The Visit: Review by Holly Bareham

The Visit

When I saw the trailer for this I was really excited. From the trailer it looked different, interesting and best of all, it looked scary! I was actually counting down the days until it came out (and it came out while I was in Spain which bugged me a little) and I finally got round to seeing it last week. I even went to see it a second time on Wednesday.

My friend had seen this film before me and when I asked her if it was scary all she could say was “It’s weird.” I had a vague idea of what she meant by that but this film was the definition of the word weird. I don’t think anything my friend could’ve said prepared me for that film.

If you haven’t seen, ‘The Visit’ is about two children Becca and Tyler who go to stay with their grandparents that they’ve never met before as their mother left home at eighteen and never went back. Becca decides to film the whole thing and turn it into a documentary. Things are going well at first but soon Becca and Tyler sense that something’s not quite right and their Grandma and Grandpa might be hiding something from them.

If I had to sum this word up in three words then those words would be ‘creepy’, ‘weird’ and ‘interesting’. The trailer just looked like it would be scary but when you actually start watching it they combine a lot of comedy elements in with the horror, which although has obviously been done before made it such a unique film because of the way they did it. Ed Oxenbould who portrayed ‘Tyler’ especially did an excellent job and thoroughly amused everyone.

I saw this film three times, once with a friend and then twice more by myself and the reactions to this film from other members of the audience have always been positive when I’ve seen it. Also, slight spoiler, there is an interesting twist that I did not see coming. Don’t believe the trolls on the iMDB page who claim to have guessed it as soon as the film started. Yes, the clues were there, but I still didn’t pick up on them and I doubt many other people did. Also, interesting fact, I read that the director had two cuts either one that was pure horror and one that was pure comedy and in the end he decided to go for a middle ground. I personally think it works really well.

So yes, this is a horror film I would recommend to horror fans and even if you don’t particularly like horror I would still recommend because it has a lot of comedy elements too. Although not my favourite horror film ever, it’s definitely high on the list! So go and watch it!

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