didn’t think that a song would actually happen! Omg, that’s so cool! Paying to see 2 youtubers and ending up being in a room full of them! Then again, you and all the people closer did get to be closest to Dan and Phil. Yeah, it’ll be weird seeing it filmed instead of being there, but I did manage to get some pictures of the stage and videos when I first went in when Breaking free was playing and everyone was singing! I now can’t listen to Breaking free or any of the other songs they played without relating it back to Dan and Phil and the feeling I got of being at their show.

      • Omg the playlist was honestly amazing :’) Which side of the stage were you on? We were on the left 🙂 I can’t wait, someone will definitely release a lyric video and I can’t wait to watch it until I’m sick of it 😉 This conversation is really making me want to go back and relive that night omg :’)

      • Omg I was on the left side! I was second row, 4 seats in from the left side where the balcony is. I just typed in tatinof on youtube an someone uploaded 3 minutes of the song from the newcastle show! I just watched it and got butterflies and shivers because of the memories!

      • Omg! We were like 2 seats away from the aisle? Originally our seats (I think I wrote this in the review, I can’t remember:L) were both at the end of the aisle so we weren’t by each other but when we came in this guy was like “Oh there’s two seats there, take them” :L I don’t know what that was about? Instead of getting your assigned seat you were just put anywhere? :L
        Omg I’ll need to look that up, I want to watch it forever so badly! :L

      • Omg! What were your seat numbers? I was in Row BB Seat 27! I was put where it said on my ticket. I’m guessing the guy saw you and your friend were together and he saw a spare seat so he gave it to you guys.

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  5. Firstly, thank you for the review! I just have a question. I’m not old enough to go to the show alone, and I’d have to bring one of my parents. Would this show be awkward to bring my dad to? He doesn’t know that much about them and I didn’t want him to get the wrong impression or anything. I know Dan and Phil really aren’t like that, but I just want to make sure. Thanks again! 😀

  6. Hi, I am so scared (the US tour was recently announced and I’m in NY) so thank you for this review, I was wondering two things from your experience.
    1. How many tickets can be bought at once?
    2. Is there an age limit to go alone?
    Thank you so much!

    • Hi! I dont know if it’ll be different for the US shows but I think here you could buy up to 6 and I believe it was 14 but thats just standard in the UK most of the time. That might’ve just been for the meet and greet though?

      Also theres no reason to be scared, their show will make you laugh until you cry and you will honestly have the best time ever, I promise! I hope you get tickets 😀

  7. Do you know if you have to buy two premium tickets if you’re underage and want to meet dan and phil? Or can you go to the meet and greet alone, then meet up with your chaperone outside or something like that? I’m only asking because I don’t have enough money to buy two premium tickets, and I want to meet Dan and Phil really badly.

    • Hi! I don’t know if it’s different in America or if this was definitely the procedure (I’m 19 so I didn’t particularly think about it) but I believe that the person and their carer both needed a VIP ticket so that when they went to sit down for the actual show they’d be sat together. I’m pretty sure that’s what the policy was but like I said, it might be completely different for the American shows. I really hope you get to meet them, they’re so lovely! Do you have a friend whose parent wouldn’t mind going with the two of you? Best of luck to you!

    • Dear Amelia,

      We had a similar situation. I bought a VIP ticket for my 14yo daughter and her friend’s parents bought one for her friend, and then I bought myself the cheapest ticket. I plan to drop them at the meet and greet and wait outside with a book. Once inside the show I will be able to see them from my high-up seat, and I trust the meet and greet is set up and supervised in a way that they will not be unsafe.

      Good luck. I hope you get to meet them!

  8. Hi! This is probably a stupid question, but are the seats included in the VIP package? All of the descriptions I’ve read are very vague and I just want to make sure which tickets I need to buy before they go on sale.


  9. Dear Hozzie,

    Thanks for this wonderfully detailed review. I just bought my daughter a VIP ticket, and I was curious to know what she could expect.

    Did Dan and Phil hang out in the VIP room, or were they there just long enough to greet each person and sign the person’s stuff? I understand the VIP package includes snacks, beanbag chairs (!), and a special playlist. So, does that mean you can eat snacks while you’re standing in line and sit in a beanbag chair if your feet get tired?

    Thanks again. Great site!!

    An American mom

    Ps: I like your shirt too

    • Hi,

      First of all, your daughter is going to have the most amazing time ever, I can promise you that! 🙂

      When I went the first time in Birmingham it was a really relaxed atmosphere, there were bean bags and chairs so you could just sit until you were ready to get up and join the queue – there was also haribo if you wanted it and in the goodie bag after there was some popcorn. When I went to the show in London there was less room in the VIP room so most people just joined the queue but there were bean bags or you could just sit on the floor – again, there was haribo and popcorn available. I also think there were bottles of water but I can’t fully remember!

      Dan and Phil came in, said hi to everyone, made sure we were all having a good time and then went behind a screen so people could have a more private meet and greet. They stay behind there until everyone has met them and then they go off to prepare for the show.

      That’s how it worked in the UK, I don’t know if it’ll be different in the US due to venues and everything! 🙂

      Thanks for what you said about my site and my shirt, very kind 😀

      As I said before, your daughter will honestly have an amazing time, as I said in my review Dan and Phil are the two sweetest people you can ever meet and I’d love a comment to let me know what she thought of it! 🙂

      Love Hozzie

      • Any guess on how long the meet & greet lasted, and did people leave once D & P left the room, or were they allowed to stay as they wished? Also, how much time was there between the end of the meet & greet and the start of the show? I’m starved for details as you can see, and appreciate you replying so soon!

      • Haha, no problem! I don’t get many comments so I’m loving all the questions on this review 😉

        From what I can remember the meet and greet was probably about an hour, maybe an hour and a half? There was other stuff to do while Dan and Phil were talking to people like writing them some 7 second challenges, writing in the guest book etc. And the first time we were kind of free to leave whenever we wanted but it was a massive venue with several stages so there was like a cafe and stuff we could go out and sit in until the show started. The second time the venue was a lot smaller so we made our ways straight downstairs and got our seats – but you could’ve stayed if you wanted to!

        The first time was about 45 minutes between the meet and greet and the show, the second time was about 30 minutes. Although you should get to the meet and greet for the time they specify, they didn’t go in on time both of the times I went so be prepared to have a bit of a wait to get in!

  10. This is a stupid question but could someone ask Dan and Phil to write a little message and sign it for a friend? How would someone go about asking that? I’m very awkward so I’ll probably mess up.

    • Hi! Yes, you can only meet them with the VIP ticket. A normal ticket will just get you access to the show. Some people waited after the show to meet them but as far as I’m aware they didn’t stick around for autographs or photos 🙂

  11. Hello. I’m going to their show tomorrow and I got seats at the top so I obviously won’t be called upstage or anything like that. Do you think I have anything to be concerned about? My dad was a bit dissapointed that he couldn’t get us seats on the bottom level but I’m still super excited..

    • Hi! Omg you are going to have an amazing time!:) I dont know if the US shows are different but in the UK ones people werent called on stage, all the audience participation is prepared beforehand but you’ll see how tomorrow 🙂 I dont think you have anything to be concerned about, you are honestly going to have the best time ever so just enjoy it and have tons of fun!:3 Lemme know what you thought of it!:D

  12. I went to see them last night. I had a great time, but I’m feeling rather blue today. All the buildup for so many months left me deflated once it was over.

  13. I had a wonderful time, they put on a great show. It was so creative and funny. I will remember this experience forever. It was the best time of my life.

  14. Hi! Thank you for that great detailed review, it seems like the tour was really fantastic! I was just wondering if there were any inappropriate references during anytime of the show. Even mild ones like a mention of the sexy end screen dance, the name of a body part that could be taken the wrong way, or a ‘your mom’ joke. I would probably be going with a relative who might get the wrong impression of them from that and I really wouldn’t like her too. Thanks a lot!

    • Hi! Sorry for the late reply! There is a ‘fanfiction’ section that could be taken the wrong way I suppose but other than that I don’t remember there being any 🙂

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